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Stardust Kids Clothing

Published August 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Stardust began in 1998with just a small collection of 6 pop icon designs hand printed onto t-shirts. The collection quickly grew and is inspired by pop culture, punk rock, politics and kitsch.

Stardust now has a very funky and fashionable range of clothing styles for everyone. From their baby styles of rompers, playsuits, topsand more to stylish fashions for both boys and girls right up to adults t-shirts and even matching sets for mother & daughter or father & son.

Many of the t-shirts can also be personalised with names and ages making them a great gift for birthdays.

I was asked to choose any item of clothing and it was quite a hard decision as everything is so fabulous. In the end I chose a lovely girls winter skater dress for Jordanna to wear.

This dress is part of the Stardust Funky girls clothes range and is ethically made. It's in skater dress style based on the same style of ice skaters dresses. It comes in four different colours. The colour I have is red & black and it also comes in purple, green and black and in sizes 0-6months to 12-13 years so I may invest in a smaller one for Izebella too. The dress features a quirky logo “Born to Win” which suits Jordanna just right as she is always winning. This dress will look great with tights or leggings or even on its own and feels warm on (according to Jordanna) perfect for still looking fashionable in the coming winter months.

Showing off

The dress is carefully made from 100% super soft cotton and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Jordanna loves getting new clothes and of course this dress is no exception. I chose a size 7-8 as she is quite tall for a six year old and also will get more wear out of it in the colder months. It fits well and with lots of room for a growing girl.


There are lots of other winter dress styles to choose from which you can view here. The dresses start at £28.

Stardust clothing is sold in over 200 shops worldwide and has grown into a popular brand. The quality of their clothing really stands out with the use if vibrant funky colours and detail in their garments.



August Competitions

Published August 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

A huge thank you to all who entered my latest six August competitions. All of them closed last night and ten winners will be drawn today. Keep an eye out on your emails and check spam/junk folders too.
Winners will all be announced on my Winners Page and from now on in the comments boxes as the main page looking a little cluttered now. This also gives everyone a chance to comment or query a prize win or just let everyone know you received your lovely prize.
If you have not win this month then don’t worry as I have lots more competitions starting in the first weeks of September – a guaranteed competition a day in the first week meaning lots more winners.
Good Luck x


Published August 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

A lovely box of chocolates arrived at my door a few days ago. They were kindly sent to me by Laurent Rossi who is chocolatier at Chocololo.

Laurent’s chocolate passion began at the young age of ten whilst helping out at the patisserie of a family friend. He went on to learn his craft as chef in Michelin starred restaurants across the world whilst developing his chocolatier expertise.
Laurent’s collection of fine handmade chocolates are inspired by Provence where Laurent grew up and perfected by his chefs attention to detail and excellence.
Laurent is constantly searching for new ingredients to make chocolates using both classic and contemporary recipes and producing collections that change with the months.
The lovely box I was sent is the summer 2013 collection – Taste of Provence.

20130829-205925.jpg. There were 8 fine chocolates in the box and I thoroughly enjoyed trying them all. I certainly did not share these and waited until the kids were tucked up in bed. Anyway here are the chocolates I got.
Piment d’Espelette not too sure what this translates to but had a little white dot on the top with 33% grand cru chocolate from Madagascar and underlying caramel notes. Tasted delicious and had a slightly spicy edge to it.
Francoise de Champagne named after Laurents mother Francoise. Champagne mixed with 66 % grand cru Caribbean chocolate tasted creamy and lovely.
Salted Caramel was one of my favourites. I’m not too sure what it is about this amazing blend of saltiness with caramel that I like but it’s. very unusual amazing flavour that blends so well I think. The taste is amazing.
Lemon Thyme has a pattern on top of a white T with three dots. 62% dark chocolate and home grown lemon thyme to give a lovely summer taste.
Lavender made with the finest Provençal lavender, a fine smooth ganache tastes lovely and sweet.
Basil Unfortunatly this wasn’t a favourite of mine but everyone has different tastes. It’s a basil infusion blended with white chocolate and copper powder. A very unusual taste that wasn’t quite for me.
Cotê de Provence 62% chocolate blended with wine. This one was lovely. Fruity and a strong chocolate taste.
Olive Noir Black olives with white chocolate. I didn’t think I would like this but I was wrong this was one of my favourites too and tasted heavenly . I loved every mouthful of it.

I really enjoyed trying my chocolates. They tasted lovely and were very well made. Well presented too in a nice gift box with detailed descriptions of every one too.
Laurent is currently in the process of finalising his Christmas collection. The theme is Woodland Christmas and will feature chocolates and caramels made with nuts, berries, orange, lemons, chocolate slabs and a very unusual blend of mushrooms- I can’t quite imagine how that would taste tho based on the chocolates I tried I’m sure it will taste just as good if not better. The Christmas range is due to be launched in October at the Salon du Chocolate in Earls Court / London.
To find out more about Laurent and his chocolates visit

Foodie Penpals #1

Published August 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Whilst googling for something else last month (July) I came across something called Foodie penpals and it certainly caught my attention.
Foodie penpals started in the USA at The Lean Green Bean back in 2011 and is now over here both in the UK and Europe. Joining is totally free there are no sign up charges and you simply head to the lovely Carol Ann’s site at This is rock salt to sign up.
Foodie pen pals is about meeting new people on line and sharing new foods. The way it works is this
1) after signing up your details go on a database and around the 5th of each month you will be matched to two new foodie pals.
2) one of your foodie pals is the one you send your food package too and you contact them via email to find out if they have any food allergies, likes or dislikes etc and their address.
3) your second foodie pal will contact you and ask the above and they will send you a food parcel.
4) everyone sends there food parcels around the 20th of the month. £10 is the limit to spend on food items to send.
5) you receive your food box YAY and blog about it at the end of the month.

So August was my first go at foodie pals and I’m loving it already. I was firstly matched with the lovely Emma from Bristol. I forgot to take a picture of the food parcel I sent her but I did get a lovely email off Emma so I think she liked it. You can visit Emma’s blog here.
My second foodie pal who sent me a lovely food parcel was Milou all the way over in the Netherlands. Milous blog can be visited at Shimmer-pie I was very happy when I found out I’d be getting a package from so far away as I knew it would things I have never tried. My parcel only took a few days to get here and arrived well packaged and full of lovely goodies.

20130824-192409.jpg. Inside there was a little card from Milou explaining what was in the box and all these delicious things.


1) firstly Conimex Asian Wasabi crisps – lovely zingy flavour to them and a bit like rice crackers. Very nice and lots in the bag.
2) – Kaas Waffles; these are delicious like a savoury wafer sandwich with a savoury cream filling.
3) – Dutch Stroop waffles: a very sweet treat . Mini butter waffles with syrup.

4) – Old Dutch Cherry sticks: these reminded me a little of soft rock. Very soft, chewy and fruity.
5) – Old Dutch Classic mix: wow this is like a bag of retro childhood sweets. There is liquorice, cough candy, sours, plus my favourite were the little waffle shape sweets that taste a little like toffee blocks or eclairs. Very nice sweets.

I have really enjoyed my first month at taking part in foodie penpals. I’m already looking forward to next months.
A big thank you to my lovely August foodie pals- Milou and Emma.

You can see other what other foodie pal members got and what they think of foodie pals at the Reveal Day .

Dijjie Funky Babywear

Published August 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Dijjie sell a cool range of funky play suits and onesies for babies. Their inspiration came from the birth of their own son and lack of designs available with traditional baby rompers. They wanted to create baby wear that was fashionable and edgy as well as being practical and comfortable for babies to wear and move about in – something which jeans and tops separately do not seem to offer. Their gorgeous play suits are made for both girls and boys and combine jeans with tops or dresses with leggings into cute and stylish all in one play suits.

Dijjie sent over some of their trendy girls range for Izebella to try. Izebella is now ten months old so at the very upper end of the Dijjie sizes. The sizes go from birth up to 9-12 months. I found the 9-12 month size very easy to put on Izebella with lots of room for her to move around in as she is crawling about now. These clothes seemed to provide her with lots of comfort whilst moving around and did not feel tight in any way.

The clothes all came in their own individual little packet which I thought was very sweet.

The first item was this gorgeous Floret Dress Romper. It combines a dress with leggings and looks so smart when its on. It combines very cute baby wear with an edge of baby rock style and even a little bit to add to its style. It washes well too without any shrinkage.

Easy open poppers on inside of legs too.


Izebella also was sent the Pink Stripe Pacer which is Dijjies signature baby onesie and popular all over the world . This gorgeous outfit combines dark jeans with embossed stitching and a pink and white stripy top with white belt. Giving a lovely fresh and fashionable look for baby. It has nickel free poppers on inside of legs for easy opening when nappy changing.


Loves her new outfits

Last but by no means least is the fabulous Little Wren Romper Dress. This dress certainly has a nautical navy look to it which I imagine is why it's called Little Wren. It has bold stand out striping and belt detail and again combines pretty dress with leggings. The leggings again have easy open poppers. This is so cute and trendy and certainly has a British feel to it. Very comfortable on Izebella too when she is rolling and moving around.

I really love all the Dijjie range. I have not seen any outfits like them before. They seem very comfortable for babies to wear and leave space for rolling and moving without feeling tight or digging in. They wash very well too without losing shape and the best thing is they look incredibly cute whilst on.


You can find more information about Dijjie garments by visiting

Paul Lamond Games: Activity Tablecloth

Published August 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

We were recently asked to review some children’s craft sets from Paul Lamond Games. One of the items I was sent was the Activity Table Cloth which has a suggested RRP of £19.99.
This is basically a huge tablecloth which kids can draw and doodle on. It measures over a meter long and has on it pictures to colour in plus puzzles such as mazes and dot to dot.

The tablecloth is also double sided with different activities on each side so when kids finish on one side they can simply flip over and colour the other.
It’s made from fabric and can be used over and over again because when all the activities are done and coloured in it can simply be washed on washing machine on a gentle cycle and then reused again.
There are five colour markers that come with it too but any other washable markers/pens can also be used with this.
Ryan and Jordanna seem to really enjoy drawing on their big tablecloth and I can’t tell them not to draw ony table anymore either. I think activities like this are great for brothers and sisters to do things together and even parents and children to spend time doing things as parents can join in the drawing too. The tablecloth is very big and no reason why all the family can’t join in around the table.


This is a great idea for a craft toy. It will come in very useful on the cold winter days and I think it would be good for taking away on short breaks too.

Self Host or WP Premium

Published August 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I have been blogging almost five months and am now stuck on deciding where to go next.
I’m thinking either self hosted or via the WordPress premium package but unsure which is best or easiest.
I’m nervous about self hosting as I’m scared u would lose followers, stats or even posts and would be worried incase something went wrong. I know there is a guides transfer but no idea how this all works and there isn’t much information until you actually pay for it.
The WordPress premium package gives lots of extras for a year at a certain cost which I think works out around £70 but doesn’t give additional things like plug ins I don’t think.
Oh I’m so confused. Advice appreciated especially from fellow bloggers.


Spoilt Rotten Gifts

Published August 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is coming fast and it's never too early to make plans about what to buy those special people in your life. If your like me then your probably fed up of receiving the same boring old gift year after year- a bottle of smelly perfume or body lotion that gets shoved into a cupboard never to resurface spring to mind? Well if your wanting to buy those special people something different and unique this time around (or for any other occasion) then perhaps you should tale a trip to the Spoilt Rotten Gifts website as you are sure to find a cute and quirky great gift for almost anyone of any age.

Spoilt Rotten Gifts is the brainchild of Nichola Watson and is now based in Scotland. They have an ever expanding range of gorgeous gifts from a range of fabulous disaster designs accessories and Norwegian kids lunch boxes, baby wears and items and gifts for him, her and the home everyone is sure to find something they like.

Nichola kindly offered to send me some of her popular products and here they are!

Disaster Designs Sea Breeze Wallet

I was actually looking for a new purse so I was glad when this arrived. This is great and its beautifully designed with a lovely sea theme to the front featuring a grand gallion printed in blue and gold on soft cream leatherette and flags at the back. Inside continues with the sea theme with an old fashioned style compass and fish patterns it really is eye catching.

It has lots of space inside with 8 individual pockets for credit cards (if you have any) or any sort of plastic cards really. There is a place for a photograph and lots of space for notes and a safe zip pocket too. This purse/wallet would be great for big bags like I have as I often find smaller purses get buried deep in my bag and I find myself panicking thinking I have lost it. It's 215 x 115mm. It fastens easily with a brown clasp and a lovely ribbon which as you can see says ” from sea to shining sea”. This lovely wallet costs £18.99 and I'm sure you will agree would make a very nice gift.


Inch Blue Ellie & Baby Shoes Plum

There are lots and lots of different designs in the Inch Blue baby shoe range and it was hard to decide which ones I wanted: but I eventually chose these very cute Ellie & Baby ones. There are five sizes available starting from birth (0-6) up to 18 months. They are soft and stretchy making them safe and comfortable for Izebella's growing feet and ideal as a first baby shoe or shoes for in the home when it's cooler. Matching gift sets can also be purchased and these cost just £16.50. They arrived in a cute little carry purse as you can see. I chose size 12-18 months for Izebella as she is almost 11 months now and I didn't think she would get as much wear out of the smaller size. They are slightly big on her at the moment but I'm sure she will get lots of wear out of them and they look very smart on her too.



Something Special Party Hosts

Published August 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

We are delighted to have been chosen to host a Something Special Twitter Party.

Our party along with lots of others across the country will take place on September 12th between 4-6pm.
You can join in the fun on Twitter simply by using hashtag #somethingspecialparty and following @ukmumstv. There will be lots going on including competitions and give always so make sure you save the date as you could win something nice.
For more information visit
We are all very happy and looking forward to our party



Published August 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I love my socks and always looking for new pairs as the seasons change. My kids are forever losing their socks; usually in the washing machine and so they always need new pairs too. Sockshop has the largest selection of socks in the country with over 40 brands to choose from of varying designs and patterns catering for every size there is sure to be a pair of socks to suit everyone. They also have a range of hosiery, underwear and a latest addition of fashionable scarfs too.

Sockshop is based in Bolton so just round the corner from me. Orders can be placed on line seven days a week and your socks delivered to your door neatly packaged. We were all sent some gorgeous socks to try out.

Baby Elle

These lovely baby socks come in a pack of five. All in bright colours and feature ha linked toes for smooth seams. They provide warmth and protection whilst Izebella is crawling around the floor or in her walker.


Young Elle

The young Elle socks come in a pack of three and are white with beautiful floral patterns on them. They are not too bold or bright and therefore will match any outfit or dress. Jordanna found them very comfortable to wear and they didn't make her feet feel hot on warm day either.



Plain Denim Cotton KidsSocks

Ryan was also sent a pair of socks too. These seamless toe socks come in single packs and are patternless making them good for older children and also for wearing at school. Again Ryan said they are very comfy.

Elle Fine Pima Trouser Sock

And last but not least I also received a pair if socks. These lovely Elle Pima in gorgeous buff pink. Pima cotton is 50% stronger than most other cottons. These socks are very smooth and soft to touch and I think they look really good on too. I love the colour of them.


We are all loving our new comfortable socks courtesy of Sockshop. If you are looking for good quality socks for yourself or your little ones then Sockshop is certainly the place to look. So many designs to choose from be it plain or patterned and all at a low affordable price.


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