COMPETITION: Good for Babies

I am a huge fan of good for babies. Both my girls have many lovely dresses and outfits from the collection.

Now you too also have a chance to own something from the store.
The lovely Elena (manager at Good for babies) is giving away an amazing prize of £50 to spend on anything in her store.


There is so much to choose from and sizes from birth right up to 9 years for both boys and girls.

You can enter this amazing competition by


Competition will end October 17th and is open to UK residents.

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Izebellas new dress: Aurora Royal ” Friendly Ghosts” Applique Denim Pinafore

Do you remember all my posts of the lovely dresses from Good for Babies. Jordanna and Izebella both really loved all their pretty outfits and enjoyed wearing them throughout the Summer months.
The Summer is almost at an end and
Autumn is drawing in. A large box arrived at our door with more beautiful outfits for my girls to suit the colder season.

The first is worn by Izebella and is a perfect little Halloween dress.

It is a lovely denim pinafore dress with two rather spooky ghosts. It has a ruffle hem line and can be worn over a t-shirt or underneath a cardigan.

Izebella has a 2-3 year size which seems to fit her perfectly. So perfect that she was able to dance and party the night away on a weekend break we recently went on.

This dress is £16.00 and I love it. It’s just so cute and perfect for the Halloween season.

Lots more pretty dresses and outfits to follow very soon.

Chocolat Chocolat

I love my chocolate as many of you who read my blog regularly will already know.
I don’t mind if it’s dark, milk or white as I like them all. I also like different added flavourings and toppings. What I dislike is the often, limited selection of what goes in the bar. I mean I absolutely love sea salt flavouring and malt balls. I also love honeycomb and crushed biscuit, dried banana chips and so much more but there is no bar that contains a mixture of these together.

Well not until now at least!

Well you can imagine my surprise to hear of a company called Chocolat Chocolat who actually allow their customers to create their very own bars.


To start with there is the option of creating 1,2 or 3 bars and lucky me got 3. Then choose the type of chocolate like this.


Then choose the toppings of which you can have up to 3. There are suggested combinations just incase your stuck or cannot decide but I chose my own. There are so many toppings to choose from all split into categories to make it easier. Choose from nuts, confectionery, spices,herbs & flowers, and fruit. You can have wording too as a separate option.

The bars are then specially made to requirements and take a few days to arrive.


The bars all come wrapped and sealed in their own individual packets. On the back of each is a description of what toppings were chosen along with ingredients. A thank you tag is enclosed along with a card with the name of the person who created the bars.



I was very impressed with the size of these bars. When I think of chocolate bars I imagine thin sticks of chocolate in a plastic wrapper. These are more like thick chocolate slabs.


I chose a milk, white and caramel bar. Each one with different toppings which are my favourites. The white one had the sea salt along with crushed amaretti biscuit and gold leaf which was a really unusual but delicious combination.


The milk and caramel bars had combinations of malt balls, honeycomb, banana chips, nuts and a few more toppings on (can’t remember as I ate them too quickly).
All the bars were delicious and were gone within 2 days. Greedy mummy ate them all ha.


This is a great idea. There is nothing worse than getting chocolates containing flavours or toppings I dislike and in my case that’s usually mint, Turkish delight or coffee. With these bars you never again have to risk biting into some nasty flavour as you pick exactly what goes into it.

The bars cost £5.95 per one bar and it works out cheaper if you buy 3 at £14.95.

MumKind review & competition


MumKind is all about taking care of the mum to be and new mum. It is mainly a pregnancy nutrition brand offering a range of snacks, drinks and lozenges which are designed for pregnant women and new mothers.
MumKind products contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals to nourish growing babies and mothers.

I have been testing out a few of the MumKind products, but just to be clear and before you wonder! I am not pregnant myself. I still consider myself a fairly new mum even tho my youngest is almost 2.

Water our Way, Water enhancer


Everyone is well aware that water is the best and healthiest drink around and especially so for mums to be. However it isn’t the most tastiest thing. It is infact tasteless and a little boring to drink compared to the many other drinks there is to choose from.
By adding just a few drops of the Berry water enhancer to a glass of water it will transform a boring glass of water into a more tasty drink. Thus helping more water to be drunk.
The water enhancer contains a blend of B Vitamins and therefore helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
The bottle is pocket sized meaning it’s convenient to pop in a bag and take to work.
I was very surprised at how nice this tastes. I was expecting some herbal tasting drink but it actually tastes just like a refreshing Blackcurrant juice. I think this will also be good for my children who all begrudge drinking water. A few drops if this and they just think it’s juice.
Just like cordial I can add as much or as little as I wish. It looks red inside the bottle yet the water remains clear and colourless.
The bottles are 30ml and make about 10 drinks. They cost just £2.99 per bottle.

Ginger Me baby Lozenges
I suffered from morning sickness throughout all 4 of my pregnancies. It started early on and often continued to the late stages.

Ginger is well renowned for aiding nausea and sickness. The lozenges are like little sweets and as well as ginger they also contain Chamomile to soothe and calm.
The lozenges come in a reusable container which is both microwaveable and suitable for freezing. A 48g tub costs £3.49

Both of these products can be purchased directly from the MumKind website

MumKind are giving away some of their products to one of my lucky blog readers. The prize on offer is

2x Ginger Me Baby lozenges and 2x Water Our Way as described above.
The competition will end on October 15th at 7pm.
UK entrants only. You can enter here via..


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Moxie Girlz Art-titude

Moxie Girlz is expressing its creativity this season with customisable outfits and fashion design accessories following the launch of Moxie Girlz Art-titude


After a tiring day being back at school, Jordanna was over the moon to see a Moxie girl doll waiting for her when she came home.

Once fed and bathed she was only too happy to get her new friend Avery out of the box and play with her.


There are 3 dolls in the Artit-tude collection. Jordanna has Avery and the other two are Sophia and Lexa.
each has a trendy outfit that can be customised and decorated with the stickers and a washable marker pen that are included.

The doll is a standard size fashion doll with long blonde hair tinted with pink. She has a pretty face and Avery comes dressed in blue top with white patterned dungarees and pink boots. All her clothes are fully removable. She looks like a “Modern American girl”.


Her dungarees are what needs decorating and these need taking off the doll to do so. Jordanna was then happy to put stickers and draw on them as she wished.
I was slightly disappointed that only one pen was provided. I guess we can use markers and pens that we already have plus stickers but unsure if these would wash off the same as the pen that comes with the doll.



The outfit can be decorated over and over again as the included pen easily washes off the dolls clothes using just water.

Anyway Jordanna seems very happy to have a new Moxie Girl doll and is very happy decorating the dolls outfit and doing her hair.


Girls will have endless designing and creative fun with the Moxie Girlz™ Art-titude™ range.
Moxie Girlz™ aims to encourage girls to reach for their dreams and embrace their individuality through self- expression, friendships and fashion. Every girl has the strength to do something amazing. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams.

Moxie Girlz Art-titude dolls are suitable for children aged three plus and retail at around £14.99.
There are other accessories in the Artit-tude range such as a Style studio and a car which can be used with the dolls.

Buster books, Our fab new titles

Buster books have sent us over some great new books. My kids love books. I must have at least 200 in my house. I could open a small library.
Buster books sell some really great fun titles. There is a selection of Buster fiction with all sorts of weird characters including a few aliens, explosions and monsters. Then there is a huge non fiction section containing all sorts of quirky books. Joke books, activity books, colouring books and so much more. My kids would have a field day if I gave them
a Buster books catalogue.

They were both very surprised to see two new books arrive. Here they are (the books that is)

The first one – The Halloween Activity Book has arrived at a perfect time really. Ryan has already started mentioning Halloween and what he wants to do and once he starts talking about something, he rarely shuts up until it has happened. So maybe this book will keep him quiet for a while.
It’s priced at £5.99 and full of spooky hair raising activities and games. There are lots of gruesome illustrations on each page with some well known spooky characters along the way.

Graveyard mazes, zombie attack survival, exploding brains, missing limbs and much more gore and horror will be found in this colourful eerie book.

This is one book that I would of absolutely loved to have myself as a child, having a very keen interest in ghosts and the paranormal myself. I loved and still do love horror and Halloween and I think Ryan does too a little.

Our next book is totally different to the one above. The Neon Colouring Book is priced at £9.99. In this book are endless pages of crazy swirling patterns, birds, exotic plants landscapes and more just waiting to be coloured in.

The art work on the pages is fantastic and very dazzling. Many pages very bright too such as this one.

It is recommended to use highlighter pens to do the colouring and get the best effects. These can be purchased very low cost from most shops and I think even poundland sells them. Bright felt pens will probably be just as good too.
It’s a lovely colouring book which differs from others. Lots of fine detail in the artwork just waiting to be filled in with a touch of colour.

Thank you to Buster Books for sending these over. My children love them and they keep them quiet for a while.

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio


Beados quick dry design studio comes from character online
It contains 500 tiny coloured beads and some templates. Also a working dryer which is basically a fan blowing cool air.

The templates each contain different patterns and are placed under bead trays. On top of the bead trays are holes to place the coloured beads following the pattern template.

We found this bit a little tricky. The beads are tiny. A pair of plastic tweezers are included but we found it even more difficult using these and ended up using fingers.
(I would advise that if you use fingers then make sure you thoroughly wash hands afterwards as the beads are sticky when mixed with water)

Once the designs are complete they need to be sprayed with water (bottle included) and then placed under the dryer to dry.

Now the instructions say 15 minutes but ours were still wet and sticky and needed another 15 minutes.
Once dry then can be lifted off. There are some suction cups in the set but only 2 to use with the creations.

The beads seem to form some sort of glue substance when wet and all gel together and eventually dry. Therefore it’s really not suitable for young children. I am a little wary now when Ryan and Jordanna use it, I have to make sure they don’t drop or leave any beads about for Izebella to get hold of.
They both seem to enjoy it. It can be a little fiddly and difficult to position the beads as they are so small and tend to move about and jump out of their spots, even when drying.
The beads come in little plastic bags and then transferred to a tray with separate compartments. However this tray does not have a lid meaning I have to find a tin to keep the beads inside whilst not in use. Also once the bead creations are made they leave a nasty taste on hands a fingers, I am unsure what this is but I make sure we all wash our hands afterwards.

There are some pretty creations to be made.

I did find that when we came to use the beads again on another day that some of the beads had become stuck together. Now I can’t be too sure if perhaps they had got wet whilst doing our first creations or if this is something that happens but it was a little disappointing. We managed pull a few apart to reuse them tho. I really do think something should be included to keep the beads in other than the small plastic bags which get ripped very easily.
There is the option to buy refills and other accessories to be used with this too.
It costs £19.99



Pic Stick & Reader Discount Code 25% off

I have so many photographs of my children. Many are stored in albums or bags in cupboards and many on digital devices not yet printed.
It’s always nice to do something with them, be it frames, keyrings, or even magnets.
Yes that’s right a fridge full of precious photographs of my precious babies.


These are my magnets and there is nine of them in a strip. These magnets come from picstick.
They were very easy to make. I made mine from my iPhone which allowed me to choose and upload my photographs straight from my phones photo gallery. The upload process was very quick. I had to sign up for an account too but again a very fast process.
The magnet strips cost just £9.50. I was given a code to make mine and shipping is free.
Each of the nine photos on the strip measures 50×65 mm so roughly what you would call wallet size and the magnet is just 0.7 mm thick.
The photographs separate very easily by just bending a little a tearing apart.


Once separated I then placed the magnets on my fridge with the others I already have. I can move them about easily as I wish and now when I go to my fridge I see my gorgeous children all over it.


The magnets are made in a factory in England, They use state of the art digital processes to print the photos onto 200gsm art board, which is then fixed on to a magnetic backing.
PicSticks are strong, child-friendly and magnetic, so can be stuck to any metal surface. You can of course affix them to other surfaces as you would any other photo.

The quality of the photographs on the magnets is good. Just like you would expect a printed photograph or keyring to be.
I would also like to add that my Picsticks arrived within 48 hours after ordering them.

I really like them and plan on getting more, lots more! I have a feeling my fridge freezer may just be taken over by them. My mum collects fridge magnets and has just recently moved house too so I think she may find some PicSticks amongst her presents this Christmas.

PicSticks are unbelievably cheap at just £9.50 for 9 photo magnets. But!! if you are reading this post then you can get yours much cheaper with a special discount code.
This code will give you 25% off your order and remember postage is free no matter how many you order or where you live in the world.
Enter BIZZI25 at checkout.