New num noms are here 

Published January 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Look at this happy little face! 

She’s happy because the new series of num noms have arrived. Izebella absolutely loves these tiny plastic collectables. I have even bought her a special large box just to keep them in.

These are Num noms series 3, and I’m thinking we made need a bigger box soon if many more series follow these. Series 3 seems to be all about sweets and candy type food stuff and it’s okay that they aren’t so healthy because kids aren’t eating them but collecting, stacking and playing instead. 

Like previous series these come as collectable blister packs and the blind “surprise” boxes and a full collectors sheet of each num nom in this series. The new additions this time are the eraser noms.

As well as the new series 3, Izebella also now has some of the brand new num nom lights.

These can be stacked and played with in the same way as regular num noms but they light up too. Izebella got 2 blind boxes and both contained one of the rarer special edition lights.

Again happy faces all round! 

Buy num noms from most good toy stores and supermarkets, prices vary. 

My first attempt at decorating 

Published January 18, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I am probably the most anti-diy person in the world; but I have come to realize that if I really want something doing then I have to try it myself, either that or pay someone a ridiculous amount to do it for me. 

I have been wanting my hallway redone for ages as it’s not been touched at all since we moved in. I did the majority of painting before Christmas which was not too difficult and now attempting the wallpapering a bit at a time. As I have never done it before, I don’t think I’ve done too bad a job.

I purchased both the wallpaper and the paint from Graham Brown, both in the sale.

The wallpaper is paste the wall. I can’t really do a comparison to the normal paste the paper type as I’ve not used it. However from just watching others decorate this paste the wall type paper looks so much easier. No decorating table is needed, no measuring each piece and no sponging. I just pasted the wall and hung it. The hardest part for me was cutting away the excess around the edges.

I will post more pictures once the rest is done. Now I have the hang of it I may even do the rest of the house myself too. 

Oh and I highly recommend ready mixed wallpaper paste too rather than attempting to mix your own.

Teletubbies big hugs DVD + giveaway copies 

Published January 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The new Teletubbies DVD was released yesterday. It has a running time of 1 hour and 12 minutes and Izebella loves it. 

 The Teletubbies love making new friends and they love big hugs! Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they splash in puddles, ride the Custard Machine and watch Tummy Tales.

Special  features include:

· “Big Hugs” Song

· Meet The Characters: Po

· Meet Daniel Rigby

Hard to believe but these loveable characters have now been on our screens for almost 20 years. 


There are 3 copies of the big hugs DVD up for grabs. All you have to do to take part is click the link below. The giveaway will end on February 7th 2017.

Enter here

My Dolce Gusto Jovia 

Published January 16, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s not often, in fact probably never that I post about presents that I have received for Christmas but this one is so good that I just had to.

This is the jovia machine which is part of the Nescafé Dolce Gusto range of machines. It comes in red and white as well as black and unlike some other machines on the market it’s pretty compact and small size making it perfect for kitchen sides.

I would of never really considered or used a machine like this as they are classed as coffee machines. I don’t mins the odd cup of normal coffee now and then but I do prefer tea and when it comes to coffee I prefer my lattes.Well this one machine does it all. Latte, espresso, cappucino, cafe au lait, Lundo and a few other stronger coffee types, but it doesn’t stop there! It also makes several types of hot chocolate, tea lattes, and a few cold tea and ice coffee varieties. It’s a clever little thing isn’t it?

To make the drinks you need to buy the pods. The Dolce Gusto pods are compatible with all their machines including this one. There are so many varieties and it helps to shop around as not all stores sell them all.

The pods come in boxes of 16. Some of the boxes will make 16 drinks and some will make 8. The reason for this difference is that some drinks, such as the latte’s and hot chocolates require 2 pods to make the drink. One pod being the milk and the other being the drink. The pods vary in price at different stores but usually between £3-£4 per box. Asda currently has a 3 box for £10 deal on which I’ve took advantage of. You do get 4 pods with the machine to try out and also a £10 voucher to buy pods on the Dolce gusto site.

Once pods are bought, all you need then is water. There is literally next to nothing in setting the machine up. A small tank of water attaches to the back and the instructions recommend a machine clean on first use prior to making drinks. 

Making the drinks is easy and faster than making a hot drink with a kettle. Once the water tank is full of cold water and attached, a pod is placed in the pod holder like this. 

The pod holder is closed and the machine switched on. A red light will flash for about 30 seconds and then turn green and it’s then ready to make drinks. The lever at the top can be switched either side for cold or hot water. I haven’t really used any of the cold drink varieties but do enjoy the hot drinks. The lever is switched to hot and the hot water is instant even tho the tank stays cold. The pod gets pierced and the drink gets made. If the drink requires 2 pods then you simply stop it, and insert a second pod and repeat.

The pod boxes tell you how much water to use per cup/glass. There is no measurement indicator device to accurately measure the water but it’s pretty easy to work it out by size of glass being used. 

I can now make much loved hot drinks in my own home for a fraction of the price of coffee shops. And yes it even froths the milk.

Needless to say I have used my registration voucher and took advantage of the supermarket offers. I think I now need a pod stand.

Those are all my favourite drinks so far. I have never tried a tea latte before but it’s delicious, that’s what’s in the cup by the way. I’m not a lover of very strong coffee or ice teas so I can’t comment on those but I have not been disappointed with the pods I have tried. There is even a nesquik box of pods out at the moment too which I am yet to try.

This is probably one of the best presents I’ve had and I would highly recommend one of these machines if you enjoy hot drinks and lattes. The price for the machine seems to vary greatly from what I’ve seen on line. Some places sell them for around £40 whilst others are £65 and upwards so it’s hard to give an actual price. 

Swapping the pop for Get More vitamin drinks 

Published January 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Like most people I am trying to start the new year a little bit healthier and hoping to get in shape for the Summer. Unfortunately I am one of those people who enjoy chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks (usually Pepsi or coke) and as many people know it’s these things that contribute to weight gain, health issues and dental problems. Luckily for me, a big box full of more healthier drinks arrived as the new year started and they taste really good so I’m determined to swap the fizzy stuff and cut down.

Get more drinks contain vitamins that are essential for our bodies. These are in most normal diets but for those, like myself , who often skip meals and don’t eat properly it can be hard to get what the body needs. I often feel tired but find it hard to get back into regular mealtime routines. Of course my kids eat healthily. 
The drinks come in lots of refreshing flavour and we have tried the majority of them. They come as both still and sparkling varieties. They don’t need refrigerating which makes them more handy for storage but I do like to put a few in the fridge just so they are really cool.

Many  of the drinks are a blend of two fruits together, such as mango and passion fruit with a few single flavours also available. The bottles come in different colours and each colour gives a different source of goodness to the body. These include vitamins A,B,C,D, multivitamins and minerals. The drink inside being clear liquid.

Because they are a flavoured water type drink and also healthy, my children’s schools allow them to take these drinks in if they wish, although it has to be the still variety. 

Get More also has a range of drinks designed especially for children callled “A little more”

Again these come in a choice of flavours and come with a leakproof cap. Just like the bigger bottles they also contain lots of good vitamins and things for little growing bodies. They are perfect for packed lunches and have no added sugars, natural flavours and low calories so schools will allow them. 

My children like both the little more and get more varieties, as do I. We find them really refreshing and fruity and enough to quench the sugar cravings. 

The drinks come alone or in multipacks and can be bought in most supermarkets and a few other stores which you can find out about on the website.

Dokidoki boxie

Published January 11, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is my first subscription box of 2017 and it’s by far one of the best.

This is the Dokidoki boxie subscription.

It is a snack box from Japan. I have tried a few Japan snack boxes but this one ranks at the top, both in quality and quantity.

These boxes start from £19.12 a month for the smaller box which contains a huge 14-15 items per month. Then the larger “Deka” box with 19-20 items and an extra item with options of candy or amine. The larger box is about £26 a month. 

This is our Deka box. As you can clearly see. Japan snacks come much more brighter and colourful than our own.

And the full contents of our box!

Yes a lot of items per box and they are all full size items too. I hate the small sample packs. 

Me and my children have had a good few nights trying and tasting every item. Nothing got wasted or thrown away as there was always one of us who liked the item. 

A full colourful guide comes in the box too so that you know what everything is. Some of the products sound bizarre and not really the sort of thing that we would choose to eat, but we were very surprised by the flavours. One of these was the sea urchin snacks which I read are popular in Japan. The whole “sea urchin” flavour is probably off putting to most British children and even adults but the flavour is far from fishy, it’s just like eating a regular pack of baked crisps here.

A similar story with the Impala mayonnaise snack. Japanese mayo is made with egg yolk too so again these don’t sound too appealing when you read it but they taste just like cheese puffs.

Therefore I think it is worth trying everything with these boxes no matter how strange or awful it sounds because it usually tastes surprisingly good and thousands of Japanese people eat this stuff daily.

Other items included chocolate and fruit type snacks, puffed snacks, crackers, and crisps. 

Even a bit of candy floss which my 4 year old loved, and this really does look like cotton wool.

I enjoyed the Paicro snack which is a croissant shape snack with almond flavour and the Pick Up are always very tasty. These being a cheese puff square snack with soy sauce.

And of course no snack box from Japan would be complete without one of their diy type kits. These seem to be very popular over there. It’s an easy kit with all you need to make sweets or a pudding. Not for me but Ryan enjoys making them. 

We have all really enjoyed the Dokidoki box and all the contents. I would highly recommend this box to those looking to sample Japanese snack boxes and is it really easy one of the best. 

Go to the Dokidoki boxie website for more information. 

New Bluetooth speakers 

Published January 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

These are the speakers which after testing out, I gave to my 12 year old for Christmas.He loves his technology and music and absolutely loves these.

The company is August international and their products can be purchased via amazon and include other speakers and headphones. These particular speakers are the MS515.

Both speakers come included. The set is portable and works via a Bluetooth connection. The majority of smart phones and tablets will be compatible with these and most iPhones certainly are. They can also connect to televisions with Bluetooth giving the tv a surround sound effect. 

The speakers connect together via a short wire and charge via USB. Apart from the connecting wire they are pretty much wireless and very portable due to the small size. The clear big sound makes up for the small size. The audio is clear and similar to what you would expect from a larger stereo.

The Bluetooth connection seems good enough, we tested them with the iPhone upstairs and speakers down and they still worked fine without interruptions tho I am unsure on the exact range.
These speakers seem great for teens and especially if space is limited. Ryan has a box room and so fitting a large stereo in would be difficult. These simply connect to his iPhone and he can play his music anytime anywhere. 

These can be bought from Amazon for £47.45.

European foodie pals 

Published January 7, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I am now the admin of the new European foodie pals exchange group. I joined the original group a few years back and was quite sad when it finished a few months back. Therefore I have taken it upon myself with a little help from my son to form a new group. 

The group operates from Facebook and you can join here. If your not familiar with the group then here is a brief explanatuon. 

1) First head to the Facebook group as above and view the *google doc post * this will ask you to send your name and email and any blog details to myself. You can also view the form at This link if you don’t want to join the Facebook group page.

2) your details will be added to a database and each month your name will be matched with two other people.

3) one person will send you a parcel, they will email you and ask details including your address, allergies, likes, dislikes etc.

4) The other person is the one you send a parcel to. You must email this person and ask address and foodie details.

5) You send a parcel of foodie snacks and goodies and can include non food gifts too by a certain date (TBC) and you also get a foodie box too.

Sounds good doesn’t it? And as long as everyone sticks to a few rules then it usually is. I just ask that everyone sends a parcel every month and obviously respects their matched pals likes and dislikes. There is no minimum spend but I do say a maximum of £15 not including postage. Postage is also down to the parcel sender.

If your wondering what to send, then think snack items or ingredients. Obviously no fresh meats, fish or anything that could go off in transit or leak. I am also including a non food gift option too but obviously keep it small.

If you want to get involved then visit us on FACEBOOK.

Making festive mocktails with new Princes refresher range! 

Published January 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

 We were asked to take part in a festive blogger challenged by Princes. Princes are the ones who make the familiar breakfast type of juice which come in many fruit varieties. They have recently bought out their new refesher fruit range. 

The refreshing flavours in Princes new Fruit Refreshers range contain no added sugar and are  perfect for any time of the day.

In six delicious flavours including Cranberry, Pineapple Coconut & Lime and Mango, as well as unique flavours, Pineapple, Peach & Passion Fruit and Orange, Lemon & Lime; there’s a fruit juice for every taste whether enjoyed with breakfast, lunch or as a non-alcoholic alternative with an evening meal.

Each flavour contains just 25 calories or less per 150ml serving, as well as no preservatives, making them ideal for adults and kids.

Our challenge was to simply create some mocktails over the festive period. Mocktails are cocktails without the alcohol and are great for kids, pregnant ladies or those who cannot have alcohol. The photograph above shows are Princes juices and a few extra ingredients in our received box. We were free to add our own extra ingredients too.

This is the citrus explosion made with Princes orange, lemon and lime refresher juice, still lemonade (the real lemon stuff, ice and real lemon juice with a slice of orange. Very easy and very zingy.

Also our festive surprise using a mixture of fruit – strawberry, banana, mango and mango refresher juice, a splash of milk too and all thrown into our smoothie maker. 

Finally the ginger zing which is a mixture of both mango and orange, lemon, lime refesher with ginger beer. Add lemon and lime juice and heated sugar around the rim of the glass and here it is. 

My kids enjoyed their mocktails and I was more than happy to leave them to drink as many as they wished whilst I stuck to the real thing.

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