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Foodie pals June

Published June 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s another foodie pals reveal day today. They seem to come around so quickly don’t they?

This month my box went to Sally in London.
My box of goodies came from Caitlin in Cornwall.
Caitlin kindly sent me a mixture of local and international treats.

My package include some truffles, lemon bonbon type sweets, Cornish honey, a tin of travel sweets, Fruitbroo and some rather unusual American Horehound sweets.
I’m loving my sweet goods.


Join foodie pals UK here and look forward to a lovely box of edible goodies every month.
Free to join!

Win Nick Jr goodie bag #Oinkestra

Published June 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

The Oinkestra celebrations are almost here and Peppa pig will be celebrating a massive ten years on July 5th.
To celebrate this we were sent lots of goodies including table ware for a party and several musical instruments which we have been having fun making videos and more.


We are also giving away 3 goodie bags. The bags are full of some great toys from Nick Jr. Including a poster, soft toys, colouring book and crayons and some learning cards.



The competition for the goodie bags can be found on my Twitter page here
You simply follow and retweet to enter.

Good Luck

Win competitions at – See more at:

(T&CS competition ends July 5th. 3 winners contacted via twitter. UK ONLY)


Birds eye “pop up/ pay by picture” restaurant

Published June 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Last night (Thursday 26 June) I had the pleasure of attending the launch night of the Manchester Picturehouse restaurant.


The restaurants have been launched inline with the new Birds eye inspirations range. Restaurants across 3 venues (London, Leeds & Manchester) have been treating selected lucky diners to delicious new inspirations meals. Guests then settle the bill simply by taking pictures and uploading to twitter or Instagram. You can view the goings on via #picturehouse or #birdseyeinspirations.

The Manchester event took place on Canal Street in the famous Village area of Manchester town centre. I was allowed to bring with me a guest and chose my long time friend Julie.

We arrived at 8pm and shown to our table. The restaurant was decorated to high standard with ambient mood lighting. It felt very relaxed and was a nice atmosphere.
The staff were lovely and friendly. A small kitchen area could be viewed at the back of the room. Two huge screens were visible to all and this was so diners could upload tweets and Instagram pictures throughout the evening.


Each table was given their own iPad to take and upload photographs to Instagram. I also took a fair few on my own mobile.


The bread arrived in a rather cute brown paper bag. We were given a full bottle of wine of our choosing and fresh water was also available.



Our main course had 3 options. Fish, chicken and rice infusions. We both chose chicken. It did not take long to arrive and was beautifully presented on a bed of peas, sauce and vegetables. It tasted really good too. I had not eaten all day so was really looking forward to this.




Yes my plate was quickly empty. I took and uploaded many pictures whilst eating and drinking. Next onto dessert. The choice was strawberry or chocolate and we both went for strawberry. The dessert was again very nicely presented and was fresh strawberries with a very nice biscuit mix. Topped with ice cream.



After dessert we were given a lovely cup of coffee too.


Then our bill which most diners dread!

Well not in our case as our bill was zero thanks to Picturehouse allowing us to pay with the many photographs we took, both of our delicious food and of each other.


We had a really good night and did not pay a penny for our lovely meal or for the wine of which I consumed a fair bit.
To find out what everyone else thought go to Twitter and #picturehouse #birdseyeinspirations


And after our meal we met a few rather strange characters along Canal Street too.

Which I just had to share.



Published June 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Chattyfeet are fun funky socks that rebel against boredom. Designed by retro lovers of waffles, computer games and space dreams, the socks all come with weird and wonderful features.
The socks are produced in Portugal and come in many sizes to suit men, women, boys and girls and even the very young ones at 12 months old.

The socks all have their own names (rather strangely!) each one with it’s own face, colours and personality. All in all they are a fun novelty gift item and make a difference to plain boring cheap holey socks. (I mean socks with holes by the way. Not religious socks ha)
The socks are made with a soft combined cotton and they do feel quite nice and soft on the feet. With the present lovely heat wave I haven’t really been wearing socks much in the day but at night when I take my sandals off, the socks usually go on, just so my feet feel a little more comfortable and don’t get so dirty.

My socks are called Miko. Miko has pink hair and a smily face. Miko is actually a pirate and has lots of skull & crossbones images around her.

When on my feet these socks look like puppets. If each member of the family have a pair then you could easily do a silly puppet show, making them much more than just an old pair of socks.
This is mine and Jordannas feet. Each with a Miko sock on.

See how they chat to each other? Hence the name “Chattyfeet Jordannas foot looks much bigger on this picture than it really is, must be the camera angle.

The character face appears on both the under side and upper side of the foot. The socks are a good fit and feel comfortable on, no sweaty feet so far.

As well as this rather curious pair of socks for myself. I also got a much smaller pair for Izebella in a size 2-4 years. This is Prof. Brian Sox

A very clever and brightly coloured professor. Tho Izebella think he looks more like a monster as she says “RAAR” on socks.


The kids socks start from 12 months and cost £5 a pair and the adults £7 a pair. Socks always make a good gift when you don’t know what to buy and especially when it comes to men who always seem to end up wearing cheap looking horrible socks with holes in. These certainly are different. They have conversations with you.
If you don’t like them on your feet then put them on your hands as puppets like this.

She looks quite angry on this picture!

Buy your pair, and your kids at Chatty Feet I have a feeling these will be quite popular come Christmas time.

Degustabox June

Published June 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s time for another Degustabox reveal. My boxes always come on or around the 25th of each month so I always have something to look forward to around this date.
My box arrived yesterday with a smiling happy courier at my door. Prior to receiving my boxes I am always sent both a txt and email to confirm date and delivery time. If I know I’m not going to be home then this is not a problem as I can change the date or arrange to have it left with a neighbour.
I have been receiving the Degustabox subscriptions for a few months now. To see my previous box reveals, simply type Degustabox in the search bar on this page.

This months box was as always full of lovely treats, but it was especially surprised and pleased with one of the contents in particular. Look at the picture and see if you can guess which one.


Yes correct it’s the bottle of Lambrini just what I wanted. I love the stuff and this is the new fresh Summer flavour addition of Lambrini Strawberry. Perfect timing too as it came the day before my restaurant launch visit.


Also In the box were a few other drinks both alcoholic and a few milky delights too.


Esterella Damm is a beer which I don’t really drink myself. It will come in handy to give someone tho.
Be Fast are milk drinks and ideal breakfast on the go products. They are high in fibre and a good source of protein. They taste delicious too.

I was quite pleased to find a small carton of chocolate Shaken Udder in my box too. My surprise was short lived tho when Izebella decided to claim this for herself leaving none for me.


Junes box food items were Urban Fruit which is a new item to me and are bags of baked fruit snacks in various varieties. I imagine these being great for kids snacks and lunch boxes.
Bear Alphabites we have tried this yummy cereal a few times. It seems a healthier cereal for kids while still being tasty. I got a large box too not just a small sample pack.
Veetee is a microwaveable rice packet. In 3 varieties. It’s one of those large easy tray pouches that you can pop straight in and heat, no adding water, a fuss free rice which is great with curries.




As always there is a lovely packet of sweet chocolate goodies. Elizabeth Shaw flutes. Luxury milk chocolate combined with Amaretto and made into batons. Izebella won’t be getting these ha.


My final product from June Degustabox is from the Dr Oetker baking range. I am building up quite a collection of Dr Oetker goodies in my cupboard. This one is also a unique little gadget being a Madagascan Vanilla Grinder. Inside are vanilla pods and under the lid is the mill which grinds the pods. It can then be used as you please either in cakes, ice cream or sprinkled on drinks.
This was the most expensive product in the box costing £4.99 to buy separately.


If you have not read my other Degustabox posts and not familiar with the service- It runs as a subscription service and costs £12.99 per month. This price includes delivery to your door. If you add up the cost of everything in the box then this will far outweigh the price you actually pay.
Degustabox is full of surprise food goodies every month. You will not know what’s in your box until it arrives. I have found there is always something sweet such as chocolates or biscuits. Always a drink or two (sometimes alcohol), usually something you can bake or make with such as ingredients or sauces and savoury products which you can make and eat. The variety is great and it’s such low cost. You would be mad to say you don’t like this service.

You can join Degustabox by clicking here.
You can also find Degustabox on your social networks.


Get £3 off your first box
Use this code at checkout GJCEE



Meadow Kids

Published June 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I have been seeing lots of lovely posts from other bloggers about Meadow kids and was delighted to receive our own box of delights from them.

Meadow Kids are an online retailer with a range of books, toys and art sets aimed at pre-school and key stage 1 children. This caters for children ages 2-8 years. All their products are designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development. The products are all made in the UK.

Ryan is a little old for meadow kids products, being a big 10 years old but he still likes to join in with his younger sisters.
First a lovely book for Izebella.

The Lost Little Hedgehog Handpuppet book

A lovely book with hard sturdy pages, perfect for pre school children as the pages cannot be ripped. The story is of Henrietta Hedgehog who is lost and scared. When she gets frightened she curls up into a prickly ball.
The book is lots of fun as it has a very large hedgehog Handpuppet which I could put my hand in and Izebella loved it.



She even has a go of the puppet herself but must think it looks like a dinosaur as she says “Raarr” when it’s on her hand.

The book is bright and colourful with just the right amount of pages and wording for Izebellas age.

Fingerprint Friends

Fingerprint friends is a cute fun craft set. The box contains 2 pull out drawers containing all we need to make our own fingerprint creations. Ink pads, stamps, colouring pencils, books, cards, envelopes plus instructions and guides.


I was worried it may be messy but the ink washes off really easy and it’s so easy to do. By pressing fingerprints onto the ink pads, Jordanna was able to create lots of animals and other creations.



There was no mess at all really and it gives her something to do when it’s raining outside.

Alphabet Project: G is for girls

Published June 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I’m linking up with the weekly Alphabet project over at Podcast.
This week is the letter G

G is for girls of which I have two.

I should really have 3 girls but unfortunately my “would be middle girl” passed away at just 10 hours old. She came to soon at 23 weeks and one day. Her name was Keira.

I now have 2 girls. Girls are a mothers best friend. Girls are pretty and enjoy pink and fluffy things (at least mine do). I love buying them clothes and doing mum and daughter things.




I miss my other little girl and I really wish she was here too. I hope she is having a great time up in heaven.

I also have a “not so little” boy who I love just as much as my girls.

So G is for girls!

Sweet Summer treats with Creative tops

Published June 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Established in 1996, Creative Tops Ltd started life making just one product, glass work top savers with surface design.
Then in 1998 we began to manufacture lap trays and in no time at all the range grew to encompass a whole collection of co-ordinated products including; tablemats, coasters, trays, mugs, dinner sets, gift sets, textiles, kitchen accessories and much more.
The product range from Creative Tops can also be found at The English Table website.

I have been sent some lovely kitchen products from Creative tops. These products are designed for making lots of sweet Summer treats, cakes and biscuits.
I was sent products from both the Alice Kate and the Retro treats collections.

Kate Alice Collection
Kate Alice is a Northanptonshire designer who has created a stunning range of vintage inspired table wares and textiles.Her collection includes the following pieces from her Cottage flower range. The pieces all have a real vintage look, many with floral patterns which remind me of my parents kitchen and table wares when younger.

Embossed stoneware mixing bowl £20

This beautiful bowl reminds me of one my dad would use when I was younger. My dad was actually worked as a baker at one point and would often make cakes and cookies for us all. I remember his bowl being white, big and heavy, just like this one. I was really pleased to receive it as I have been relying on rubbish plastic ones until now. The bowl is decorated with an embossed vintage cottage flower design which goes all around the bowl. It is made from stoneware and has a dimension of 240x140mm. I can tell it’s excellent quality just by it’s weight as it is fairly heavy. It fits a lot inside it too.


Cookie Cutters

These are a fun little set of cookie cutters with a heart, star, circle and flower. We are going to have lots of fun making cookie shapes with these and they cost just £6.00.

Set of 2 tins
Also from the Kate Alice collection are these 2 cake/biscuit tins in Shabby Chic vintage style.

The two tins come together as a collection with the smaller biscuits tin fitting snuggly inside the cake tin when not in use.
These tins are perfect for cakes and cookies. I cannot count the amount of times I have made cakes for kids then realised I have nothing to put them in.
They look really classic and retro too and stand out in any kitchen.
Of course they are also useful for shop bought cakes and biscuits too or general food storage.
Dimensions: Large – 26.1 x 18.5 x 9.4 cms
Small – 20.6 x 15.4 x 8.3 cms

The tin set costs £13.00

Retro Treats
Retro treat range is another great selection of products from Creative Tops. These products give everything you need to create those favourite desserts and treats. Everything from mugs, jugs, ice cream cups, straws and sundaes.

Here are the products I am testing out.

Stoneware Sundaes

These remind me a little of something I enjoyed as a child. A tall cup like this filled with strawberries, cream and other delights. Tho I can’t remember the name of it. They also have the American diner look to them don’t they?
They come in both pink and yellow and will be loved by family members big and small.
They cost £6.99 each and measure 3.25″ (8.4cm) wide, 7.25″ (18.7cm) high.

Vintage straws

These straws are reminiscent of the 50s era. They are paper, not plastic and again have that vintage American diner feel. They make me think of old retro juke boxes.

Our Sweet Creations

I was sent Sundaes so that’s exactly what I made to begin with. I scoured internet sites looking for recipes and inspiration. There are many different types of Sundaes that can be made including chocolate, fruit and many more. When it comes to Sundaes you can really throw anything in that you like.
I had been given a big bag full of fresh strawberries. I then bought some nice biscuits, meringues, strawberry jam, and a tub of strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
I crushed up the biscuits, meringue and mixed in jam into my Kate & Alice Stoneware bowl


In the bottom of the Sundae cups I put a mini marshmallow tea cake. Then added a big scoop of the ice cream followed by a big scoop of the meringue/biscuit mixture, then some fresh strawberries.

I kept repeating the fillings over and over until the cup was full and then added the squirty cream and topping of Dr Oetker sprinkles and wafers.


I have to say I am quite proud how the end result turned out. My kids loved them. I was sent two Sundaes so they had one each and little Izebella had a bit in her bowl too. Unfortunately I was left with the tiny amount of left overs.




Choc chip cookies
Cookies are really easy to make. They require just a few simple ingredients which are usually found in most kitchen cupboards. Butter, sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate chips which all gets mixed together into a huge gooey mess and rolled out. Using the Kate Alice cookie cutters we were able to make lots of different shapes.

The cookies only take 20 minutes or so to bake. They are a very easy and cheap treat.

Once cooled they can be eaten or stored in a tin such as the lovely tins I now have as above.
I will now be making and baking lots more sweet treats and creations thanks to my lovely products from Creative tops
These products can be purchased via The English Table


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