Transformulas anti-aging

Published February 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This year I turn a big 40! Although I’m constantly told I don’t look my age, I am still conscious of the tell tale signs of aging and mainly facial lines. I’m not afraid to admit it, but last year I had one round of Botox injections to my forehead as I was getting slightly paranoid every time I looked in a mirror. The Botox procedure, although pretty much painless and very quick gets very expensive so I am always happy to give other products a go. This time it is three products from Transformulas. Whose motto is “beauty without surgery”

These three products have now become a part of my daily beauty routine. I use them together and start with the face contour and tightening cream.

This gets applied to the whole facial area apart from close to the eyes. It has a slight menthol type scent and the box gives instructions of how to apply best. From first use I could instantly feel it working. It feels like my skin is being pulled or tightened and this feeling lasts a few minutes. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hurt in any way and it certainly works. I could see the effects within just a few days of use. 
For my eyes, I’m using the Transformulas eye lift gel

This one is pretty much odourless and clear. 

Many women suffer aging problems around the eyes first, with sagging and lines and dark rings to name just a few problems. I apply the gel all around my eyes and it feels really cool on, almost like I have cucumber on my eye. Again it gives a slight tight feeling but it’s a nice sensation.

Finally for my lips – Lip Volume!

This is probably the product I was most looking forward to using. The reason being – I have small lips. There doesn’t seem to be much volume to my lips at all and I have considered fillers but they hare very expensive and I hear quite painful too. 

The lip volume has a minty menthol aroma. It goes on like lip glosss does and instantly made my lips tingle and feel cool. It can be applied before lip stick or just as a daily routine. And yes it does seem to increase the volume a little, even if only temporarily. 

Apologies for the duck pout here! 

I love all three products and the fact that they do make my skin feel different and tighter.

I am including a before and after picture. See if you can see the difference after two weeks of use. 

Of course products that work don’t come amazingly cheap. You won’t find Transformulas in your local pound world. However all three of these products together cost less than one round of Botox which is for one area rather than three.

Contour cream – £36.95

Eye gel – £29.95

Lip volume – £29.95

So just under £100 for all three but still a lot less than the more evasive treatments and surgery.

If you want to know what’s in the transformulas products and how they work then you can find all the information and more on the Transformulas website. Products can also be purchased from the website as well as Boots and a few other places. 

Bamboo Pete review & giveaway 

Published February 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When I hear the word “Bamboo” I instantly think of Pandas andBamboo Pete is all about cute pandas and panda clothing. They sell t-shirts, vests, hoodies and jumpers and all panda style for panda lovers. 

I have a very cute hoodie from Bamboo Pete – the Arctic white college hoodie

Boasting a lovely panda image, company name, drawstring hood and one of those large pocket things on the front to keep hands warm. There are other colours and styles available but I really like white when it comes to clothes. 

It’s lovely a fleecy inside so keeps me warm, but it does not make me sweat like some jumpers do. I doubt I’ll have the hood up much but here’s a pic anyway.

It’s a lovely style warm top, just perfect for the U.K. weather. The sizes start at XS all the way to XXL. I have size S (adult) which is the second smallest size. The top gives quite a lot of room as sizes seem generous. I would of easily fitted in the XS one too and I’m normally a size 8/10. 

One of these hoodies costs £35.00.


Find Bamboo Pete on the Website and on both Twitter and Facebook

And on to my giveaway!!!


Bamboo Pete are giving one winner a choice of prize. The winner can choose from one adult t-shirt or two Kids t-shirts in any design.

If you want to take part to win then please click the link below. Entries close March 4th and one winner will be chosen at random. U.K. residents only.


A delicious world of Gü

Published February 15, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I am not overly big on desserts. I don’t mind the odd bit of cake if offered but can take or leave the whole after dinner dessert thing. Saying this, there is one type of dessert that I do enjoy and everyone reading this would have spotted them on supermarket shelves at some point. It’s the Gü puds. 

It’s those posh looking puddings, usually found on the top shelves of the yoghurt aisles in most supermarkets.

I first came across these little heavenly delights many many moons ago. If I remember rightly they were on some sort of offer and I thought I’d give them a go and have been enjoying them for years ever since. 

They come as desserts, cheesecakes, puddings which get warmed up and well; there always seems to be new Gü puds added so it’s hard to keep up on how many varieties are out there. They all have one thing in common tho and that’s all of them being delicious and just the right portion size.

This is just one of the many cheesecake type Gü puds. It’s the chocolate and Madagascan vanilla one and it’s easy to see why I love it. Layer of thick chocolate ganache over a light fluffy biscuit base and vanilla cream, all in one reusable glass pot. The majority of Gü desserts do come in the glass pots. I keep them because I can re-use them to make other desserts and dishes or for other things. 

This one is the zingy Spanish lemon cheesecake and it certainly lives up to its name with its zinginess. Very creamy too. 

This one is also chocolate but infused with some sort of edible gold making it the zillionaire pud.

And that’s just a very small selection of what Gü has to offer. The other varieties can be viewed on the website Gü puds. Unfortunately for me, there are a few puds I am yet to find in my local supermarkets. 

Celebrating 35 years of “Dear Zoo”

Published February 15, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Many parents and children will be familiar with a book called Dear Zoo. The book; aimed at very young children is a hard back, lift the flap type book and was wrote by Rod Campbell. The story is told in nurseries everywhere and this year the book celebrates a huge 35 year anniversary. It’s almost as old as myself! 

Dear Zoo is a very easy read book. There are no real characters but the story is told as if it’s from a child who writes to the Zoo for a new pet. The Zoo send all sorts of animals but none are suitable for different reasons – too big, too scary, too naughty etc. In the end the child gets a perfect pet which they keep.

All young children and toddlers will love the lift flap pages where they see which animal has been sent on each page. 

Both Ryan and Jordanna had copies of this book when they were younger, and now Izebella also had her own special copy, being the 35th anniversary box copy but still exactly the same book.

Izebella is learning a few letters and words at nursery but she is not reading yet. She can however read this book. I only had to read it once and now she knows the story word for word. The images and limited txt make it a very easy book to read and learn. She loves it. 

Throughout 2017 Macmillan Children’s Books (Dear Zoo publishers!) is celebrating 35 years of Dear Zoo with an exciting programme of anniversary activity will include new publishing, an ongoing licensing programme, Dear Zoo live on stage plus an unmissable Easter treat at ZSL London Zoo. The Dear Zoo Trail will be open through the Easter holidays at London Zoo and families will be able to follow the story of the Dear Zoo book, with fun trail stops, animal facts and photo opportunities along the way.

L.O.L Surprise dolls 

Published February 14, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My girls have so many collectable figures, and now those figures have a new addition. It’s a tiny doll which comes in a ball full of surprises. This is bound to be the latest collectable craze – The L.O.L surprise dolls.

They come  as a ball, wrapped in many layers of plastic, a little too much plastic perhaps for a toy such as this. In fact there are 7 layers to peel off. The reason being is that underneath each layer is a little surprise such as stickers, doll shoes, clothes, accessories etc. 

Both my girls got their own LOL surprise ball and kept unwrapping and unwrapping until they found there big surprise which is buried inside the ball. 

There are 45 different dolls to find and obviously my girls did not know which one they would get until they unwrapped all the layers off. 

Each doll ball comes with stickers and different accessories and once the doll is found, the ball becomes a multi use accessory too. The doll can be kept inside the ball and the ball carried like a little bag, or the doll can stand up inside it like this!

Or put water inside them to give the dolls a bath. 

The dolls cost £8.00 each. The cost could get fairly high if my girls want to collect them all.

Like most collectable figures there are limited edition/special dolls to find and collect. I think this alone will make my girls ask for another one.

My girls like them, it’s probably not something I would rush out and buy as it would be £16.00 for 2 small dolls alone. However I do think they would make good stocking fillers for girls. There is a lot of plastic left over at the end, maybe a bit too much when we have more than one. The dolls themselves seem good quality and strong and durable enough to be played with. 

The recommended age is 3 and over. Lots of small parts and accessories with these which can easily be lost. Buy from most good toy stores.

We did attempt an unwrapping video, which did not turn out too great as Izebella found the unwrapping a little tricky, but here it is. 

Bertie & Jack wall art 

Published February 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My girls bedroom is about to get a little makeover. This is because they are both getting a little older and need bunk beds and new wallpaper. So! along with wallpaper and paint, there walls also need a few pictures, such as this one from   Bertie and Jack.

This is just one of many framed wall pictures for children. They have many others to choose from with animals and fun characters. We particularly liked this one as it has the Alice in Wonderland theme which my girls both love. It’s even called Wonderland.

The prints all come as cut out images with a colored background behind. Yes you do also get to choose the background colour pattern and there is a long list of choices. The frame colour is also chooseable and messages/words can be added at the bottom of the print too. I chose not to add a message and I was really unsure what to add.

This is the print hung up. 

As it’s in a glass frame, it is very reflective so taking a photograph can be tricky. 

The prints can all be purchased with or without a frame in 4 sizes. The small framed prints such as ours start from £45.00.

Pipsticks subscription

Published February 10, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s another subscription box. I do love them don’t I . 

This time it’s all about stickers and it’s called Pipsticks. They are US based but happily ship to the UK and a fair few other countries.

Pipsticks is letterbox friendly meaning the monthly subscription fits through the door rather than waiting in all day.

So what’s inside?? Well that depends which subscription pack is chosen as there is one for kids and one for adults as adults like stickers too.. don’t they? The pack start at $9.99 and there are two size packs to pick from.

These are the contents of the latest kids pack. 

So, we got about 15 sheets of different themed stickers with all sorts of cutesy things on them. A few pieces of coloured paper and a colour in picture (not on photo). There is also a small raffle ticket which we keep as they have a giveaway each month.

And that’s the pipsticks subscription. My kids love it, what child doesn’t love new stickers each month! 

Munchpack subscription 

Published February 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A few years ago, when this blog first started, there were a few subscription boxes around but not so many to choose from. Today there are literally hundreds of them specialising in many different categories of goodies inside. They all seem to share one element and that is “Surprise”. With subscription boxes you usually won’t know what’s inside until you open the box. 

I do love my subscription boxes, of which I have tried many. I especially love snack boxes, as do my children; and Munchpak is just that. 

Munchpak ships from the USA but is available world wide. The box we have is the Munchpak mini, which is the smallest box. The other options being original and family size.

Inside Munchpaks are a selection of snacks from around the world, as opposed to being from just one country like many boxes are.

The Munchpak mini gives at least 5 different snacks per month. And in our box we got six. 

There was a small selection of candy, chocolate and savoury snack bag. Unfortunately I could not find any sort of guide or leaflet to tell me what each item was. Luckily many of the products did have English txt on them or at least images of what the product was.

This type of snack box allows us to sample snacks from various countries each month rather than just one place. The monthly subscription starts at $9.95. All amounts are in dollars and payment via debit cards or PayPal. 

National bagel day 

Published February 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today is national bagel day, those donut bread type things that have apparently been around and enjoyed since the 1600s!

To celebrate the day, New York bakery sent us over some of their bagels to enjoy. New York bakery are famous for their many bagel products. 

Bagels can be enjoyed hot or cold and any time of the day. Have them toasted for breakfast or use a variety of fillings for lunch. Both savoury and sweet fillings can be used so they are pretty versatile.

They can be made with literally anything but having 3 kids who can be fussy and all like different things, we decided to keep the ingredients simple.

Cheese spread for Izebella! 

Chicken for Ryan!

And for me and Jordanna – we had bacon with BBQ sauce! 

And Jordanna, feeling hungry even opted to eat a plain bagel straight from the packet.

Enjoy your bagel day!!

Movie night goodies – Tommy Tucker + Giveaway

Published February 8, 2017 by Bizzimummy

As a family we like to do occasional movie nights. This is where we will choose a movie or two to all watch (on a none school night) and bring in a few munchies, pop etc. Not always the healthiest choices but it’s not every night.

Now when this big box arrived packed full of munching goodies; we knew it was time for another family movie night.

The box was sent to us from Tommy Tucker. They sell many movie style snacks including popcorn, potato snacks and even candy floss. 

Some of the popcorn, along with the candy floss even comes in movie style resealable plastic tubs, meaning we can just place them on our knees and help ourselves as we wish.

Each tub contains a litre of popcorn. The candy floss looked just like a tub of fluff and Izebella loved it.

These large 120g sharing bags also went down really well. 

Jordanna seems to enjoy the salty varieties of popcorn more than the sweet or toffee. With the share bags it’s 142 calories per serving tho I’m not too sure if a serving means the whole bag or not.

My favourite was the new luxury popcorn bags. These are just delicious.

Each bag is 200g of pure indulgent toffee popcorn goodness. Choose from cocoa, salted caramel & vanilla, tropical coconut and raspberry sensation. All of them taste amazing and the bags can be very addictive once opened. It all just tastes so nice and creamy aswell as crunchy. 

All Tommy Tucker products can be purchased via the website in multi packs and of course, you may just spot them in your local cinema too.

If you liked the look of all those goodies above then enter this giveaway. The winner will also receive a large box of Tommy Tucker goodies; just perfect for a movie night.

Entrants need to be UK based and have valid Facebook, twitter and email accounts. Closing date is February 28th 2017.


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