Competition (&review) Sentelle Soy candles

Autumn is just around the corner meaning the dark nights are slowly creeping in. It also means both Halloween and Christmas are not too far away. All these things are a reason for candles as well as them also making lovely presents and gifts for any time of the year.


Sentelle are sellers of fine Soy Candles. If like me you are not sure what a Soy candle is then here is a brief explanation from Sentelle website.

Soy candles are clean burning, so by choosing them you can say goodbye to the black stains you get on walls and furniture when you burn candles made from paraffin wax and hello to clean air.
Unlike paraffin based wax candles where most scents are lost after an hour, soy candles have a wonderful “scent throw” which means the fragrance fills your room with a strong and lasting scent.
Did you know that a scented soy candle lasts 50% longer than one with a petroleum base, as paraffin burns much faster? So, by opting for soy, you can enjoy the sensual pleasures of candlelight and fragrance for so much longer.
If you love the environment as well as candles, then soy can combine two of your passions. Soy candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil, extracted from soya beans. This is a natural, renewable and biodegradable source; making soy wax candles the eco-friendly choice.

Soy candles also seem much safer as they burn at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. The soy wax is also water soluble which means any soy spillage can be simply wiped up.

The Soy candles come in many colours and fragrances and designs. They also come unscented too. The fragrances contain some unusual blends fruity, florals, leafy greens and many more. The candles also come either in a choice of decorative jar or as a stand alone chunky pillar candle.


Candles can be used for lots of occasions or moods. These include *A relaxing soak, Chilling out in the evening, dinner parties, bedroom romance, working environment ,wedding reception, birthdays, making a house smell good and of course the obvious one being if and when your power fails or you have to reset the trip switch in the dark.

Sentelles product of the month happens to be the Creamy Vanilla Olympus jar soy candle this is also the product which I have been sent over to try for myself.

I chose Vanilla as it’s one if my favourite fragrances and scents. I love the smell of vanilla essence and anytime I smell vanilla it reminds me if sweets, cake and baking.
The candle is in a glass Olympus jar and weighs 8oz. A lovely creamy colour with the fragrance of ripe vanilla bean.

It has a total burning time of 72 hours but obviously I’m not going to leave it lit for 3 days non stop.
The scent is consistent all the way through the burning process. Unlike other candles which eventually lose the fragrance and turn into a horrible waxy smell. This one is very pleasant and gives a lovely sweet smell to my home.
It costs £12.80 and what a lovely gift this would make.


Sentelle are offering a lovely prize to one of my blog readers.
The winner will receive 2 8oz Olympus jar soy candles in fragrances of their choice.
This competition will run throughout September meaning winner will receive their candles just as Autumn begins.

You can enter this great competition via..

Competition is open to UK entrants and will end September 30 at approximately 7pm.

At sentelle you can buy soy candles packaged in elegant jars and pillars which are exquisitely scented , longer lasting , clean burning and environmentally friendly please go to Sentelle Soy Candles

Win competitions at – See more at:

Remember When! A very special birthday book

Historic gifts & newspapers are the world largest original newspaper archive and sell newspapers from special dates, like birthday’s and anniversaries. They also have a huge range of special newspaper books available covering a range of historic history, sporting events and dates of personal significance.

I was sent a very special book which is just one of many gifts they have on offer.

This special book is the Birthday edition newspaper book. It comes in a choice of 3 colours and finishings. My book is in a exquisite burgundy leatherette version.
There is an option of gold embossing personalisation on the front of the book like this.

Showing recipients name and date of birth.

The book contains front page articles starting from the recipients birth date right up to this year 2014 or last year dependant on when it’s ordered. The size of the book therefore obviously depends on how old the recipient is.
My birthdate is June 15 1977 and therefore I have 37 pages of front page news articles. The stories of course all occurring the date before on June 14th.
This is the first page from the exact date I came into the world.

It’s an article about Twiggys wedding and something about a tax cut for Britain.
This is the last page in my book with the news from June 15 2014.


All the newspaper articles in the book are taken from past issues of the Daily Mirror including issuers of the Sunday Mirror too. The Daily Mirror is of course one of Britains best selling newspapers to date and has been around since 1903. The articles measure a very generous size of 38x31cm making them very easy to read.

It’s very exciting browsing through the 37 pages and finding out what was going on around my birthday each year as history and news is very soon forgotten.
Of course having a birthday in June means it falls on World Cup every 4 years. Therefore I thought there was likely to be a few mentions of it and I was not wrong.


Throughout my book are many interesting pieces including celebrity pieces, sad stories and lots more.


It’s a fun and educational step back in time.

Opposite each news article is a “Remember When” page which is blank.

These pages are for personal memories, notes on what I can remember and old photographs (may have to ask the family for some).
At the front of the book is an optional presentation certificate which I think gives the book a very nice personal touch. This is a free option.



I absolutely love this book. It seems so personal being my birth date. I know that these would make amazing birthday gifts for anyone. I think any recipient would be very happy to receive something such as this.

The Birthday Edition books are of course made to order and start from £44.99 regardless of how many pages are required for the age. The gold embossing is an optional extra at £5 although free if you choose the luxury leather option.
I think the book would be an especially nice gift for a milestone birthday such as 40,50,60 or older.
More details on this particular gift can be viewed here.

There are a whole lot of other gifts to be found too. Lots of Historic books, sports books and newspaper gifts including original birth date newspapers. Many of the products can be personalised to suit needs.

An amazing website full of amazing pieces of history!


Competition: Sneaker Light


“Iconic footwear meets novelty lighting
Synonymous with far more than baseball, high top trainers have become a cult fashion staple in everyone’s wardrobe from Rihanna to the Beckhams’ kids to Joe Public. So why keep retro high tops just for your feet? Let your love for vintage fashion spill over into your home with the Spearmark Sneaker Light, a lamp designed in the very shape of this iconic trainer. And far from average, the Sneaker Light has two light settings: changing colour or pure white light. The darker the room setting, the more vibrantly the colours glow. So, choose the mode that suits your mood.”

These brand new sneaker lights from Spearmark are bound to be loved by children of all ages and more so teenagers.
They are powered by either batteries or mains lead (neither included). The light takes 3 AA type batteries.
Two settings- colour changing or white light.

The light costs £12.99 from Spearmark and available from major UK retailers such as Asda, Argos, and B&Q.

Spearmark even has a video of the light in action watchable here.




I have one Sneaker light to give away. Competition will run throughout September and you can enter through.


T&CS apply.


Back to School with Spearmark

The school holidays are almost over. It’s nearly time for children to go back to school and start the new school year all over again.
Spearmark have some fab new lunch accessories to brighten up the boring school days.
First for taking in those packed lunches are these very smart and rather funky looking cool bags.


They do come in other colours and in a choice of 2 styles. A satchel for the girls and a sports bag for the boys.
Each of them feature a shoulder strap to carry and both have silver coloured insulating lining. A zipped pouch keeps food secure and the satchel also has extra fastening straps too.


Both bags have lots of room inside and are sure to be the envy of all their school friends as no one else will have one quite like one of these just yet.

The sports bag costs £10.99 and the satchel is £12.99. From Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys.



Also from Spearmark are Cool gear cans.

Cool Gear Cans come in lots if bright shiny colours and two sizes. They are made from BPA free plastic and are both portable and reusable. The double wall construction keeps drinks cool and the drink is accessible via a top slide sipper which resembles a ring pull.

The 12oz can is £4.99 and 16oz is £6.99. In a choice of colours and patterns for both boys and girls.

Later on today I will be hosting a competition for a very special surprise prize from Spearmark.

Foodie Pals August

I was very impressed with my foodie parcel this month which came from the lovely Gale over at
The reason why I liked my parcel so much is because it was obvious just how much effort Gale had put into it.
It was beautifully wrapped, every item individually wrapped and placed carefully in the box. The little packages even came with smily face stickers.


And inside was just packed with all these lovely foodie goodies.


Propercorn popcorn, 2x bars of Divine chocolate, broad bean snacks, cookies, kids pasta shapes, cashew nut butter, Sunmac topping and even a little Ellas Kitchen fruit pouch just for Izebella which was a lovely surprise and Izebella loved it. I love all my goodies this month.

I sent my parcel over to Alison in High Wycombe. I hope you enjoy if you are reading.

You can join and find out more about foodie pals over at This is Rock Salt. It’s free to join and a whole lot of tasty fun.


BoxDelux Subscription (+ discount code)


BoxDelux is a lovely little monthly subscription service. It’s a little black box of luxury mystery which arrives at your door every month.
Subscriptions start at £15 a month. I love these types of subscriptions, the anticipation and awaiting the postman wondering what will be inside. Then the unpacking and unravelling just like this.




My BoxDelux came elegantly wrapped in pretty pink paper. Underneath the paper a box, inside the box more paper…. And then……..,


Wow! All these goodies inside!

The products inside the box obviously change each month. The boxes contain a selection of luxury items which may include beauty, fragrance, home & lifestyle and gourmet foods. Only top brand named products are included giving people a chance to try before they buy.
Many of the products in the box are samples with some being a bigger full product. It’s all about promoting the brands and brand names and bring newer brands into the spotlight. If you like what’s in the box then there is a chance to go and buy from their online store. There is even a gift voucher included to buy your favourite product.
The boxes make great one off gifts too. Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day and special occasions.

Here is what came in my box.


2x Ultrasun products. An anti-aging formula and a family formula.

Marilou Bio lip balm

Colour me beautiful cream blush

Aden cosmetics lip stick

Priti NYC nail polish

There was also a cute little mystery box amongst my goodies too.

This little box is from Charbonnel et Walker and contained two chocolate truffles.


The products I received are just a small few of the brands which you could receive each month in your box. A full list of current brands at BoxDelux can be seen here.

I do love my subscription boxes and I especially enjoy this one as it’s a mixture of different things rather than just one thing.


I have a great offer code from BoxDelux. The code gives £5 off an exclusive One month taster box. Meaning you will get a box for just £10 rather than £15.
Use this code at checkout



Ryan and Jordanna have been having a mini break from their gadgets and instead been making OiDroids. In a way they are like gadgets without being gadgets if that makes any sense.

Did you ever play with those cardboard pop out dolls when you were younger? The paper dolls in books that popped out which you could then fold to stand and add different outfits and accessories? Well the OiDroids are similar but more up to date. They are unique pop out and build robots.


The term robot should not fool you into instantly thinking it’s a boys thing only. Girls can have just as much fun popping them out and building them.

The OiDroids come in packs of either 4 or 12 and there is also a party pack too.



The party pack contains 10 packs of OiDroids as well as 10 invitations and plastic goody bags and is therefore the perfect addition to a party.


There are a massive 96 OiDroids to collect. Some rarer than others. Each one has it’s own unique name and number and a different way of folding.

There is no glueing or taping involved. They simply pop out and fold up by following the pre creased folds. No cutting is needed either.



Packs of OiDroids can be purchased from WH Smith stores as well as a list of Stockists. They can of course also be purchased directly from the OiDroids website.
For those who love OiDroids there is even a club Membership is just £17.99 and includes monthly deliveries of OiDroids as well as other benefits and offers.
Packs of OiDroids cost £4.99 for 12 pack and £14.99 for the party pack.



There is even an OiDroids app too available for both apple and android devices. Where you can really bring your droids to life. Details here