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New Year Resolution list

Published December 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I did one of these a while ago but thought I’d do a more up to date list considering tomorrow will be the last day of 2013. So here goes.

1) Get a job. It’s a must and been a long time coming I am fed up of sitting at home day after day with no money. I’m not too bothered what job I get as long as it’s local and I’m better off financially.

2) learn to drive. Again fed up of being stuck in and relying on public transport tho me behind a wheel is a scary thought.

3) get my house sorted. Moving right before Christmas was difficult but now I am in I would like to make it nice and homely which is why I need a job for extra bit of money.

4) have a proper holiday . Preferably Abroad

5) To not let people walk all over me and believe I am just as good as anyone else no matter who they are or how good they think they are. This speaks for itself.

6) do more with my kids. I spent most of last year a little down worrying about the state of my old home among other things. I rarely get to do much with my kids and would like to even if it’s more park visits or crafts at home:

Well that’s list of new year hopes and wishes. Let’s hope some of them work out and wishing you all a very Happy New Year for 2014

My perfect home Furnishings

Published December 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

As you may already know I recently moved house and right before Christmas too. It wasn’t easy and I have bought a lot of new things although these are mainly essentials such as carpets, cooker, fridge etc. I don’t have much family nor that many people to help me out with things and I rarely get given anything (apart from blogging) so I’m left to buy and decide on everything. I like my new house but obviously it needs decorating and needs lots more things to make it a real home.
I recently came across a company called Fields of Blue they have an online catalogue of home accessories, furnishings and interiors and thought I’d do a feature of some of their items which I particularly like. Of course I don’t have an endless pot of money but many of the items on their site seem fairly reasonable and therefore if I did have an endless pot of cash then these are what I would choose to buy from their home interiors/accessories section.

1) First is cushions. I don’t have any at the moment as the old ones were a little tatty and now my sofas look bare. There are a few styles to choose from all of which are very natural looking and would suit most decors. I love this design with the home sweet home logo and these cost £14.95. I think I’d probably buy either 4 or 6 of these.


2) second is a beautiful Wall Shelf for Curios in vintage style. This costs £59.95 and would be perfect in my bedroom for my little dolls, teddies and fairy ornaments (big kid at heart) or even bits of jewellery.


3) I think I’m going a little bonkers now but if couldn’t resist this cute green frog (other animals available) it’s actually a door stop tho if I am being totally honest I’m not too sure what a door stop does. By the name, it must stop doors opening or closing. Still it’s a very funky quirky thing to have in the home and only £9.99


4) The Hagley Cast Iron Fire Basket is at the higher price range end of the site. I probably could not realistically have one of these whilst I have young children but I do like the look of it. It does cost £267 but I guess it’s one of those things which will no doubt be around for many many years


5) No I don’t have a bird. Actually these beautiful bird cages are plant holders and would look great hanging in the garden on a nice Summers day. They come in standard size and large costing £24.95


6) Ceramic Drawer Knobs. A rather unusual item but I like the many designs and especially these white with red spots. I think they would make an old set of drawers look quite different. Price £4.95


7) Emily 3 Arm Floor Light in Copper Patina. I’m sure you will agree this floor lamp is incredibly elegant and would stand out in any room. Again it’s at the higher price end being £189 and maybe not the sort of item to have around children due to possible breakage. It does look a very nice floor lamp doesn’t it? It’s available in a choice of colours too.


8) Photo frame coat hook. What an incredibly useful item this would be as well as very decorative. It holds 3 photographs and has 3 hooks. I would therefore put a photograph of each of my children in and then they would have their own coat hook instead of throwing their coats where ever they wish. £19.95


9) Story Posters. There are a few to choose from and I would have Alice in Wonderland plus Peter Rabbit for my children’s bedroom walls. £24.99 each


10) Chocolate Fur Throw. I wouldn’t mind one of these now. It looks very warm, thick and so cosy and I could just imagine sitting in my lounge watching tv wrapped up in this. For £39.95 I’m sure it would keep me warm.


11) Handcrafted Wall Clock. This clock is created using driftwood and therefore has a very natural and contemporary look to it. It has a quartz swept movement meaning no loud ticks and would be suitable for bedrooms aswell as rooms downstairs. £49.95


12) Wall Sign. I like the saying/verse on this. Not too sure where I’d hang it tho plenty of places it could go. £24.95


13) Wicker Hanging Heart. I saw a lot of these over Christmas but personally I think they would look good any time of year perhaps hung in the hallway to bring lots of love and warmth into my home.


Well that would be my rather long shopping list from fields of blue home interiors section. Aswell as home interiors they also have a wide selection of kitchen ware and gifts and a whole lot more to choose from. I may feature more products wish I wouldn’t mind for my home soon.

My Christmas

Published December 28, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Well my Christmas Day was lovely, kids stayed in bed until about 8.30. They were so excited when they saw all their presents.

As you can see there was a lot if mess with paper and boxes. My bins are jammed full and no room for any more.
Ryan and Jordanna both got tablets as main presents along with DVD players, stereos, science/craft sets, clothes, dolls, jewellery, games and chocolates far too much. Izebella got lots of toys and clothes and I don’t think she had a clue what was going on.

After present opening and breakfast we went to the cemetery to visit my little baby angel Keira who would of been almost 3 now.
Then to relatives for more presents, drinks and dinner.

Kids looked so smart and grown up in their new clothes and we all had a really nice day. I didn’t get too drunk either.
Shame it’s all over for another year.

Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzles

Published December 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

It’s not often that either I or my kids get gifts before Christmas. However a lovely little box arrived at my door two days before Christmas containing a very special jigsaw puzzle. My kids were getting rather bored and fidgety awaiting Santas arrival and so I decided to get it all out and sit down and do something as a family, which Unfortunately is not something we get to do often.
The puzzle came from Wentworths Jigsaws who have been producing crafted wooden jigsaws since 1994.
These jigsaws come in all shapes, themes and sizes from 30 pieces right up to over a 1500.
The jigsaws come in a sturdy box with the pieces all together in a handy drawstring carry pouch bearing the Wentworth logo,

The jigsaws certainly differ from the standard ones. Firstly the pieces are all made from 3mm wooden board and not the usual cardboard making the pieces much sturdier and longer lasting. The pieces themselves are really unusual and again so much different in shape and size than other jigsaws I have done.

No two pieces are the same. There are no standard corner pieces and therefore the jigsaws are more challenging and also more fun at the same time.
The jigsaws contain pieces called Whimsy Pieces which are specially shaped pieces which relate to the picture theme. My jigsaw was Noah’s ark and I found a gorilla, bird, tiger, fish and a fair few other animal shapes.

So we opened up the bag of pieces and spread then out on the table. There was myself, Ryan aged 9, and Jordanna aged 6 doing this puzzle and at first we were all a little confused by the strange pieces and how they would all fit together. We studied the picture of Noah’s ark on the box with the many bright coloured animals (lots of them). Me and Jordanna concentrated on the water and rainbow whilst Ryan attempted the middle ark bit.

The kids did comment on its being a little hard but had lots of fun trying to complete it.

The straight middle pieces and dissected corners add to the difficulty as do the tiny gaps for say bird wings or animal gaps to slot into to.
Anyway I think it took around half an hour and then it was completed.


Of course I did the majority but kids seemed happy once completed.
This Noah’s Ark puzzle contained 50 pieces. I think I would like the challenge of the next size up but I couldn’t imagine trying one of their 1500 piece puzzles.
Aswell as over 100 beautiful themes and picture jigsaws to choose from, you can even make a family photograph or special picture into your own jigsaw.
The Noah’s Ark jigsaw starts from £24.95 and the wooden pieces means it will last a long time.
I have now taken the jigsaw apart and will re attempt it on my own very soon.

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers

Published December 25, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
Hope you all have a good one.
I am taking a blogging break for 2 days. I have blogged every day since starting and certainly need it.
So a best wishes to you all


Christmas Eve finally here

Published December 24, 2013 by Bizzimummy

We are currently say watching Santa Clause 3. Kids are very hyper today awaiting Santas arrival at some point in the early hours of tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to see their little faces. Let’s hope Santa brings them what they wished for.
Izebella is still too young to realise tho I’m sure she will have a smile on her little face this time tomorrow opening her presents. She is full of a cold at the moment which she has had for a few days so I’m hoping she feels a little better as today goes on. She certainly seems a little more herself today with shouting and jumping all over.

I know of many people who still haven’t got all of any of their Christmas presents/shopping yet and are actually venturing out into town centres today. I couldn’t do that the crowds and the heat would really get to me and I’d probably come back empty handed. No I’m the total opposite and started my Christmas present shopping back in July and by October was more or less done. I’m glad I did too as I also had to move house a few weeks back which was quite stressful and expensive.
So this will be our first Christmas in our nice new, warmer house. My older children Ryan and Jordanna will at some point tomorrow be going to their dads for a few hours. They get so many things having so many family members here and there.
Anyway we are all looking forward to tomorrow and wish you all a very Merry Christmas whatever you may be doing.

Annoyed with Royal Mail

Published December 23, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Why is Royal Mail such a let down and especially around Christmas time? Okay so I know they are very busy at this time but it’s their job and one which they applied for.
Firstly we ordered some gifts from the Perfume shop. When tracking on Thursday the Royal Mail site said the parcel had been delivered. However I was in all day except obvious school run times and it did not arrive nor was there a card of attempted delivery. So now we had to fill out a form for the perfume shop and I think it’s unlikely we will get replacement gifts or a refund before Christmas.
I have tried and tried to phone the Bolton sorting office but it just rings and rings and eventually goes dead, no one answers and online there are numerous complaints about Calvin at office.
I can only assume one of the following.
1) it’s been taken to the wrong house
2) postman left it in garden and it’s gone
3) postman stole it

Another annoyance. My brother sent a package to Izebella. I assumed like most would that it would arrive today or maybe Tuesday. But oh no yesterday I return home to find a while you were out card. Yes on a Bloody Sunday! Since when do they work on a Sunday. Not only that but rather than doing the sensible thing and leaving with a neighbour they return to the office 4 miles away leavings no way of getting it in time for Christmas.
I went online to book a redelivery thinking it would be Tuesday (48 hours after all) but no they can’t deliver until Friday so yet another Christmas let down.
Sorry but Royal Mail are a joke and I’m a very peed off person at the min.


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