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Degustabox April: Discount code & Competition too!

Published April 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Well I am a very happy lady as it’s Degustabox time once again. This months box was a selection of sweet treats, snacks, soups, cereal and refreshing drinks.
Degustabox remains one of my favourite subscription services. I always look forward to my monthly deliveries on or around the 25th of each month. Degustabox has so many positives. The first being the varying contents which change every month. The second being the products are all new. Either from new start up companies or new products, some may not even have hit the shops just yet. The third great thing about Degustabox is the price. All it costs is £12.99 a month. This price includes delivery, and for a box of this size and weight it would normally cost £8 upwards to send out. The contents inside always add up to more than £12.99 meaning this box is an absolute monthly bargain.

Anyway here as always are my box contents.

Opening the box seems like a little Aladdin’s cave; I never know what I will find. In Aprils box I found 15 lovely items.

1) Dr Oetkers fine cooks chocolate

20140425-170414.jpg I am really looking forward to making some delicious cakes with my children using this chocolate. Dr Oetker is a very well known supplier of both baking foods and pizza so I know this is quality stuff.

2) Mornflake pots

Mornflake pots are breakfast for those on the go. The pots are a ready made bowl of cereal which come with a spoon. Adding cold water turns it into milk, almost like magic. I had not heard of these before but will make an interesting morning treat.

3) Cawston Press rhubarb I reviewed these not so long ago and happy to find a can included. Love the stuff.


4) Clearspring another product for busy on the go people. These are soups in two flavours which just need water to be added


5) Go Splash

Go Splash is a little tub of juice which can be stored in a cupboard or carried around. One small tub contains enough flavour to make up 6 litres of drink when added to water.

6) Keoghs

20140425-171338.jpg a really unique and interesting flavour being Atlantic Sea salt & Irish Cider vinegar. Made from Ireland’s finest potatoes they make a great snack.

7) McVities mini rolls

My kids were very excited to see these mini rolls. Two new flavours Tropicool and Berry burst and best thing about them is that they can be put in a freezer to create a refreshing summer day snack.

8) Lindt I love Lindt chocolate it comes a very close second to my favourite Hotel Chocolat. Lindt has a unique creamy taste. In my box are 3 Lindor treat bars. Thank you very much.


9) Crabbies I thought I would save this one until last. It’s quite an unusual find in Degustabox and a pleasant surprise non the less. Crabbies is of course an alcoholic beverage. It is ginger beer and real ginger beer that is as it contains alcohol. My bottle is a raspberry flavour ginger beer. I am not big ginger beer fan but blended with real Scottish raspberries it actually tastes quite pleasant and I hear it’s great for cocktails too.


I am sure you will agree that Degustabox is just fabulous and gets better and better each month. Degustabox is just £12.99 and comes with a guide explaining what everything is and how much each item costs. Feeling bored one day I decided to add all the contents up and it came to £20. Add to that at least an £8 delivery and then the cost of packaging and you get £30 ish so are saving a massive £17 or so by subscribing. £12.99 also works out at a tiny 41p per day. Can’t you tell how bored I was?

OFFER If you want a Degustabox you can get yours for £9.99 because you read my blog. That’s just 32p per day (lolz 😂) to get yourself a box in a May at this great price just go to Degustabox sign up and enter your special code 40HWW.

Degustabox can be found on both TWITTER and FACEBOOK too.

Degustabox have a competition on their Facebook page here head over for your chance to win.

Foodie Pals April

Published April 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s here again. Another foodie pals reveal day.

This month my box of goodies went all the way over to Chrstine in Germany. I sent a selection of chocolate goodies, cooking sauces and some fruit tea bags so I hope it reaches her ok.

My foodie box came from Stacey. Stacey lives in the UK too and has a blog which can be read here. I was very impressed with Aprils box. Probably my best one so far.
First the box itself. I don’t normally take much notice of packaging or boxes. After all the box can’t be eaten but this wasn’t your average brown cardboard box but a rather pretty silver box which I will be keeping and using for other things.

Inside the box of course is where the real surprises were. Just look at all these goodies.


Stacey certainly gets a big 10/10 for the effort she put into this box and finding the contents. I’m quite an easy foodie pal to send to. I’ll pretty much try anything but Stacey got it bang on.

So what did I get: – A big packet of Bruschetta, then to go with the Bruschetta are these rather petite and cute looking pâtés.

Also a selection of drinking chocolate sachets, Some Reeces peanut butter cups which are my absolute favourite. A rather large Sour Cherry Chilli chocolate bar which I cannot wait to delve into once kiddies are in bed. A packet of Choceur dark choc marzipan mini eggs. Then some home made vanilla Easter biscuits which I am actually eating whilst writing and a lovely salted caramel mini egg millionaires shortbread cake which was also home made and the first thing to be eaten.

Very pleased with my box this month. Thank you Stacey

If foodie pals makes you think “that sounds interesting” or even “how do I join” then head over to Foodie pals page to get involved and see how it works. It’s completely free and lots of fun.


Hi-Tec Flyaway

Published April 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Like most ladies, I love my shoes. I love high heels but find them uncomfortable for daily things such as shopping and running around after a toddler. I love sandals but it’s often too cold to wear them. I also love my trainers. They are so practical to wear, either around the house or out and about, shopping, school runs etc.

I find Hi-Tec trainers to be very good value for money and fairly inexpensive whilst still maintaining a leading brand name.
Hi-Tecs latest ladies trainer is called Fly Away

They come in two colours and I have a pair of charcoal/carnation pink.
The trainers feature an EVA sockliner which provides underfoot cushioning and also has a webbing frame and air mesh upper to keep it breathable.

The Hi-Tec logo is displayed both on the tongue and the back of the shoe. The laces also match the trainer being in a pink and charcoal pattern rather than just plain black ones.



I found these trainers extremely comfortable from the moment I put them on. I always worry a little when wearing new footwear as I tend to be prone to ankle and toe blisters but not with these, nor any other Hi-Tec footwear I have worn in the past. These trainers make my feet feel incredibly light, almost like there is no ground underneath my feet. My feet feel well cushioned and protected with these on. There is no rubbing on either my toes on ankles and I have been testing them out for a fair few days now.

They seem durable for all sorts of weather. It’s hard to tell what this damn British weather will do from one minute to the next. I have worn the trainers in the rain and my feet stay fairly dry. I wear them in the sun and my feet do not sweat. All good so far.
I like the colours too. My favourite colour being pink and it seems to fit well with the grey charcoal colour.

An all round comfortable, fashionable and multi purpose trainer.
They cost £34.99 which I think is a good inexpensive price for these trainers as I think they will last me a while.
Buy directly from Hi-Tec


Pabobo musical star projector

Published April 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Izebellas new night light comes all the way from France from the French company Pabobo.
Pabobo lights come in several shapes and designs and all designed with children in mind. Both for aiding peaceful sleep and for a little bit of comfort and security should they wake during the night.
Although Pabobo is in France, the lights can be found in many stores and online throughout the UK. To find your nearest Pabobo retailer click here

Izebella was sent the the Musical Star Projector
It features a very simple star design. It’s very easy to switch on and off by way of a button press and it does not require a plug nor any dangerous wires. It takes 3 AA batteries which do not come with the light.



The projector only really works to it’s fullest in a totally dark room. When the button is pressed, a starry display will be projected onto the ceiling. The light will change colour randomly and by pressing the button again, it can be kept on one colour. A long button press will turn the light off. The light sequence will automatically shut off after 45 minutes.
A second button can be pressed to activate the musical lullabies which will play alongside the lights.
The light can be used from birth onwards. It can be places anywhere in a baby’s room and left on to help baby sleep. As there are no wires to worry about I simply place it in Izebellas cot and she manages to turn it off and on as she wishes until she falls asleep.
She loves her new light and cannot yet understand why the lights don’t come on in the morning.
The Musical Star Projector can be found in Tesco stores and many other online stores and shops for approximately £25.00. Personally I think it is slightly expensive for a light which is battery operated but it seems to get Izebella snoozing within minutes.
Here are a few pictures taken of the light in action.





Candy Japan

Published April 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I have been trying out yet another subscription box. I love these things and getting quite addicted now.
This time the box of goodies comes all the way from Japan.
I’d like to introduce you to Candy Japan. It does not need much explanation. I think it’s name says it all. Candy from Japan or Japanese Candy which ever way sounds better. It’s a subscription service which brings two packages per month full of unusual sweets, snacks and treats all the way from Japan.
The service costs $25 dollars per month which if I am not mistaken converts to about £14? I think this probably changes day to day with the conversion rates but not too much. The shipping is free and the service is available in several countries including the UK.
Anyway here is my package.


It is just one package there. I have taken a front and back view.
There were so many things in this box. I was surprised at how much was in there. I have read that the contents vary each month so some packages may contain more than others. The contents will always be different than previous packages meaning you get a good idea of what the Japanese enjoy.

Now the thing is; these goodies come from Japan. They are purchased in Japan by Japanese people. Therefore the labels on the packaging will not be in English but Japanese. After all you wouldn’t expect our foods to have Japanese labels now would you?
I don’t speak or understand a word of Japanese and nor does anyone I know. It’s one of the hardest languages to learn so I hear.
So how do I know what I am eating? I hear you wonder!
Well worry not. A few days after (maybe before) receiving your packages, an email will arrive in your mailbox giving a full description of each of the contents in your package and all in English. Leaving us free to try what we wish and maybe give away the ones we may not find so appealing.
Okay I know your dying to know what goodies I got. There are so many of them that I have to do it in two halves. Picture one.

Going from top left to right.

1)Strawberry fortune telling chocolates– In Japanese are several categories on the packet such as shopping, travel, love, friendship etc. The idea is to find the topic you want and pop out one of the sweets. Under it will be one of 3 symbols which will mean bad, good, perfect. Reminds me of something in between love heart sweets and a fortune telling fish. Only I cannot read Japanese obviously so will be happy trying the sweets without having my fortune told. I can just picture Japanese teens with these.

2) Grape Marble Gum I don’t like gum of any sort. Ryan says it tastes nice tho so I will take his word for it. Subscription boxes are full of surprise goodies after all and for what you don’t like, someone else will.

3) Corn Pottage These are puff chips, rather like some of the baked kids crisps over here. They have the unusual flavour of chowder flavour soup.

4) Yamato no Kame-San
It would be interesting to know how the name of this snack is pronounced.
A Mirin and Soy sauce snack. Mirin is a popular sugary rice wine which is found in Teriyaki sauce too.

5) Ramune Ramune comes from popular soda pops. Quite a melty one and tasty too.

6) Aji Curry I have been reading that curry is actually a popular Japanese dish. The Japanese curry is more sweet than spicy. This snack is therefore Japanese curry flavour chips. And very nice too.
Although more like curry breadsticks than crisps.

Ok there’s the first half. Are you feeling a little hungry yet? Well don’t close your browser just yet as here are the rest of the goodies.

Again from top left to right.

1) Umai Bou cheese & pottage
Umai Bou translates to tasty stick. One stick is potato and the other is cheese combined together. It seems a fairly good in between meal snack.

2)Anpanam biscuits
Anpanam is a popular Anime character that has been around since the 1980s. Both the packaging and the biscuits themselves feature the Anpanam characters and there are 9 characters in total. They contain added vitamins and calcium.

3) Nericho Soft This is something which we made using a little water. It’s a little like ice cream. Once made up it’s put on top of a cone and eaten. Lots of fun.

4) Shitorri Chocolate The name of this makes me laugh. It could even sound a little off putting. I found it delicious. A melty chocolate snack. A bag of heart and circle crunchy treats. They taste a little like rice crispy cakes. Very nice Shame there was only one bag.

5) Ebisen. A shrimp flavoured snack in the shape of French fries. If you are thinking prawn cocktail flavour then think again. This is totally different.

6) Tai Arare again another fishy snack. This one is red snapper fish flavoured. Maybe a little strong on the fishy flavours for some people but nice to try after all.

Well that’s all folks. My 12 Japanese goodies all packed into one. I have enjoyed trying this. It’s certainly something different and unique from the snacks we have here. Of course my kids loved it too; what kid wouldn’t.
All the products are more or less one person sized. Not too big and not too tiny either. I find trying two a day works best and where possible we split each between us so we can all have a sample.
I would highly recommend Candy Japan to any confectionary/sweetie lovers or someone who enjoys trying new and unusual things. The packages don’t take too long to arrive either, just a couple of days so no need to worry about your sweeties not arriving for weeks.
To find out more head over to Candy Japan


Sky Dancers Starfly

Published April 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

You would be right in thinking that you have seen a Sky Dancers post on my blog before. Well don’t worry this is not a re blog or the same item over again.
Character have brought out a whole new Sky Dancer doll called Starfly. The doll is named Airabella and she really does fly.

The doll is aimed at little girls aged 5 and over and certainly has a very girly appeal to it. The doll and base are in bright eye catching pink.
The dolls base is also a charging unit which requires 4 AA batteries. No further plugs are needed. The doll attaches to the base via a small cable and needs up to 20 minutes charge time. The back of the doll will continually flash red whilst charging then stop once fully charged.
When we first got the Starfly doll we did cheat a little with the charging and unplugged after ten minutes as we couldn’t wait to see what it did.

Once charged, Airabella stands on her stand via her shoe. A button is pressed and she will spin very fast and then take off. The doll goes very high at first and it can take a few tries to get used to it. Jordanna jumped at first when the doll started flying and spinning.


The doll soars right up to the sky, spinning and flapping her wings as she goes. Our ceilings are low and the doll hits it every time. We did try it outside and it flew over the gate into the neighbours garden.


Once we got used to the doll taking off and flying it was time to try and control her and this is done using your hand to bring her up and down and side to side. If your child has ever owned one of those round hover toys then this is similar but much prettier to look at. It takes a little practice but Jordanna was a professional after a few tries. We made a short video of the doll in action which you can view on You Tube. (Please excuse my messy kitchen sides full of Easter eggs).

I was quite surprised at just how long Jordanna got off a short charge. I didn’t time it but it seemed to last a long long time and she got lots of goes from it. Then back on a short charge and the fun starts again.
Izebella enjoys watching big sis play with the Sky Dancer doll and watches in amazement as it flies off. I just have to make sure she is out of the way when it lands.
It’s a great toy. I’m not sure who enjoys it most at the moment out of me and Jordanna. It is certainly a toy that would of been on my wish list when I was her age. Lots of fun for playing both inside and out. Tho beware as it does fly very high and fast and likely to be lost in larger gardens.

I have no idea just how long the batteries will last but I always use Duracell in toys anyway. The doll costs £19.99 and more details can be found over at Character Online.



Published April 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy


I have received a very useful book. Not only is it a useful calendar, but also a great diary, organiser, memo and doodle book. It’s called a Dodo pad and it’s anything but extinct. Here it is.

They do of course come in many other, shape, sizes, designs and colours and boasts multiple uses for all sorts of planning and every day tasks.
My Dodo pad comes spiral bound. Throughout the pad I find a page for each day of the year. Here’s my birthday week.

Throughout the yearly diary pages are several important (and less important) dates which are pre printed in. These dates include the UK bank holidays, all the big festival dates such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc and a fair few historical dates too. I have also spotted some American and Australian holiday dates too which I guess comes in handy if you have relatives over there.
Each page is differently coloured with fun cartoon style images scattered around.

On the page adjacent to the weekly calendar pages is a coloured blank page for doodles and memos. Well I say blank and it is almost, except for a cool quirky image and scribbled of jokes, poems or a bit of factual history on the page somewhere. Just like this.

This seems to add to the fun of this pad and much better than looking at a boring blank page I think.
At the front of the pad is a brief introduction to the Dodo pad and how to get the best use along with a 2014/2015 page calendar and pages to plot birthdays too.

Then at the back of the book are similar pages for 2015. More pages for memos and a handy flap pocket for keeping notes and bits and bats

The Dodo pad comes in useful both for blogging, work, study and just leaving at home by the phone with a pen so I can easily take notes should anyone call.
This Dodo pad desk diary is currently on a very special offer at just £6.49, half the normal price. Many other Dodo pad items are also available at half price. The range can be found here

April Competitions: 4 Days to Enter

Published April 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Just Four days left until the winners are drawn and announced.
If you have no idea what I am talking about then head to COMPETITION PAGE where you will be greeted with lots of easy to enter competitions. Many people have already been made winners and enjoying their prizes. Check out my Winners page
This months competitions all end on April 30th so get entering and Good Luck!


Pickled garlic from HandMade Treats

Published April 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Being a blogger of many things means I get to sample a lot of lovely food things. Some of them rather unusual, such as my latest little package from Handmade treats .

I have 3 jars of Josie B’s pickled garlic.

Josie B has a passion for spicy and unusual foods and after extensive research discovered that pickling garlic not only made a great tasting snack but also has many health benefits too.

Garlic strengthens the immune system and helps fight off infections. It is a great source of vitamin B6 and is known to aid in the prevention of multiple cancer types. It also regulates blood sugar and enhances the level of insulin in blood. These are just a few of the health benefits of garlic.

Garlic cloves are chopped and placed in jars with pickling vinegar. Other ingredients are then added to create 3 different varieties.

Pickled garlic and Peppercorns


Pickled garlic and rosemary


Pickled garlic and Chillis


When I first got the jars I was unsure if it would be something I would like. There are 3 very strong contrasting flavours in these jars. First the garlic itself which alone is very strong. Then the vinegar and then the addition of either peppercorns, Rosemary or Chillis. You would think the flavours would clash. The flavour is still strong but I think the flavours together seem to cancel the strongness of each other out. The garlic gets a whole new taste when it’s preserved in the vinegar.
They can be eaten alone as a occasional snack or used in sandwiches, burgers, pasta, stir fry, anything really. A good way to use them would be if your having a Barbeque. Put them out on display amongst the other sauces and they are bound to get a lot of interest from curious guests.
The jars are not expensive so certainly worth a try at just £2.95 each for 320g jar.
Buy directly from Handmade treats


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