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Foodie pals #4

Published November 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Another month has passed since my last foodie pals reveal day.
This is now my 4th month doing this and every month I get a lovely box of delicious treats at my door. I have not been disappointed yet.

You can sign up for foodie pals at This is Rock saltit’s free of charge and the next one will now be January due to the Christmas post delays.
Anyway this month I sent a parcel to a lady called Sue in Berkshire and my box came from Louise in London. Louise blogs at Louiselovescakes.
I was very happy once again with my box.

I received some lovely items all of which have all been eaten now. First there was a delicious gingerbread mix which kids help me bake and decorate. A bag of pitta chips which had an unusual but nice taste and they actually were made from pitta bread too. Hot chocolate Stirrers are balls of chocolate on sticks which can be put into hot cups of milk and stir until melted. A bag of Marshmallows for the hot chocolate. These too also melt when tipped into a hot drink and a bar of new dairy milk with Oreos this didn’t last long it was delicious.
A big thank you to Louise for my lovely box and hoping she got a nice one too. I also hope Sue enjoyed hers.
To see what everyone else got head to the reveal day page


Published November 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Just one day left until I announce the winners of my November competitions. There is still lots of time left to enter and lots to be won. So head over to my LIVE COMPETITION page and win. Entering is very easy.
Also on December 1st don’t forget my fabulous 12 Days of Christmas competitions will be starting. This will start with something very special for all those fans of Peppa pig


Magix Photo Manager 12 Deluxe

Published November 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I take so many photos. I take photos of my kids, trips, holidays and Christmas time. Many just get left on the computer and forgot about. Some photos don’t look quite right or are too light/ dark.
I came across some great software perfecting for photo creation and optimisation.
Photo Manager 12 Deluxe from Magix has so many features and possibilities to it. The main feature being the ability to optimize/ edit and transform photographs. There are lots of options and effects and with a few clicks photographs can easily be improved or totally altered.
The software installation was easy and quick. Within five minutes it had installed and placed easy one click icons on my desktop( Windows 8). After creating a quick free account I was ready to go.
When the software is first opened you are greeted with the Magix software screen and given an option to watch some helpful tutorials. I would recommend you watch the first one at least and then just click back to the others and you advance along as it can take a while to work and navigate around the software. Once back on the main Magix screen you can the begin by importing your photographs and videos. I was surprised how fast they were imported, it was literally instant and I have a few hundred pictures on my computer. Once imported the screen will look similar to this.

You should beable to see all of your albums and photographs displayed.
If your a novice to photo software (like me) you will probably just want to have a play around with altering pictures at first. This is really easy. You simply click on a photograph and it will be displayed on a screen of its own. Hit the green optimise button and your presented with a list of features.

From here you are able to do a range of things such as brighten, sharpen, red eye removal, straighten horizon, white balance plus several fun photo effects, all of which have a slider allowing you to adjust the intensity effects.
Once you have added effects and adjusted your picture you can save it or cancel/undo. You can then return to the Magix screen and access a while host of other options via the task drop down button.

The task menu has lots of sub menus. You are able to sort your photos by date and create virtual albums. Also more optimising effects take place via the Photo Designer Studiohere you can crop, add text, create FX and so much more. Far too much to mention in one post.
I’m not a professional photographer nor photo editor and only had the software a short time. Therefore I’m still learning what everything does and how to do this or that. It is however lots of fun and keeps me occupied. I was able to transform this originally picture of Jordanna.

I adjusted the brightness, sharpness and other things, then added a sepia effect and got this.

20131125-140314.jpg Then I flipped the image, cropped and a few other touches and changed to this.

It’s quite effective and photos can easily become unrecognisable with warped effects and so on.
Media can easily be transferred to flash drives, CDs , DVDs and smart phones. Media can also be saved in your own online picture databank which is password protected.
The other features include Flexible search optionsto find the best photos fast, sort photos by category/date etc, find photos via face recognition/ person search. Great tools for finding and Archiving pictures.
Panorama Montages allows several similar images to be combined into a panorama shot. I have not got around to trying this out yet.
My Photobook print service enables you to choose best photos and enables you to use the intergrated my Photobook tool to design and create high quality photo books, calendars, posters and lots more which then get sent off for printing and delivered to your home.
Aswell as all the above and so much more that I have not yet got around to exploring. You also get installed on the PC desktop a separate application called MAGIX Slideshow Maker 2. As the name states the program enables users to make very nice slideshows using your best photographs. Again it’s simple to use and lots if extra features to make your slideshows the best. Background music can be added along with text and more. Display durations can be set too. There are several effects that can be added. Again it’s all new to me so I’m having fun playing around adding effects and seeing what works best. The slide shows are amazing and the right music makes it even better.

I could go on forever about the features the software has but you would probably get bored eventually. To see the full features head to the Magix website for more details.
This software retails around £49.99 and can be purchased directly from MAGIX
As part of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I will be giving away a copy of this with full download details and activation key. Therefore please check back daily if you would like a chance of winning a copy for yourself in time for Christmas.

Books for Children: Maverick Books

Published November 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

As a mum of three, I like most other parents know how important books can be for young children. In an age where gadgets and technology have literally taken over its important that children are still able to access and read books. In a growing age where children as young as 6 are given mobile phones it’s very sad that some children are still unable to even read the basics.
Although my children also enjoy computers, tablets and gadgets I do ensure they also spend some time each day reading. Be it their school book or books we have at home. Books feed their imaginations aswell as the educational benefits of language skills.
Maverick Books sent my children a selection of books.

Maverick books are really suitable for all ages. Even Izebella really enjoys looking and being read them. They are beautifully illustrated with lots of different colours and very clear pictures. The wording is very easy to read and see with clear bold lettering and not too much on one page. Many of the books have rhymes too making them lots of fun and interactive.

Mrs MacCready was ever so greedy

This is probably Jordannas favourite and about a woman named Mrs MacCready. The story is told in a fun rhyme and about a lady who cannot stop eating and eats absolutely anything. It’s a very funny story.

The Jelly that wouldn’t wobble

Princess Lola’s 89th birthday and she gets very angry with a talking jelly that refuses to wobble. Lots of fun characters with the rather funny/silly elements.

The Pet Itch

Mossy is a strange looking purple monster who wants a pet called an itch. His family try and talk him out of it but Mossy and his older sister have other plans.


The Black and White Club

The Penguins at a wildlife park start a special club where only black and white animals get invited. George the giraffe feels left out so he comes up with his own plan and starts his own club.

Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball

Little Tamara is awake in bed hearing scary noises. She is then taken away by a hairy monster to the monsters annual ball.

20131122-114803.jpg lots of funky monsters in this book. Everything from ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, vampires and more.

The Fearsome Beastie

This book was a winner of the peoples book prize. It’s about a beastie tricking children.


My children love their new books and read them over and over again. A full list of titles can be found in the Maverick Shop and also a selection of toys, puzzles, calendars and greeting cards.

Luxury Chocolates this Christmas: Choc on Choc

Published November 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is just around the corner and Christmas is a time when you don’t have to feel guilty about chocolate. Whether buying them for a gift or treating yourself , chocolates always go down a treat. I love the odd nice bit of chocolate now and again but I’m bored of the usual supermarket shelf brands. Therefore it’s always lovely to indulge in so with a little extra special.
Choc on Choc started 10 years ago in the village of Rode (near Bath). They are a British brand and offer a unique lovely selection of handmade chocolates and chocolate gifts. Their products come with very unique designs. They use finest delicious Belgian chocolate to create their superb chocolates making them taste as good as they look.
Choc on Choc chocolates are available all year round and change all the time with new products constantly added. Chocolates are made for a variety of special occasions throughout the year and some of the gifts can even be personalised for that extra special touch.
Their chocolate products are really amazing and “out there”. Such as chocolate shoes, handbags, deck chairs, ice creams, animals and lots more amazing chocolate creations.
Of course they have a fabulous Christmas Selection too with all sorts of festive shapes and designs.
One of the Christmas products is this Christmas Hamper.

The hamper is available to purchase now and contains a selection of delicious fine chocolate treats.
Contains: 1 x choc reindeer (containing 9 chocs), 1 x choc hats and puds (containing 9 chocs), 1 x choc penguins and salted caramel truffles (containing 16 chocs), 1 x santa bar
It would be a superb gift to send through the post or even give that special person on Christmas Day. The products have a shelf life of 9 months too so no need to worry about keeping it for a few more weeks.


If your looking for something a little smaller than a hamper then one of sharing boxes maybe just what you want.

This is the Milk reindeer box and it contains 9 delicious chocolates. 8 of them in the shape of reindeers and a Christmas tablet in the middle. The reindeers are made from both milk and white Belgian chocolate. It’s called a sharing box as the intention is to share when friends and family visit at Christmas. I’m not too sure I want to share mine tho as they look so fabulous and luxurious and taste amazing. The chocolate just seems to melt in mouth. There are lots of other sharing boxes to choose from too.
I am so looking forward to my luxury chocolate treats this Christmas.

Cracker Drinks Company

Published November 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I recently had the pleasure to sample some delicious fruit drinks from Cracker Drinks. The drinks at Cracker are made from unique recipes and use carefully selected fruits from specific regions.
The Cracker concept was created by Wayne & Tatiana Miller in 2004, who felt there was a lack of choice and quality in the juice drinks available at the time. The juices come in cartons in a wide variety of fruity flavoured. They are best served chilled but are ambient products meaning they are fine to keep out of fridge too.

The Mixed Juice range has five amazing flavours of combined fruits. I chose Pineapple Guava and lime it has a very fresh and ever so slightly zingy taste and I love this at breakfast time. This delightful drink contains real fruit juices and all the drinks are free from artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives.

I also tried Still and Cloudy Lemonade which is an old traditional favourite drink of mine. I have tried many varieties and sometimes find it doesn’t always taste quite right. Some brands can taste a little like fairy liquid. Crackers version does taste very nice. It is refreshing too and packed with lemon flavour.


Other Cracker juices include Classics which are 100% juice, Coco plus drinks – fruit mixes blended with fruit juice and Classic Cranberry juice. They are available in most
Supermarkets too so I think I will be popping out to get some more flavours as it really is nice and so fruity.

Retro Gift Guide at Truffle Shuffle

Published November 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Truffle Shuffle love the 80s as do I, I grew up in the 80s and remember so many quirky fun things from my childhood. I love coming across sites dedicated to selling 80s memorabilia. Truffle Shuffle have so many great items which would make great Christmas gifts.
Truffle Shuffle is like a dream come true for any 80s fan or collector of nostalgic things. I was amazed by how many lovely products they have, all of which bring back a certain fond memory and that sudden thought OH I REMEMBER THAT!.
There are gifts for both young and old alike and everything is fairly inexpensive too.
Firstly and most importantly if your a parent. There are several gifts for the kids. Now ok kids won’t remember the 80s as they were not born then but many kids would have seen the old famous films of the 80s days many of which are absolute classics and even watched a few old episodes of 80s kids tv on the numerous sky channels. Truffle Shuffle have a host of kids gifts which include toys, clothes, mugs, bags and many more. Perhaps one of these takes your fancy.

First is the famous Cocacola Christmas Truck which has been appearing on Christmas adverts since I can remember and is still on our screens now. Children can now own their own amazing diecast model which they can proudly show their own children one day. My 9 year old would love one of these.
Next a T-shirt of toy story. A famous animated kids film from back in the day yet still a big hit with today’s children. My kids have all the toy story films. This is just one of many T-shirts available in the kids collection. Others include lion king, Spider-Man, TMNT , Snow White.
Next probably one of my favourite kids items is Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. Another classic 80s movie which I for one never get bored of watching. This furry creature measures 6 inches. Just make sure you don’t feed him after midnight.
Lastly a backpack which most kids love. A multitude of uses be it for school or visiting relatives etc. Again they come with different themes and characters. This one is TMNT which despite them first appearing well over 25 years ago they have never gone out of fashion. My son has lots of things with the turtles on.

Next gifts for the men. Most men are like big kids at heart and love things that remind them of their childhood. So whether it’s husband, older son, dad, brother or grandad, you are sure to find that special piece of nostalgia at Truffle Shuffle.

20131115-135240.jpg. The big boys would be in their element with gifts such as these.
Fans of Back to the Future will love owning their own diecast model of a delorean time machine just like in the movie. It even has doors that open up.
For the man who loved Dr Who as a little boy, how about a Dalek alarm clock or perhaps something else to do with the Daleks. Those things scared me as a child.
Spider-Man is a very well known famous character. There are so many Spider-man products to choose from such as phone covers and cups etc.
Or maybe the hobbit and Lord of the Rings is more of their thing. Again mugs and a selection of products available for these well known movies.

Onto my favourite section. Yes ladies time and it certainly did not disappoint. Being a lady myself who grew up in the 80s this section was definitely for me.

I don’t think there is an adult or child who hasn’t heard of the Mr Men. Little Miss Trouble was my nickname from my parents whilst I was a child so the quirky cup is definitely for me.
I loved Sesame Street as a very young child with freaky big bird and the catchy theme tune and just love the retro T-shirt,
Another T-Shirt from what has to be one of my all time favourite kids tv shows Fraggle Rock what an absolute classic of a show. I love it and always look for it on the kids channels as sometimes it’s on. I even have the theme tune on my phone.
The last funky looking item is a retro style telephone in the shape of lips. Very retro and quite stylish too I think.

For those Movie loversthere are hundreds of products available all with old well known movies. One movie in particular is my absolute favourite and you may have seen it in other posts. It’s Labyrinth. A very famous kids movie from the 80s with perhaps a slightly twisted dark gothic fantasy edge to it. It starred David Bowie and featured a whole host of magical creatures created by the Jim Henson Company. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie over and over again. Yes it’s sad but I know all the words ha. My kids love it too. Labyrinth memorabilia is incredibly hard to come by. Truffle Shuffle sell some lovely ladies tops and jumpers featuring the movies characters.


Finally perhaps if you are looking for something with that Christmassy feel for the lady in your life these very cute Christmas Pudding Vests would make a perfect novelty gift for Christmas.

I have one myself and I love it. It features a huge Christmas pudding on the front which looks good enough to eat. They come in five different sizes from Xsmall.
Great for wearing as a pyjama top and looks quite sexy too with a pair of shorts. Will definitly help you get into the festive spirit.
So if it’s movies, tv shows, pop or just something cool and retro that your after then pop over to Truffle Shuffle and find that dream gift.

Blackhead Killer Mask

Published November 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I was recently contacted by Style Lux and asked if I would like to sample one of their products – Blackhead Killer mask.

This is not really a product that I would of considered using before but was happy to try it out. My pack contained five mask applications in packets of 10ml. These retail at £14.95 for all 5 packets.
Like most people I get the odd blackhead and pimple now and again but nothing too serious. The product claims to remove blackheads, pimples, impurities and excess oil in minutes. The way it works is by sucking them with the causing bacteria out of the skin whilst drying.
I was a little surprised when I opened the packet. I was expecting a white or see through cream. Instead it was jet black and rather runny and gloopy. It says to leave on for ten minutes and until it’s totally dry. Mine took slightly longer than ten minutes and my kids said I looked scary with it on. When it was finally dry the mask came off very easily.

20131118-181041.jpg. I didn’t manage to get a photo of myself so am using one from the Style Lux site.
After peeling off the mask my face felt much softer and cleaner. Almost like a baby’s bottom. Aswell as being a blackhead killer this product also lifts dead skin cells from the skin surface revealing fresh new skin underneath. It also kills the bacteria which causes blackheads meaning it prevents future outbreaks.
I’m not really prone to lots of blackheads and spots so unable to fully comment on its use but it definitely smooths out your skin leaving it very soft.

Personalised Christmas gifts at Special Memento

Published November 26, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Special Memento is a family run business based in London.
They originally started back in 2003 making personalised calendars for family and friends and then decided to turn into a business. In 2012 their website was revamped and they now supply personalised gifts of all kinds.
Their are gifts for everyone and gifts for all sorts of occasions throughout the year. Gifts for birthdays, anniversary, back to school, christening, bridesmaids and many more and of course lots of gifts for Christmas.
I think a personalised gift is extra special. I don’t think I have ever had one. Well not that I recall anyway but I have bought personalised gifts for people in my life and some for my kids too and I always think they are treasured more as people know you have made an extra effort for them.
If your looking for a personalised gift for a man in your life. Be it partner, brother, dad or grandad then maybe one of these.

There are traditional whiskey sets, frames, golf balls and even a message in a bottle to name just a few gifts for him.
If your after a gift for a special lady then take a look at these.

Everything to make a lucky lady smile for charm bracelets and trinket boxes to teapots and sweetie sets.
Not to leave out the little ones, there is a huge selection just for the kids.

Teddy bears, money boxes, baubles, cups, brush sets and more many of which can be personalised. A great gift for any child with lots of baby keepsakes included too.
The personalisation needed differs from different items and it’s best to check exactly how many letters and lines you can have first. The products are fairly reasonably priced too. Many items are just £10 and lots below that.
I was sent this lovely Personalised Santa Globe .

20131113-193948.jpg. As you can see it has my name on it. I have always been fascinated by snow globes since I was little and this one will look great when I put out my decorations it’s very cute and glittery and costs just £7.

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