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Faith in Nature

Published January 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Isn’t it a nice feeling when kids are in bed and you manage to get some peace to go and have a nice relaxing lovely bath full of bubbles and soothing aromas. I love trying out and using different bath products and experiencing different smells and and scents.
Faith in Nature was founded over 30 years ago by Rivka Rose and they produce a vast range of lovely products for bath, skin and hair. The products are made from naturally derived sources and free from things such as synthetic additives. They have a lot of products to choose from and kindly agreed to send me something to try. The products come in so many varieties, with many different blends and scents such as coconut , raspberry & cranberry, aloe Vera and many more but there was one distinct one that really stood out for me and I knew I just had to give it a go. Chocolate

The thought of using chocolate products in a bath doesn’t really sound right and I was very intrigued as to what these products would be like.
The first thing to use was the Chocolate bath & shower gel

This chocolate delight contains beneficial aromatherapy oils to help nourish skin.
The smell of this bath & shower gel reminds me of cocoa powder or thd smell of drinking chocolate. It’s very nice and very warming and relaxing. The liquid comes out a light brown colour like liquid chocolate but dissolves in water and produces lots of lovely bubbles.

The product is both a bubble bath and bath/shower wash. I love relaxing in my bath of bubbles surrounded by warm chocolate aromas.
Once washed I was then ready to give my locks some chocolate therapy too.

First on was the Chocolate Shampoo. It contains a luxury blend of Organic chocolate and sage and again lovely chocolate aromas flow around the bathroom helping me to relax. It lathers in my hair very well and helps give extra shine to my hair.
Then the Chocolate conditioner which contains organic chocolate with vanilla and infusions of sage. This smelt very creamy and chocolaty and was very smooth on my hair.

Even when I washed the products out of my hair and came out of the bath I could still smell the Cocoa aromas. I’m not saying I smelt like a chocolate bar but more a very warm luxury smell. My skin smelt lovely and washed and my hair was left soft. Just what a tired mummy needs at the end of a busy day.
The shampoos and conditioners come in many other varieties just incase chocolate aroma aren’t your thing and cost £5.35 per 400ml bottle. Larger bottles are also available and the bath & shower gel is £5.45 per bottle.
Please check back soon for more product reviews from the Faith in Nature ranges.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Tesco

Published January 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Today is Chinese New Year and 2014 is year of the horse. To help us celebrate and cook up something a little oriental we chose a Wok from the selection at Tesco Direct. There are a fair few to choose from starting as low as just £4 upwards. You can even have it delivered to your home for a few pound too as you never know which store will have what in so I find this much easier.
I chose this Carbon Steel Wok at a very reasonable price of just £7.33

The wok has a 30cm diameter and made from strong aluminium. It boasts a classic non stick Teflon coating which is usually found on more higher priced pans.
I decided to make a chicken schzeaun which is a little like a Chinese chilli. I’m not a great cook and no idea how to cook Chinese from scratch so I bought some chicken and a jar of sauce (also from Tesco) plus some noodles and prawn crackers.

I found the wok had a fair bit of weight to it meaning it can hold a lot of food and stay sturdy. The pan heated up very quickly and the food cooked fast and was very hot when served.

The handle stayed cool throughout the cooking and when finished the wok was easy to clean using just soap and water.

My food tasted great and I think every kitchen should have a wok in there cupboards. Especially considering this one costs under £10. An absolute bargain I think.
Details of this Wok can be found at Tesco.
Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

Foodie Pals#5

Published January 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I missed Foodie pals through December as there isn’t one mainly due to the postal delays. I was pining for my box of goodies and so glad
when it finally arrived.

If you want to know what foodie pals is then either read my first post or head to this is rock salt to find details of how to sign up.
This month my box of prepared goodies got shipped to Daniella down in Warwickshire. Daniella has a great blog too over at madame gourmand
My box came from Kadri in Switzerland with all these goodies inside.

Delicious praline chocolate sticks and brownie chocolate bar plus a little cake which tasted like Cherry bake well. Some lovely sweet crackers and a Swiss dish to make called Rosti
I am now looking forward to February’s box. Please visit this months link up page to see what others got

Get Well Friends

Published January 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I’d like to introduce a very special mouse named Nurse Nibbles.

Dressed in her nurse uniform and first aid bag in hand she runs the Get Well friends hospital looking after lots of poorly or injured animals such as this clumsy little zebra named Zoe.

Zoe tripped over a tortoise and hurt her leg. She went to see Nurse Nibbles who bandaged her up and gave her a special prescription in hand which says Zoe needs lots of love to get better.

Now Zoe the zebra needs looking after by her little human friends. Ryan, Jordanna and Izebella. As well as all the other cute Get Well Friends

So you may now be wondering exactly what or who these loveable characters are! The Get Well Friends are the creation of award winning children’s author Kes Gray. The characters are designed and illustrated by British illustrator Mary Mcquillan.
Kes and Mary together created a selection of books and toys called the Get well friends a loveable cute collection of characters who have had accidents or aren’t feeling too well and all need lots of love and care.
There are lots of friendly animal characters in the collection. Many of them come both as a soft toy and with their own book telling a story of his they got hurt. Each soft toy also comes with it’s own prescription in a little tube from Nurse Nibbles explaining how to make them better. These cute characters will appeal to children young and old and even the youngest children like Izebella will enjoy being read the books.

I’d now like to introduce some of the other characters who also need some t.l.c to feel better.
First is Cassie the Cat

20140130-105340.jpg Cassie is a chubby ginger cat and poor Cassie crashed into a wall whilst chasing mice and now has a sore nose. Poor Cassie!
Pepe the Puppy has big long ears and tripped over them. He wants to be like the grown up dogs but now he has a sore paw and sore ear.

A poor little Penguin named Pedro is in a very bad way after trying to dive through the ice without breaking it first. Don’t you just feel sorry for him.

This is Giselle a silly giraffe who thought she could give a huge elephant a piggy back and now she can’t walk.

Momo the monkey he crashed into a tree.

This is Chesney the Cheetah and in his book you will discover that he is training for the Cheetah championship race but unfortunately whilst racing his spots fell off.


My children are really enjoying the Get Well friends collection of exciting story books and very cute soft toys all with their own little prescription. It’s lots of fun unwrapping the individual prescriptions and seeing what Nurse Nibbles prescribed each one. The books and toys together means great story interaction for little ones and explaining why the teddies all have bandages or plasters on.


The teddies can also be played with together and an idea would be to perhaps build a little hospital setting using cardboard boxes which Jordanna is currently in the process of making.
We all really enjoy this collection. The books are fun, bright and colourful and not too difficult to read. There are lots of well illustrated pictures and children will beable to point out their soft toy in the books too. There are many other injured characters which appear in the books too.

The toys start at £11.99 and can be bought together with the characters book at a discount price. To see which characters and books are available to purchase please visit Get Well Friends website.
We are currently giving lots of love and care to help our new friends Get Well soon.

Get Well Friends characters have the happiest of homes in the Great Ormond Street gift shop, helping to provide company and comfort for many Great Ormond Street patients.
Cassie the Cat is the unofficial mascot of the Children’s Acute Transport Service. Cassie is given free by the CATS charity to all seriously ill children transported to specialist hospitals by CATS’ specialist ambulance fleet.

In the Night Garden live: Tour dates announced

Published January 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Does your little one love the Night Garden and all the crazy colourful characters?

Well now they can join Upsidaisy and the Tomliboos plus the rest of the gang live this year at a location near you.
The Night Garden gang will be coming to five venues from May 29 to 13 September.
Live Quarter at The O2: 29 May – 14 June
Old Deer Park, Richmond: 21 June – 5 July
Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham: 12 – 26 July
The Trafford Centre, Manchester: 2 – 23 August
Queen’s Park Recreation Ground, Glasgow: 30 August – 13 September
Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning from 9am.
IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Children’s favourite CBeebies’ stars – Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends – are all brought beautifully to life on stage using full-size costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breath-taking projections.

IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE takes place in its own all-weather, purpose-built inflatable showdome with many family-friendly facilities. This site-specific structure is a huge hit with children and parents and its immersive theatrical experience makes audiences feel they are actually entering the magical world of the TV show In the Night Garden.


Tickets cost between £12.50-£33 and can be booked from 9am tomorrow (31st Jan) at Night Garden live or by ringing 0333 300 0023
IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE is written by celebrated creator and composer of In the Night Garden, Andrew Davenport, and directed by acclaimed Royal Ballet choreographer and director, Will Tuckett. It is produced by Minor Entertainment under licence from DHX Media.

Bonjour French Subscription

Published January 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I’m getting rather addicted to these subscription services and my latest one has to be one of the best foodie subscriptions I have so far sampled. This one is Bonjour French Food it works similar to other subscription boxes in that you pay monthly and receive a lovely box full of surprise goodies. You can of course cancel any time. The service starts at £29 a month.
Bonjour French is all about French food and new tastes. If you think French food is all about snails and frogs legs then your wrong. They have some delicious tasty products which are difficult to find in the UK.
The foods are curated and selected in France before being shipped to the UK. Each month will bring a different selection of approximatly six gourmet French products each time and the products will always be worth more than what you pay for the subscription each time.
You can view previous boxes here to get an idea of the type of products in the boxes. I have found there is a mixture of sweet and savoury items.

The products come in a little box with plenty of packaging and items individually wrapped in tissue paper. It looked like a little posh hamper. I had no idea what was inside and enjoyed unwrapping the lovely treats.

As the products are all from France you may struggle to know what they are unless of course you speak fluent French. A guide is included explaining what each and every one of the items are.
This months box contained the following products.

Chocolat Blanc Saveur Violette which translates to violet flavoured white chocolate. I had never tried violet chocolate. It’s aroma was certainly a delight and needless to say this chocolate was gone quite quickly.

Terrine de Canard A La Sauge et la Ciboulette which translates to Duck terrine with sage and chive. Terrine is similar to a pâté but much thicker and judging by the ingredients on the back (in French) it also contains pork as well as duck. After googling a few ideas on what to do with it I found it best with crackers or French baguette slices.

Sirop de Menthe is of course Mint Syrup (why does it always sound better the French way?) I have not got around to using this yet but it has a good shelf life and will keep until the end of 2015. It’s made from fresh aromatic plants and is part of the Eloide syrup range. It has many uses. It can be added to water and drunk or used to make a mint cocktail. Also used for cooking and baking or drizzling over cakes.

Coing Thym Romarin is Quince Thyme rosemary. It’s a sweet treat by fruit expert Favlos. It’s best eaten with cheese and especially the blue salty types. This has a sweet herby taste and apparently brings out the flavours of recommended cheeses.

Romarin Enrobe de Chocolat Blanc which translates as Rosemary coated white chocolate. They are from the Bovetti factory and are little pieces of white chocolate infused with rosemary to give a rather unique and distinct taste. They can be added to desserts or simply eaten from the jar.

Saucisson aux Herbes de Provence – Dried sausage coated with herbs. This was quite a surprise and I have to admit I did not have a clue what to do with this nor if it was pre cooked etc. However I simply asked for a little help from the lovely staff at Bonjour French. I was informed it was ready cooked and all I had to do was peel, chop, eat or cook with it. It also keeps for a few weeks and the longer it matures the better it tastes. Or so I’m told. It can be used with pasta or in sandwiches, salads or basically anything else you can come up with and has a lovely strong taste to it. Again very herby being coated with herbs.

I really enjoyed my French foods. This is a very pleasant and enjoyable subscription box service which is fairly new to the UK. If you love surprises then you will certainly love this. The products come directly from France so it’s unlikely you will have tried them before. I will certainly be ordering another box from Bonjour French
Perhaps a few times per year would be nice to receive one of these boxes full of French Gourmet foods.
The subscription can also be sent as a gift and there is no obligation to buy a box every time.

miamoo travel goodies

Published January 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

As you know I have a tiny princess named Izebella. Izebella may only be one year old and she can’t yet walk and doesn’t understand much, but like most princesses she loves to be pampered and washed and smell beautiful just like a little princess should. Little Izebella wanted nice things to use against her delicate baby skin, something that used natural products, something that smelt great and something that was kind and gentle to her skin.
One day came a knock at the door and a nice postman bearing goods. Inside the packet was a little bag full of goodies with the name miamoo which looked perfect for my little princess.

Izebella being very inquisitive really wanted to know what this gorgeous little bag had inside.

So Izebella along with help from mummy opened up the little bag and was surprised to find just how many lovely miamoo products were inside. All of these wonderful things.

So who is behind the making of these wonderful little products we wonder? Well miamoo is the idea of a Saira Khan who suffered with dry skin problems since being a young child. She suffered for years and endless trying of various creams and lotions and eventually decided to develop her own range of products and hence miamoo was created.
Miamoo does not contain any nasty chemicals and uses a year free formula to protect young eyes.
Izebella gets the odd dry skin patches mainly in the creases of her legs and under her arms which can get a lite sore and cracked. Big sister Jordanna used to have very dry skin on her legs and stomach and both get dry cheeks in the cold weather.
Both of my little princesses were rather curious and amused with this cute miamoo travel set.

There are 7 lovely products in the travel set. Saira recommends following her 3 step routine with the enclosed products to prevent dry skin.
First part is washing and lots of fun and the first products to use are Splashy wash (for bath and body) this makes lots of bubbles and massages into Izebellas skin. It has a lovely warm fresh smell and contains aloe vera, lemon oil, jojoba and chamomile. Lots of natural oils and loveliness which is kind to the skin and will also help my little princess relax in time for bed.

Little Izebella had so much fun with her new Splashy wash splashing away in the bubbles whilst getting nice and clean. A wash cloth is enclosed too and Izebella took it out of my hands trying to wash herself.
Next it was time to wash Izebellas hair. She has a lot of hair for her age which needs special products. Fresh Locks shampoo has beautiful scents of lavender and geranium it helps get rid of cradle cap aswell as making hair shiny soft and smelling angelic.

After a very fun bath with the new miamoo products, little Izebella was reluctant to come out and made a bit of a fuss. I guess she really enjoyed splashing about with the splashy wash.
Once out it was time to Moisturise with our Huggy lotion this one has sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract. Perfect for after bath Huggy times with mum. I applied to her face and body. It rubbed in very easily and dried quickly and leaves Izebellas skin feeling nice and soft.

20140123-195747.jpg I also gave her a mini massage as the third step in the routine with the miamoo baba oil again this also dried very easily meaning she wasn’t left undressed and cold for too long.
Cheeky Cream is funnily named and for those little bums and bum cheeks and is a natural barrier cream to protect against nappy rash.

The final product is called Spritz and Wipe and it has numerous uses including wiping dirty hands and faces or even wiping whilst changing a nappy or using on mummies hands etc.
After the 3 step routine – washing, moisturising and massage little Izebella smells gorgeous and lookalike the clean little princess once again.

All the products are 30ml size and come in a see through zipped pouch. They are light and compact making them perfect to pack in luggage and take away on a holiday. This is also perfect for a mum to be and for expectant mums to put in a hospital bag for those first few days in hospital. I think this is something I would of considered putting in my hospital bag when having my children as they were all born by caesarean so I had to stay in hospital a few days each time.
The miamoo travel set costs £15 and can be purchased from miamoo website.

miamoo sell lots of exciting skincare and bathing products both for adults and children. They are kindly offering my blog readers a 10% off all products using the special code Blog13 at the checkout.
Please also follow miamoo on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to be kept updated on new products and skincare advice.
I hope you will enjoy the miamoo products as much as we do.

Beech’s Fine Chocolates: Chocolate Brazils

Published January 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Christmas may be over and new year resolutions made. However mine certainly did not include giving up chocolate at all. I can’t help it, I love the stuff and love trying out new types and new brands.
This post is all about a company named Beech’s Fine Chocolates and to start here’s a little Info and history all about them.
Beech’s Fine Chocolates are based in Preston (not too far from myself) and have been makers of traditional British chocolates since way back in the 1920s. Beech’s has had several owners including some large well known food groups such as Renshaw Scott and Supercook. It’s now owned privately by Andrew Whiting and Robert White.
The chocolates themselves are well renowned for the unique quality and taste and are packaged under Beeches own label. The chocolates are created using natural raw material ingredients and are free from artificial colours and flavours. The products are also suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
Beech’s are UTZ certified which stands for sustainable farming and ensures better working conditions and opportunities for farmers and there families. Beech’s aim is to be using 100% UTZ chocolate.

Chocolate Brazils
The first delicious treats I have been lucky enough to sample are these Chocolate Brazil Nuts they are an absolute must for all those chocolate but lovers out there.

They come in a choice of milk or dark chocolate and several different box sizes. The smallest box is 90g then 140g, 260g and huge 1700g boxes. All different sizes perfect for a variety of occasions. Eating alone, couples, families, large groups etc. perfect for giving, sharing or keeping them all to yourself.
The Brazil nuts used in these fine chocolates are whole nuts and shipped straight from South America. The Brazil nuts are of highest quality and not panned like many others currently on sale. Each nut benefits from a double layer of thick chocolate. The nuts are then inspected individually prior to being packaged in a protective sleeving inside the box.

The chocolate on the nuts is very thick. I found I had to bite through a very thick layer before reaching the but inside. The nuts are very generous in size giving a generous mouthful of chocolate and crunchy nut each time.

I can’t decide if I prefer the milk or the dark ones. They both taste equally delicious and they are perfect for just sitting down at night with a hot drink, telly on and just tucking into a few. The nuts taste really fresh and smooth and a great quality to them.
These have to be the best chocolate coated nut products I have tried both for their size and taste and I especially enjoy the thickness of the chocolate.

The boxes start at £2.99 for the smaller box and increase slightly with size. If you are after a nice family treat or perhaps want to cheer someone up who enjoys this type of product then I would highly recommend trying these. Everyone who I invited to try them loved them.

Plum Baby: Mighty 4 Super Snacks

Published January 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I have done a few posts for Plum-Baby foods in the past when Izebella was a little younger. The problem I had back then was that she just would not eat savoury baby food of any sort. I had to make everything from fresh and even then it was touch and go. However she is now a little older and thankfully less of a fusspot when it comes to food. I am actually lucky that my little princess tot eats almost anything now.
When Plum asked us to try out their new range I thought I may as well give it a go.
Plum baby foods are known for the quite unusual but healthy blends. Many of their food contain an assortment of fruit and vegetables blended together to form different combinations and flavours. Usually foods you probably wouldn’t consider putting together but babies seem to love it.
Plum have just launched the Mighty 4 pouches and they will be in supermarkets very soon.

They are called Mighty 4 because they contain foods from four mighty food groups: fruit, vegetables, dairy and ancient grains. all blended together in one snack size pouch.
Plum baby foods are of course all free from sugars and additives to ensure a mouthful of pure goodness each time.
Izebella is now 15 months and therefore way past the stage of puréed, mashing and blending. She eats what we eat and only needs it chopping a little. She also likes to feed herself. These pouches are designed as snacks and not main meals and they are all yoghurt based suitable from 12 months.
So I decided give the first one a go whilst giving Izzy a light snack of toast and crackers. I received 3 pouches
*Blackberry, quinoa, carrot and Greek style yoghurt
*Sweet potato, blueberry, millet & Greek style yoghurt

*Kale, strawberry, amaranth and Greek style yoghurt.
Izebella pointed one out (one with strawberry) to try out first. I tipped the whole pouch into her bowl and gave her the spoon.

20140125-190737.jpg I should probably add that these foods are very brightly coloured due to the natural organic foods used in them. I would advise using a large bib as I know from previous experience of other Plum baby foods they can be a little messy, but that’s the whole fun part of baby feeding.

I was quite skeptical as to whether she would actually eat any with not previously being a fan of baby foods but she actually ate the whole pouch in one go and seemed to enjoy it.
I did try it myself of course and it does taste very unusual. The only way I can describe it is like a vegetable flavour yoghurt with a hint of sweetness if that makes sense?
As she enjoyed the first pouch I am certain she will also enjoy the other flavours too. I guess my baby is over her food fussiness days.
The pouches will be priced at £1.19 (RRP) and will be shortly rolled out in Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Boots, Morrisons, Ocado and Waitrose any time from now until April 2014.
For more information on the mighty 4 snack pouches or other Plum baby foods please visit Plum-baby UK

Sky Dancer dolls

Published January 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna is a real girly girl who loves pink, princesses, dolls and fairies. I always think there is so much more choice when it comes to girls toys. Character Options latest little girls toys are called Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers are beautiful fairy like dolls with huge wings and and come with a flower launch pod.

There are four different dolls in the collection and Jordannas Sky Dancer is named Jasmine. She has a pretty face and bright colourful hair of red and yellow shades.

Sky Dancers don’t need batteries or adaptors and cost £14.99 making it a relatively cheap toy.
The pretty Sky Dancer Jasmine sits on her flower pod. On the flower pod is a butterfly cord which Jordanna can easily pull.

When the cord is pulled the Sky Dancer doll will spin and take off into the air. She can reach up to 3 metres and will gracefully twist and flap her wings as she goes.

The Sky Dancer is an easy fun toy to use. It’s very simple with a doll and a pod. It did however take us quite a lot of practice to get the doll to actually fly. The first few attempts it just spun and fell but eventually we got it to fly a little.

It’s a case of pulling the cord at the right speed, not too fast and not too slow and holding the flower pod and dancer up and away at arms length. Not too close to your face or the dancer will probably hit you when taking off.

The toy is aimed at little girls aged five and over and Jordanna being six is a perfect age.

We have not seen the doll fly 3 metres but apparently it can so we will have to practice more. I think this toy is definitely suited better to outside given that it needs lots of space to fly. I think it would be great for Summer months I can imagine little girls being at a garden party or barbecue and constantly letting this doll fly up and away.

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