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Foodie Pals # 3

Published October 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Well today is Hallowen. It’s also the end of the month meaning it’s also time for Foodie Pals reveal day.

This is now my third month at Foodie Pals and I’m really enjoying it. The concept is simple you sign up free of charge and are matched with two different foodie pals each month. One will send you a food parcel and the other will receive a food parcel from yourself. Your foodie pals change every month and will be based anywhere in Europe. It’s always a lovely surprise when the box arrives as you never know what’s inside.
This month I sent my food parcel to Kelly. She lives in Manchester which is literally around the corner from Bolton and being so close was actually more difficult than someone a little further away as I had to try harder to find more unique items. Kelly told me she liked spicy foods, nuts and a few other things so I put her together a nice box. Again I forgot the photograph 😞 Kelly sent me a lovely email saying she was very happy with her box.
My last two food boxes have come from Europe. This time is was slightly closer to home. My parcel was from a lovely lady named Alison who lives High Wycombe. I’m not actually sure where abouts that is I just know it’s in the UK somewhere.
Again I received a very nice box with lots of yummy treats.

My box contained:
1) Kettle Vegetable Chips I had tried Kettle chips before but these are a flavour I have never heard of in Golden Parsnip, Sweet potato and beetroot
2) Lindt Bars I love Lindt Chocolates but not seen the bars before which were cookies & cream and Strawberry cheesecake both delicious
3) Mini Marshmallows stir in hot chocolate it’s like a mini cup made out of pure chocolate and topped with marshmallow with a spoon inside. Add it to milk and microwave for a creamy warm hot chocolate.
4) Chai Latte A aromatic blend of tea, milk and spices which is added to water or frothy milk. It has a lovely warm spicy taste to it with cinnamon too.
5) Lara Mamas Gourmet Popping Corn I haven’t got around to making this yet but looks easy enough and I’m sure me and kids will enjoy it with a good family movie.
6) Ultimate Choc Chip Cookie Kit this was a very nice surprise. There was enough mix for 16 cookies and it came with full instructions. Very easy to make by just adding butter and a little syrup and vanilla.
I am so glad I joined foodie pals. I have tried lots of new foods that id never had before plus it gives me something to look forward to every month.
You can see what other foodie pal members got on the main reveal page here


Published October 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Like most older children and teenagers my 9 year old wants a tablet for Christmas so I have been weighing up a few options for the best one.
I recently came across this one retailing at £90 in Fashion world .
The tablet has a very sleek looking design and boasts a 7 inch screen which I think is an ideal size for a child.

It’s screen is a multi capacitive touch screen and it responds remarkably well to touch without being too sensitive and erratic. I was able to easily access all the features with a light touch.
If comes with built in wifi which again is very good as it instantly picked up my wifi signal from upstairs without problem.
The tablet is android and therefore gives full access to the google store where games and apps can be found and easily downloaded. It’s best to find some sort of parental software before giving this as a gift to a child so you can feel a little easier whilst they are on the internet.

There is a camera built in which isn’t the best at 0.3 mega pixels but still takes a fairly good photograph for a child.
The memory is 512mb with 4 GB flash memory. There is a handy memory card slot for memory expansion should you need more. The device takes up to a 32 GB micro Sd card. Also a high speed USB port is also there to connect other devices.
The tablet is better than what I imagined for such low cost. It’s so easy to power on and off and the android system makes it so easy to use and navigate everything.
I would highly recommend this tablet for anyone wanting a gift for a teenager or even a low cost tablet for themselves.

Lush Fun Tin

Published October 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

A few months back I did a review on Lush and some of their best selling products. One of those products is called FUN. It looks and feels a little like play dough and comes in various colours.

Lush have now bought out the Fun Tin which contains five lots of fun in five different colours. Each lot of fun is individually wrapped and comes as 100g. There are also 3 different sized plastic cutters which are made from 100% recycled plastic bottle tops to cut out shapes and model with the fun bars.
Fun is very versatile it looks and smells great and makes you feel like a child when bathing and of course kids can use this too. Fun can be cut, pulled apart, rolled and shaped. Lots of things can be made with it and colours can be combined to make bright crazy things. Fun is like plasticine for the bath and as it’s name says it really is lots of fun.
Here are just a few funky ideas on what can be created with this stuff.

Each fun bar is different. Aswell as being different colours they also contain different blends of oils and therefore each smells different too.
Lush Fun Tin would make a lovely unique pamper gift and can be purchased from Lush Stores across the country and further information can be found here

Autumn Fashions at Joe Browns

Published October 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Joe Browns was started to offer something more exciting and individual than other clothing catalogues in the UK. Their business continues to grow with a wide range of stylish fashions for both men and women alike. Their products change to suit the season with many inspired theme collections to choose from.
Joe Browns Autumn/Winter themes include inspirations from soviet history, Classic literature, British countryside, and adventures and fun and brings inspirational fashion with fine detail and colour which will not be found elsewhere.
Here are just a few items of women’s wear from their online store.

Joe Browns also stock a fabulous varying range of fashionable trendy footwear – top of the range boots and peep toe shoes to match your Joe Browns outfits plus gifts and accessories to match such as bags, belts, socks and jewellery items. If you prefer something to lounge around the house in rather than going out gear then check out their pyjama and lounge wear to help you feel more comfy whilst chilling out.
I was asked if I’d like to choose something from Joe Browns and I chose this Beautiful Basil Dress

20131028-202256.jpg. The dress is inspired by St Basil’s Cathedral and it’s awesome colours.

The colours are just beautiful with shades of pretty much all the colours together. It has a fitted tunic and floaty skirt.

This probably isn’t the best picture of me wearing it but I had to put the camera on timer to take it so it was quite difficult. The dress looks lovely on and is perfect for any occasion or even day wear. It goes really well with boots.
This dress costs £39.95 and details of how to buy it are here

Stylish & Comfortable footwear at Hotter Shoes

Published October 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Like most people I struggle to find comfortable footwear. Every time I buy shoes I always find they rub and hurt for a week or so and the shoes that are more comfortable aren’t always very nice on the eye.
I was contacted by Hotter Shoes to try a pair from their vast range of styles.

Hotter Shoes began in 1959 as a family business and started off by selling slippers. Their factory is based in Lancashire so not too far from myself. The Hotter Shoes team is passionate about comfort and style. Every single pair of shoes is made to high standard and is millimetrer perfect. They are carefully wrapped before placing into a strong shoebox. Hotter shoes sell shoes for both men and women. They have lots of styles and colours to choose from be it boots, flats or other styles there is sure to be something for everyone.
I decided that with the cold weather coming in on a lovely pair of warm boots from the Mystery Boot styles.

The boots arrived in a big strong shoe box wrapped carefully with tissue paper.

The mystery boots are a soft ruched style with an inner zip allowing easy on and off. The cushioned breathable insole ensures comfort for feet.
The boots have a heel height of one inch and come in a choice of five different colours and sizes 3-9 including several half sizes which can be difficult to find.
I chose the colour mushroom which I consider to be like a medium beige colour. I chose this colour because I already have lots of pairs of black boots and think this colour will go with most other clothing colours. I think they are very stylish and will look great in winter months over trousers.

The boots are very easy to put on. They seem to slip on like slippers and almost hug onto the feet. They are very comfortable and not once have they rubbed or caused blisters. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing shoes with these on. They keep my feet both warm and dry in the wet cold weather and look good too.

The boots cost £90 but unlike other cheaply made pairs I think they will certainly last a long time.

My 2014 New Year Resolution List

Published October 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Perhaps slightly early to be thinking about what I’d like to do or not do in 2014 but thought I’d share it anyway. There is a lot of things I would like to achieve next year and many fairly big.

1) Move House- this is likely to happen before Christmas this year as I have now viewed a lovely home and just awaiting some repairs before I can move in. So ideally for 2014 I would like to settle in and make the new house my home.

2) JOB I’m fed up of sitting at home. I love Izebella to bits but staying home all day gets me down. The government are apparently introducing childcare free for two year olds but not entirely sure how that works out. I’d love a part time job. Getting one that fits in with school and childcare may pose a problem.

3) Learn to Drive – with 3 children and god knows how many appointments and activities. I’m finding it more and more difficult to get to places and do things as public transport is so unreliable and costly.

4) Stay in touch with family. – my family is by no means close. Earlier this month I went to my uncles and aunts 50th anniversary and saw cousins I hadn’t seen in 20 years or so plus family I have never met. So I think it’s about time I got to know my family again.

Let’s hope I get to achieve at least some of this if not all next year

Personalised Christmas Cake at BakerDays

Published October 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is coming and it’s a time to ditch those diets for a month and concentrate on treats, eats and gifts.
Baker Days delivers celebration cakes across the UK. The cakes can be made for any occasion and personalised with any choice of words or letters. For that extra special personal touch a photograph can be uploaded and printed onto the cake.
The Letterbox cakes are small cute celebration cakes which fit through the letterbox meaning no waiting home for the postmen. There are also a choice of larger cakes.
The cakes are handmade to order meaning they arrive fresh. There are several varieties to choose from with different flavours including Madeira, fruit, choc chip and vanilla plus dairy and gluten free alternatives.
Baker Days have introduced a lovely selection of Christmas themed cakes. All of which can be personalised. They can be viewed here. Lots of designs available including bells, trees, reindeer, Santas and lots more Christmasy designs.
Here is my cake which I had personalised for my children.

20131026-121623.jpg. I love the little penguins on it and the bright colours. It looks far too good to eat doesn’t it.

All the cakes come in their own unique tin which can easily be used for other thighs once the cake has been ate. They also sent a little card and a few novelty items such as a hat and cracker which gave it a nice touch.
The cake I chose starts from £14.99 and cakes can be delivered next day to an address of your choice.

Teksta Space Jump

Published October 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Teksta is a puppy of the next generation More loveable, more interactive and with an increased ability to learn and adapt – this is the Robotic Puppy of the future!
Teksta responds to voice, touch and hand gestures without a remote control. Teksta can learn to sit, walk, flip and do other amazing tricks.

Teksta comes in both pink and blue and with a special high tech modern feature of a downloadable app which will allow him to tap his paws to any beat and video link with other Teksta friends,
This is without a doubt likely to be a much sought after pet this Christmas.

Join Teksta today on YouTube where Teksta will be performing an amazing space jump. Yes that’s right a Space Jump. I could hardly believe it myself. The video will be viewable from 4PM today (27/10/2013) so tune in here

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