Personalised valentines gifts at snapfish 

Published February 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It probably has not escaped your attention that it’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days. If you are still looking for that special gift for a loved one, then have a look over at Snapfish uk who specialise in personalised photo gifts. They have a fantastic selection to choose from and I have been using snapfish for years now to order both gifts and photographs. I find it really easy to use and they have very recently made their site more mobile friendly too meaning I am now able to upload my photos straight from an iPhone. I have found the snapfish service very reliable with most things I order arriving in 2/3 days so therefore still time to get those Valentin’s gifts in. They always have lots of offers on and especially so on individual prints which remain very low cost. 
Hete are just a few ideas for Valentine day gifts. All of which can include own photos, perhaps of couples together or memories from special places. 

There are canvases, photo books, mugs, mobile phone cases and my favourite being the photo cushions. These come in two sizes and start at £19.99.

Now I don’t have a lover this valentines to make one for, very sad I know! But I was kindly given a code to make anything I wanted over at Snapfish. The loves of my life this Valentine’s Day are of course my children so I chose to make the special gift cushion for them.

The process is easy. You need to sign up for an account. Then upload photographs and choose the one you want. There are a few edit options to crop or apply filters. You get to preview the cushion which is important to make sure it’s right and no heads are chopped off etc. Payment can be done by debit cards and credit cards  and paypal which is very useful. 

My finished cushion only took 2 days to arrive which is really fast. 

I used a photograph I took over Christmas as it’s the most recent one I have of them altogether. Obviously better quality photos give better results and I’m very happy with the quality of both image and cushion in general. 

It’s a big bulky but comfy cushion, kids obviously love having their faces on it. Friends ask where I got it from and now all want one too. The back of the cushion is really velvety and soft too and the cover can be unzipped for washing. So yes very impressed with this and I imagine it will also make a lovely valentines gift if perhaps made for a partner. 


Degustabox January

Published February 5, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The first Degustabox of 2016 came with a slight international theme with a few products from different places. The box also contained lots of healthy and low fat goodies to help get in shape for the new year. Here is what was inside.

These are Slim noodles at £2.49 a pack. 

 They offer a healthier alternative to regular noodles and help with weight loss. They come in bags with water which needs draining and then  go in the microwave for a few minutes.

Jordans country crisp £2.69 

 A healthier cereal full of fruit and nuts, golden oat clusters and lovely crunchiness.

Conscious chocolate £3.00 

 Raw, organic and vegan. The bars come as soft truffle like melting chocolate and in 3 varieties. 

Also in the box  

Amoy taste of Asia £1.79 – A selection of easy cook cooking sauces. A Thai green curry and Malaysian taska. Just a few ingredients are needed to create the dishes.

Yushoi rice sticks £2.00 – It’s a healthy snack made with green peas and alternative to the usual crisps, tho unfortunately not for my tastebuds. I didn’t really like them.

Coldpress £1.40 – This came t the gym with me. Delicious cold pressed apple juice. Tho a bit overpriced I think for a small bottle.

Tsingtao £2.00 – it’s beer which I’m not a huge fan of.  It originates from China and was in the box to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

Finn Crisp £1.20 – These taste pretty good with any selection of fillings or toppings. It’s crisp bread and of course Nordic.

Clarks carob fruit syrup £2.39 – I am a big fan of Clarks and more used to their maple syrup. This is a little different being a natural sweetener. It’s made with fruits from the carob plant and can be used in drinks and baking. 

(DB DISCOVERIES) Crobar £2.25 – Its an energy bar made with nuts, fruit and seeds. Gluten and dairy free and in 2 varieties.

As always you can get your own Degustabox on the website for just £12.99 per month which includes delivery and the boxes come full of surprise full sized snacks and food goodies. They are also on social networks too. – website – Facebook – twitter

Bratz #BFF Campaign

Published February 4, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This month Bratz is celebrating Valentine’s Day by reminding their BFFs how great they are and why they deserve a fabulous Valentine’s gift.
BFF stands for “Best friends forever”. I don’t think there’s any two girls that can be beater friends than two sisters and my girls love eachother to bit. Bratz asked us if wanted to take part in their campaign and as both my girls love their Bratz dolls, I knew they would be very happy too.

“The Bratz girls – Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Raya – love each of their best friends for all their quirky and individual qualities. The five besties bounce off each other’s personalities with Raya being the clown of the group, Sasha taking on the big sister role and Cloe keeping the girls giggling all day long.”

My two girls share a room, they share baths together and play together and do a lot of things together. They give each other hugs and kisses and although Jordanna has a few other friends, her sister will always be her number one friend. They may fall out with other friends but sisters always kiss and make up and that’s why they are best friends and sisters too.

As part of the campaign I was sent over two wrapped packages. I was told what was in them but my girls #BFF was not. 

The gifts also came with best friend gift cards which could be wrote out to each other. Obviously I wrote Izebellas for her. They then exchanged their gifts to eachother which I got on video.

They then each opened their gifts to reveal a doll each from the new “Bratz remix” range and we have Jade and Yasmin. 

These dolls are all about music and rocking it with style and each comes with headphones, toy iPod and fab outfits. 

 Both girls are very happy with their new dolls off eachother. This is Izebellas first Bratz doll, Jordanna has a few. 

The new remix Bratz cost approximately £12.99 each and available in most good toy shops. I wish my #BFF would of give me a doll like this when I was little.

Vosene kids squeaky clean

Published February 2, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna and Izebella have once again been testing out some hair and bathing products and this time from the well known brand “Vosene”. 

Vosene have their own new kids range called squeaky clean. These products have many benefits both in gettng hair washed and clean and the added benefit of added oils to help combat and repel headlice.

We have a 3 in one shampoo which cleanses and conditions at the same time, tho as always with the combined shampoo and conditioners I do find I need a little extra conditioned for Jordannas very thick and curly hair. 

 This product contains blends of tea tree and lemon and eucalyptus oils to help combat the head lice. Unfortunately we are having a tough time with lice at the moment so I’m happy to try out anything that claims to help. The shampoo is lovely and foamy and seems to be pretty gentle on the eyes too. 

The next product is a conditioning defence spray. This spray is really useful for managing tangles and knots in hair and especially so in the morning. 

 Again it contains the oils to combat lice but luckily the product has a more lemony scent rather than tea tree which can sometimes be off putting. It simply sprays onto the hair and then the knots can be easily brushed out. It leaves the hair in a much better manageable and smoother condition and is great for curly hair. 

Each of these Vosene products costs about £2.54 each and should be available in stores and supermarkets which sell products of this type.

More information can of course be found over at Vosene kids.

Competition- Frozen Ottoman

Published February 1, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s February and start of the month always means a cool competition. If you have a little girl or even boy who loves frozen and has a lot of toys then this will be for you.  

This is a Frozen Ottoman with Dimensions: 55.2 x 34.2 x 4 cm.

It can be folded flat when not in use and doubles up as a kids seat and toy box when not in use.

I have one myself for Izebella and she loves it and fits a lot of toys inside.

To be in with a chance of winning this prize worth £24.99 simply click the link below. Ends February 29th.


UK competitions at ThePrizeFinder

The Little Bathtime Company

Published February 1, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Little Bathtime company are based in Ulverston and create many lovely toiletries for children. The toiletries are formulated for young skin and contain only natural and organic ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.

Here is a selection of their toiletries which my children have been testing out. 

There is a bubble bath, hair and body wash and a shampoo & conditioner in one. The bottles as you can see will really appeal to young children being bright and decorated with images of animals, dinosaurs and fairies. The lids are the type you press down and the liquid comes out. 

The bubble bath gave lots of lovely foamy bubbles using just a tiny amount.  

The hair and body wash makes a great double product and would be especially good for boys or girls with shorter hair who perhaps don’t yet need the extra conditioning. It also produces even more bubbles in the bath. 

The shampoo & conditioner works well to eliminate the majority of tangles. I found it worked better on Izebellas hair which is slightly curly and more finer than on Jordannas hair which is very curly and thick and I still need to use the extra conditioner as her hair here very knotty. 

The products come in 3 scents/varieties hence the different colour bottles. The pink is cherry berry, blue is Sweet and Tangy orange and green is green apple. We received one from each of the scents and they all smell pretty good. The bottles do seem to be aimed more towards younger children but Ryan being 11 had no problems or worries in also using the products and especially liked the hair and body wash.

The products cost £4.95 per bottle each or gift packs can also be purchased for £10.00.

Eco Egg multiple purpose cleaner

Published January 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Eco egg produce household products that are driven by customers needs, are money saving, environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals. 
One of their products is a multi purpose cleaner. When the cleaner arrives there is 2 bottles, one of which is empty and the other is the concentrated mixture. 

It’s a big litre bottle which needs mixing and diluting, hence the other spray bottle. This concentrated mixture gives enough to make up to 80 spray bottles so it will certainly last me a long time. The back of the concentrate bottle shows how to dilute and it’s easily done with one or two capfuls of concentrate and filled with water. 

The concentrate has a very strong lemon scent, once diluted the scent is still there but no where near as strong, more a mild zesty smell which you would expect from most cleaners. 

This antibacterial cleaner is made using plant extracts. It contains no harsh chemicals and states that it kills 99.9% bacteria.

Clean the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t see: it’s independently proven to kill 99.99% of E. coli, staphylococcus, MRSA and the flu bug, instantly.

The spray bottle is really easy to use and the nozzle can be locked when not in use. The spray comes out moderately with an ever so slight bit of foam. It can be used on any surface in any room, even glass. I found it especially good on kitchen sides, bathroom and white painted doors which get full of grubby hand marks. Here is a quick before and after picture of my previously messy kitchen worktop. 

The finished result is almost shiny and reflective. 

The cleaner costs £19.99 and gives 80 bottles of cleaning spray thus saving money paying out for supermarket brands 80 times.

Who loves me! Personalised book 

Published January 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Izebella has been made and sent a very special book. 

This special book has been sent to her all the way from America. It includes her name on every page along with her birthdate and a photograph at the front. 

The pages tell the story of the many people who love Izebella, so mummy, daddy, brother, sister etc. You can choose up to 6 people to include when making the book and each page gives a different person who loves the names child. 


At the end of the book is a lovely dedication. This can be pre selected from a drop down menu choice or be your own custom words. 

This book is illustrated throughout with animals and nature images. There are other extra options of gift boxes and blankets too at extra cost. The book can come with other choices of coloured covers to suit boys and girls.

It made Izebella very happy to be the star of her own book.

The book came with a big sheet of personalised stickers too, many for Izebella and one for every person in the book who loves her. She enjoyed sticking these on us all.

The “Who loves” book is just one of many personalised books that can be made for a child at I see me. The books are priced in dollars and they ship to the UK by fast fed ex. This book costs $29.99 to make. 

Also take a look at the many other product they have to offer as well: including Lunchboxes / Puzzles /Coloring Books/ Placemats / Stickers and Growth Charts! Something for everyone and every occasion!

Mini-U bath bombs for kids 

Published January 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My girls love the things I do and always want their own make up and perfume despite being only 3 and 8. They also love bath stuff and anything smelly and bubbly. Jordanna enjoys bath bombs but can be prone to skin reactions and spots from certain products and finding bath bombs just for kids is not easy as not many places make them. But… Mini-U do!  

 They have just launched this rather cute looking package with a transparent window. Inside are 6 coloured bath bombs in 6 fruity varieties – blueberry, melon, kiwi, mango, banana, vanilla & Shea. The packaging is pretty minimal being just the box and the bath bombs individually wrapped in plastic. 


My girls were really excited about using these. All Mini-U products are safe and free of parabens and SLS/SLES (I’m unsure what they are) and so kinder on the skin.

Jordanna opened the first bath bomb (pink one) and dropped in bath. It immediately started to fizz and turned the water pink. 

 It only turned the water pink too and not skin or anything else. When the bomb had fizzed right down a little plastic thing appeared which at first looked like a tablet pill. This is actually a surprise small gift which are found in each one of the bath bombs. In our first one we found this little foam octopus. 

 I think my girls are now pretty eager to find out what’s hidden in the other five.

The bath bomb left no stains on the bath and Jordanna has not developed any rash or reaction to them so far. So all good.

Visit Mini-U for more details of their kids bathing range.

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