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Sugarsync app

Published April 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy


I found this amazing app whilst searching for an easy way to transfer my pictures and files from one device to another, it’s very easy to use and so quick compared to other similar apps.
It’s free to download and can be found on most platforms or device stores – apple, android and windows store(all of which I use)
You have to create an account and install it on your devices. You then select which files you want to transfer be it photos, videos or documents. Then upload which doesn’t take long and then log into your Sugarsync account on another device and the files will be there. You can even sync them to another device.
It’s great if your out and about and take a photo which you want to use on your laptop- no wires or cables or memory sticks needed.
Also by uploading to Sugarsync it means my files will never be lost should any of my devices break.
I wish I’d found this app sooner it makes transferring so much easier.

Cocktail making @ Malmaison Hotel

Published April 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

i_2013042815131860My little sister is getting married next month and Saturday night was her hen do. It was secretly arranged without her knowing anything of where she was going or what she was doing.

All 17 of the hens plus bride to be met at the Malmaison hotel in Manchester. There were several different groups; none of whom I really knew so it was nice to meet some new people. This also happened to be my first proper night out since having Izebella.  Mal_Manchester_Exterior_01After a few introductions at the bar we went into the ember lounge for a cocktail making course. The room was lovely, beautifully decorate tables and balloons. Sis arrived last and looked lovely in her blue dress

After a while of chatting and complimenting how lovely Ell looked, We all gathered around the bar to watch the barman make the first cocktail.

i_2013042723030296He made a lovely drink for my sister and then it was our turn to make cocktails. We were put into groups of three or four and I was put forward to make the first cocktail in our group which was a Cosmopolitan and consisted of Cointreau, vodka, lime and cranberry juice with ice. This one unfortunately for me involved tipping and shaking which uneventfully ended with some spillage.  It was a lovely drink tho.

The second cocktail which was even nicer was a Bellini made with champagne and peach. I didn’t make this one tho this seemed a lot easier to make than my one. i_2013042723030281By this time my poor head already felt a little fuzzy after two lovely cocktails and a vodka but somehow I managed stay alert and remember what came next Rasperry Mojito made from Chambord liqueur, mint leaves, ice and maybe something else which I can’t quite remember. Again another delicious drink tho very sweet.

And that was our amazing cocktail session for which I for one felt extremely giggly and woozy, I have no idea what  I was saying or who to, tho probably a load of incomprehensible rubbish.

Afterwards we went into a private dining area for a lovely two course meal. I had duck with orange and plum sauce followed by Panna cotta. Both of which were lovely tho I forgot the picture of the desert. i_2013042723030240After the meal some of the hens and the bride to be headed on to a club. As I live quite a distance away and was relying on trains; plus have a teething baby I decided to head home instead. I had a great night out and hope my lovely sister did too. I was glad to get in my warm cozy bed tho once I got in and rest my sore party feet.

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Plum Savoury Blends

Published April 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

i_2013042615473741Plum Baby began as one mother’s journey into the world of taste and good food for her children. Plum recipes are designed to take the worry out of weaning by creating nutritious convenient baby food that is full of flavour.


The new savoury blends are designed for early weaning and contain interesting savoury organic ingredients, which are bursting with goodness and antioxidants. The blends combine both fruit and vegetables together to give interesting sweet and savoury tastes to help avoid babies from getting a sweet tooth, helping parents get vegetables into their little ones from the outset

All of the plum recipes contain protein rich quinoa making them well-balanced meals. Plum is passionate about providing babies with delicious organic food of the highest quality.

Izebella’s Weaning Battle

I have been trying to wean little Izebella (6 months) for around six weeks. She was showing all the signs of being ready for food – such as staring at me eating, being more hungry etc. We have had ups and downs, the main problem being she will eat yoghurt and fruit all day but will shut her lips tightly together at anything savoury. So when I heard about the new Plum range I thought I may aswell give it a go.

i_2013042615473738i_2013042615473739(I received the baby food free of charge for review. I do not get paid for reviews and the following is my personal opinion of these products.)

We received six pouches of Plum savoury blends, two of each lovely flavour and was eager to see how Izebella took to them.

Day 1- Sweet Potato, corn and apple

i_2013042615473737Sweet potatoes full of fibre and beta-carotene and have less effect on baby’s blood sugar. Corn is naturally sweet with antioxidants and everyone loves Apples.

As Izebells has been on food a few weeks, she can take larger amounts so one of these pouches was just the correct amount in a bowl for her i_2013042615473735

At first as always se refused to taste it but after a little playing around and effort she eventually opened her mouth and decided to taste it for herself. I too (as most mums probably do) had a taste and it’s quite unusual. Sweet but with the taste of savoury veggies.

i_2013042615473734Izebella actually liked this one a lot, She ate the whole lot fuss free which has to be a first for her. We were both very pleased with this one.i_2013042723030342

Day 2- Broccoli & Apple 81402011_H

Brocoli is rich in vitamin C and lots of other helpful compounds. This blend is a good way of introducing baby to the challenging flavour which broccoli has.

This had a strange slightly greenish look to it and you could definitely taste the broccoli aswell as the sweetness of apple.

i_2013042723030337As before it took a few tries to get Izebella to take any but she eventually did.i_2013042723030334 She managed half the bowl then refused to eat anymore. Not too sure if she was full or maybe the flavours were a little too strong or confusing for her??, oh well maybe next time eh? She looks slightly bewildered in this picture I think.

Day 3- Pear, Blueberry and Purple Carrot 81405011_H

This is a very unusual blend, earth carrots with the tang of blueberries and pear.

Beta Carotene, powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins which help protect against a whole host of diseases.

This has a deep purply red colour. i_2013042813331995I made sure she wore a huge bib with this one.

Again it took a while for her to try but this like the first went down pretty well. She finished almost all of it . With lots of lovely mess for me along the way.


I think these foods are great for first time weaning and trying to get your little ones to eat savouries and especially vegetables. I was very surprised at how much Izebella actually ate of these foods; considering she usually refuses everything I try to give her. I am now going to continue using the plum range aswell as making my own bits of food for her.

Fairy Jar

Published April 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

20130428-145744.jpg. I saw this amazing little gizmo on amazon and just had to buy one .
In the day it looks like a jar with a handle.

20130428-145859.jpg. However leave this out in your window sil or outside on a warm dry sunny day and something magically amazing happens when it goes dark

20130428-150002.jpg. The fairies inside come to life and start to twinkle

20130428-150042.jpg. Well okay maybe you don’t believe in the fairies but it’s still a pretty awesome little lamp.

20130428-150137.jpg. There are no wires or leads as its powered by the sun. Yes you leave it in a sunny spot to charge up all day and then switch it on at night, or if there hasn’t been much sun (like recently) then you can put a battery in and it works same.
The other cool thing about this is that it has two modes- still mode where it stays on until you switch it off or shake mode where you give the lamp a shake to turn on or off. This is great if you wake up in the night – you just give it a shake and on it comes then shake again to turn it off.
Its very simply made inside

20130428-150553.jpg it’s basically a few small lights and a circuit board but the twinkly fairy effect really makes it a fantastic night light and for £9.99 you can’t go wrong
They come in a few different colours and can be found on amazon and a few other web sites.


Lamaze Toys

Published April 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

The Lamaze Infant Development System

Lamaze toys are developed around the Lamaze Infant Development System which consists of three developmental themes:
Awakening the senses from birth to 24 months
Exploring and experimenting from 6 to 24 monthsMoving and doing from 9 to 24 months.
All Lamaze toys are designed to help baby explore and learn about their world.
Lamaze toys are brightly coloured and rigorously tested.

I love the Lamaze toy range they are so bright and colourful with each toy being unique. Izebella currently own three toys in the Lamaze range and has lots of fun with each.


20130426-091558.jpg. Octotunes is my favourite and is a big colourful octopus which smells of lovely vanilla. Each one of Octotunes tentacles/ legs plays a note and if you manage to learn the notes you can actually play a little tune – I can play London bridge on it.
Octotunes aids development of motor skills and helps teach hand to eye co-ordination.


P&G Dee Dee The Dragon.

20130426-092318.jpg. Izebella loves her dragon with crinkly wings, a rattle ball and a mirror in tail it’s full of development features to capture her imagination and stimulate senses. It has a soft textured tummy and Izebella often holds dragon whilst going to sleep.


Musical Inch Worm

This reminds me more of a snake than a worm. Izebella laughed for the first time ever whilst playing with this toy, she finds it so funny. The toy measures approx 60 cms and each section of the worm does something different, the front plays music and the others squeak, jingle, rattle or crinckle. It’s soft bodies and makes a great tummy time toy

20130426-093226.jpg. Izebella loves Lamaze toys.


Dead Sea Beauty Scam

Published April 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy


There is are several dead sea and other beauty offers circulating around the Internet and mainly Facebook. You may even be sent an email offering you a dead sea beauty kit or something similar.
The advert/ email may state that they are looking for product testers.
It will tell you in large print that all you need to pay is a small postage charge, this will vary from site to site- anything from £2.49 to £5.99.

20130425-100541.jpg. Many people obviously tempted by this unbelievable cheap offer (myself included but more about that shortly) will full out their form and proceed to pay the small payment (mine was £2.99)
What this rip off company fail to tell you is that this is not a one off payment. Infact once these companies have your debit/credit card details they will without fail begin to deduct huge amounts from your card without your permission. Again these amounts vary anything from £45 up to £145 or more within two weeks of the initial low postage cost
Now I hear that somewhere in these companies extremely tiny and difficult to find small print there is some random text stating the above. However this is never mentioned on their adverts nor is it mentioned when they ask you for your card details.
The customer service from these companies is appalling. Should you discover their scam after placing the order there is usually an email/contact button. They will always email back telling you it’s too late to cancel as your order has been despatched and to return goods of not happy. They never give you a return address and rarely respond if you ask for one or will tell you the return address is in Israel (bullshit btw) .
If you have fallen victim to this scant he best thing you can do us call your card provider and cancel your card. This way these rip off companies can’t take any more money and nor will they chase you for it either


My Experience
Yes I too was stupid enough to almost get ripped off by this scam. Luckily I now have the upper hand
I spotted the ad on Facebook for three dead sea products – day cream , night cream and eye gel and for just £2.99 postage I was intrigued and proceeded to buy. I first tried with my debit card which was instantly declined (was unsure why back then) so tried my credit card which went through. I got an email saying thank you etc and my creams would be with me soon. I then did a bit of googling to see what I’d be getting and to my horror I saw dead sea complaints all over the Internet
I sent the company an email asking to cancel and they replied almost instantly saying my creams had already been shipped??? – very strange considering it was about 9.30pm
Anyway I left it and went bed and the very next morning my phone went. It was capital one (my credit card) asking if I’d made the £2.99 transaction. They told me they are very aware of the company involved and had lots of complaints about unauthorised excessive charges and they would cancel my card and issue a new one, which they did
The three dead sea creams arrived the next day via DPD UK couriers (not international couriers) they came in a box with no return address and no instrctions.
I emailed the dead sea company and explained the situation politely that I knew about their scam and they would not be getting a single penny more from me or my credit card company. I asked them to provide a return address in the UK so I coukd send their creams back (I sent several emails ). They never replied even after a month of sending emails.
So I kept the creams and I even had the £2.99 postage refunded. The creams themselves are ok but no different to most other creams you can buy.


Common Childhood illnesses

Published April 24, 2013 by Bizzimummy

As a parent to three I  have seen a fair few childhood illnesses in my children. They seem to catch everything and anything and so here is a list of how to spot the most common ones.

1) Chicken Pox

i_2013042415591304Chicken pox is very common. Child may have a fever and small fluid filled spots that look like blisters. Infectious from up to two days before spots appear to six days after and is spread by an infected person coughing or sneezing or by touching fluid filled blisters. It is recommended a child stays off school until blisters have crusted over or cleared. Generally a mild infection.

2)Fifth disease

i_2013042415591301Aches, tiredness, red face(slapped cheeks) appears, rash may spread to body

most contagious before rash appears and spread by contact with the nose and throat secretions of an infected person

Can be dangerous for pregnant women

3)German Measles (rubella)

i_2013042415591299mild fever, swollen glands, runny nose, rash

contagious 7 days before til 7 days after the rash appears and spread by an infected person coughing or sneezing.By contact with the nose and throat secretions of an infected person.The virus can pass from an infected pregnant woman to her unborn baby.

children should remain off school until at least a week after the rash appears.

4)Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

i_2013042415591297Fever,sore throat, sores in mouth, gums, tongue , palms and soles of feet.

contagious while symptoms are present (However, the virus can continue to shed in the stool for weeks. Spread by By contact with the nose and throat secretions and/or faeces (stool/bowel movement) of an infected person


i_2013042415591294Pus filled pimples that crust over , usually on face but can appear elsewhere on body.

contagious From onset of skin infection until 24 hours after a specific antibiotic has been started. Spread by person to person through direct contact with secretions from the sores of an infected person. Should be kept of school for 24 hours after treatment started.


i_2013042415591292 High fever, Runny nose, Cough, Inflamed eyesSmall red spots with bluish-white centers inside the mouth After about 4 days, a bright, red, raised blotchy rash appears.

contagious From 4 days before onset of symptoms until 4 days after the rash appears and spread By an infected person coughing or sneezing.By contact with the nose or throat secretions of an infected person



Fever and Swollen salivary glands (below the ears)

contagious from 7 days before until 9 days after the swelling appears and spread by an infected person coughing or sneezing, By contact with the nose or throat secretions of an infected person

exclude from school for 9 days after swelling appears.

8)Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)


Scratchy, painful eye(s) and tearing with pusWhites of the eyes turn pink or redAfter sleep, eyelids are often stuck together from the pus.

contagious For duration of illness or until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been started and spread By contact with the eye pus of an infected personBy contact with the nose or throat secretions of an infected person



Very itchy rash (mites burrow under the skin and deposit eggs & faeces/poop in black-red bumps) In children over 2 years, the rash is usually on fingers, elbows, armpits and tummy.

contagious until the eggs and mites are killed and spread via touching someone who has scabies.By sharing clothing or bedding of someone who has scabies.By using other personal items of someone who has scabies

10)Strep Throat


Sore red throat, Fever, Tiredness, Headache. Sores around the mouth, swollen tender glands in the neck .Stomach ache in children.

contagious Until full 24 hours after a specific antibiotic treatment has been started. If infected person is untreated, infectious period is 10-21 day . Spread via an infected person sneezing or coughing.

11)Scarlett fever


Sore throat,Fever,Chills, VomitingHeadache, Pink- red rash that feels like sandpaper that starts on the upper body and may spread to cover the whole body , strawberry tongue

contagious Until full 24 hours after a specific antibiotic treatment has been started, spread via an infected person sneezing or coughing

12) Whooping cough


Severe coughing spells followed by a high-pitched whoop and often vomiting.

contagious From 2 weeks before and up to 3 weeks after the onset of cough (if untreated), OR until 5 days after treatment with a specific antibiotic and spread via an infected person sneezing or coughing

Charm Bracelet Competition NOW CLOSED – winner Lisa Park!

Published April 23, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I have always loved charm bracelets I think they look lovely on a wrist and are all so different. I own a links of London which I love and also have several others.
Now it’s your chance to win this gorgeous bracelet.


20130423-221810.jpg. It’s an 8 inch bracelet made with Prussian blue European beads with a heart drop in centre and comes in a little gift bag, will look stunning on any wrist.

ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions

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