Competition: Churchills confectionery

Published December 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Last month I hosted a competition to win 2 luxury chococolaye stocking tins from Churchills confectionery. The competition went extremely well and was won by Miss Julie Smith.

Now you have the chance to win the prize again. 

These stockings contain a selection of strawberry and mint creams and one winner will win both.

This will be a much quicker competition due to the Christmas post and the closing date is December 11th.


UK competitions at ThePrizeFinder

Postsnap card app

Published December 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

These days many people choose to send digital cards via email or social media. Personally I still prefer receiving the real thing and sending them. Sending them at Christmas can prove a daunting task and especially if the card list is rather long, plus I then have to go out and buy them, write them and then trek out to buy stamps and post them. 

Postsnap is a new card app, which combines the modern day digital world with the traditional way of sending cards. The app is not just for Christmas cards but for birthdays and other occasions all year round. The app allows the user to make the cards really personal with options such as photo uploading and own messages. 
The creation process is really easy and it only takes a few minutes to make the card. This is the one I made. 

I used a photo of each of us as that’s who the card is from. This is just one of the card templates available on the app. There are many others to choose from with other photograph options. 

This is the greeting inside! 

On my card, I left the “To name” bit out. You can of course address the card to someone. There are two postage options the first being to have cards sent to your own address with blank envelopes to send out yourself as I did. The other option is to fully personalise the card and have postsnap send it directly to your recipient meaning you don’t need do anything except create the card.

The card arrived in two days and the order progress is traceable via the app, you do need to create an account. Prices vary for different cards. It’s a very easy to way to send lovely personalised cards this Christmas. 

Visit Postsnap for more details and to download the app.

Clanger squeeze and whistle

Published November 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Clangers is a British stop-motion animated children’s television series of short stories about a family of murine creatures who live on, and inside, a small moon-like planet. They speak only in whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon and blue string pudding.The Clangers first aired way back in the 1970s and a new series, narrated by Monty Python, began on C Beebies this year.

With the launch of most new kids programmes comes a selection of toys and accessories to purchase, and The Clangers is no exception. This is a small “squeak and whistle clanger” plush toy. 

I’m not entirely sure what animal the Clangers are meant to be but looking at Izebellas new toy it sort of resembles an aardvark and a pink one too with a blue waistcoat . There is the pink waistcoat version too.

The first thing Izebella noticed about her new toy is that it had fingers and most of her soft toys do not. 

And if she presses the Clangers tummy it makes several amusing whistle sounds. This can be a little annoying at night time and perhaps especially so for big sister Jordanna who shares a room with her. 

It’s quite a cute little thing and when Izebella manages to spot the Clangers on television, she will once again beable to say “I got that” 

The Clanger toys come from Character online. The small squeeze and whistle clanger which Izebella has costs approx £9.99.

Another great thing about Clangers this Christmas is that, from 6th December until Christmas Eve, Toys ‘R’ Us will have them all at 30 % off. “


The most precious piece of jewellery

Published November 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Amy at Amy ring jewellery. Amy creates beautiful previous pendants using children’s hand or footprints and can also create paw prints too from much loved pets. 

To create the pendants, Amy will send out an inkless kit which is mess free and looked pretty straightforward to use. This is then sent back to her and the jewellery is made within a few days providing the prints are useable. 

Now I could of taken hand or footprints from any of my children but my mind was totally set on asking Amy a really special favour. For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you may have seen posts of my other child – a little girl named Keira. She sadly came far too soon and only lived a short ten hours. When she died the hospital took hand and footprints for us to keep and my idea was using the prints I already had to turn into a pendant. 

I scanned Keiras prints and emailed them to Amy. I was so happy when she said she could use them.

The Silver pendants come in various shapes and I really wanted the heart one. Both hand and footprints can be placed together on one or either side of the pendants and names and dates. can also be put on. 

And here it is. My beautiful silver pendant with my tiny princesses hand and footprint plus her name and birth/death date. 

The pendants come with a loop clasp and ready to place on a necklace or bracelet.

It made me quite emotional when I saw it, but in a good way that I now have something of my daughter that I can proudly wear and have close to me. Everyone who has seen it also says it’s beautiful and I’ve even been asked by others how they go about getting one made. 

For a pendant such as this with prints and names, it costs around £50. As each pendant is made to order and uniquely personalised, the prices will vary. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Amy for making and sending me something so beautiful. This pendant really means so much to me and it’s such a nice thing to receive right before Christmas too. 


RC Minions

Published November 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

The minions are alive in out house this Christmas with the arrival of 2 large boxes from Bladez toys. These boxes contained two of the loveable minion characters – Bob and Kevin. 

Both Minions are inflatable rc toys and come in flat boxes ready to be inflated. 

 Bob stands at 30cms tall whilst Kevin is the biggy at a massive 2ft tall, he’s huge. 

The minions are easy to set up. They require batteries and minimal assembly of the battery kits once the minion is inflated. The bigger Kevin minion needs a bit more work via stabiliser attachment as he’s much bigger but it still only takes a few minutes.  

I would advise where possible to inflate the minions via an electric pump. You’ll be out of breath trying to blow them up and especially Kevin. I invested a tenner in an electric pump over summer for pools and its come in very useful for things like this. 

 This is Bob and once inflated and batteries/stabilisers attached, they are controlled via the remote control. They move very rapidly and seem to be okay whether on carpet or kitchen flooring. My living room carpet is really deep and thick and it still moves with ease. 

The minions also talk in their original minions voices and come out with lots of phrases, sometimes they don’t shut up but of course they have off switches. They can go outdoors too, probably best when it’s dry and they are sure to impress other kids. They can fully rotate and spin too, and are quite funny to watch.

When I first heard my kids would be getting their inflatable minions to test out, I did worry a little. The word inflatable made me think “pop easily” like balloons and especially as we have a kitten. The plastic does seem pretty tough tho and as for the cat, it’s actually scared of these RC minions. The 2ft Kevin is a little large to have constantly inflated and left around and deflating seems to take seconds. There are also repair patches included with both minions so all good so far.  

 These RC minions are suitable for minions fans ages 3 and over and start at £39.99 on the Bladez website. They are also available in most good toy stores and Amazon. Other minions available are Stuart and the Bob British Invasion. Bladez also have other RC inflatable characters available such as Star Wars and dinosaurs.  


Baker Days Christmas cake 

Published November 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Baker Days is the well known cake company that sends cakes through the post. The cakes come in small enough packaging to fit through the letterbox.Baker days has hundreds of cake designs to choose from for all sorts of occasions, including Christmas and each cake can be fully personalised with txt and photographs (dependant on cake design). The cakes are then created and put in reusable time before arriving through the letterbox. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Baker Days previously and this Christmas I have been lucky enough to get another cake. I was able to select a Christmas cake. The Christmas designs include several Santas, a few cute bears and many characters such as Star Wars and a rather tempting Frozen cake. In the end I went for a very traditional Christmas design of The Three Wise Men. This is one of the designs which I think represents Christmas the most. 

This cake does not come with the photograph personalisation due to already having a large image on it of the 3 wise men and the Christmas star, but it does allow for personalisation text. 

I made the personalisation to my children as always and managed to get all three of their names on the cake.

These cakes can be ordered in various recipe varieties which include both dairy and gluten free choices. The cake we received was a lovely vanilla sponge with delicious buttercream. We all got a lovely slice each. 

The cake tins are totally reusable for future home made cake or storage. The Christmas cakes come with a small cracker and card too. The cakes can be ordered in larger sizes as well as letterbox size which starts from £14.99.

Find Baker days online and on social networks.

Aquabeads mini playset

Published November 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

When the weather is freezing and it’s too cold and dark to play outside. It is always good to have something creative to be getting on with. For  Jordanna this week, that’s been Aquabeads. 

 This mini set does not look much. It’s a very small box but inside it contains over 300 coloured beads and several designs to make Aquabeads designs. A bottle is also included for puttng water in. 

 To make them. The pictures fit under the plastic bead tray and you follow the image with the correct coloured bead. 

 It can be really tricky using fingers and it was a little disappointing that no tweezers came with the pack. The beads get quite sticky and start popping out if uing fingers so it’s a good job they are only small in size. 

Once the image is completed with beads, The whole thing needs spraying well with water and leaving to set for at least an hour. It’s probably best leaving them over night for best results.  

 Once dry the design pulls off and the beads are all stuck together and firm.  

 There is only one plastic bead frame so only one design can be made at any one time so it’s really for solo use rather than playing together. There is no container to keep the beads either and the box isn’t really great so it’s best to have a spare tin to put them in. The beads absorb moisture and start to stick together if not kept dry. 

It’s a good creative kit for rainy days, tho the beads are tiny so not ideal when young toddlers or older baby’s are around. 

Aquabeads kits come in various sizes and are available in most toy stores and Amazon.

Led cherry blossom tree with lights

Published November 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is just over 4 weeks away. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Many people who live close to me already have their Xmas decorations up. I’m hopefully putting mine up next weekend but to give my home a bit of extra light I have one of these rather pretty Led blossom trees.  

This one from the Whitestores website is purple and the one I have is bright white. They do come in other colours too and all very pretty. They also come in various sizes.

They are artificial and work by mains plug.The trees arrive in a tall slim box and the box did make me worry slightly that there would be lots of fiddly assembly but there isn’t. Inside the box is a tree stand and the tree. 

 It’s a bit like a Christmas tree. Attach the tree to the stand, pull out the branches and switch on the lights which are already attached. The tree is in the shape of a zig zag with several branches. The good thing about these trees is that each of the branches is really flexible so they can be positioned anyway you like to suit the room. Pulling all the branches out does make the tree seem very large and wide and closing them in makes it look a little bare and almost like the wooden light up reeds.  

 There are up to 120 super bright LEDs on the tree and each light has a flower light cover. These tend to fall off very easily and especially so when removing from box and assembling. They are very easy to put back on and the box seems to contain lots of spare ones.

When plugged in and lit up it looks really beautiful and it can be turned and placed in any position. Adjusting the branches gives it different looks like this.  

 My tree currently sits in a big alcove in my living room which has no other lighting and the photos were taken with the living room lights off. 

It does give a lot of bright light and will look very effective once the main Xmas decorations go up. Here is a photograph taken at a distance. The other lights are from a card peg holder and picture on wall 

 You can see how much light alone is coming from the tree.

  They are very beautiful and can be used all year round not just for Christmas. The 1.2m tree costs £24.95 and comes with a 2 year guarantee. 

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