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Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Published July 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting one of Blackpool’s most well known attractions – Madame Tussauds.

20130730-185033.jpg. We were provided with some free complimentary tickets; enough for four people (Izebella was free as she is under three).
Blackpool is approximately 50 minutes away by train and obviously much quicker by car. Madame Tussauds is very easy to find. If you walk straight along the promenade it is more or less opposite Central Pier.
I had never been before and both Ryan and Jordanna were very excited to see what it was like. I met up with a friend of mine who happens to live in Blackpool (very handy). We arrived at Tussauds just after 11am. There was no queue which I was quite surprised at considering its school holidays.

There are lots of rooms at the attraction all full of different famous wax figures and I have to say the majority look very life like. There are several floors to explore all easy accessible by stairs or lifts if you have a pram or wheelchair. There is also a handy buggy park near entrance where you can leave bags and buggies (at own risk).
After entering Tussauds we were first greeted with a host of celebrity wax figures with a “Big Night In” theme. Figures such as Susan Boyle, Keith Lemon, X factor judges and Jeremy Kyle.



20130730-191847.jpg. Lots of others to explore on this floor too and kids were already enjoying themselves.

20130730-191957.jpg. There seemed to be lots of sign posts around telling you which way to go forward just incase you got lost. Next we saw some some “Crime Drama Characters such as David Frost, Helen Mirren and there was also a game to play, this was followed by “Lifestyle TV” area featuring a certain well known fashion guru among other recognisable faces.


“I’m a Celebrity” zone featured none other than a very real looking Ant & Dec and a rackety bridge with hell holes on the other side. Kids seemed brave enough stick their hands in.

20130730-192701.jpg. Along the way were a few “Docu Drama” characters the newest being Bear Grylls star of Born Survivor – this highly fun interactive set includes the character his self aswell as a specially created rock formation.
After this was a whole parade of sporting wax figures which my son Ryan seemed to enjoy.


20130730-193006.jpg. Yes we found Gary Lineker, Beckham, Rooney, Tiger woods and lots of other famous faces.
Onto Coronation Street and a replica Rovers return to sit in if your feeling tired followed by a glittering concert hall of music stars and a bash on a real drum kit by Ryan.


20130730-193316.jpg. Give us a kiss Deidre!!
See if you recognise any of these stars?


We entered a Behind the Scenes room which had information about Tussauds and how the figures were made. There was an opportunity to buy wax hands and I think they are about £8 each but we passed on this.
There was still a lot more to see – Best of British with a few well known Royals and British actors and Comedy too.



Jordanna absolutely loved the Family Favourites area containing a large 7ft Shrek and other quirky TV loveables.


We had a great time walking around and looking at all the wax figures it was an enjoyable experience. I’d say it probably takes about 45 minutes to walk around and look at everything. There are several activities scattered around – games and puzzles which kids can take part in and whilst we were there a talk by a survival skills expert.
We had a great time at this attraction.
For more information or to purchase online tickets please visit MadameTussauds Blackpool
The attraction is great for all ages young and old and I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful too.
There is a gift shop on the way out which didn’t seem too expensive and areas throughout Tussauds where you can get professional group photos taken.

Ellovie Kids

Published July 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Ellovie kids is a family business set up by one Mother and Daughter. They create and sell a beautiful timeless range of garments to suit the modern child of today. They use only natural fibres including organic cotton and Irish linen.
Jordanna was sent a lovely selector of their garments for review. She loved every one of them- perfect for Summer.

Tabitha Top £30

20130727-130258.jpg. This beautiful top is available in three colours and three sizes, made from 100% Irish linen it has a sleeve drawstring to adjust fit and is light and cool, just perfect for warm weather

Lila Skirt Pink £19.99

20130727-130613.jpg this gorgeous little skirt features an elastic waist for easy pull on/off. It looks lovely on.

The Lila Skirt also comes in a red pattern which is just as cute



Little Pocket Shorts £30

20130727-131229.jpg. These shorts are just adorable, very cute and also have an elasticated waist with ties at bottom of the shorts.


Sophie Skirt Linen

20130727-131713.jpg. This skirt comes in grey and looks very smart. It simply wraps around waist and fastens with two buttons.


The garments Jordanna received were just beautiful and she will certainly enjoy wearing them. There are lots of other lovely items in the range, all of which can be seen by going to Ellovie Kids . The items are all perfect for Summer months.

Summer Snacks with Darling Spuds

Published July 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Who doesn’t enjoy munching on a nice bag of crisps full of flavour? I know I do especially as I’m not a huge eater. I rarely have time for breakfast and skip lunch a lot too, so often have a snack during the day. I enjoy crisps but sometimes get bored of the usual flavours on offer. Darling Spuds sent me over a box of their crisps to try.

The crisps are all hand cooked/fried using a selection of handpicked ingredients. The crisps are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and are 20% lower in fat than standard crisps.
There are six unique flavours to choose from.
* crushed natural sea salt
* sea salt and Italian balsamic vinegar
* sun ripened tomato,
* green olive & oregano
* West Country Cheddar, Leek and pink peppercorns
* Fire roasted Jalapeño peppers and sour cream with a hint of Mexican chilli

As you can see these are not the shelf standard flavours and each flavour is very unique. I tried them all and they are all very tasty. The crisps are also generous in size and don’t break up into crumbs whilst in packets like some other crisis tend to.
My overall favourite was sun ripened tomato.
Darling Spud snacks are made by Salty Dog creators Judy and David Willis and are a result of Judy’s determination to create a more natural snack in the growing demand for healthier foods.
Darling spuds can be found at a variety of stores and larger supermarkets.

Dishmatic & Eco-Force

Published July 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I was asked to review a selection of DishMatic and Eco-Force products. Like many people I am not particularly fond of cleaning and u don’t own a dishwasher; mainly due to having no room for one, So I am obviously always happy to try out new products which makes those tiresome jobs a little easier.
I received lots of products in the ranges. One of them being the handy DishMatic Fill and Clean Sponge cleaner and the Scouring brush


20130725-191059.jpg. These seem very useful products for washing up. The brush opens up at the end and there is a hole where you pour in washing up liquid. Then when washing the pots the foamy liquid comes out through the sponge/scourer.



20130725-191342.jpg. The sponge cleans plates really well whilst offering some protection to your hands too. I found it really useful for Izebella’s wide neck baby bottles it seemed to fit in the bottle easily and cleaned around and right down to the bottom (better than a lot of bottle brushes) it is good on cups and glasses too. The scourer brush works in the same way on pans and oven trays and hard to clean pots and areas. Refills can be purchased for both.
I received a selection of Eco-Force sponges and scouring pads too. All good for getting those grubby surfaces clean.

Some quilted multipurpose cloths which felt really soft and worked well on my table after kids had eaten. And super soft dusters for polishing and glass cleaning.

Next in my box of goodies were some useful laundry products – Eco-Force clothes line, pegs and a peg basket.

20130725-192250.jpg. Using a dryer can make your electricity bill fly sky high so when possible its best to hang out that washing. I always think it smells much better hung out to dry than in a dryer. Luckily the weather recently has been great (for a change) so out came the new pegs and things. The pegs are quite strong and seem to hold heavy washing without snapping. The basket is a very useful product as it grips to the washing line and easily slides up and down for easy removal of


20130725-192539.jpg I also got a bag of bad grips which I haven’t used yet. I think they are for food storage and freezer bags etc.
Over all I was very happy with my box of helpful cleaning/laundry aids. The Eco-Force products are all made from high quality recycled materials thus making my home greener and helping the environment. The products can be found in most supermarkets and all at a very low price.


Bake It, Shrink It, Cupcake Charms

Published July 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

We were asked to review this delightful craft Bake It/Make it Cupcake charms by Great Gizmos.
The set is very simple and lots of fun especially during Summer holiday evenings or on colder days and both boys and girls will enjoy this.

The set consists of a cupcake tiered stand which you put together yourself (very easy) , 20 pre cut cupcake shaped shrinking sheets and jewel beads, keyring chains, colouring pencilsand all the parts needed plus instructions.
The first thing we had to do was colour in the shrinking sheets. These don’t look much to begin with, just like plastic shapes.


20130726-205932.jpg. It didn’t take Ryan and Jordanna long to colour in all 20 cupcakes and also assemble the cake stand.


20130726-210057.jpg. After preheating the oven to 160C we placed the coloured cupcakes on a foiled baking sheet and into the oven (obviously this bit needs to be done by an adult )

20130726-210232.jpg. Whilst in the oven something magical happens to these once largish plastic cupcakes. They start to shrink and curl and then shrink some more. Almost as if the fairies are casting a spell. It only takes a minute or two and they are ready to come out.


20130726-210510.jpg. Wow not only were the cupcakes much smaller but the colours also appeared much brighter and they were rock hard. Ryan said they felt like glass.
We were then ready to create some lovely things using the jewellery beads and hooks supplied. There were fastening rings for the cake stand but I must say these were quite fiddly to get on the cupcakes but we managed a few

20130726-210816.jpg. The end result will look like this eventually.

20130726-210911.jpg. You can also make little bracelets, earrings and keychains like this one.

My kids had lots of fun with this kit. Once the cupcakes are made they can be reused over and over again to make different things and will probably last a while.
The age guidance is 5 years+, I think five years olds will need a lot of supervision with this due to smaller parts but Jordanna (now 6) seemed to manage it quite well and had lots of fun.
This activity set is available to buy on Amazon aswell as many other stores.

Just Bake

Published July 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Just Bake began in 2012 and specialises in baking supplies both to home bakers and small bakeries.
Just bake offer a lovely range of cup cake cases, cutters, packaging, cake pop supplies and many Cupcake Decorations. There are lots and lots of pretty cake decorations to pick from including sprinkles, pearls, flowers and many more. All in different bright colours to add that lovely finishing touch to your cakes.
Just Bake sent me some pretty pink sprinkles for my cupcakes

20130725-143909.jpg. These are multicoloured sugar flower sprinkles. They make great tippers for fairy cakes and princess parties. Making cakes with kids is such a fun activity especially during Summer holidays when kids often get bored.
Me and Jordanna made some easy fairy buns and after icing them we were ready to decorate with sprinkles


20130725-144217.jpg. They make the cakes look so pretty and girly and taste great too.

A large bag of sprinkles such as the ones I received only costs £2.00 for a large bag. You can see all the sprinkles on the Web page where you will also beable to browse the other cake decorating items available.

Glorious Soups

Published July 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Glorious are passionate about bold and authentic flavours. They have a range of delicious soups and dips which are full of unique flavours and all come in fun and quirky packaging. The products are all free from artificial colouring and flavour enhancers and fall within the FSA 2012 salt guidelines.
There are lots of different flavours of soup in the range. I have never heard of the flavours in any other brand of soup. I was sent a nice big box containing eight pots of soup in four flavours.

20130723-110657.jpg. The first soup I tried was Fragrant Thai Carrot it tastes very sweet and oriental with flavours of carrot, coconut, lemongrass, ginger, line and coriander.


New England Butternut Squash is like a New England Autumn landscape, very colourful and lightly spiced butternut squash with a fruity mango chutney. The flavours in this work so well to give it a warm smooth taste.


West African Chicken and Peanut when I first saw this soup I had no idea what to expect. How can a soup be made from peanuts and do chicken and peanuts mix? Well my thoughts were soon forgotten once I tasted as its lovely. It reminds me of a chicken Korma in a way with it’s lightly spiced chicken breast. I couldn’t really taste much peanut but it was very nice and definitely unlike any soup I have tried before.


Tuscan Chicken and Orzo this was my favourite overall, it’s an Italian classic with tomato base. A blend of vegetables and herbs with harissa paste. It reminds me of a posh ratatouille combined with chicken and is a real tummy warmer for cooler days.


The full range of Glorious soups can be found on their product list. The soups can be found in most big supermarkets and information can also be found on the website.


Beauty Kitchen; Arouse Me Body Scrub

Published July 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

After a long tiring hot Summers day there is nothing better than a nice cool soak and scrub.
Beauty Kitchen sell a range of lovely beauty products and sent me one of their body scrubs over.

The Arouse Me Himalayan Body Scrubcontains real Himalayan salts to give a deep cleansing scrub. There is a blend of Orange sweet, Cinnamon and clove making it smell delicious too. I really enjoyed using this product. The salts seemed to really cleanse and open up my pores. It felt great to have a good scrub with this and it is something I would certain recommend or buy as a gift for friends.

The body scrub contains 100% natural ingredients meaning it is suitable for vegans. It comes in a 300g reusable pot so thee is lots of it and is £14.95. To buy this simply click here. There are other different body scrubs to choose from too aswel as other bath treats. All the products are handmade

Craft Party Update

Published July 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Yesterday I posted about how we had been asked to hold a Twitter Craft Party well the party went well and kicked off at 4pm yesterday on 25 July.
I made and bought a bit of food to blend in with our Fairy and Pirate theme including cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, fruit boats, pizza etc.






20130725-130706.jpg. The kids help me make the food and a few ideas were enclosed with our party packs, kindly sent via
Ryan and Jordanna dressed up for their day and there were approx 8 children I. Total. The craft sets contained enough for six children per box.

20130725-130933.jpg. We had Disney music which included the famous pirates of the Caribbean theme tune.
Inside the pirate craft box were craft materials to make six pirate hats and six pirate eye patches plus six treasure chests which the children could paint



The fairy kit contained lots of fairy items to create- wings, wands and crowns with lots of jewels and feathers for sticking on.




The party began at 4pm with guests arriving and drink and food all out and ready. As it was a very nice hot day and far too hot to sit inside, we did a lot of crafts and games outside. I have a big blue ocean messy may which blended well with our pirate theme and great for crafting on (certainly saved my floors from mess)


20130725-131541.jpg. Some of the games we played included find the treasure and islands which were lots of fun for all and not too many arguments. Part of our party involved regular updates on twitter via #haveacraftparty during which lots of twitter competitions were also going on.
Overall it was a very enjoyable day for all involved. I was very nervous to start with as never done a twitter party before but it all worked out well in the end.




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