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COMPETITION: Win Night Garden Live tickets

Published February 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Imagine your child’s face watching Iggle Piggle and Upsy daisy dancing live on stage in front of them.
Night Garden live tickets are now on sale with performances at 5 different venues across the country. London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

The show is likely to be very popular with families and tickets will sell out fast. 440,504 people have been so far. And 9 out of 10 parents have given 5/5 stars in the thousands of parents’ reviews or post-show surveys.

I have a great prize on offer of a family ticket to watch Night Garden live at a venue and date/time of your choice (subject to availability) times and dates can be viewed on the Night garden page along with Venue information.

To be in with a chance of winning a family ticket for this amazing show, click here and you will be directed to the entry page. Answer a very easy question and leave your details.

The deadline date for entries is March 30th. Full terms & conditions can be viewed on the entry page.
Win competitions at
Competitions Time

Pop Chef

Published February 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

You have by now probably seen Pop Chef advertised on television and may be wondering what it’s all about.

Pop chef is a simple kit which allows you to make lots of fantastic shapes from everyday foods. It can be used to make amazing displays and can even be helpful to encourage children to try certain foods they wouldn’t normally.
In the box you get the pop chef tool, skewers and six different shapes heart, star, circle, flower, butterfly and sun) the pop chef parts are small and can easily be stored in a drawer when not needed.

Also includes of course are the instructions aswell as a recipie booklet with ideas of things to make.
The pop chef is very simple and easy to use. All you do is select the shape you want and attach it to the bulb with a simple twist. Choose your food, then push the pop chef down into your food, pull out and squeeze the pop chef bulb to pop the food out.

For our first attempt at pop chef we used a selection of fruits that we had in the kitchen. However other foods can be used. Pop chef works using Air pressure to pop the shapes out and sometimes the food gets a little stuck in the pump, it’s easy enough to remove tho.
What we didn’t realise on our first go is that you do need to slice the food quite thinly before using pop chef. If foods are too thick it simply won’t work and will just leave an imprint in the food which you have to cut around.
Once the food shapes are made they can be popped onto the included skewers to perhaps make fruit kebabs or beautiful fruit displays such as these.

Pop chef would also be great for making cake decorations from thick icing or even making lite biscuits from dough.

Pop chef is a fun but rather messy activity. Expect lots of food bits everywhere and lots of messy fruit juice spills. My kids love it tho. The only thing as above is knowing how thin to slice the fruit, but practice makes perfect I guess.
Pop Chef comes from Character Online it costs £9.99 and can probably be found in most good toy stores. It is suitable for boys and girls ages 5+. It does contain skewers which have pointed ends so care must be taken when using these.


Good Life MOT:

Published February 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I was recently asked to take part in something called Good Life MOT from Holland & Barrett.
It launched last month in stores across the UK and also online.
The in-store initiative is designed to help kick-start and support people’s New Year health resolutions. The Good Life MOT provides a tailored one-to-one service where trained store associates advise the customer on the most suitable natural health, beauty, food and sports nutrition products to meet their individual needs.
I completed mine online and was asked ten questions concerning my general health, sleep, lifestyle and beauty.
Experts at Holland & Barrett then used my answers to send me a package of products designed to help and aid my lifestyle, health and generally help day to day life.


One of the questions asked about my sleeping habits and picked up I sometimes had trouble sleeping. One of the products in my box is Valerian Capsules which are a herbal remedy to promote sleep and ease anxiety and it’s recommended to take 30 mins to 1 hour before bed time.

The Valerian capsules were included as part of my Lifestyle MOT section.

The other sections which Holland & Barrett picked up on (that I needed a little something) are Hair & Beauty for which I was sent Hair Food Capsulescontaining a combination of Vitamins and minerals helpful for hair and also a packet of Dr Organic make up wipes to remove make up at night which I sometimes forget to do.


My diet section included California raisins and whole cashew nuts either to just snack on or maybe make something with.


The final products are Miaroma a Massage and body oil and soothing essential oil.

These contain lavender oils which are great for helping me to relax. I can use the essential oil in the bath or as a room vaporiser and apply the oil after bathing. Both of which also help to get a good nights sleep.
You can view details of the Good Life MOT which I took part in at Holland & Barrett

Personalised Maps for all ages

Published February 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I was contacted by Maps International to see if I would like to review one of their personalised maps. I immediately thought of my son Ryan. He absolutely loves subjects such as Science, Geography and History. He loves looking at books and maps, finding out how things work, where places are and where things come from. Also as we recently moved house; he now has the box room and we are still deciding how to decorate his room.
There are a choice of different maps to choose from at Maps International with many developed in mind for children. They come in various sizes and you can choose your own personalisation, names, letter colouring and border colouring and choose to have the map laminated and board mounting for hanging.
Ryan’s map arrived in a huge box with lots of packaging to keep it from damage. It has his name on and we were very impressed with how big it is.

The map measures approximately 103×70 cms and really stands out as a main feature on his wall.
Having the map up saves the need for buying fancy wallpaper. He now just wants his wall painting and the map to be put back up once done. The map has a hanging part at the back and just needs a picture hook to be hung with.
The map is colourful and bright and shows every country of the world including many rather remote Islands.

Each countries capital is also displayed next to a star symbol which will really come in useful for any Geography homework. After all many children know the capitals of England, Spain and the USA but what about Madagascar or the Marshall Islands?
By having this beautiful map on his wall he will easily see what country is where and what it’s capital city is.

Around the map edges are numbers which I assume are to do with longitude and latitude and map plotting (my 9 year old son probably understands this much better than me)

Having this map is like having a huge piece of knowledge and education right on your bedroom wall as well as it looking quite decorative and covering up any messy walls. Ryan loves it and always pointing out which places he’s been and where he would like to go.
The map also comes with map pins. Which I assume are for plotting where you have been etc. I haven’t given these Ryan due to him only being 9 but they probably come in handy for adults who travel a lot.
The maps cost from £35 – £120 depending on size and detail. Ryan’s came mounted on a board and is pretty strong a durable. So it’s definitely worth getting the board option with your map.
I can imagine looking at his map and handing me a list of all the places he now wants to go on a holiday too.
Visit Maps International to find your perfect personalised map for your home.


Published February 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Waterwipes unlike other baby wipes are made with 99.9% water and free from any harsh chemicals.
I got some packs of Waterwipes from Co-op stores. Like most parents I am concerned about my children’s skin and nappy rash, skin conditions and feel it’s important to use products that are chemical free.
As Waterwipes are made from almost nothing but water they are the worlds purest baby wipes. The 0.1% added to the water wipes is Citrus Grandis (grapefruit extract)

You may be wondering how these wipes differ from other wipes or may not be totally convinced that they are much purer. Take a look at What’s in baby wipes to see what other wipes contain. I have also copied this image which shows the many chemicals found in other baby wipes.

It’s quite frightening when you think how many times you change a baby’s bottom every day and especially a new borns. Add to that the fact that a baby’s skin is much thinner and more sensitive than an adults.
By changing the brand of wipes you normally use to the much purer Waterwipes; baby skin conditions such as Nappy rash may be prevented. Making your baby and you much happier.

Waterwipes are as pure as cotton wool and boiled water. I have found Izebellas bottom has been less redder and less sore since using Waterwipes.
The wipes are so natural and organic that even maternity wards and neonatal units in the UK and Ireland now use these wipes and recommend them to parents.

Daisy Chains: Cool Create

Published February 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna was recently sent the Daisy Chain maker which is part of the Cool Create toys from Flair Toys
Girls are able to create daisy bracelets and it does not require batteries. The set consists of a plastic base, flower petals, stems and clips.

Each daisy can be made up of 3 petals and then you put a green stem through and add beads.

Once the daisies are all made you join them together to make bracelets or chains.

Unfortunately we found the set a little difficult to use. The base itself is quite flimsy and often moves whilst trying to put the daisies together. You are provided with a slider to lift the made daisies off the stems but we found this a little useless and was easier to just use our fingers instead. Thirdly joining the daisies on the base was also a little difficult and it was easier to just manually connect them ourselves. However apart from a few hitches with this set Jordanna did manage to make a pretty bracelet in the end.

There are probably enough parts to make about 5 bracelets in total.
The set is aimed at girls 4+ but I think most younger girls would struggle and need lots of help with this. Daisy chains set is priced at £9.99 and if you have a lot of patience you will probably enjoy making these with your little girl.
There are many other sets in the Cool Create range. There is also a Cool Create Club online which children can go on for cool activities.


Hotel Tycoon

Published February 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Hotel Tycoon is a 3 dimensional board game from Esdevium games. It’s a family game for both adults and children with a recommended age of 8 and over.

Inside the box is:
1 x game board
28 x buildings
8 x recreational facilities
8 x title deeds
1 x control tower
1 x hanger
30 x hotel entrances
1 x pack on bank notes
4 x airplanes
2 x dice

The concept of the game is to but hotel deeds, develop hotels and collect money from guests, bankrupting other players in the process.
Before playing the game you do need to build the 3d structures around the board- Hotels, hangars, etc.
The game is quite similar to Monopoly in that one player is the banker and players start off with so much money each ($12000), players move around the board by a throw of a dice and are able to buy title deeds for land adjacent to the square they land on. Once they have purchased a deed they can now try to obtain planning permission via a special dice. After this they are able to build more buildings and facilities. If another player lands on a hotel owned by another player, they then have to pay them. Players are out of the game when they have no money, land or hotel left. The winner is the last player in the game.

Hotel Tycoon is a good family game that will certainly fill an hour or so on a rainy day. It takes a little getting used to and we had to keep reverting back to the rules on our first few goes. Younger children may not understand and will need lots of help playing.
If you enjoy playing Monopoly then you will enjoy this too.

Chocca Mocca treats

Published February 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Chocca Mocca is the sister brand to the Original Candy Company.
The Original Candy Company are well known for their hard candy creations such as candy canes, sticks and pops.

Chocca Mocca on the other hand accommodates all the fantastic chocolate themed treats.
Chocca Mocca sell a selection of delicious coated treats in handbag sized pouches. Their range includes various (real) fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, black currants and also coated nuts such as these.

Inside the pouch are delicious, seductive caramelised hazelnuts in dusted milk chocolate just waiting to be eaten.

There is no better way to enjoy this fine selection of nuts and chocolate bonded together, than with a smooth sweet cup of mouth watering hot chocolate.
Chocca Mocca has their own range of rich drinking chocolate.

The drinking chocolate comes in a tall elegant tin in both dark and milk chocolate selections. Unlike cocoa powder this drinking chocolate is made from real 100% Belgian Chocolate.

I simply had to add and mix with hot milk for a dreamy hot night time treat.

My hottie chocolate and chocolate nuts went down so well together. I always find a nice hot chocolate drink before bed makes me sleep much easier (not sure why)

The tins of hot chocolate will provide enough for about 8-10 drinks and cost just £3.99 and the chocolate hazelnuts are £5.00.
Valentines came and went so fast didn’t it. Not too worry Chocca Mocca is selling a selection of chocolate heart lollies at just £1.50 each.

The lollies in 4 varieties contain mixtures of real fruit, nuts and lots of yummy chocolate and it doesn’t have to be just Valentines to give one of these as a gift or any of the other chocolate items from Chocca Mocca Chocolates

Pancake Day Competition: Clarks Maple Syrup (NOW CLOSED)

Published February 24, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Pancake day will be here next week. However when you have some delicious maple syrup from Clarks you will be wanting pancakes all year round. Well now you can!
That’s right Clarks are giving away some of their lovely products.

One winner will receive a set of 4 Clarks Maple Syrup, Clarks Recipe book and The Perfect Pancake recipe card.

TO ENTER just follow these easy steps.

1) as always make sure your a blog follower, follow me by email, twitter or Bloglovin

2)Like Clarks maple syrup page on FACEBOOK

3) comment below: apart from maple syrup what are your favourite pancake toppings?


(T&CS competition will close on March 3rd. Winner will be contacted by email. Open to UK residents only)
Win competitions at

Ryan’s new blind from Luxaflex

Published February 24, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Last year we were asked if we would like to review a child’s roller blind from Luxaflex. As I knew we would be moving I thought it pretty pointless getting a blind that may not fit the new house so I held off until we moved and was sent a blind to use in Ryan’s room last month.
Luxaflex are only too aware of the recent safety concerns around children’s blinds and have created a brochure Designed with safety and comfort in mind providing parents with information on how to keep window coverings safe.
At Luxaflex®, creating new and innovating lifting systems that help keep children protected and secure is a top priority.
They offer numerous child safe operating systems on their blinds. These are the available options:
LiteRise® – Eliminate pull cords altogether with the unique LiteRise® system. This cordless push up, pull down system raises and lowers the product with the touch of a finger. LiteRise® helps reduce potential hazards, while also offering more user comfort and a streamlined appearance.

SmartCord® and UltraLift™ – Luxaflex® SmartCord® and UltraLift™ are revolutionary and patented cord lifting systems. They feature a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length, and allows the user to effortlessly raise and lower the shade. In addition, the SmartCord® system will automatically lower the blind to the preferred position after one simple pull of the cord.

PowerRise® and motorised operation – A wide variety of Luxaflex® products are offered with motorised options that allow the product to be operated at the touch of a button. The remote control operation or wall switch eliminates operating cords for enhanced child safety and user comfort. Options include wired and battery-powered motorisation.

Softraise – The cordless Luxaflex® Roller Blind Softraise system uses a spring mechanism for easy lifting and lowering.

Skylight, Nano Blinds and tensioned models – These systems are designed to fit neatly into the frame of your windows, doors and skylights and eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops.

Quick release cord connectors – Quick release cord connectors are fitted as standard on many Luxaflex® blinds. These connectors break apart and separate when pressure is applied to them.

Crank or wand operation – Many Luxaflex® products are available with a crank or slide wand system. The slide wand allows you to effortlessly slide vertical blinds. Our special crank operation integrates both lift and tilt functions into one easy-to-use crank.

Cord and chain operations –
If you prefer a cord or endless chain, safety for your child is increased with extra safety devices. All Luxaflex® products are supplied with a cord or chain safety device.
• Cord cleats and tensioners enable any cords or chains to be fastened to the wall – out of the reach of children.
• A breakaway chain connector makes sure that any loop in the chain will break when an excessive force is pulling on the chain.
• A cord cleat is supplied with every product which has pull cords. Be aware that these need to be installed at a minimum height of 1.5 m from the floor.
• A chain tensioner is supplied with every product which has an operating chain.
• Detailed instructions of how to install the devices in a safe manner are always attached to the blind.
• A warning tag which highlights the dangers to children is attached to every cord or chain operated blind and is also repeated in the installation instructions which come with the product.

Luxaflex blinds come in many colour options and several different patterns such as these.


There are so many styles and themes to suit both boys and girls of varying ages and any bedroom decor. The blinds are made to fit and don’t just come in standard factory made sizes. After all every window seems to be a different width or length so it’s important to get a correct fit. I have to admit I did have a few problems measuring Ryan’s window but the people at Luxaflex were only too happy to assist and I got there eventually.
Ryan is almost ten and gradually turning into a pre teen. He is getting past the stage of patterns and kids themes unfortunately and wanted pattern free royal blue blind instead.

Ryan’s room is at the front of the house and gets a lot of light and sun. Therefore I was glad that this is also a blackout blind and blacks out any light helping him get a much better sleep as it stops the light coming through in the morning. This will come in much use in the Summer months with lighter nights when Ryan tries his best to tell me “It’s too light to go to bed”
I’m hopeless at any sort of d.i.y. I always end up doing something wrong so I had someone fit the blind for me. It went up very easily at simply attaches to two included fittings which can be placed in numerous positions around the window. (Recess, ceiling etc)

The blind is fitted with a safety chain and is very easy to operate. One chain for up and the other for down.

The blind came with a Safety P Clip which are installed with the blind to keep the chain at constant tension.
Ryan’s room is a box room and awkward shape with one of those large bulkhead stair boxes (which he enjoys using as a desk). The way it’s shaped means Ryan’s bed had to go near the window. Before we had the blind there seemed to be a very slight draft (unsure why) and also a build up of window condensation. Since the blind has been up, Ryan said he has felt warmer and not felt the draft and I have noticed there has been much less condensation on the window too.
I found the Luxaflex blind to be very well made, easy to fit, safe and extremely good at blocking out any unwanted light and it makes the room much warmer too aswell as looking great.
Prices of the blinds will depend on your specific specifications and measurements.

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