Chemist Direct online service

Published May 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Chemist Direct were recently on the lookout for bloggers like myself to try out their online ordering service. I was kindly given a £50 credit to spend on anything I want, so off I went shopping online.

When you first enter the website your greeted with a screen which looks like this.  

I had a quick browse through the categories but did find many products did not show up but did in a search. I use mobile devices for the majority of my internet life and did find that the site was not overly mobile friendly and a little frustrating at times to find what I wanted. Chemist Direct do sell a lot of different products including beauty, medicines, sun products and more but I did find myself typing products into the search bar as the categories just weren’t bringing much up.

To order any medicine products, you do need to fill in a short questionnaire about who they are for and why you need them which is a little like an online prescription service and I imagine it’s to try and deter children from ordering tablets too but it would be easy to get around.

Here is what I got for my £50.  

I did find many of the products at Chemist Direct were reduced or on some sort of offer and everything seems reasonably priced.

For my hair. I purchased the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner. I do love these, they come out blue but give blonde hair a slight silver shine. Also for hair a bottle of olive oil hair milk and Moroccan oil serum. Both of these are great when blow drying abc straightening.  

Then something to help with weight loss/healthy eating etc.  

Much needed dental floss products.  

Fake tan mousse is an absolute must for me. I’m addicted to the stuff. 

And finally a large box of ibuprofen for which I had to complete a questionnaire and a much needed cupboard item for the hangovers.  

Finding the products was a little hard on a mobile device but ordering was simple, just a click to add to the cart. My total went slightly over my £50 and I wa able to pay the balance by PayPal. 

I did need to create an account and I do keep getting twice daily emails now from them which can be a little annoying.

My order arrived quickly within about 3 days by Hermes courier and everything I ordered was there. I do think they need to make the website more mobile friendly and arrange their categories so items are more searchable. I am happy with all the items I received and the ordering was pretty easy. 

Find them on Twitter too @Chemistdirect  



Published May 21, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Inspired by over 30 years of Gundam history in Japan, Bandai brings the most iconic characters and comic book /video game heroes into an exciting new concept known as Sprukits.

Fans of DC comics, Halo and LBX can now create their favourite characters in 3D.

This one was certainly one for Ryan who seems to have developed a certain interest in construction and building.  

And without sounding sexist or being accused of being gender specific, three kits do seem to be aimed towards the boys and probably those aged 8 and over. I can imagine many dads, grandads and big boys will also take pure delight in these character kits.

As you can see the boxes are all different sizes and this is because there are 3 levels of complexity with these kits. Starting with the small boxes which are easy peesy and moving up to the level 3 (big box) which you kind of need a construction degree to complete!

(Well ok no you don’t but level 3 is hard and not for beginners or younger boys, I think the dads would enjoy it tho)

There’s all sorts of characters to collect with these including the well known batman and superman, then Halo from the famous Microsoft game and a few more besides.

So Ryan seemed happy enough to see these and started with the small batman box. This is what’s inside and it’s pretty much the same for all levels, just more of it.  

It looks pretty retro doesn’t it. Sort of reminds me of the construction kits my brother endlessly wanted and played with and usually made a pigs ear of (I’m beginning to see a familiar family resemblance now). It’s basically plastic frames with many plastic parts attached. Ryan then needs to snap the parts out which can be tricky sometimes and then build them up into a figure, like he did with Batman. 

This one only took ten minutes and is the easiest level one figure. The Superman is a level 2 and took the poor boy about 2 hours and a lot of frustration but got there in the end.

And then there is Halo, the level 3. Hmm we don’t yet have a built picture of this because it’s not yet completed. This is some of the box contents.  

There are hundreds of parts to this one and some of them very very small. It’s a very complex figure and Ryan has made a start and does bits of it when he can but its just too difficult to do by his self and I’m unfortunately hopeless at model building so I’m hoping to maybe get his dad or someone to help him with it. The end figure will look like this.    


Full instructions come with each kit and all in picture/diagram form.

All the kits come with an age level guide of 8 and over but I do feel the level 3 perhaps need a higher age on the box as it is very difficult. Ryan did enjoy the other kits and is a little frustrated that he can’t yet complete Halo but there is no rush for him to I guess. 

The kits all contain small plastic parts so need be kept from little ones but they do not need glue, paint, brushes or scissors. They don’t take batteries either but they do all have moveable joints. I guess hero figures is a mans thing. They all seem to love building them. 

Sprukits come from Bandai and are available in most good toy stores and Amazon. Prices vary.

Ravensburger: Minions 3d puzzles 

Published May 21, 2015 by Bizzimummy

It’s puzzle time again in our house thanks to Ravensburger. Only this time I get a break from doing them and instead it’s Ryan and Jordannas turns to complete not one, but three puzzles. All of them with a very familiar theme and characters which the majority of kids will relate to – it’s The Minions and luckily Ryan kindly told me that there is a new Minions film out or I may have just mistakenly wrote “Despicable Me”. Now I know absolutely nothing about the Minions or which character is who or does what, so excuse me for not going into that detail because I have no idea, but here’s the puzzles we got a few days ago.  

There’s 3 different ones all with different scenes which I can only presume is from the movie. The 2 smaller boxes have 54 pieces (claimed by Jordanna) and the larger box has 72 pieces which Ryan chose to do. Probably a bad decision there as the smaller ones proved a little more tricky than the larger one as the pieces are obviously smaller.  

All the puzzles are the fairly new 3D type which rather than being flat, build up into a globe (sometimes other 3D shapes). It sounds complicated but I actually find them much easier than standard flat puzzles. Each piece has a number on the back and also an arrow. Rather than trying to build the picture you simply connect the numbers in order and follow the arrows. 

With these type of puzzles you are building from the inside out, it’s best to keep checking the outside picture too just to make sure the pieces are put in correctly as taking it apart to rebuild gets confusing. They are easy tho and I left them both to it as you can see here.   


Izebella left them alone too for a while to get on with the puzzle duties and it didn’t take them long to build the Minion globes. The difficult part comes at the end when trying to insert the last few pieces. Patience starts to wear and eagerness to finish kicks in and this is where things go wrong and too much pressure on the puzzles can make them cave in as Ryan found out. Luckily not too much damage to his masterpiece and he managed to rebuild it quick enough.  

   All of these puzzles can be bought on Amazon and may well be worth an early Xmas stocking buy for Minions fans. (Oh my did I really mention that word in May!!!) 

72 Piece £9.99

54 pieces pirate £4.49
54 pieces British £4.49

Revell: My Arts Glowing ghosts 

Published May 20, 2015 by Bizzimummy


Well it’s no where near Halloween just yet but here we have a rather spooky and a little scary set from the Revell “My Arts” range. 

It looks simple enough from the outset with a small box contain a few hundred tiny clear and black beads plus some string, plastic bead mounts and a few other bits along the way.  But once you get going its not quite as easy as it looks.

The idea of this being that we build up ghostly figures using the beads which then need a quick iron over to set. Yes you heard that right I said iron. Therefore this set is certainly not one for the younger ones (especially not with the inclusion of tiny beads). There are 3 to make in total which if done correctly make a ghost, cat and skeleton.

Heed the words- “Done correctly” because this is bloody hard. Although it can be fun on a rainy day. The beads are very tiny and go on the plastic mould tray thing which fits over one of the pictures and we follow the diagram with beads, if that makes any sense.  

The main problem we found is that the bead builder moves about too much and goes off the picture too often. It’s best doing it on a hard flat surface but it still moves. Then the beads pop out half war through so if you are an impatient person then this probably is not for you. If you love puzzles with thousands of pieces then maybe you will enjoy it.

Once all the beads are in place it’s time to iron. Sheets of rice paper are also included. This bit is easy but obviously must only be done by an adult. The trick here is to iron over on a high heat, without steam until the plastic beads start to melt, it can be hard to tell, unless you smell burning plastic so I just poked them and they felt squishy.  


Then leave them to cool and press them out of the tray. On our first attempt 2 beads fell off one of the parts but it didn’t really make much difference. This by the way is the skeleton which needs making in several parts and therefore very time consuming too so this kit certainly requires time and patience.

Once made the figures can be hung up and they do glow in the dark too. It seems a good thing closer to Halloween and perhaps something to do in the colder weather but Ryan did find it quite difficult.


There are many other similar art and craft kits in the “My Arts” range and all can be viewed at the Revell Website. The kits should be available at most good toy stores. 


Published May 18, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Ryan is now 11 and has never been the typical football playing sporty boy. He does however love his gadgets and loves making and building things. When younger he loved Lego and as he has got olds he has moved on to more complex construction kits. If I’m being honest these kits are actually the stuff of my nightmares with bags full of tiny complex parts. It’s not something I could sit and do but Ryan loves it.

One of the most well known construction kit companies is of course K’NEX who sell their construction kits all over the globe. Their kits range from easy to very complex and some of them rather large.  This year sees the launch of their new K-FORCE line of products which are in a nutshell “Buildable Blasters”  and with that I can now imagine all the dads firmly glued to this screen. Yes these are the stuff of big boys dreams. 

There are a few different models in the K-Force range consisting of various types of guns and blasters and also the Build and Blast Battle Bow, which Ryan now owns.  


Ryan was really happy when this arrived. All I could think was how complex it looked on the box picture, then I emptied the box and “Oh my god” how many pieces I though.  

It’s a maze of plastic pieces and parts. Not something I could ever build but Ryan could not wait to start and found it incredibly easy. 


The instructions are all in diagrams rather than any text. Again I find this complicated but it’s easy for an 11 year old. He built his blaster in just 20 minutes. It would of probably took me hours and a whole lot of shouting. 

This now even comes with a few soft bullets but it’s not really enough to get a proper use out of it as they are easily lost. Luckily we were also sent a spare pack of 30 bullets too. 

When correctly assembled this bow will fire bullets. It’s very very rapid. The bullets shoot so fast that our eyes don’t have time to see where they are going. It’s best not to fire them near anything valuable either or at anyone. 

 It can fire up to 75 feet and also includes a buildable target. There are options to build other models too but I think Ryan is sticking to this one. The set contains 150 pieces and some of them are tiny, so he did quite well to build it so fast.

The K’NEX Battlebow is suitable for children ages 8 and over and has an RRP of £24.99. Buy at Smyths toys

Competition: Me to You bear giveaway! 

Published May 18, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I absolutely love bears and especially so “Me to You” bears. These bears always seem extra special with their distinct colouring, features and of course blue noses.

Me to You bears are the perfect gift “From me to You”. 

I have been sent over a special bear. I was given a choice of 6, all for varying occasions and I chose this lovely “beautiful mum” bear.


This bear is one of the 12 inch ones, now being a bit useless at guessing measurements and also having a blonde moment, I assumed it would be one of the smaller gift bears so I was really surprised when this larger one arrived.  


This bear holds a little flowerpot with 2 pink flowers and the pot has the words “Beautiful mum” on it. It would of course be perfect for Mother’s Day but that’s now passed. It would also be lovely for birthdays or Christmas.

My bear is being given to my 2 daughters to share (as they share a room) the bear is from their beautiful mummy who loves her beautiful girls (and boy too of course but he’s too old for bears)


The bear was sent to me by Characterwise. Who are also hosting a competition to win not one but six of these bears.

They are giving away six 12-inch Me to You gift bears. The idea is that the winner of this prize doesn’t keep it for themselves, but gives them to friends and family who mean a lot to them. A way of them giving back to customers, who then give back to others in return. 


Feeling better 

Published May 15, 2015 by Bizzimummy

This week my mood has started to improve a little. Unsure exactly why, maybe the weather, maybe it’s Just me but I am starting to feel a little better about myself and the current situation. 

I spent last month in a pretty dark place. The beginning of April is always sad being my little girls birth and anniversary of her death and she would of been 4 by now. Then finding out my partner had been cheating which literally broke my heart and a few other things that happened almost broke me. 

I decided it’s time to make a few changes and one of them involves weight loss and toning. And before the “you don’t need to lose weight” comments roll in, it’s something I need to do to feel good about myself. Being cheated on leaves you feeling fat, ugly and worthless so I joined a gym. I have been going all week except today (I’m going out later so did not want to over do it). I already feel better, my flabby tummy is going down slowly and with all the exercise and dieting I do at home I have now dropped a dress size to a size 8 which I am pretty happy about. A flat tummy is my ideal goal, after 3 C Sections im left with a flabby small pouch which I hate so I am hoping with a bit more work it will go.

I have also had my nails and brows done too and done my hair roots along with a huge splash out on the credit card on Summer clothes which was a pretty bad idea come to think of it.

My social life seems to be improving too. I’m getting out a whole lot more and increasing my social circles. The more friends the better.

Ryan had his year 6 SATS all this week so I am hoping all the moaning I did leading up to them paid off. My little boy will soon be starting high school and it’s already costing me a bomb with uniform and year 6 school trips.

The job situation is getting me down tho. Constant applications and refusals without so much as an interview and then of course there is 3 lots of childcare to consider. I soy if love, love to have a part time job, not just for the money but to get out and meet people and actually feel like I am part of something but it just seems impossible to get one.

I wouldn’t mind a nice holiday in the sun either just to get away and I would love to beable to drive too. Oh and perhaps a date on top. Don’t want much do I.


The Magic Door

Published May 13, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Fairy. Fairy Who? 

Fairy Nice to Meet you!


What is the one thing most little girls dream of?, dream of meeting and dream of being? It is of course a fairy. Now their dreams can come a little closer to being real with a magic door in their room. 

The Magic Door Store has been providing the fairies and elves with their very own magical entrance inviting them into the homes of children since November 2013. The Magic Door Store’s My Fairy Door and My Elf Door have recreated a world of make-believe for children with these stylish, miniature London doors. The Magic Doors are beautifully packaged and are an elegant addition to any room.


The Magic Door Store was founded by Sarah Tollit when her children became fascinated with searching for the fairies and elves in the garden. Sarah created tiny, elegant doors which appeared just above the skirting board in the children’s bedrooms, allowing the fairies and elves to visit.

Magic doors inspire young imaginations. Behind every door, something awaits, so what will be behind this door! 

These special elf and fairy doors come in 5 different colours. The doors are made from resin and are easily mounted on any wall with the sticky putty supplied, available in a range of bright colours that are suitable for any room.

We now have our own magic “My Fairy” door which can only be unlocked by elves and fairies.  

The doors can be placed against any wall and when we decide exactly which wall we want the fairies to live on we can secure it using sticky pads. We also have some magic fairy dust and who knows one day we may just see the fairies coming out of their door to play.


To have fairy and elf power in your home and Childs bedroom it cost just 20 magical pounds (£20) in exchange for years of mystery and watching, waiting, knocking for the fairies to play. 

Visit The Magic Door Store to get your fairy door today.


As well as the magic doors you can also buy many magical accessories to accompany the doors. Items such as a post box, butterflies and toadstools. An amazing little gift for all the fairy lovers and seekers.


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