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Puppet Making with Paul Lamond Kits

Published September 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna was sent a Ballerina Puppet Making Kit from Paul Lamond Games. The kits are part of a new extended range from Crafty Kids and there are six different kits in total.
The kits encourage both creative play and practical skills, the kit came with full instructions and it did not take too long to make. Inside the box were several strong cardboard tubes, laces, ball shape pieces, hair, tutu, puppet strings, paint and everything else needed to create the ballerina. I have to admit when I first look inside it looked quite a daunting task with all the different bits but once we got started it was really easy and enjoyable.

The skirt and bodice are first glued together and allowed to dry. As it was a warm day we made the puppet outside so drying did not take long. Jordanna happily painted all the parts in pink and white and I drew a little face as instructed. Once dry and painted it was time to attach it all together.

Getting the arms and legs on were a little fiddly at times but a very helpful stick is provided for getting laces through the holes. The project probably took about 45 minutes in total but may take longer on cooler days for paint drying. Anyway Jordannas puppet ballerina turned out pretty well I think considering I’m hopeless at craft stuff usually.

Now her puppet is made she can have hours of fun playing with it and perhaps if we get another even do her own puppet show.
The puppet kits will appeal to both girls and boys and made from very simple parts which take a tiny bit of time and effort to put together. The other kits include animals, knight and princess.

Foodie Penpals # 2

Published September 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy
The Lean Green Bean

September was my second month at Foodie Penpals I’m really enjoying it so far and think it’s an excellent idea for trying out new foods plus making online friends etc.
I sent a box of treats to Catherine in York and yet again I forgot to take a photo prior to sending (oh well maybe next time).
My box came all the way from Lithuania so yet again I knew it would be completely new things that I had never tried. The box was sent from Ausra, who does not have a blog but will be reading mine (hopefully) so a big thank you. I absolutely love my September box.


Well as you can see: there are so many wonderful treats inside that I did not know where to begin. The labels aren’t in English but luckily Ausra sent a card explaining everything and here’s what I got.

  • Linas bites- these are like pieces of fudge with flax seeds and just delicious
  • Riduto- flat breads with poppy and sesame seeds
  • Smaliziams – cinammon snack bites, great for snacks or breakfast
  • Drazee – sugar coated almonds
  • Poesia – lovely little cakes with cherry and ginger
  • Pergale – Dark Chocolate with mango bar
  • Sarlote – lovely chocolate bar with caramel
  • finally last but by no means least a box of AJ chocolates which was like a box in a box containing a selection of handmade chocolates from a local chocolate producer in Lithuanua. These were delicious and each with their own flavour
  • 20130926-214046.jpg
    My box was well packaged and everything survived the long trip from Lithuania. We are all enjoying our Lithuanian snacks. There was so much in my box and my children are happily helping me to enjoy it too.
    If you wish to become a member of Foodie Pals then please visit my month one post to find out how to sign up.
    To see what other foodie pals think of the service and what they got this month you can visit the Reveal Day posts.

    Mother & Baby Awards product tester

    Published September 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    A few months ago I was chosen to test products for the Mother and Baby Awards. This was a very exciting time for both me and Izebella. We received lots of products to test out from a wide group of categories and for each we had to submit feedback and scores. Some of the products required us to share products with friends who also had babies and we weren’t short of helpers.
    The categories I tested in were Best Baby Toy: under 12 months Izebella seemed happy with her selection of new toys which included 2 that have now been shortlisted.

    These are the V-tech tiny touch tablet which has lots of lights and sounds and The Little Learners Finger Puppet book featuring incy spider finger puppet. A very fun toy.
    The other categories I tested in were Best Baby Wipes, Baby food, Baby skincare, Bathtime product, Disposable nappy, Weaning products, and a category called Innovation of the year.
    There are too many products to mention here but I received quite a lot of things to test, the majority of them I enjoyed using whilst some were not quite as impressive. The products have now all been tested and reviews submitted by myself and all the other testers and the shortlist compiled for the Mother & Baby Awards 2014. The shortlist can be viewed here. We had lots of fun trying and testing our products and a big thank you for allowing us to be testers.

    Zelfs: Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

    Published September 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    Zelf Story

    The Zelfs' live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. There homes are known as fabitats and can be found all over gardens, trees, rock mounds and dark corners. Each Zelfs is unique with its own special powers which shine when it's loved.

    Jordanna was sent the Zelfs Venus fly trap spin salon from Character Online. I had never heard of Zelfs before and was very surprised to see that they actually in many ways resemble the retro collectable troll dolls from the early 1990s (some of which I still have). They come in small, medium a and large each with colourful sticking up hair, different colour bodies and styling accessories and are aimed at little girls aged 5 and above. I think they will be highly collectible as with the old troll dolls.

    The Venus fly trap spin salon is the place for the Zelfs to go to get their funky colourful hair styled, curled or crimped. It comes with a medium sized Zelf called Tressa and lots of hair accessories such a brush, curler and other cute items.

    The Spin Salon itself is in the design of a funky Venus fly trap plant in a pink plant pot. The plant pot opens out and can be closed when not in use. It features mini shelves and a little storage drawer to keep your accessories in and is in the style of a mini salon inside. There is even a mirror so Zelf can see herself and the main feature being the salon seat.

    The Salon is so easy to use. No batteries are needed. The Zelf is placed on the salon seat and hair attached to the Venus Fly Trap head and simply press button on the seat to spin the hair and use the included accessories to style.

    Jordanna has so much fun with this spinning it around and playing with the Zelfs hair, creating different designs then brushing it out and redoing it. It's lots of fun and the Zelf figures are very cute and adorable. Jordanna was also sent an extra Zelf so she doesn't get fed up of the same one. I will probably buy her another one for a Christmas stocking filler too.

    This is Elfa Zelf. As you can see they all have different names and features. All different sizes and unique accessories and so many to collect.


    Competition: Win Horrid Henry, rocking the world DVD

    Published September 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    This week saw the release of a new Horrid Henry DVD titled Rocking the World from Abbey Home Media.
    Ryan has long been a fan of the Horrid Henry book series and when this arrived he sneakily took it upstairs to watch in his room.
    This is the third series in the collection and contains 6 different episodes.
    Each episode is approximately ten minutes long with over an hour total viewing time.

    Horrid Henry believes he lives a tough life as he is an ordinary boy with an angelic brother and nagging parents. Ryan can very much relate to this as he too believes he has a tough time with little sisters and a nagging mummy.

    COMPETITION NOW CLOSED: no more entry’s accepted
    I have a total of 3 Horrid Henry DVDs to give away. Just follow these steps if you would like to win one,

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    3) comment below to say you have completed above steps and how you found this competition

    T&CS competition will close on 10/10/13 and 3 winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified by email and given 14 days to respond with their delivery details. UK entrants only and all above steps must be completed.
    Win competitions at

    Cutlery Comission

    Published September 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    The Cutlery Comission was founded by Katie Dobson and the inspiration came about from a gift hunting trip at a car boot sale. After finding an old silver spoon and using some old steel letters Katie stamper the words Hey Sugar onto the spoon and soon after was sourcing vintage cutlery to stamp and give to friends as gifts. Within months The Cutlery Comission was born.
    The Cutlery Comission is based in the Cotswolds and sells personalised stamped cutlery gifts personalising each piece of cutlery by hand. Every letter and digit is stamped on individually and no two pieces are the same. The cutlery itself is silver plated and hand crafted making each item a unique one of a kind keepsake.
    They sell knives, forks, spoons which can all be personalised each item differs as to how many letters you can have.
    They have some unique royal baby spoons which are limited edition and were specially made for the celebration of Prince George.

    20130921-222548.jpg anyone who is a fan of the royal family would no doubt love one of these collectible spoons.
    There are some quite quirky items too such as personalised bottle openers, cheese&herb markers, cheese knifes, cakes slices and even a silver plated pet food scoop.
    Cutlery gifts can be bought for specific occasions too such as a new baby and I was kindly sent a very sweet baby girl spoon for Izebella.

    20130921-223316.jpg the spoon makes a lovely feature in a display cabinet and also a nice item for a keepsake box. Items from the Cutlery Comission would make great Christmas presents as they can be personalised with names or anything you wish.

    Clean Hands, Clean Home with Aquaint

    Published September 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    Aquaint is a new natural antibacterial cleansing spray. It is extremely mild and sensitive and has a multitude of useful uses. It is so mild that it can be used to clean tiny baby hands from birth onwards. It can also be used as a hand wash for older children after playing out or painting etc and as a fast sanitiser for adult hands too. Aswel as cleaning hands the Aquaint spray can be used as a surface cleaner, it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds and it is even totally safe to use on food such as fruit if dropped by a child: it can be sprayed onto food to clean it.

    The spray is totally chemical free and free from alcohol. It is safe for use on sensitive skin and does not cause skin dryness. It's completely safe if swallowed too or sprayed into the mouth and safe enough to use to clean breastpumps. Another use is for cleaning cuts and grazes which my kids seem to constantly have.

    I have found this spray extremely handy for wiping down Izebella's high chair, she is such a messy eater and this spray does not leave any nasty tastes on the tray nor on the food. I have never come across any sort of cleaning spray like this and especially not one that is very safe for babies with lots of uses around the home and out and about.



    The spray comes in two sizes- a small 50ml size which is great for putting in a handbag, taking on trips, parks etc. after all I can't count the times when I have been out and kids have had chocolate or ice creams and I have had nothing to wipe/wash sticky hands with. The 50ml size costs approximately £2.50

    The larger size is 500ml with an easy spray nozzle and this size is much better to keep around the home for family uses as mentioned above. This size is £4.99 and both can be purchased from NCT Shop


    Wooly and Tig: one step at a time

    Published September 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    Wooly and Tig: one step at a time is one of the latest DVD releases from Abbey Home Media.
    The story is a 3 year old girl and her toy pet spider Wooly and explores the feelings that children have with new experiences. The DVD features 15 episodes each showing a new experience such as a bus ride, dogs, hospital etc.
    This will really appeal to the younger children and has a run time of 75 minutes.

    COMPETITION NOW CLOSED; no more entry’s accepted
    Abbey Home Media are giving away 3 copies of Wooly and Tig DVD, just follow these easy steps if you would like a chance to win a copy.

    1) follow my blog either by email, twitter or Bloglovin

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    3) Comment below to this question- what are your biggest fears and why?

    T&CS – competition will end on October 10th, winners contacted by email..
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    Competitions Time

    Green Nippers: Organic clothes

    Published September 24, 2013 by Bizzimummy

    Green Nippers specialises in unique and colourful organic clothes for both babies and young children ages 0-5 years. Their clothes are made from organic cotton with no nasty chemicals or pesticides and are kind to skin including Eczma sufferers. The poppers used on the clothes are nickel free. The clothes are designed in England and ethically made in Turkey. The clothes are generously sized with nappy fittings in mind, are cool and comfortable as well as being high quality, durable and environmentally friendly.

    Izebella was kindly sent a lovely item from the Green Nippers Organic Sleepwear. A gorgeous Girls nightie.

    The nighties are available in 3 colours -rose, Apple, and vanilla. They come in two sizes 12-18 months and 18-24 months. They have stroppy sleeves and the cute green nippers crab logo. They look very sweet and girly: perfect for any mini princess. In the colder months I will simply place a small cardigan over the nightie so Izebella can still wear hers as she looks so cute wearing it I think.

    The nighties are priced at £12.99 each. Other items in the sleepwear range include pyjamas and baby grows.


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