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Dubble Trubble – Galvin & Galvin

Published May 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Celebrity hair colourist and organic beauty pioneer has launched a great range of kids hair and bath products called Dubble Trubble all utilising organic botanical extracts.
There is a collection of five ph balanced hair & body washes and a feta fling mist, all free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils or animal ingredients.
I was sent two products from the range.
Cool cucumber detangling spray (rep £2.50)

20130531-131638.jpg and shampoo & body wash in cherry bomb (rep £2.50)

20130531-131817.jpg. Now as I said in previous posts Jordannas hair is very long, curly and if I don’t use the right products it goes quite dry as you can see here.

The shampoo and body wash was bursting with cherry scents it smelt like a lovely cherry cake. It was gentle to both body and hair and very foamy so did not need to use much.
After washing and cleaning I sprayed the detangler onto Jordannas curly hair. It really does smell of cucumber which I wasn’t expecting and really helped get her hair tangle free aswell as making it smell nice and give extra conditioning.

These products left her hair in much better condition and come at an amazingly low price compared to many similar products.
The range of Dubble Trubble can be purchased at Morrisons stores and info can be found at Dubble Trubble

Crosse & Blackwell 4 Kids fruit in jelly pots

Published May 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Crosse & Blackwell 4 Kids has teamed up with Disney to launch a new range of jelly pots with fruit pieces for children.

The pots help to deliver one of your child’s five a day and are perfect for snacks or lunch boxes.
Each pot features a character from Disney/Pixar Toy Story films and also includes a spoon to make things easier.
We were sent six pots to try. The pots arrived in a handy lunch/ keep fresh case which will be well used by Ryan.


The pots come in six different flavours each with its own unique character all bursting with delicious fruit pieces


*mixed fruit in strawberry jelly
*Apple pieces in raspberry jelly
*Peach pieces in strawberry jelly
*Mandarin segments in mandarin jelly
*Pineapple pieces in pineapple jelly
*Peach pieces in peach jelly

20130531-122458.jpg. All the pots contain real fruit juice and are free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
Pots can be purchased from both Asda and Tesco for approx 65p (125g) and should be found in the canned fruit aisle.


Published May 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

20130530-084811.jpg Messymatzis a small family business specialising in highchair splash mats, messy mats and play mats for babies and toddlers.
Their mats are larger than most other available products because they know how messy babies and children can be The mats are easy clean, anti-fray and can be rolled or folded for travel or storing.
I was sent my own Messymat for review.

I received this lovely under the sea mat . It is brightly coloured and very big featuring nemo fish and lots of marine life which is also quite educational when children ask “what fish is this”? Just a shame I don’t know the answers.
The mat wipes clean very easily and had a whole multitude of uses in our home such as- under highchair, for baby when she finally sits alone , for older kids and messy play, tablecloth, and would be great for taking out on a warm day to sit on etc. it’s great.
This mat is 1.4m wide and they come in even bigger sizes too. This one is big enough for us and just to give you an idea how big they are- here is a picture of my older two kids on it.

20130530-085744.jpg. It’s enormous my kids look like dots on this, so much room.
Prices vary for different types of mat and sizes but are all very good prices. Please visit Messymatz to view the full range and how to buy.


Published May 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

As a blogger I seem to get lots of interesting things to try and some of it involves food and drink. Luckily I am usually up for most things.
A large box arrived at Mummy Evette’s World containing a range of interesting ALPRO goodies.

I got
*2 alpro soya milk alternative cartons
*Hazelnut drink
*Almond Milk
* Soya dark chocolate pots
Alpro began in Belgium in 1934 they produce a range of soya and plant based food and drinks which are both nutritious and healthy and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans aswel as being suitable for those with milk/ dairy allergies.

The soya milk alternative which we tried is suitable for children and adults over one year. My kids both seemed to like it . It didn’t really taste like normal milk and has a sort of sweeter flavour. Although this probably isn’t something I would buy myself ; it certainly isn’t the worst thing I have ever tasted and would be great for children unable to drink regular milk.

20130529-211437.jpg. The almond drink tasted delicious, packed full of lovely almondy flavours this would be great alone or with cereal or in smoothies and I would buy this again.

20130529-211725.jpg Wow this too was delicious. It’s like a nutty milkshake but without the milk if that makes sense. Bursting with nutty flavours and again great for breakfast or alone.

20130529-212011.jpg these chocolate pots were very yummy indeed. Tasted just as good (if not better) than most other chocolate deserts.
All in all we were very happy with the range of Alpro products we tried and would buy them in the future
A full range of Alpro products including prices, ingredients and where to buy can be found here

Method Touch Wood Surface Cleaner

Published May 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

put your best wood forward
The Method touch wood surface cleaner conditions + revitalizes your favourite tree-based possessions. the non-toxic, plant-based formula even provides a protective shine. you might call it your knight in almond-scented armour.
I was sent a bottle of wood surface cleaner for review from Method. I have a lot of wooden furniture in my house which I probably don’t look after best I should.
The cleaner smells amazing of almonds and makes my house smell sweet and fresh unlike normal polishers and cleaners.

20130528-152033.jpg it has a very simple sprayer which dispenses the cleaner very evenly and well. It leaves my furniture shiny and looking almost new.

Best of all this product is non toxic and safe to use around children.
This can be purchased for £4 for 354ml bottle along with a variety of other helpful home cleaning products from Method

Giggle Giggle review & competition (CLOSED)

Published May 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

About Giggle Giggle
Giggle Giggle provide cool kids clothing that combines high quality with all-seasons
Providing a range of unique beach robes and stylish beachwear suitable for children ages one to ten year olds with more sizes soon to follow. Your kids will look great this Summer in their funky beach clothes.
They also offer a wonderful selection of warm fleece tops which come in a range of fabulous bright eye catching patterns requiring little or no ironing making mums job do much easier.
Once kids have finished beach playing or playing in the cold; Giggle Giggle also do a great selection of kids dressing gowns too.

Giggle Giggle was founded by Sue Worker to create the same high quality, fashionable children’s clothes that she wanted for her child and make them available to other parents.

I was sent some lovely items from Giggle Giggle to try out. First was a lovely beach robe in 9-12 months

20130528-104625.jpg as you can see this is just adorable with the bright patterns.
Second I was sent this amazing fleece

20130528-104823.jpg again great quality and lovely pink colour with flowers. Jordanna will look great in this.

The full range of products can be found at Giggle Giggle the clothes are amazing quality and great value for money.

I have this lovely fleece to give away from Giggle Giggle.

20130528-105214.jpg. The fleece is blue and white striped and comes in age 1-2 years

Berry White organic drinks

Published May 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Berry White Organic Drinks we’re launched in the UK in 2012 by Andrew Jennings. Combining the flavours of super fruits with white tea these drinks are not only unique but also organically healthy and good for you.

The drinks come in four fabulous fruity flavours
Goji Berry & Peaches
Pomegranate & Blueberry
Cranberry, Guava & Elderberry
Lemon, Ginger & Acai berry

All blended with white tea and all contain healthy organic fruits.

I was sent a box of drinks over for review and I got to try one of each fruit bursting flavour. Each tasted delicious and fruity and would be great as a thirst quencher on a hot day. They arrived we packaged in their own tubes.

20130525-210704.jpg. My favourite drink was Goji berries with peach but all the drinks tasted equally fab.
The drinks are free from added sugars and sweeteners.
Berry White makes donations to the Global Angels charity pledging a minimum of 10% profits, more about this plus info on where to buy the drinks can be found here

Ohso good for you Chocolate

Published May 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Ohso is made from the finest 53% Belgian chocolate and over a billion friendly bacteria. Ohso is wheat and gluten free and contains no trace of nuts.
Ohso comes in packs of 7 in normal chocolate and delicious chocolate orange flavours and only 72 calories per bar.
The bacteria in Ohso bars may help towards an improved immune system making this chocolate good for your body.
I was sent a pack of yummy bars to review.
Ohso tastes great like most other dark chocolate bars do. I never thought chocolate could be healthy for you.

Get a special offer on your Ohso Chocolate visit Ohso enter the code to get your first weeks Ohso pack free and your second half price. Code is ohsohealthychoc

Chewie Gum Campaign and Giveaway CLOSED; WINNER – Helen Wakeley

Published May 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Chewie with sweets
Half term is upon us yet again and Chewits have launched a brand new bubble gum brand called Chewits Chewie Gum.

photo 1The gum comes in three exciting new flavours – Lemon, Strawberry&Banana and Tropical. Designed for kids aged 8-11 years for kids on the move and sharing this gum tastes delicious and provides a nice treat.

Now I don’t believe in filling kids with sweets but I don’t think the odd treat now and then harms anyone and always make sure my kids brush teeth after sweets.

We were sent two large boxes of chewie gum. Both boxes containing twelve individual packs of gum, four of each flavour per box.

The chewie gum is being enjoyed by Ryan who also shares with hs friends, he enjoys the fruity flavours with Strawberry & Banana being favourite.

Chewits recently surveyed parents and asked for cost saving tips through half term they developed this cool info-graphic providing a few half term tips and info.


Competition time

Chewits are giving away a chewits hamper filled with goodies to one of my lucky blog readers. Your hamper will consist of – Chewie gum box (12 packs of gum), Chew tin (8 chewits sticks in silver encased tin), Chewits mug and keyring. All worth £25


G Nappies

Published May 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Since having children I have always used disposable nappies as they seem more convenient and never really thought about using anything else. I was asked to try G nappies and thought it wouldn’t harm to give them a go.

G nappies are part disposable , part reusable. They come with g refills which pop into the waterproof and breathable G pouch inside the nappy.


20130524-112613.jpg. The G refills are the disposable part which will breakdown on a landfill site within just 50-150 days – compared to a regular disposable nappy which can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.Making them the third largest contributor to world landfill sites.
G Breath technology helps keep nappy rash at bat leaving baby’s bum skin fresh and comfortable.
For more information vist gnappies

I was given two g nappies and a few days supply of refills. I have been using the G nappies in the day with Izebella and am fairly impressed by them. I was worried about leaks but so far so good and there has not been any. I have still been using disposables through night.
Izebella did have nappy rash before using these and it does seem a little better since using the g nappies.
They come I a range of sizes to suit and a few colours/ patterns to choose from. You use the refills like a normal disposable nappy, simply change them every few hours. The nappy itself seems to wash well, hand washing is probably best if possible as they are only small but a low machine wash would be ok too.
They can be purchased from Ocado. By purchasing these nappies you are helping to resolve the environment problems in landfills.

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