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Published September 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I am very pleased to announce the names of 6 competition winners. Congratulations to you all.

Skulduggery Pleasant – Laura Pritchard

Milkshake stars DVD – Kim Neville

Don’t laugh game – Kim Carberry

Little Cracker Drinks – Christopher Read

Soy candles – Sheila Reeves

Sneaker light – Natasha Mairs

Lots more great competitions to come too!

Degustabox monthly reveal

Published September 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Last week my monthly Degustabox arrived. Here is a peek and all the lovely contents.


If you have not yet signed up for Degustabox then you should seriously consider it. It is by far the best subscription food box out there. £12.99 per month which includes delivery will get you anything from 9-15 surprise items in your box.

Degustabox can be found on social networks plus of course their own UK website. – website – Facebook – twitter

£3 off your box!
My reader offer code this month is 4784588. Enter at checkout for £3 off your box.

Now to tell you about all the great items I got in my box this month. Many of them were completely new to me and as with the other most recent box I have items both from the alcohol and non alcoholic boxes.

1) Jordan’s Granola

Did I mention that Degustabox don’t do tiny trial samples?? No Infact the majority of the produces will be normal size or bigger as in this case. A big bag of new Jordan’s granola, baked crunchy oats with honey. I don’t eat cereal myself tho my children do. I’m thinking natural yoghurt topped with this stuff, Mmm delicious. £2.69

2) Burts Lentil Waves

Never heard of these before tho obviously I have heard of the Burts company. 3 bags of different flavours in my box. A nice twist on the traditional crisps. (£2.07, 69p each)

3 Pick Up

Always a delight to find some sweet biscuits or bars amongst my goodies. These sweet sandwich biscuits are the product of the famous Bahlsen company and I have 2 delicious packets. (£3.38, £1.69 per pack

4) Crabbies Alcoholic Fruits/ Cloudy Lemonade

These drinks would have been split between the alcohol and non alcoholic boxes. Luckily I get to sample both. The cloudy lemonade has a twist of ginger and a strong fresh taste, it forms part of the Crabbies ginger beer bottle blends. The alcoholic fruit drink is just 4% alcohol and like a refreshing alchopop. Several flavours are available. £4.00

5) Carnation cook

Again another new product for me. It’s cream in a carton for use with savoury dishes. Sounds great for making a curry. Two in my box (£3.30)

6) Righteous

I had no idea what these were when I first spotted them. They are little pots of dressing or dips. 3 varieties, lots of flavour and healthy too as they are free from additives, preservatives and thickeners. They seem good for adding to salads and perhaps meat dishes to give a whole new flavour. (£2.19)

7) Elizabeth Shaw

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates and was happy to find some in my box. These are brand new Mint thins. They are decorated with crunchy mint sprinkles and the perfect coffee accompaniment. (£2.50

8) Little Miracles

Little miracles are a new drink which combines organic tea with fruit juice. I’m not normally a lover of cold or flavoured tea but I cannot really taste the tea part with these.
They also contain blends of ginseng and acai.
They are healthy drinks with less than 90 calories per bottle and sweetened with Agave. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.
These drinks can be found at Drink Little Miracles.
I enjoyed both flavours. Very refreshing for any time of day.
(£3.18) two in my box.

I have included prices above. The prices are what each item or group of same items costs to buy separately. I don’t even need a calculator to see just how much value you can get by subscribing to these boxes.
I love the Degustabox service and waiting for my surprise boxes each month. Then the unwrapping of the box itself and looking at what is inside as I have no idea until it arrives. I would highly recommend Degustabox to all my friends, family and blog readers.

To subscribe or try Degustabox visit

The Sticker Club

Published September 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

When I was a child, perhaps from 8 years old. I had a habit of sending off for things. Be it kids clubs, leaflets, packs. Stickers, books, kids catalogues I loved it. I loved waiting for the postman bring me my goodies. I guess sons things never change ha!

Some of those things were free, some I had to mother my parents for the odd few pence or a stamp and sometimes I’d use my pocket money. I think I ended up with a drawer full of useless bits and bobs but I just had a thing for receiving packages in the post (bit like now!)

Sadly these days for my kids things are a little different and gone are the many “kids stuff by post” places. It’s all been replaced with downloads and print outs which is not as fun. The internet however is a useful tool for finding the few kids clubs by post that are still around.

I came across The Sticker Club whilst browsing. This is a club aimed at kids and each week they send out yellow packets.


The packets of course contain several sheets of fun stickers. Most kids I know love stickers, my kids love them, even Izebella. Stickers are great for decorating note books, using on charts and even sticking on toys or walls (if mum and dad allow)
In our sticker pack we had 9 sheets of assorted stickers.

Each week will being different stickers and there are designs to suit both girls and boys of all ages. Here are some of the designs which may be in the packs.


The stickers come with several themes and characters.

The Sticker club have a special joining offer on at the moment of £1.99 per week. Yes it’s a subscription service but as always it can be cancelled any time. This price includes postage too.

It’s a shame there are not more of these types of postal clubs around for children like when I was younger tho I can imagine if there was it would cost me quite a lot as they would want them all.
Ryan and Jordanna are more than happy to split the stickers between them and decorate their books and things with them.

Birdseye Afterschool Chefs challenge

Published September 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.” and linking to

Now that my children are back at school I do find tea times particularly difficult and often with arguments. My two older children and Ryan in particular can be very fussy with their food. They often leave the majority of it or simply moan and say they don’t like this or that.
The whole teatime routine can also be hard. I collect them both from school at 3.20 tho on some days they have after school clubs and activities. It’s a 5/10 min walk from school and I’m often asked on the way home what’s for tea. That’s when the complaints start.
I get home and start preparing about 4ish. My children rarely offer to help. They have started scraping their dishes and putting them in the sink and Ryan will make the drinks for all 3 of them.
It is very rare that I get to sit down and eat with them. I would like to this more but always find there is something that needs doing , be it cleaning, laundry or something else. Izebella feeds herself very well but I am always around in the dining room with them, just not dining with them. I usually do not get a chance to eat until they are all in bed and sometimes not at all.

The lovely people over at Britmums asked if I would like to take part in a Birdseye challenge. All I had to do was describe our back to school tea time routine as above. I was sent £20 of Birdseye shopping to help with the teatime routine.
Off to Iceland I went and came back with all this.

I got – burgers, chicken crisps, pies, fish fingers, fish bites, chicken nuggets, waffles, inspirations, veg, rice. Lots for my £20.
Ryan will eat the majority of these products except for the rice and vegetables. Jordanna and Izebella will usually eat everything so it should be fuss free for a week or so.

I have been busy making some tasty meals thanks to Bird eye. The waffle burgers went down pretty well.

It’s really just one of the chicken crisp burgers sandwiched between 2 waffles then you can cover it with sauce or add salad.

Here, I think Ryan was trying to create a face for Jordanna using the Birds eye fish bites, Birdseye mash tags, Birdseye steamed veg and noodles for the hair. The face didn’t quite turn out but Jordanna still enjoyed it.

Chicken chargrill with mini waffles and additions of peas and spaghetti went down very well. I had to leave the peas off Ryan’s plate he is so fussy.

Ryan does however love his fish finger sandwiches.

No sauce, no salad just grilled fish fingers on 2 pieces of bread.

I love the new Birdseye inspirations especially the garlic and herb chicken.


Taste Japan!

Published September 29, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s another subscription box!!

I love subscription boxes. The anticipation each month not knowing what’s going to be inside the box. Could be something nice or could be something awful.
I also love sweets and especially trying new sweets.
Therefore combine the two and I’m in heaven.

Taste Japan is a monthly box of mouthwatering Japanese treats delivered to your doorstep for only £15/month!
It’s a selection of hand picked treats and candy a straight from Japan. Things we just cannot get here in the UK.

Here is what I got in my September package.


As you can see there is a lot there. 11 individual products in total.
Japanese candies and snacks really differ from what we can buy over here. First in the packaging which is much much brighter and colourful and really stands out. Obviously they are covered in Japanese writing but with Taste Japan you get a helpful guide explaining what each one is. They also differ in taste too and I find the snacks and sweets have far more flavour than the stuff we have.

The contents will change each month to give subscribers a wide variety of what Japan has on offer. The boxes will also contain seasonal Japanese goodies plus interesting info on Japan plus trivia and even competitions.

My box included a mixture of both sweet and savoury snacks. The first one we all tried is Summer Pocky. Pocky is I believe a popular Japanese snack and is essentially biscuit sticks dipped into chocolate. The ones we have are Acai & Berry flavour and are very nice and fruity.


The Nameko snacksremind me a little of chocolate cereal but more lighter and puffier. They are chocolate flavour corn puffs and appear to be mushroom shaped.


Also some Juicy Colour ball & Suppai une goyoushin both of these being gummy candy.


A few little Marshmallow treats (Marshmallow Daifuku) and a cookie snack which has a very long name.


The Japanese are quite well known for selling sweet kits which you have to make yourself. There was one included in my box too (Horadekita DIY Lolly which was really just lollies to dip. No photograph as kids ate before I could take one.

Now the savoury selection which I have to say are quite unusual when it comes to flavours.

cabbage taro & Wasabi Nori
That’s cabbage corn puffs and a Wasabi seaweed snack. Very strange! The cabbage puffs were not too bad but I was not too keen on the Wasabi one.
Finally there was a Mixed Tsunami a tidal wave combo of popular Jap Snacks.

The package of goodies was enjoyed by all. If you want one of these then head over to Taste Japan. You can pay with paypal and the £15 even includes shipping too.

Matt Hatter Chronicles 3D Puzzle

Published September 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

“Already established as a firm favourite on Nickelodeon and CITV amongst 6 – 9 age children, Matt Hatter Chronicles is a pulse-pounding adventure comedy series appealing to the hidden hero in us all. To save our world and the gateway to a different dimension, the Multiverse, Matt must battle and capture infamous Super Villains from Movie, Myth and Legend. The programme revolutionizes TV viewing with its state of the art ‘Multivision’ animation (3D without glasses!) and his Multivision Specs make Matt the best Hatter Hero ever.


The Matt Hatter 3D puzzle we have is a 200 piece jigsaw. I would say 200 piece is a good size for me. I get frustrated and bored sometimes doing the larger puzzles but even this one presented quite a challenge.
The puzzle comes with some rather funky 3D Matt Hatter glasses too.


The 3D glasses are for use once the puzzle is completed.

There are I believe 4 different puzzles in this collection and 2 of them have 500 pieces. Each one shows a different scene or set up from Matt Hatter chronicles.
I particularly like the puzzle we have. As Ryan told me it shows Matt Hatter his self along with his friends Rosie and Gomez.

We first attempted the jigsaw by trying to connect the straight edged side pieces but this proved difficult as they all look the same. We then built the characters one by one. This seemed the easier way.



Then connected the characters together and completed the inbetween and side bits.



The finished puzzle is very colourful and bright. The characters have a lot of detail and when the 3D glasses are put on it kind of all jumps out at us.
The pieces seem fairly strong and sturdy like they are made from quality card rather than cheap stuff. The puzzle probably took 3 of us about 2 hours. A little frustration and head banging along the way but we got there in the end. Only for little Izebella to come along minutes later and pull it apart!!

The puzzles come with an RRP retail price of £12.99 each. Argos and Amazon being the main stockists but they will probably be available in many good toy and puzzle retailers too. They are aimed at children ages 6-9 but even I found it slightly difficult.

WWE Stackdown Starter Pack from Flair

Published September 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy


The WWE Stackdown starter packs are part of the collection of construction toys at Flair. There are 4 different stater packs to collect, each one costing £9.99 and aimed at children aged 6 and over.
The sets need to be built up and contain several pieces of construction to build and join together.


Ryan’s set is the High flying Sin Cara it contained 92 pieces which includes a 5.7 Kofi Kingston figure, ladders, chains, banner pieces. The figure has multiple points of articulation along with a title belt.

Ryan seemed quite excited when he returned hind from school and saw the kit waiting on the table for him. He loves construction toys and has had several different construction sets throughout his years.
It certainly gives him something to do for a while other than play computer games.

It did not take him long to complete it. Maybe half an hour. The kit came with easy follow instructions showing clear pictures of what part goes where.


Once fully assembled the figure will hurl through the ring with the flick of a finger.


The full range of WWE toys and kits can be found here

Touched by spirits

Published September 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I know it’s late but had to share.
Tonight I went to a psychic night in Bolton at the Grosvenor casino.
The medium was Louisa Marie.
I was not expecting much. Nothing in the first half. Then the second half began and she pointed to my table where only me and my friend sat.

My grandmother came through. What the medium said was spot on. A few things didn’t mean much at the time but after speaking to my mum and looking at pictures it seems she was correct about everything.

I feel both happy and overwhelmed. Maybe a little strange too.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing as I know not everyone believes.
I am glad my grandma is happy and together with my grandad.

Here they both are.


NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse & 45% off code

Published September 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

NKD SKN is the latest tanning product range from Vita Liberata.

The NKD SKN collection comes with a choice of 5 products. Each one being designed to give a glowing party girl natural tanned look.
There is a tanning liquid, Matte instant wash off tans and Tinted tan mousse which is what I have been testing out.


The bottles are 100ml in size and in a choice of medium or dark tan. I was also sent a tan mitt for application too.

I was not too keen on the packaging to begin with as it shows the very slim and toned body of a lady in what looks like a sexy swim suit. I think this could be a little off putting, but it’s the product inside that really counts.

The bottle has a easy pump action nozzle and the solution comes out as a light foamy mousse. I have the medium one and when it comes out it does look quite dark.



There is no smell to this mousse at all. No perfume or nasty fake tan smell. It goes on easily and is easy too see where it’s not been applied. A little seems to go a long way and it dries instantly- no stickiness or greasy feeling.

I always apply my tan after a bath and exfoliating and then view the results the next morning. This product gives some instant visible results immediately after applying. However it is best to let it fully develop for a good few hours.


I am really happy with the results. No patchiness, no streaks and no smell. Looks just as good as the real thing which is pretty impossible to achieve in this country at this time of year.

The tan application can last for up to 7 days and seems to fade off evenly rather than in patches, making a re application much easier.

Best of all it only costs £14.95.


NKD SKN are offering my readers a massive 45% off any NKD SKN PRODUCT. That’s almost half price and an amazing offer I am sure you will agree.
The code to use is BIZZI45 and the code is valid until 15/10/14.

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