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Published May 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Six competitions will be ending later on today.
8 people will be made winners!
You can only be one of them if you enter.

I have many more to come next week. June is my birthday and it needs to be celebrated with some fab give aways.


Kaspersky internet security


Atkins & Potts gift set


hotdog stand


Churchills confectionery




Angry Birdst toons DVD


Degustabox May & Reader discount code

Published May 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Thursday saw the arrival of yet another lovely Degustabox. Yet agai. It was bursting full of lovely and unique goodies.


Degustabox costs just £12.99 per month. For this you will get a box of new and unique items delivered to your door. Postage is included in the total cost. The goods in the box always add up to more than the actual cost. You can view all my previous Degustabox boxes on my blog either by typing Degustabox in search bar or viewing them on my food review page.
I find with every Degustabox, there is a selection of goods that you can keep in cupboard such as pasta, sauces, spices or cake making items. There is always something sweet such as chocolate or biscuits, always a drink of some sort, crisps, snacks and other surprises. I have tried many subscription boxes but this remains my firm favourite so far.

Readers of my blog can get their first box at a discount price of £9.99. Use this code at checkout. EFTPJ. Go to Degustabox to sign up.

In my box

This months box had a massive 13 items inside it. Here is what I got.

*Garofalo Pasta from the outset I could tell this was good quality pasta. More below.

*Cawston Press cloudy apple I love the drinks from Cawston Press. We have tried quite a few. They are very refreshing and healthy.

* Taylor’s of Harrogate fruity tea infusions. Makes a lovely change to ordinary tea.

* Raw chewing gum This is a sugar free gum which is meant to give an energy boost. Unfortunately I am not a lover of gum of any sort so will be giving it to a family member for them to try. I got two packets in my box.

* Ciro I received both a bottle of ready to use Passata (more below) and Tomato Purée. Both come packed with rich vivid red tomatoes. Great for pasta dishes and adding flavour to food.

*Hornsby’s last month I was really surprised to find a bottle of alcoholic beverage in my box. This month it’s a double surprise to find not one but two. I have never heard of Hornsby’s Apple cider. I tend to dislike everyday shop ciders as they remind me of being sick as a silly teenager. However these taste very different and much nicer being blended with other fruits such as pear and strawberry flavours.

*Kettle chips I am a big lover of kettle chips so was happy to see these in my box. Sweet Chilli is a new flavour and also happens to be a flavour I enjoy. Kettle chips are baked with 50% less fat than other regular potato chips.

* Finn Crisp:
A crisp bread made from whole grain. A handy recipe card accompanied this on my box. There is a recipe to make what looks a delicious cheesecake using the Finns Crispbread. I am very tempted to try making it

* Dr Oetker
You probably saw on my blog a big post on Dr Oetker goodies. Well I now have a new addition to my baking cupboard- A cake release spray. It’s not really an edible product by itself but it’s very useful to stop cakes from sticking and removes the need for greasing or lining tins. This too will help with the above mentioned cheesecake recipe.

* Elizabeth Shaw. I was not let down with my yummy chocolate fix this month. The new Flutes range are batons of chocolate with different fillings and flavours.

What we made
As always all the contents of my box came in useful. The Elizabeth Shaw flutes are just heavenly and I can’t stop nibbling at them. I’m surprised there are still a few remaining so far. Kettle chips are also great for snacking on and the Cawston Press can gives a refreshing drink. I will be attempting my cheesecake once my kids go back to school so I will post the recipe soon.
Anyway I put on my thinking cap and decided to make a very simple pasta dish. I defrosted some chicken fillets which I bought a few weeks back and forgot about (don’t worry still in date) and two items from my May Degustabox.


The Garofalo Pasta and Ciro Passata.
I lightly pan fried the chicken first and then oven cooked it for 35 minutes.With the pasta I simply boiled it and added the Passata. I sprinkled some mixed herbs in with it for extra flavour.


It was so easy to make and made a great lunch for us all.
I am looking forward to attempting the cake next.

Foodie pals May

Published May 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s the last day of May and once again time for my foodie pals reveal day.


For the third month in a row, one of my foodie pals was yet again over in Germany. Her name is Monique and she has a blog too.
My parcel came from Steph in Devon and her blog can be found here.
When I received my package I could smell garlic before I even opened it and I was not wrong as my package contained a large smoked garlic bulb. I am now looking for recipes so I can use it. Here are the contents so you can see what else I got this month.


As well as the garlic bulb. I also got some delicious chocolate munchy seeds which went down really well, Filberts nut mix, chocolate piglets which my kids loved and some delicious local jam.

Yet again another great parcel.

If you are interested in joining foodie pals for no cost at all then head to the Foodie pals UK site. Also check out the link up page to see what others got.


Published May 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Shampooheads is a family run business run by the Bell family.
I actually remember the product appearing on Dragons Den back in 2012.
They create a sell a very successful range of kids hair care products. The products are designed for children with an aim to make the child more aware of personal hygiene and hair care.
The 3 characters which appear on the product bottles are Annie, Rosie and Robert. The characters share the same names as the family children whom they are based on.

My 3 kids have happily been trying out a selection of the Shampooheads products.

Busy Bob bubble bath makes lots of fun safe bubbles. It gives our bathroom a lovely fruity blueberry aroma and it’s tear free so we don’t have to worry about sore eyes. The bubbles are also kinder to skin being hypoallergenic.


To get us really clean and smelling gorgeous without too much fuss, we have very handy 3-in 1 bottles. These special bottles contain shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one.
They come in the 3 awesome character flavours too. Busy Bob, Awesome Annie and Raging Rosie. As Busy Bob is a blue bottle, Ryan has claimed this for him self. The bottles are great for washing both hair and body. Little girls may require a little extra conditioning on their locks afterwards.


Shampoo heads also come in seperate shampoo and conditioner bottles too.
All the lovely products along with the very low prices can be found here .

Once the hair and body and washed and smelling nice and fruity clean. It’s time for brushing and styling. For long locks there is Awesome Annie detangler.

With a few little squirts this will detangle and smooth out unruly knots.

The spray is kind to hair as it contains vitamin B5. It is paraben free and has a lovely tropical scent. Here is Izebellas hair before and after using the spray.

It even works on grown up hair too and leaves hair soft and manageable.
It has a built in heat protection so would be good for older girls who use hair dryers or straighteners.

For the boys is Busy Bob Crazy hair gel>
. This gel gives boys the cool dude wet look. It holds those cool styles in strongly whilst remaining easy enough to wash out. Ryan loves styling his hair and often asks me to buy him gel so this came in very useful.

I think the Busy Bob character even looks a little like Ryan.


All of the ShampooHeads products and more, are available to purchase directly from the Shampooheads on line shop. Many of the products will also be on sale in Waitrose from this month.


Ravensburger Best of British: Frog & Trumpet puzzle

Published May 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I seem to be building up a nice collection of jigsaw puzzles thanks to Ravensburger.
Prior to blogging, I thought jigsaws were a little boring, but having sampled a few from Ravensburger I am getting a little addicted to them.

My latest one is part of Ravensburgers Best of British collection. Which is a collection of fun puzzles showing several traditional British themes and places.
The puzzle I have is The Frog and Trumpet pub .

I am really glad I chose this puzzle because it actually reminds me of my local pub. There is so much going on in the picture. All sorts of strange characters. People dining, a short dressed woman attempting karaoke (a little like myself ha), a big fat guy playing darts, rugby guy supping a pint, a guy at the snooker table, posh bloke in a suit reading a paper and even the owners dog. Totally chaotic just like most local pubs at weekend.

The puzzle contains 1000 pieces. The pieces are made with the soft click technology, meaning the pieces easily fit and lock together and do not bend or break like I find with some puzzles.

I have not completed this puzzle yet. 1000 pieces with 3 children to watch is no easy task, but I have started it and I find it rather relaxing in the evenings, to complete it bit by bit.
It’s not an easy puzzle. There is a lot going on in the picture and lots of very fine detail. Such as leaflets on the walls, bottles behind the bar and the pattern on the carpet. There are 20 or so characters in the picture, including 2 dogs and characters partially hidden so it’s a lot to be getting on with.
The end result will hopefully look like this.

This puzzle should be available in many good toy and puzzle shops and more information about this particular one can be found at Ravensburger

COMPETITION: Swim shorts for Dad

Published May 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Father’s Day will be here on June 15th, which also happens to be my birthday.

To celebrate Fathers day, Star Blu are giving away an amazing prize to one of my readers.

The prize is: A lovely pair of men’s Coral Swimshorts worth £55. The sizes start from small to XXXL. There is also an option to purchase the same pair of shorts for boys, so Father and son can have matching pairs.



The shorts come in a lovely turquoise and white colour and feature the endangered coral reef. They have a waterproof money holder in the back which is very useful for keeping cards and money dry and with you whilst swimming.
These shorts would be perfect for a holiday, day at the beach or even for a trip to the swimming pool. They will make a great Father’s Day gift for hubby, Dad or even Grandad.


If you fancy a chance to win these shorts either for yourself or for that special man in your life, then please follow these easy steps.

1) follow my blog, either by email, twitter, Bloglovin or Facebook (buttons on this page)

2) follow/like Starblu on FACEBOOK

3) finally as it’s Father’s Day: please write a short story (in the comment box) about something memorable/touching or funny about your Dad. This can be anything you like from a childhood memory to something recent.

(T&CS: Competition will end June 9th. I reserve the right to alter this date to coincide for Father’s Day shipments.
The prize will be sent directly from Starblu, therefore I have no control over despatch times or delayed/missing items.
The winner will be chosen at random and emailed a notification of their win. It is important to check spam/junk folders for such an email.
UK mainland entrants only and Entrants must be over 18 years old.
All 3 entry steps must be completed.)

Win competitions at – See more at:

Alphabet Project: C is for Crazy house

Published May 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

This is my weekly link up post for the Alphabet project at Podcast.

My house is both crazy and chaotic. I have 3 children who from getting up constantly moan, demand or make mess. I feel I am constantly tidying up after them, washing pots or washing clothes. My house rarely stays tidy for more than half an hour.
Sometimes it’s easier to give in to their demands rather than say no and put up with the moods and tantrums.
Then there is the fighting, the arguing and the not sharing, the pulling, pushing and sometimes pure nastiness. Yet once outside they protect each other like brother and sister should.
Despite all that they are my children and I love them dearly.



Published May 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Are you a blogger based in the USA?
Do you enjoy reviewing products, especially confectionery?
If you can answer yes to the above then please contact me or leave me a message here.
Churchills-confectionery are looking for US based bloggers to promote their confectionery products.
If you would like to get involved then leave a message or contact me.



Joe Browns Florian Cafe Dress

Published May 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Joe Browns was founded in 1998. They sell original and casual clothing for both men and women which won’t be found on the high street.
Many of their designs incorporate a very vintage twist, cleverly combined with modern elements.
The styles change regularly to match the season. You may recall last year I did a poston a beautiful Autumn dress. I absolutely love my Basil dress but the season is changing and it’s time for something more Summery.
Joe Browns contacted me once again to see if I would like to try something from their new Summer range. As I love wearing dresses I chose this Florian Cafe Dress

The dress is apparently inspired by a beautiful cafe found in Florence. The colour is infact duck egg; which to me, appears to be a mixture of subtle blue and grey, with perhaps the tiniest tinge of green. The dress has an approx length of 90cms with a ruffle skirt which falls just above the knee. The floral pattern on the dress is what makes it stand out.

When I first put the dress on I wasn’t too sure if it was really my thing or whether it looked ok. It is certainly different to what I usually wear. This dress certainly enhances the bust and makes them look bigger; at least in my opinion. The skirt is floaty and ruffled and therefore great for hiding away those mummy tummies like mine.
The sizes seem really generous and large so do not be tempted to go a size bigger than your usual size in this dress as it will probably be too big.
I like the colour, again it’s totally different to what I usually wear. I usually go for black, white or pink so it’s nice to try out something different.

After wearing it a few times, I am starting to like it a bit more. It too has a slight vintage twist to it and I would also say a hippy edge. It sort of reminds me of the whole “Summer of Love” theme being floaty, ruffled and colourful.
At £29.95 I would say it is certainly worth the cost. It can be worn for a casual Summers day or dressed up with a few accessories for a special occasion.

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