The BOB Bag


BOB bag stands for Brilliant Outdoor Bag. It’s creators are Youth Sport Direct. and the bag is designed to meet the needs of parents taking kids out for fun days out.

Prior to receiving this bag I was a little sceptical as to whether it was really something I would get much use out of. I imagined it being another baby changing bag, which I no longer have much use for. This bag however is so much more than a baby change bag. It’s very useful and holds a lot.

The best way to describe the BOB bag is that it’s a maze of secret compartments and pockets all crammed into one. Every where I look there is another storage pocket or a zipper. It’s like unravelling a bag of mystery.
To look at it, it looks like any other messenger style bag, but once I opened and examined further I could not believe just how much space this bag has.


The bag comes in a smart navy blue colour and then there is a colour choice of lining, either orange or pink (I got pink yay!). There is an adjustable padded shoulder strap and even the strap has it’s own little pocket (that’s before you start looking at the actual bag)

As well as the shoulder strap there are 2 other straps on the bag. These are for hanging the bag over buggy handles. This gives the bag that bit of extra security as it’s much more difficult for a thief to take the bag with 3 straps attached.

The front of the bag has a lift up flap which fastens to the bag via a clever magnet. Lift this flap up and that’s where the fun begins finding all the hidden pockets.
First the flap itself boasts a small zipper pocket, great for a phone I guess.


The flap lifts up to reveal 3 pouches/pockets which all fasten via Velcro. Again these would easily hold phones or pens, keys, or anything you like really.


Behind these 3 pouches is a huge secret zipped pocket which would make a great place to store a tablet, or nappies, drawing pads, books etc. This pocket is the whole diameter of the bag and it’s hidden pretty well.


One side of the bag boasts what I would call a bottle pocket. The ones you find on changing bags. These also hold Sippy cups and small bottles of juice and pop too.


Turn the bag over to the bag and more compartments await thee. A net mesh padded panel is the first thing to be seen. Behind this panel are 2 “grab and go” pockets. These pockets are deep but open and not secured with anything. They are best for wipes, sweets and things you need instant access to rather than valuables.


Behind this a further surprise with another large pocket similar to the one at the front. This pocket has 2 mesh inserts inside it, both which fasten with Velcro. I can see these mesh pockets being great for kiddy snacks, rubbish (if I can’t find a bin), wet items or even make up.


Now onto the main compartment of the bag. This is accessible via zip. Again there are 2 fairly good size mesh pockets. Also a zip compartment and a small changing mat which can be taken out if not required.


There is even a key attachment fob thing for clipping keys onto so you know they are secure. Plus it saves rooting through the bag and tipping them out trying to find them.


The bag is amazing. Like a bag of hidden treasures. Secret pockets everywhere to secure those precious items and plenty of room to carry around kiddy junk.
Of course if you are pregnant or have a young baby it would make a perfect baby bag too which could be kept and used for many years. Plenty of space for nappies, bottles and all baby items. I am so glad Izebella is now passed the bottle stage.

The fun does not end there tho as with the bags come Activity packs

There are 5 different activity packs to choose from. The Go-Go Pack, Move-it Pack, Sport-ie Pack, Play on or Swim-in Pack.
The pack came fitted in the bag so you can get an idea at just how much the bag holds. It’s in it’s own drawstring bag and contained all these great sports items.


A Phlat ball which starts as a throwing disc and changes into a ball when thrown.
Frisbee disc Ryan loves this
Skipping ropes and some elastic coloured band things. As yet I am not too sure what these are or how they are used but I am sure I will find out soon.
The other activity packs will contain different items and all the packs come with different age suitability guides.

The price of this fabulous bag is £45.95 and the activity pack is included which is worth £13.30 by itself.

It’s a great bag with so many features and little hiding places. Perfect for our long trips out during the Summer holidays and weekends away. My only worry is that with so many pockets I may just forget which one I have put something in.

The bag can be purchased from Youth Sports Direct and will be shipped within 3-5 days.

Personalised Peppa Pig book


Izebella loves Peppa Pig. She would happily sit there all day watching the episodes over and over again.
I was asked if I would like to create a personalised book featuring Peppa Pig and I just knew it would be something that Izebella would enjoy.

The books are created at Pen Wizard. There is a choice of different Peppa pig stories and adventures to choose from. I chose “My Mummy”.


Making the book was a very simple process. I was even able to create it straight from my iPhone and not have to wait for my laptop to boot up.
I was able to add two children so added both Izebella and Jordanna. There are a few options to alter the characters appearance such as hair colour, skin tone and eyes. I am also in the story tho it looks like I have put on a fair bit of weight here.

Izebella is the character with brown hair here and Jordanna has red hair.

The story is just 16 pages long (8 pages double sided). The text is large and easy enough for little ones to read. Jordanna was quite surprised to see that she was in the book too.


The books are published by ladybird which is a very well known publisher of children’s books. I remember my collection of fairytales by ladybird when I was a little girl. I don’t think they had anything like these books back then tho.

The book only took a few days to arrive. They cost £14.99 and make an excellent gift for little ones.

Zelicious Zelfs party host

I have been chosen as a Zelfs party host.

In the next few days I will hopefully be receiving a box of Zelf party goodies.
Our party will be taking place on July 30th between 2-4pm. You can join us in the celebrations via Twitter using #Zelicious and #Zelfs.

We are being given this amazing chance as party hosts via UK MUMS TV

Lauren’s Way medium tanning mousse & Reader Discount Code

As you may have read in previous posts, I am an avid user of self tanning products. I have light skin which means I find it harder to tan. I hate having pasty white skin in the warm Summer months. I avoid sunbeds with all the health risks and opt for safe self tanners instead. I have used a fair few different ones over the years. Some good, some not so good. All of them claim to do the same thing and that is give you a “Glowing Streak Free Tan”.

Today is all about a tanning product which goes by the name of Lauren’s Way.


Lauren’s Way products can be found and purchased via their online store. As well as tanning products they also sell false lashes and hair accessories.
Their tanning products come in several different bottled varieties such as lotion, mousse, wash off and gradual (daily) tanner. There are 4 different shades to choose from starting with medium, dark, darker than dark and a 60 minute rapid tan solution.


I was offered a choice of tanning product try and opted for the medium tanning mousse.
The tanning mousse comes in a 150ml bottle and with a tanning mitt. It costs £15 which in my opinion puts it at the medium price range for products of this type. In other words not majorly expensive but not pocket money price either.

I find it best to apply tanning products after a bath/shower and after shaving legs. Unless otherwise stated on the bottle, it’s always best to exfoliate and moisturise and pay particular attention to moisturising knees and elbows prior to use.

The tan does not really have any aroma at all. It certainly does not smell of fake tan, which can be off putting. The info leaflet states it has a citrus aroma but I really could not smell much at all.
The product comes out brown so I could see exactly where it was being applied but no need to worry as this is not the colour your skin will go.
It smooths into the skin really well, dries instantly but stays moisturised for long enough so that you can blend it in as needed. It never feels like im pulling at my skin to rub it in.
A light result can be seen almost instantly but as with most tanning mousse. It does need to be left a few hours or over night to see the full result.

Lauren’s Way tanning mousse certainly does what it says on the tin. It gives a steak free natural looking tan.

After using the mousse my skin has a lovely tanned Summer glow and does not look at all orange or any other strange colour. No patches anywhere.


I have found that the product does not wash off in a light shower either but tends to fade gradually and evenly just as a natural tan would. A few light top up applications help to keep the tan going and keep me looking bronzed throughout the hot days.
The colour is just about right for me. I would probably give the Lauren’s Way Dark shade a try out too. I think the Darker than Dark sounds a little too dark for me tho.

The price £15, can’t really be grumbled at. Professional spray tans cost anything from £10-£20 near me. This bottle will give a fair few even applications and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

If you have enjoyed my post and are thinking of buying some self tan products for yourself then I have a special discount code enabling you to get 20% off any product at Lauren’s Way.
The code to use at checkout is LWVLOG44 Terms & Conditions of this offer can be found on their website.

Izebella Potty training

I’m quite proud to say that my gorgeous wee 21 month old princess is more or less potty trained. Well at least at home she is anyway.


I first introduced Izebella to the potty back in May when she was 19 months. I received the My Carry Potty to review and this proved to be a very welcome, useful product in assisting her. She is carrying the potty in her hand in the photograph above. She likes to take it everywhere and it looks just like a little case.

At 19 months she was a little young and had more accidents. The potty wees were just by pure luck of catching them. So I left it for a while but still left the potty out in the living room so she could see and play with it as she wished.

Then an amazing unusual thing happened. The Sun started to shine in the UK. For once in a long long time we actually have what we can call Summer weather. This being the perfect opportunity for potty training and drying washing quickly.
At the end of last month (June) I tried again. I started by simply leaving Izebella with no pants around the house and trying her on the potty every half hour or so. Yes we had a few small accidents but she seemed to get the hang of it very very quickly. She picked it up fast both for pees and poops.
A few weeks on and we now have very few mistakes. However instead of saying “Wee Wee” or “Potty” she will shout “Quick Quick” and everyone seems to jump to her command to help her out. She still sometimes needs a little help to position herself correctly and lift her dress out of the way but she is doing so well. She even tells me if she has had an accident. She will say “Oh oh done it on floor” yes she is also an excellent talker for her small age too.

I have tried knickers but we are not always fast enough getting them down in time. That’s our next challenge throughout the Summer holidays I think; to get her used to big girl pants and also take the big step of going out without a pull up on. Not too sure how that will go.


I am very proud of my little girl. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. I was at one point a very worried mummy as she did not walk until almost 17 months. She is now just 21 months and runs around, talks in sentences, has conversations, knows what everything is, who everyone is and where things go and she can use a potty/toilet too.


Healthy great tasting shakes!

My courier looked a little worn out when he turned up with not one but a massive 10 cartons of shakes at my door. That’s over 100 bottles of the stuff.

The shakes are a delicious tasting mixture of several varieties. All healthy. All nutritious and all good for different things.
The shakes can be found across two websites which belong to the same company. Lacka Foods and The Protein Drinks company.



Be Fast shakes are designed for breakfast on the go. I am not a breakfast person I’m afraid to say. I cannot recall the last time I sat and ate breakfast. I don’t like cereals, I do not have time to make toast and nor do I ever feel hungry in the mornings. These shakes are different to eating breakfast. For one it’s a drink and two they taste very very nice, especially straight from the fridge first thing in the morning.


The shakes come in 4 flavours. Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. Being in handy 250ml size bottles they are perfect for taking with you in the morning rush. Or just drinking there and then.
Be Fast contain a healthy blend of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Everything you need for a healthy start to the day.
The shakes reduce the stress and time of preparation. They need no preparing whatsoever. No mixing, no blending, no spoon and no water. Just take out of the fridge, shake and open.

I was sent quite a few of these. I love the taste. I love all the flavours. They have quite a creamy smooth taste and the flavours are strong too. I can taste the banana, the strawberry, the vanilla and of course the chocolate. I have had milkshakes in the past where the flavours are really bland and all I could taste was milk but the Be Fast are just bursting with flavour.
Another great thing about these shakes is that if you buy a few then you can store them in a cupboard (if your fridge is lacking space) then siny chill the desired amount the night before. They are best drunk chilled and are so refreshing in this recent heat wave. I never thought milk drinks could taste so good in Summer. I don’t usually drink much milk but these are quite addictive. They don’t just have to be for breakfast either. They make a perfect refreshment most times of the day.

As well as my Be Fast breakfast shakes. I am also trying out a selection of other shakes too.

Details of these among a few others can be found at The Protein Drinks Company.
These shakes are designed to aid towards healthy lifestyles and weight loss plans. They all help with different things.

UFIT contains 15g of protein goodness and longer lasting energy from super wholegrain liquidised oats! With added fibre, calcium, vitamins and minerals.
Another great breakfast shake with added healthy extras and in both chocolate and strawberry flavour.

USLIM I was happy to find these weight loss shakes in my huge package. I am trying to tone up and lose a tiny bit of weight. These also come in both strawberry and chocolate flavour.
I was a little unsure when I first saw the bottle and what it contained. They contain a blend of “Green tea & Green coffee extracts”. Which are obviously known to aid weight loss. I hate the taste of Green tea. (Never tried Green coffee). I gave it a go anyway and to my surprise I cannot taste any Green tea at all. Just a lovely flavoured milk drink.

The USLIM also contains 15g of essential protein along with vitamins and minerals and no added sugars.

I have been drinking at least one of these a day along with one of the breakfast shakes. I must be doing something right as I am pleased to say I have actually lost just under 3lbs in less than two weeks.

Collagen and Beauty milk I too had to look twice at the name of these when I saw them. I have never heard of a beauty milk shake before.

This small red bottle actually contains -
*12g essential protein
*5000mg skin firming collagen
*Antioxidant green tea extracts
*Vitamins & minerals
It comes in a strawberry blend and the advice is to consume daily for visible results. Again I could not taste any green tea what so ever.

I am loving all my shakes in every flavour and variety. They all taste so good, so refreshing. I cannot say if they alone are helping me shed a little weight but they are certainly contributing to it. They are great as meal replacements and I do find they seem to fill me up sufficiently. However that’s just me and it’s important to seek advice before attempting any sort of diet or meal replacement plan.
These shakes are very addictive. I often find myself reaching in the fridge for another one. I still have a fair few left but will be sad when they are all gone. I will have to go out and buy some more.

All the shakes I have mentioned have just launched in Tesco and Holland & Barrett stores.


COMPETITION: Kapersky Internet Security

If you entered my Kaspersky competition a few weeks back and did not win. Then worry not as now is your chance to win another copy.


Being multi device means it protects up to 3 systems from the threats of viruses, Trojans and other Cyber attacks and threats.
Just imagine if your system got a virus meaning your files were no longer accessible and all your documents gone.

Entering is very easy

Just follow my blog if you don’t already, you can find many ways of following around the page.
Then simply hit the Twitter button below to share on Twitter.
Finally comment to say why you want this prize.

That’s it!

(T&CS competition will end July 31st. One winner emailed, UK ONLY)

Win competitions at – See more at:

Splash About float suit

Izebella loves the water and we are lucky enough to have two pools not far from where we live. Ryan and Jordanna both have weekly swim lessons but Izebella is too young for lessons just yet. So when I get a bit of spare time we go to the pool for half hour or so.
I have been having a few problems trying to find the best flotation/ buoyancy aid for her age. She doesn’t like being in the floaty seats as she enjoys free movement. I find it almost impossible to put armbands on her without thinking I’m going to damage her arms, they just won’t go on! . The swim rings are ok but I feel she will fall through them and the blow up jackets are too big for her.
Well we were both quite excited when Splash About offered to send over one of their Float Suits.


The Floatsuits come in a choice of different colours and designs. Izebella has the Tutti Frutti design which is very girly being pink with a floral pattern. They start from size 1-2 years and are a swimming costume with floats attached around the middle.


The floats go all the way around the costume. There are 16 small floats in total and each one can be removed as required by simply pulling them out.


This txt is taken from the Splash About website. This explains how these suits work and what they are intended to do.
“Our FloatSuit will help you teach your child to swim. Unlike armbands, it gives your child full use of their arms, while holding them in the correct position for swimming. Feeling fully supported, they will gain confidence in the water. The floats can also be gradually reduced until the wearer becomes independent. The Adjustable Buoyancy System “ABS” can be adjusted to suit anybody, with two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be individually tailored to the wearer’s requirements. As with all of our Water Buddies products, the FloatSuit comes with excellent instructions and advice on helping children gain confidence in water and learn to swim”.

So with Izebellas new suit in hand, a towel and a swim nappy, off we went to the pool.


Izebella’s float suit is size 1-2 years. I was slightly worried it may not fit too well with her being 21 months, but it seemed to be a perfect fit. I found it really easy to get on and off, even over a swim nappy.

The fit was comfortable and Izebella looks so cute and content. I had a lot of older ladies cooing and saying “Aww”:
The suit does take a lite getting used to, both for Izebella wearing it and myself holding her. I did find that she tipped over a few times but it didn’t seem to bother her.
I found the best way to keep her on her front whilst she has the suit on is to hold her hands out or give her a float to hold on to. Those long snake like floats seemed to do the trick. She also enjoyed floating around on her back even tho she tipped a few times.
The pool we used is small but starts at 1M which is quite a depth for someone so small. The suit did keep her head out of the water but takes a little practice to stop her turning in the water. She was however very happy wearing it and did not want it off.

I did try to take a few floats out to see if it would help a little with her balance but it made her worse so I quickly put them back in.
It leaves both her arms and legs free to kick about in the water. After 10/15 minutes of being in the pool she was managing to stay more upright.
I do think it’s a great suit and certainly saves the hassle of packing both a costume and numerous floats and armbands.
The Floatsuits can all be purchased from Splash About and cost between £20-£28 depending on style.