Degustabox September reveal

Published October 9, 2015 by Bizzimummy

My September Degustabox was especially good as it seemed to contain lots of sweet goodies this time. 

Izebella seemed very impressed with the two Up & Go breakfast drinks which she quickly helped herself to. These come packed with the same fibre, protein and calcium which is found in a bowl of cereal and milk and come in both chocolate and vanilla flavours. £1.39 each. 

Reece’s is a firm chocolate brand of mine so I was delighted to find packs of the Smooth Peanut butter cups inside at 85p per packet. These are full of sweet peanut butter surrounded by thick yummy chocolate. 

Mallow Marsh at £2.00 per box contain 3 gooey sweet fruity marshmallows in raspberry flavour. They taste great and melt in mouth, just a shame there aren’t more of them.  


Continuing with yet more sweet goodies. Bags of sweets from both Maynards and Bassetts. Maynards being blackcurrant and strawberry wine gums in 164g bag at £1.50. 

 Bassetts jelly baby mix in 190g bag with lots of berry varieties and also £1.50 per bag. 

Again sweet but in a different way, and probably best kept from children are these Complete Energy Bites.  

This is probably one of the strangest items I have come across. I was expecting energy bars but instead these are small square chocolate coated bites. They look a little like a pack of big tablets and they are full of caffeine. They do have the slight coffee taste but nothing as bad as coffee chocolates found in famous tins. They are fairly soft and easy to chew. They don’t give you a high or a sudden energy burst but I did mistakenly eat one before going to bed one night and found it very hard to sleep. These cost £4.49 per pack and even come with a high caffeine warning.

So as you can see, the box was packed with sweet stuff for me and my kids, not that we are complaining. Also a few sweetish drinks including Good Cider £1.50 a bottle. I’m not a cider drinker, even if it is the fruit variety but a friend of mine enjoyed them.

On the end is also a bottle of Sweet Sally Tea. Again cold teas aren’t for me but that’s the good thing about Degustabox. If I don’t particularly like something I can pass it on. This spicy tea drink is a bit pricy I think at £2.50 a bottle. 

As always with Degustabox it’s a mixture of sweet stuff, drinks and savoury/cupboard items. This months box came with 2 cupboard items. Th first being a brand I have tried previously being Kents Kitchen and their Posh noodles which come in several international varieties such as this Spicy Szechaun.  

Like most snack pots they just need hot water adding and make a tasty simple snack. Cheap too at £1.85 pr pot.

Finally and a much needed cupboard essential is a large bottle of Extra Virgin Oliive Oil from The Olive Shop. I had actually ran out of oil the day before my Degustabox showed up so this one really came at the right time. I stay away fot deep fat friers but we do have an air fryer which uses very little oil so I’m sure this big bottle will last a long time. Only problem being its too big for my cupboard shelves so it stays on top of my microwave.  

Reader Discount Code

Degustabox is normally £12. 99 per month but by using the special code you can get a massive £6.00 off your box. Meaning it’s almost half price. Use code BLDEG15 at checkout and this price also includes courier delivery. No extra charges for a monthly box full of surprise food and drink goodies. 

You can sign up for Degustabox UK with the above discount code here and also find Degustabox on your social media channels – both Facebook and Twitter.

Not every box comes with alcohol and contents change each month. Contents are a total surprise. 

Belvita soft bakes

Published October 7, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I can’t remember the last time I actually sat and ate breakfast, it’s just not something I bother with. Yes I know apparently it’s the most important meal of the day but it just does not interest me. I rarely feel hungry until later on in the day and I also have 3 children to rush getting ready and have to get them to 3 different places by 9am. 

Despite this I am always more than willing to give new products a try. Now most people have by now heard of Belvita and their “breakfast biscuits”. Well now they have a new breakfast biscuits called “soft bakes” 

   They come in three different varieties: Golden Grain, Red Berries or Chocolate Chips. They are a softer alternative to the previous  biscuits. They are like something inbetween a cake and biscuit and are actually quite tasty too. 
 They are made with five wholegrains and rich in cereals, the brand new Soft Bakes offer a great source of fibre, containing vitamins B6, magnesium and iron. The only soft biscuit with proven sustainable energy* with slow release carbohydrates, Soft Bakes are the perfect choice to get you through the day.
They seem really good for people who perhaps don’t have time to make breakfast. Each box contains 5 individual soft bakes which are all individually foil wrapped so can easily be popped in bags for work and even for kids to eat on way to school. 

My 11 year old son Ryan is very fussy when it comes to food and even with breakfast so he too was happy to try these. 

belVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Red Berries and Golden Grain are available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons & Tesco at the recommended retail price is £2.79. belVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Choc Chip are available exclusively at Tesco until January 2016.

For further information, visit ;

Bratz study abroad travel collection

Published October 7, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Bratz dolls have launched their study abroad travel collection of dolls into stores across the country.  

Each doll is linked to a specific country and dressed in cool outfits specific to the area they are travelling to study in. Each doll has their own name and country and comes with a selection of accessories.

Cloe in China

 Raya in Mexico

Yasmin in Brazil

Jade in Russia

Sasha in UK

Jordanna has her own study abroad bratz doll which is Yasmin from Brazil and here she is. 

Yasmin comes with a spare outfit and is dressed in Summer short clothes as she’s studying in a hot country. She also comes with sunglasses and a funky pineapple handbag. 

 l do love her cool bright yellow heels. All her accessories can be stored in her little travel case too. 

Bratz dolls are very much standard size fashion dolls and ther is a whole array of outfits, accessories and sets to go with them. The study dolls have long flowing hair waiting to be brushed. Both my girls love brushing dolls hair and each other’s. 

If all 5 dolls are collected, their outfits can be mixed and matched to create endless style options. 

available now at all good retailers, including Argos, Asda, Debenhams, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer and Toys R Us.

Lovely birthday thanks to Party Packs

Published October 6, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Yesterday was my little girls 3rd birthday and thanks to the lovely people over at Party Packs UK, we were able to have a lovely party at home and all with a pink princess fairy theme.

Party Packs UK, cater for all the party needs, with a selection of themes for both adult and children and partyware, outfits and pieces for any occasion.

Izebella is a real girly girl, she loves pink and anything princess and fairy. Party packs UK have a whole lot of princess and fairy stuff. For the party table there are cool 8 piece sets like  this, which come with a pink table cloth, plates, cups and napkins. 

Then this very pretty cake stand, which is in the shape of a princess carriage and makes a lovely centre piece.  

Of course every birthday needs banners and badges. Party packs have lots of these and I was really impressed by them as they also come personalised with names and ages.  

Birthday candles too, in every age and a bit of fun with a beautiful pink princess castle pinata.  

The pinata got the guests talking and was a real fun alternative to providing filled party bags. I was also sent a bag of toys to fill the castle with and added some sweets of my own too. It was quite hard to burst open tho and took a few attempts.

Finally no princess would be complete without looking like a princess. Party packs have many fancy dress outfits to choose from and here is Izebellas. 

It’s a cute pink fairy outfit with huge wings and it comes in 3 sizes. And here is my beautiful princess enjoying her birthday.  


A big thank you to Party Packs UK for the lovely party supplies. Visit their website for all your party needs.

Character World Bedding

Published October 2, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Don’t you just love the feel of brand new bedding? Well Izebella has been rather spoilt recently with a brand new bedding set from Character World UK. And not just any plain old bedding set either but one featuring the characters of a kids tv show which she loves to watch and that is “Paw Patrol”  


Character world  have all the favourite characters available in a selection of kids bedding, cushions, towels, curtains, rugs and beanbags. There are all the modern day heroes such as Frozen, Hello Kitty and SpongeBob plus old classic favourites such as Micky mouse, avengers and Marvel comic heroes. A great place to look if you want a full character theme bedroom. 

Izebella was very happy with her new Paw patrol bedding set and her huge cushion. It all arrived in a lovely carry bag too. 

She was very excited and instructed that I put it onto her bed immediately.  

The sets come in both single bed and junior bed sizes. Izebella has a junior bed but I use a full size single duvet on it as they seem to be warmer and cheaper than the smaller ones. Luckily we got the single bed size which comes with the matching pillowcase too. It’s very bold and good quality, seems strong and not the thin type which easily gets holes in. The big pillow was an extra bonus. She puts her teddies on this. 

Don’t think I’ve ever seen her want to get in bed so quickly.  

Visit Character world for more details on stockists and prices. 

Hello World book review

Published October 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

This delightful little book comes straight from the Geko Press and is write by Paul Beavis. His previous work was Mrs Mo’s Monster and this second book features the same loveable monster.  

The monster wants to see the world but his owner Mrs Mo is busy painting and so monster goes alone. 

Monster packs a bag and off he goes exploring but he soon becomes lost and is quickly saved by Mrs Mo who then joins him on his adventures. 

This story is aimed at youngsters between 4-6 years. None of my children really fall into that age bracket but Izebella (almost 3) seemed to enjoy the story. She does get quite scared about anything to do with monsters but I think this book has helped her a little to think that not all monsters in stories are big and scary. 

The story features adventure and friendship and lots of easy read colourful pages. 

The RRP for this book is £10.99, I have found it over on AMAZON from £5.03.  

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