Santa Maria meal kits 

Published August 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Santa Maria have a whole host of Mexican inspired meal kits and spices to cook tasty Mexican meals at home. 

One of the kits is their pulled pork dinner kit. This contains the sauces, flavourings, and 8 mini tortillas. What you need to buy is a red onion, pork steaks and any salad you require. 

I do enjoy pulled pork meals but never even thought about making it myself before. This kit makes it easy because the pork goes in one of those plastic oven cooking bags, cover with water and the seasoning mix and stick in the oven for 90 minutes. Yes it does take a fair bit of time but this is so that the pork is nice and soft when it comes out. There is even a seasoning mix for the onions which really makes them taste better.

Once the pork is out of the oven, use two forks to pull it apart into small pieces and that’s your flavoured pulled pork. Warm tortillas, serve and ready to eat.

It was delicious! 

This kit and other Santa Maria meal kits are available in most supermarkets. To see the full range, visit Santa Maria.

*WIN* Disney lion guard prizes! 

Published August 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Kids may be going back to school in September but for the younger ones and when they get home from school, there is plenty going on over at the Disney Junior channel. This includes a brand new season of Izebellas much loved programmes – Doc Mcstuffins and Sofia the first along with the return of The Hive and Miles from tomorrow. 

Fans of The Lion Guard will be delighted to hear that these wonderful creatures are the stars of Big Adventure Wednesdays from 7th September, a weekly block of four back to back episodes of top shows packed with animated adventures. It starts each week at 5pm with The Lion Guard, followed by P.J. Masks (5.30pm), and Miles from Tomorrow (6pm) before The Lion Guard returns to conclude the adventures at 6.30pm. 

And if your little ones love watching The Lion Guard, then I have a very exciting prize giveaway today! 

The prize includes Lion Guard cap, bag and activity sets. 

If you would like to take part in this giveaway then please click the link below. 


Closing date is September 30th 2016. Giveaway is open  to UK residents only. Entrants must have valid email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Catch Emma Bunton in The Lion Guard on Monday October 3rd at 5.00 pm on Disney Junior. The Lion Guard will air daily throughout September, plus don’t miss episodes of other Disney Junior favourites including Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Miles from Tomorrow.”


Personalised football gifts + Competition

Published August 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If your a keen football fan then you may want to take a look at the Personalised football gifts website. They have so many unique gifts for football fans and the majority of premier and championship teams are included. I even spotted Bolton Wanderers on the A-Z team list.

The gifts include mugs, t-shirts, wall plaques, mats, flasks, certificates and lots more. Personalisation is available with each item too.

Now I absolutely hate football. I detest watching it. Most probably due to being forced to watch by my dad and brother and a few footy obsessed ex partners. I detest turning on the television to find my favourite programmes taken off for a football game. 

However I happen to have a 12 year old boy and he does have some interest in football. He follows both Bolton wanderers and Manchester United and being the better team it was the latter which I chose as a gift for him. 

The one product that really stood out for me and that I knew Ryan would also like is this dressing room print

The photo was actually taken inside the Manchester United changing room. It comes with numerous options for personalisation such as changing the player names on shirts. You will see in this nexr photograph that Ryan’s surname is on one of the shirts too.

At the bottom of the picture are player autographs. Ryan’s name again appears next to these with a space for him to put his own signature, should he wish too. 

These come with a choice of frame too which are all different sizes. They start from £29.99 and make a perfect gift for football fans of any age. We just need to find the perfect space to hang it now.


Personalised football gifts are giving away one of their personalised mugs. The mug can be in any team available with your own personalisation. A selection of available mugs can be viewed here.

To be in with a chance of winning this prize, please click the link below to be forwarded to the entry page. 

Competition will close 19.09.2016. One winner chosen by rafflecopter will be contacted by email and must reply within 10 days. You need a Facebook and Twitter account to take part and must be a UK resident.

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder

Serenz allergy relief

Published August 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If you suffer from allergies like I do, then you will understand how irritating and annoying they can be. Be it pollen, dust or something else it’s bloody annoying and sometimes embarrassing. 

The weird thing is, I had no allergies at all as a child or even as an adult; until that is: I got pregnant with my youngest child who is almost 4 years old. The allergies started and never stopped and it seems to be a daily thing which may go away for the odd few days and then return. Summer is much worse but even in the colder months, the allergies remain. The signs of an attack (as I call it) are probably familiar to others – it starts with an awful tickle in the throat which not even water fully relieves, then the itchy eyes, watering eyes followed by the sneezing which is then on and off all day and even into the night. I do not know exactly what allergen is causing it and neither does a doctor. 

Like many people I have tried many remedies. The tablets make me drowsy although some of them do work and the sprays only provide a very temporary relief, if any. 

I was asked to try a new product called Serenz. It is a brand new product designed to help with many types of allergies.

It does look like a nose spray from the outset but it is very different. For a start this uses carbon dioxide instead of nasal steroids or antihistamine. The little blue plastic part in the photograph happens to be a key. This is used to unlock the gas from the unit. Unlock, remove cap, test, insert into nostril and switch on. Yes it’s that simple, that’s all I need to in both nostrils with this. 

Now I’m not going to lie. It stings the nose at first, but this strange stinging sensation only lasts a second or two and then the sting goes. Also the more it’s used, the less it stings. I read too that not everyone will feel a sting or burn, some may just get a tingle or even nothing and it’s just the gas going up and nothing else. 

I have only been using the product for a few days so I cannot really comment yet on the long term usage or effects but it has calmed my symptoms slightly. The throat tickle is not as bad and I have not been sneezing and coughing quite as much since using. Obviously it is not an allergy cure but is certainly a symptom reliever.

When using – ensure a tight seal around nostrils and device and do not breathe or inhale up as you would with other nasal products. Just insert into the nose and press the button.

The Serenz allergy reliever costs £17.90 and can be used daily when required. It is for adult use only. Purchase from the Online chemist.

Aquabeaders – Beginners studio

Published August 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna enjoys craft and creative sets. She previously tried Aquabeads over a year ago but found it slightly difficult. She has recently had the chance to have another go at Aquabeads with the new beginners studio and lots of new Aquabeads sets have also recently launched. 

This beginners studio seems to be a really good introductory starter set to Aquabeads. 

If your new to Aquabeads; then what it involves is matching coloured beads to design templates on a plastic board and then wetting and leaving to dry, with the end result being a pretty animal, flower or object made with the beads.

Putting the beads onto the template board can be fiddly because the beads are tiny. A bead pen is included which helps grab the beads but it only helps a little. Fingers can be used but problems arise with large designs if your fingers sweat and the beads get wet and sticky. It does take time and practice and a little frustration to do. 

The templates with the beginners set are a good size for a beginner or younger child. The girl image in the photograph above is probably the biggest design that comes with this set. There are a fair few template cards included and each one with 3-5 images on. Other Aquabead sets may come with more complex and time consuming images but I think this is just fine for Jordanna and even Izebella had a go.

The designs in this studio do not take that long to make, but Jordanna does get annoyed waiting for them to dry which can take a while. If they are lifted too soon and still wet then they will fall apart. The beads contain some sort of strange glue type stuff which activates when wet and sticks them together. 

The best thing about this set (according to Jordanna) is that it all fits into an including case. The beads all have their own spaces on top and the other accessories and templates fit underneath so no need to hunt around for tins to keep it all in, nor keep the box. 

800 coloured beads come included along with a bead pen, water sprayer and templates. The age guide is 4 and over (which Izebella nearly is). I would not recommend buying this if you have younger children or babies about as the balls are tiny but otherwise it is a perfect starter set for Aquabeads.

This product costs between £14-£20 depending on where you purchase it.

Spa technologies: Marine skincare range  

Published August 18, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have two products from the new Marine skincare range from Spa Technologies UK. The products are called Marine as they contain natural products derived from the ocean bed, including – seaweed, red/brown algae, and liquid oxygen. These natural marine ingredients go deep into the skin to nourish, hydrate, repair and moisturise. A full list of other active ingredients found in the products can be viewed here. All products are suitable for vegans too.

I have been testing out 2 spa products for about two weeks. Both products are recommended for use at night, prior to sleep and as part of the everyday bedtime cleansing routine. First is a Flower peel serum.

Flower peel does sound like some sort of peel off face mask but it is actually a serum. 

Flower peel is an anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid to help with problem skin. The benefits include – Gradual exfoliation without irritation, decongestant of  pores consistent with acne. Essential in treatment of rosacea. Allows basal cells to fully mature, strengthening the connective tissue matrix.

And of course, costing £25.00 a bottle I would only expect it to leave my facial skin in much better condition, which combined with the second product; it certainly does.

The aroma is a peculiar one which I could not quite put my finger on at first but I knew I had come across it before. It smells a little of fake tan and more so the gel tan type. Perhaps one of the tans I used had similar ingredients. 

Being a serum it is a little oily and takes a minute or two to absorb. I use this product first after washing and then apply the second product which is the Intensive night recovery.

Again another serum type product which works well together with the flower peel.

This being a blend of aromatic essences oils enriched with 10% oxygen aids skin repair and provides powerful moisture, boosting recovery for mature and very dehydrated skin. It is  an instant pick–me-up.

It provides a natural barrier that protects and provides the skin with anti-inflammatory EFA’s, rich Butters and Antioxidant Extracts
Perfect for hot Summer days too, After being in the sun the Intensive Night Recovery will repair the skin overnight, leaving skin with an extra glow and reducing the signs of premature ageing.

The aroma for this one was not as strong as the flower peel, it has more of an oily smell to it. Again it is oily and so slightly greasy at first but eventually sinks into the skin. 

I use a few drops from each bottle every night and although I am very lucky to not suffer from any skin problems in the first place, I can certainly feel a good  change in my skin texture and even tone since using them. 

The products are not cheap – £35 for the night serum and £25 for the flower peel and the bottles are not huge. Therefore probably out of my price range when it comes to products such as these but certainly worth a try and would make lovely gifts too.

More Num noms!

Published August 17, 2016 by Bizzimummy

We are going a little Num nom crazy in our house recently and even more so with the arrival of yet more num nom packs. 

These are the brunch bunch and freezie pop packs and each of these contains four num nom pieces and a kitchen accessory. These packs come with the moving “Go-Go” Noms which are motorised and can be stacked with the num parts to create mini foodie feasts (tho no they can’t be eaten)

Each pack comes with unique foodie scents and I have no idea how the scent of applied nor how it stays around as we can still smell the series one num noms and these are series 2.

Izebella seems fascinated with these strange new collectables and the collection seems to be growing rapidly.

Num nom packs come in varying sizes both small and large and can be purchased at many toy stores. I would advise buying a cheap storage box or using a shoe box as the collections grow quick and they are small so can be easily lost. They are great for playground swaps and a full num nom list is included in each pack with a space beside each one to mark it off.

Bath & Unwind

Published August 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

So I’m half way through the school Summer hols and yes it’s getting stressful, kids running out of things to do, wanting money, wanting sleepovers, money being tight, house a mess and all the rest of it; whilst also trying to fit blog posts in when I can. Therefore it’s always nice when I’m sent goodies for myself and just myself to try out and especially so when it happens to be any sort of beauty or pamper products.

I had not heard of Bath and Unwind before prior to them contacting me. They sell many beauty and pamper type products from many different brands. I have had a browse of their website and many products do seem to be cheaper than on other sites and places. It is well worth a look to find some beauty bargains.

Bath & Unwind offered to send me out a selection of their products. The three products I was sent all do different things. There is something for the skin, hair and even sleep; perfect for bathing and then unwinding.

Moroccanoil dry shampoo 

I have tried a few dry shampoo products before but this is by far the best one so far. Firstly the scent is so much better, there is none of that hairspray scent with this one. Secondly there are two shades to choose from based on hair tone and of course being Moroccanoil; means it contains Argan oil. Any woman who cares about her locks will be familiar with Argan oil. It even contains UV protection to shield hair from the sun. Spray on tangled hair to detangle and leave smoother or give life to dull hair. It does leave a whitish/silver shimmer when first applied but this quickly fades once brushed.

It is £14.85 a can but I have not seen this product in shops or anywhere else and it really does wonders for my coloured hair.

Badger balm
Fear not, no badgers were harmed, or even used (as far as I’m aware!) making this product. 


This could be classed as a natural sleep remedy. It’s a balm which can be applied to temples, cheeks, neck or face just before bed. It contains lots of lovely lavender to help you drift off into the land of nod. It is 100% natural too. Lavender is of course a well known sleep aid and relaxant so it does help a little if you can’t sleep. 

It’s a little greasy at first but blends in, you don’t need to apply much and it smells lovely. It looks a little like wax and is really firm so I did have to press quite hard to get some out. This costs just £4.99 and it’s one of those products that will last a long time.


Steamcream is handmade in the UK and arrives in a choice of time. This beautiful floral tin is one of the limited edition tins. The cream inside is a multi-use moisturiser and is the perfect all rounder. 

Steamcream has a lighweight texture that is infused with jojoba, almond oil and cocoa butter, it instantly softens and smoothes the skin on the face, hands, body and feet making it also great for travel. 
The cream gives an instant cooling effect to my skin when applied and easily dries. It has a rather distinct scent and I can’t quite work out what it reminds me of. It is a product I like using. I can’t comment on the long term effects of using steam cream because I have not been using it that long and products like this take time to give any real results. 

I will say that opening the tin was an absolute nightmare unfortunately. There is nothing to grip to pull it open and no space between the lid and tin to wedge much in. I was beginning to think it was faulty and somehow fused together permanently. In the end I had to use a really sharp knife to wedge it apart which then bent the tin a bit but at least it’s open now. I do think the tins need to made easier to get in as I am sure I won’t the only one who has problems opening one. 

Steamcream tins start from £12.95.
I am enjoying all my products from Bath and Unwind.

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