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What to buy a 10 year old??

Published March 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Ryan’s birthday will be here on April 16 and this year he turns 10.
I have no idea what to buy for him. Everything that gets suggested, he seems to already have. He has a tablet, wii, psp, bike, tv, stereo, lots of books, sets and other toys.
Clothes are an option but it would be nice if he had something he could use or play with too.
I may just take him to toys r us but worried he will pick something useless that will break or lose parts within a week.
I’m open to suggestions.
Why are boys so hard to buy for??>


Foodie Pals: February & March

Published March 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Well it’s foodie pal time yet again. It comes around so quickly and I am loving my little box of Monty surprises.

Last month (Feb) I got a little lazy due to myself and kids being unwell and forgot to post. My lovely box was sent from Gill at Talesofpiglingbland. Gill sent me a lovely selection of unusual products from around the world which included some bacon jerky, Plantain chips, soup, hot drinks and some lovely biscuits too. Thank you Gill we loved it


This months parcel (March) was sent to me by the lovely Louise who’s blog can be found at The lone Gourmet.
I loved the varied selection she sent me. This included a delicious chocolate bar which went very quickly. Some chunky chocolate stirrers too. Also lots of things I can use in cooking such as Harissa paste, A spicy lemon paste which I think would be great with a chicken dish. There was a big bag of pasta. My kids love pasta dishes so this comes in handy. Louise also included some home made herb flavourings which will be good for adding to casseroles. There are lots of goodies in my box. Take a look><br /
I sent my March box to Sabine over in Germany and I hope she loves what I sent her.
To find out more about the foodie pals monthly swap and to sign up to it for free. Visit the foodie pal page. It’s lots of fun and you get a nice package every month meaning you get to sample new foods and delights.


My Sunday Photo

Published March 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy



My kids were actually off school having been sick in the morning the day this was taken. School obviously won’t have them in for 48 hours and I didn’t see the point of sitting in a house on a warm day. The fresh air seemed to perk them up a little too. I don’t have many pictures of all 3 of them together either.

Jump Rocket Triple Shotz

Published March 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

We received the triple rocket launcher from Great Gizmos. It costs £24.95 and can be used indoors or outdoors, but I highly recommend you use it outside.
Ryan received something a little similar for Christmas which he has now lost parts to. Typical boy. He was very pleased with this new rocket launcher especially as it has 3 rockets and his old one only had one.
The toy consists of several plastic tubes and brackets and 3 rockets in different colours.

It is really easy to fix it all together. There were no instructions in the box but it’s easy enough. The pipes just click and twist together and the pump attaches to the tube.

Yes as you can see. Izebella couldn’t help but touching it.
The claim is that the rockets can reach 300ft. On first glance my initial thoughts were “absolutely no chance” then Ryan took it outside (with no shoes on as you will no doubt spot)

He set up the 3 rockets on the launchers and “Jumped and Pumped” and off the rockets went.

These rockets went fast and went high. On first go, two rockets hit the back gate and the other was no where to be seen. We checked the garden, we checked our neighbours gardens. Eventually found it some distance behind our garden gate in a bush. Yes beware these go high and you may find yourself asking the neighbours to fetch it out of their gardens for you. The rockets may even end up on your roof or the roof of a van. They go high and very fast so you have to try and watch where they land.
The launchers have adjustable positions so the rockets can all be launched in different directions. Just avoid the neighbours gardens if you can. The rockets are soft so I don’t think there is any danger of broken windows but just make sure there are no poor kitty’s around when they are launched.
I can see Ryan and Jordanna having lots of fun with this, but also losing a rocket very very soon. >


Degustabox March

Published March 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I hope you enjoy reading about my monthly Degustabox just as much as I enjoy receiving them.
Well March box has arrived and once again it’s packed full of new and exciting products. Just take a look at this.


It must be a coincidence that the day my Degustabox arrived, I was actually sat thinking that I wouldn’t mind a nice pasta dish and browsing the internet on what to make and buy. Then a knock at the door and there was my Degustabox with lots of ingredients to help me make a delicious pasta dish and more besides.
Included in my March box is
Organico Drum wheat pasta

And Organico Pasta Sauce. I am going to make a delicious chicken and Pasta bake with these.

Also great for Pasta dishes are the Schwartz Flavour shots of which I received four in total. 2x Italian herb and 2x Spanish Paella. They come with included recipes and very easy to use.


Also in my March box was.
Moma Porridge x 2
Mexican Daves Cheese Tortilla Chips
Tyrells Popcorn
Shaken Udder Shakes
Chai Latte Chocolate
Tea Latte

I didn’t get to have one of the shaken udder shakes as my children pinched them. However there were some vouchers in the box to get some more from Tesco. I will have to hide the next lot. The tortilla chips and pop corn obviously make great snacks and the Chai Latte Chocolate is a very new product. It’s a hot chocolate drink with spices. Lovely just before bed time.
I really love the Degustabox monthly subscription. It’s probably the best foodie subscription box I have found so far.
Each month the Degustabox will be delivered to your door by courier and only costs £12.99 per box.
The boxes contain different items every month from new and upcoming brands. I have found there is a variety of different products. Some for recipes and cooking with, products for the cupboard/larder, something sweet, snacks and something to drink. The service is great and a great way to sample new and different products each month without the expensive cost.
I made my Pasta bake using the pasta from my March Degustabox and the pasta sauce plus a few fresh ingredients and some chicken. From this.

To this

I made my Pasta bake using 3 of the ingredients in my Degustabox.
It was quick and easy to do. Starting with the Oraganico Pasta Sauce and boiling it. With 5 minutes of boiling time remaining I add chopped broccoli and leeks. Then transferred to an oven dish with some pre cooked chicken strips. I then added the Oraganico tomato sauce and threw in a Schwartz pot for extra herby flavour. Then some baby tomatoes and cooked for twenty minutes. A perfect meal for us all. Last months box also contained some lovely packets and sauces of which I was able to create delicious meals for all the family.
You will not be disappointed by the products in the box.

If you want to try Degustabox for yourself. I have a very special code that means you will get your first box for under £10. When you look at all the wonderful products in your box, you will clearly see it’s worth so much more.
To get your April Degustabox for just £9.99 use this code at checkout 551OB
Go to Degustabox to get yours.

Degustabox can be found on social media too. – Facebook – twitter>

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Published March 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

As you know I love chocolate and even more so when it comes from Hotel Chocolat
This time of course it’s all about Easter and of course- luxury chocolate eggs.


Now take a look at this beauty.

This is a work of art by itself. It’s truly an Easter extravaganza masterpiece that every chocolate lover out there will want. Even the box itself stands out. It looks like a mini vanity case, a far cry from the tiny flimsy cardboard coverings you find on standard supermarket eggs. Then again this is certainly like no other egg out there.
Once you open the box, you are greeted by a very thick chocolate egg. I mean very thick lashings of both milk and award winning cocoa white chocolate. Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat which always tastes amazing and like no other. Luxury, dreamy, heavenly chocolate and lots of it.


Once you are done with the egg, There is of course the 12 luxury indulgent smooth pralines to get through too. The pralines consist of smiley faces, happy chicks and bars.

I found the pralines quite addictive. Once I had one, I just wanted another and then another.
Six different flavour pralines are included and you get two of each one. Probably intended for sharing with a loved one, but oh no not in my case. This is all mine.
The pralines are Chocolate Brownie
Milk praline fried egg, Crunchy Praline, Milk chocolate chick, White soldiers and a Smooth Caramel bow tie bunny. Just like the egg, these pralines are also very thick and taste amazing too.
The egg comes at a price of £28.00.
Obviously this Easter delight is not designed with young children in mind but more for that special love of your life, or maybe mother, dad, Grandma or any very special person in your life.>


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