COMPETITION: Pirate Princess Party Dress

Here is a great competition with an amazing prize for all the little girls out there.

This fabulous Princess pirate dress is the prize. Kindly donated by Pretend to Bee.

About Pretend to Bee
Pretend To Bee is an online shop selling quality baby, toddler and children’s dressing up and party costumes.
They are a family run business and have been selling costumes since 2005.
The costumes come in many characters and themes making them popular for themed parties and school dressing up days as well as great gifts too.

Prize from

The Prize
One winner will receive a Princess Pirate outfit as pictured above.
The dress is available in 3 sizes and winner can choose preferred size.

Age Height Chest Girth Waist Girth
3-5 years 110 cm 56 cm 52 cm
5-7 years 122 cm 60 cm 54 cm
7-9 years 134cm 65cm 57cm

A Party Dress with the SASSY Factor

Dress comes with matching bandanna. Stretch lace and sequined bodice, trimmed with rosette and net tails. Sequin trim at the neck.
Black taffeta skirt with red and black net overskirt. Bandana with adjustable Velcro fastening.


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(T&CS This competition will close on August 22nd at approximately 7pm.
The competition is open Worldwide.
One winner will be chosen at random via the rafflecopter and sent an email confirming win. It is important that you check spam folders incase it’s you.
Prize sent directly from Pretend to Bee. I have no control over shipping times or delayed postal items.)

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Foodie Pals July

This months Foodie parcel came from Pami at the other end of the country in Kent. Pami has a blog too at
My parcel came fairly early this month which was a lovely surprise and full of some local Kentish goodies.

The photograph doesn’t do it much justice but thee was a lovely bottle of fresh juice along with oyster crisps, chocolate goodies and a pot of Blackcurrant curd which is just lovely on toast.


I hope Pami got a lovely package too.

My parcel went to Joan in Glasgow and I had a lovely email to say she loves it.

Join in the fun at foodie pals free of charge. Head over to This is rock salt to find out more.


CLYPPI toenail clipper

Feet aren’t a nice subject and especially not toes and toe nails. I hate my feet. I hate cutting nails. I am always scared cutting my children’s nails incase I hurt them with cheap “not so good” clippers.
When I got asked to try out the Clyppi toenail clippers I was a little unsure if it was really something I would want to use, but decided to give it a go anyway.


Unlike other nail clippers, the CLYPPI feels and looks very sturdy and strong. There is a good weight to them which says to me they are top notch of the range. They are made high quality stainless steel and finished with Matt brush steel. Nothing is added to these clippers that could fall off. There are no cheap plastic parts it’s just pure steel throughout.



The Clyppi comes with a very useful nail file which is integrated into the lever, thus saving the hassle of trying to find a separate nail file.
The clipper is designed in a way to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. It is vert easy to use and cuts with ease and precision. It trims the nail at an even clean length reducing the risk of cracking and splitting.


Ryan has slight problems with ingrowing toenails. I am thinking this is due to his nail being cut wrongly or unevenly in the past, albeit not by me. He is therefore extremely wary about people touching his feet and toes and more so when it comes to his nails being trimmed. I was therefore a little surprised when he asked if he could use the Clyppi clippers on his nails. I sat down and showed him what to do and supervised to make sure he didn’t harm his self. As the Clyppi clippers are much better quality than anything he has used before I am hoping these may assist a little in his toenails getting better.

Although the Clyppi is designed for toenails. I don’t see any reason why they can’t be used on fingernails too.
The Clyppi toenail clipper can be purchased on Amazon for £12.47 and is eligible for free super saver delivery.


Heaton Park day out

Yesterday me and the three took a trip to Heaton Park in Manchester. It’s a place I used to love visiting as a child. It’s a huge park, the biggest in Manchester and the largest municipal park in Europe. There is lots to do and see and always something happening during the school holidays. The park is free to enter. I was recently quite shocked to find that some certain parks charge an admission fee for general entry.
The weather was having a rather funny turn (usually happens when I decide to go somewhere) one minute it rained the next it went sweaty hot so it was a case of coats on one minute and off the next.
Regardless of the strange weather it was still a lovely day and a nice yet tiring walk around. My friend and her child also came along.
The park is really easy to get to with regular bus services from Manchester centre plus there is also a very quick tram on the metrolink and only took us 10 minutes from Manchester and we was there.


In the park and also free of charge is a small farm with animals such as pigs, goats, horses, rabbits and birds. This was Izebellas first time at a farm and she seemed quite curious looking at everything.





There are a fair few old architectural buildings and monuments across the park. The main one being Heaton hall which unfortunately is now shut to public viewing. I loved walking around the inside when younger. It is still good for photographs tho.

There are lots of beautiful gardens to walk through and explore as well as the dense acres of forest and greenery containing many squirrels and birds and probably lots of other wildlife.




There are two adventure play parks for children (possibly more I’m not too sure). We went on the larger one which has lots of equipment for children of varying ages. There is a huge metal snake slide which looks a little scary, not something I would attempt to climb but Ryan and Jordanna loved it. Also a sand pit which we avoided with the drizzle.



Next to the park is a huge picnic area. I had made sandwiches and remembered the picnic blanket, nothing worse than grass stains on white pants or grass up your bum ha.





The picnic area is really large. Lots of room for playing football, walking dogs or just sunbathing after eating. As Izebella found out, also room for running off from mummy.




There is even a boating lake. You do have to pay for the boats and I didn’t think it a good idea taking 3 children out onto a deep lake. I used to have fun on these boats years ago tho.


Finally we walked back down to the funfair which is on throughout the school holidays. Wristbands were £7.99 and Ryan and Jordanna went on about 10 rides each so certainly got their money’s worth.






We found a lovely cafe in the park which is next to the farm bit. The cafe sells hot food, sandwiches, snacks and drinks and I found it very reasonably priced. Just £1.50 for a coffee and £2 for a latte. Hot meals start from £3 upwards. I had bought packed lunch so didn’t bother buying food. I probably will next time now I know costs and what they sell.
We also spotted a colourful long wagon train that goes around the park. I am not sure if this is free as we did not go on it.

There is much more that we did not explore at Heaton park including I believe a tram museum and several other gardens. We were out a good 8 hours including travelling time and had a really good day.
I even managed to get a photograph of me and the three altogether.


Heaton park has it’s own website here where more information and history about the park can be found.

Marzipan love: Niederegger

Marzipan always went down well as a lovely treat when I was younger. Over the years I have not seen it about so much.. until now that is.


The Neideregger brand started in 1806 in Lübeck Germany by confectioner John Georg Niederegger.
Niederegger is now a successful family run business which is now in it’s 7th generation. There aim is to produce the best marzipan in the world.
The secret of the Neideregger marzipan is a closely guarded recipe which has been handed down over the generations. It contains a mixture of almonds, sugar and a secret ingredient which is believed to be similar to rose water.
Of course only the highest ingredients are used and the nuts are still roasted in traditional cauldrons as they were in the early days.
The marzipan is now enjoyed all over the world. Neideregger produce a large variety of tasty marzipan products. Luscious cherries, chocolate, fruity varieties, Summer tablets and even a Marzipan cream Liquer can all be purchased. All of which make excellent gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmas time.

I am very lucky to be sampling some Marzipan goodies myself. Luckily they have survived the hot weather too.

First is the Marzipan assortment box containing 14 individual delicious pieces. Chocolate coated marzipan hearts, mini loaves and fruit filled marzipan pieces make up this delightful box.
The first thing that stood out with this box and my other products is the packaging. It is very bright, bold and shiny with trims of gold and deep red. Yes it certainly reminds me of Christmas.

Also in my lovely box of treats was this 16 piece classic box. It contains 16 gourmet mini marzipan loaves. Each one covered in a layer of thick dark indulgent chocolate. I believe the boxes come in 8 piece too as well as mixed loaf varieties.



Then finally a 200g Marzipan loaf.

This bar is 200g of pure marzipan paste engulfed in an ocean of dark chocolate. Great for slicing and sharing but I may just keep this all to myself for my late night indulgences.

I had not tasted marzipan for several years and had forgotten just how good it tastes. Especially so when it’s wrapped in thick dark chocolate, just heavenly. My children like it too which is no big surprise so I have to hide them away until they are tucked up in bed.

Niederegger marzipan products can be found in many good food shops and department stores. They can also be purchased directly online at Chocolates Direct UK. Prices for these luxury delights remain fairly low starting at just £1.18 upwards when purchased online.

Zelicious Zelfs Twitter Party

Tomorrow we will be hosting our Zelicious Zelfs party.


You can join us and see what we are up to on Twitter by using #zelicious and #zelfs.
The fun takes place tomorrow (July 30) between 2-4pm.
I am expecting a total of 7 children including my own so am keeping it fairly simple. Izebella is a little unwell too so I’m hoping she perks up a little for our party.
I have my groceries and party food ordered and yesterday I received my massive box full of Zelf party goods.





Wow just look at all the lovely items. A huge “12” Zelicious scented Zelfs. I think a few little girls are going to be very very happy tomorrow. Along with the Zelfs I also have some hair pieces and bobbles, pencil crayons, cakes, candy floss, cake icing, sweets, posters, party bags, balloons, invites and lots more. Along with some useful instructions and ideas for games.

Going to be a busy day here tomorrow. Please tune in on Twitter

Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Making Kit

Well my kids are enjoying the school holidays so far with lots of sunshine and places to go.
In the evenings just before bed they can get a little fed up and tend to moan they have nothing to do.
Well these passed few days they have been rather busy in the evenings making cards for various people thanks to their Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Making Kit

This card making kit was kindly sent to us by Not the Usual who sell a wide variety of quirky, fun and unusual gifts with a varying selection of themes and well known brand names.
This card kit is part of a big “Very Hungry Caterpillar collection” of gifts.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is of course a rather famous children’s story book by author Eric Carley. The book is actually 45 years old this year and a variety of products featuring the well known loveable Caterpillar can now be purchased.


With this kit comes enough bits to make 8 cards. Inside the box are the cards, envelopes, sticker sheets and push out card shapes with sticky pads.


The stickers are letters, numbers, stars, hearts and slogans such as “Happy Birthday. The push out shapes are objects from the story.

We have a few birthdays coming up including my mothers and my children’s Aunty. I always think home made cards are much nicer than shop bought and especially when it comes from a child. They are like little unique “One offs”. The lettered stickers mean children do not need to write on the front of the card, they can if they wish or they can just use the stickers. The envelopes give the cards the finishing touch and the cards look really nice once finished.



And yes I know, I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that Grandma has no R at the end.

The Card making kit costs £8.95 and you will beable to find and purchase this at Not the Usual as well as view the other products from the same range.



Elektrokidz are music inspired collectables. There are 6 different ones to collect. They dance to the beat of the music that your listening to.

The Elektrokidz look a little like the retro troll dolls from the 80s/90s era but with a more updated funky look. They stand bold like little cool dudes. They all have brightly coloured funky fab hair do’s which stick up and out, a little like Jedward.
Here is our little dude. He has a gold body and bright pink and blue hair.


Each Elektrokid figure comes with removable sun shades to make them look even cooler.

Ours came with pre installed batteries which go inside the feet. They take 4 small cell (watch type batteries) and a further extra 4 batteries are also included.
There is an on/off switch and once switched on it’s belly button is pressed to activate. Once activated and put close to a source of music, the figures hair will go a little wild and start moving about in all sorts of directions to the beat of the music.
To see what I mean, watch our video clip HERE


The Elektokidz in my opinion have a retro appeal to them. They remind me of the troll dolls combined with one of those dancing flowers or dancing coke cans of the 80s/90s era of which I’m sad to say I had both.


I have given our new little Elektokidz guy to Ryan and he loves showing his friends what it does and how it’s hair bobs about to his tunes. He keeps it on his desk next to his stereo. It’s quite a novelty thing and good fun.

Elektrokidz are part of the WowWee you group
For information about Elektrokidz and where to buy them. Visit the website.