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Baylis & Harding Beauticology

Published November 28, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Baylis & Harding has just launched a new bath, body, hand and fragrance collection – Beauticology Fruits. With its amazing fragrance combinations, including “Mango & Mandarin” , “Strawberry & Pomegranate”, “Coconut & Lime” and “Pink grapefruit & Raspberry it brings fruity fun to your daily beauty routine!

I love relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a busy day once my children are in bed and taking a relaxing break from my worries if only for half an hour. I love pampering myself with gorgeous smelling quality products and I love the Baylis & Harding brand. I have some lovely new products from the new Beauticology range and I also have something of each fragrance top meaning I get to smell very fruity once I'm done.

Everything I have here, I am able to use together as my bath care/pampering routine. To start with I use my very big bottle of Bath & Shower cream in Mango & Mandarin. This is a really big bottle being a huge 750ml. It smells just like a sweet orange juice with lovely zesty aromas. I pour a little under a running tap to give me a lovely fruit bath full of creamy bubbles.

The pump action nozzle helps to control the amount that comes out and of course prevent spills and mess.


Whilst in the bath I then use my Gently Exfoliating Shower scrub and this one is in Strawberry & Pomegrantate fragrance. I never understand why these products state “bath or shower” as they can obviously be used in either.

This one is oozing with strawberry essence. I'm not too suet what a pomegranate smells like so unsure if I smell this too. To use I simply message into skin, all over my body and then rinse off.


Once cleaned and dried its time to apply my Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry. Now I do feel poor body butters sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to gifts and often become unused items stored in a cupboard. I think this one is extra special. I absolutely love the fragrance and can smell a mixture of both the fruits. The cream itself it's soft and whipped and dries fairly quickly on. It makes me smell so nice after applying it and helps to soften my skin too.


After the body butter treatment comes a Frgrance Mist in Coconut & Lime. This is not really a product I have used much before. I obviously use perfumes and deodorant and this seems to be something that falls inbetween. This can obviously be used anytime of day just to freshen up. It contains moisturisers and works to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. This is also something that could be popped in a bag and taken to work. Just like deodorant or perfume.


Finally afte all the picking up bottles and spraying, my hands may be feeling a little worn and tired. Busy hands often get neglected and it's hands that do a lot of work. This Hand Cream also in Coconut & Lime contains vitamin e and provides my tired hands with triple moisturising treatment. It helps with dryness and helps to prevent skin cracks as well as making them smell really good.


All Baylis & Harding products are paraben free and the products can be found in various stores selling beauty products. Boots, Debenhams, tesco, House of Fraser, Sainsburys and Amazon all stock a selection of the products. Prices do vary and more information can be found at the Baylis & Harding website.


Tales of the “Grumpy cat” and my “Surprise Gift” from Firebox

Published November 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Don't you just love Firebox? Sellers of quirky. unusual, hard to find and quite rare fun gifts and gadgets. Hopefully my readers were amazed by my mystical creature transformation last week with the aid of a Magicorn hood. Well now I have something a little different and something rather cute, cuddly and fluffy.


How irrestible is this cuddly cat puppet. Adorable in every way. When I saw this “Grumpy Cat Puppet” on a picture, I knew I just had to have one. Now I consider myself fairly internet savy and up to date with the trends etc etc, but what I did not know is that this cute puppet is actually a fairly famous internet star known as Tadar Sauce! Tadar who?? You may ask? Yeah my thoughts exactly I had never heard of this cat. So off googling I went and here is what I got…

(Tardar Sauce (born April 4, 2012), better known by her Internet moniker “Grumpy Cat”, is a cat and Internet celebrityknown for her grumpy facial expression. Wiki)


So there you go that's who this cat puppet is based on, and I learn something new every day!

I do think my puppet looks very much like the original cat. The colourings are the same as are the grumpy looking features which I read is apparently caused by feline dwarfism.

Despite her obvious grumpy features I do think she is still a cute cat. Both the real thing and my little fluffy puppet.

The puppet comes with the trademark upturned mouth and apathetic eyes just like the real moggy herself. It is a hand puppet and therefore has a big hole underneath to put hands up and wiggle the mouth about to change the facial expressions. No matter what we try the puppet still stays grumpy but in a very cute way. It also makes a good cuddly bedtime pet too

Izebella seems to have taken a shine to this fluffy cat. From the moment it came out of the box she wanted it. I now find it curled up next to her most of the day. She even tries it feed the thing.

This cute little critter can be purchased from Firebox for £19.99. It measures 25.5cms high.


My Firebox fun does not end here though because I was also asked if I would like a surprise gift too. After a long thought of all but 10 seconds I agreed to take on this surprise gift. All I had to do was submit a photograph of myself. I therefore sort of knew it would be a photo gift of some sort. I submitted a rather goodies picture of myself at my sisters wedding last year and held my breath.
My mind fluttered between key rings, calendars, mouse mats (does anyone actually use those these days!) even a T-shirt or a magnet, but no I was wrong, very wrong. Here is what arrived.

My first thoughts?? Just what is it meant to be!

It felt soft, floppy and squishy. Brains thinking of those mouse mats once again. Maybe it’s a pillow, a toy, a stress board (like the old stress balls!) a new dart board even?

Then I found a note saying “Face flump” but no still none the wiser. It should of jumped up and hit me in the damn face. Totally clueless still. Hmm was certainly having a blonde moment!!

Just what do I do with it. I pick it up and the sweet aroma of vanilla hits me. Then it clicks like a Eureka moment, Flump as in edible marshmallow. Those squishy fat worm like things that I love! I dig deeper into the box and find a list of ingredients- sugar, vanilla etc. yes this is a massive flump with me on it. A big marshmallow just waiting to be eaten by all in my household so yes my kids will eat my face ha!

I never thought I could taste so good. I never thought eating myself would be such an enjoyable experience had by all.

The big flump of me is very sweet and sugary. Certainly not something I could manage to eat all by myself and I made sure my lovely children brushed their teeth thoroughly after consuming my face. Probably best kept in the fridge too whilst consuming and in the wrapper as it can get ever so slightly sticky.

I think this has to be without a doubt the most bizarre photo gift i have ever seen so far. Makes me wonder who came up with the crazy idea of the Face Flump. It's a fun novelty idea to have a huge flump of yourself and watch others eat you.

This is the sort of fun gift I can imagine being bought out after Christmas dinner. Dad sat there awaiting his Christmas trifle but instead wife brings out a Face Flump of dad with an embarrassing photograph from Christmas last year. Picture old dad in his wooly jumper, reindeer ears and a little merry on the whiskey, or even … God forbid dad half naked with a Christmas apron. Would anyone eat that; One wonders! Would certainly make a great party piece tho.

Checkout Firebox for more great gift ideas.






















I never thought I could taste so good. I never thought eating myself would be such an enjoyable experience had by all.


The big flump of me is very sweet and sugary. Certainly not something I could manage to eat all by myself and I made sure my lovely children brushed their teeth thoroughly after consuming my face.


It's a lovely novelty idea to have a huge flump of yourself and watch others eat you.



Checkout Firebox for more great gift ideas.


Didriksons kids Vinson Parka

Published November 27, 2014 by Bizzimummy

The cold weather is here and warmer jackets are needed. Jordanna has a lovely warm new coat thanks to the people at Didriksons


This is the Vinson Parka and Jordannas coat comes in a beautiful amethyst colour. There are several other colour choices available. This coat comes with many features including a fully detachable hood and a detachable fur trim on the hood. Adjustable cuffs, chin guard and reflective strips on the hood, back and sleeves to keep them safer in the dark. It also has extendable sleeves. The extendable bit is a hidden seam inside the sleeve which can be cut away as the child grows.



Jordannas coat arrived in a large box. However on opening I noticed it was a size smaller than what I would usually buy and did worry it may be too small. (Probably my fault for requesting the wrong size). Luckily Didriksons outerwear is made to last and made to grow with the child and therefore it does fit her.

I love the colour of the coat on Jordanna. I think it really suits her and even enhances her sweet little face.

Jordanna tells me the coat keeps her very warm whilst she is out. It keeps her dry too when raining as it's completely waterproof. She has two big pockets, one on each side of the coat to put hands or items inside and these fasten with press stud buttons.

The hood is quite large and again very warm. There is a fur trim attached to it but this can easily be removed by way of buttons if not wanted.

The coat fastens with a zipper which zips right the way up under the chin but the chin guard prevents the zip from irritating or marking. There are also press stud buttons along the side of the zip for a more secure and warmer fastening.

The Vinson Parka seems extremely well designed and thought through with young ones in mind. It appears to have all the features of a good quality winter coat which most parents would expect. It keeps Jordanna very warm and dry and should be enough to keep her snug this winter, whatever the British weather should decide to throw our way.


The Vinson Parka from Didriksons comes with an RRP of £75.00 and UK stockists can be found on the Didriksons website. I did a little googling and found the Parka on a few websites for less than the RRP.

Simply Piste £65

Little Trekkers £57.79

A google search of Vinson Parka will also bring up many UK stockists. As the Parka comes with extendable sleeves, it is guaranteed to last a good few years.
Didriksons is fast becoming the must have brand when it comes to getting the kids into clothes that will keep them warm and dry and they can happily play outside whatever the weather. Parents choose Didriksons because they know the kids wont complain about the cold and wet and kids choose Didriksons because they love wearing the designs which not only look stylish and cool, but are cut to allow maximum freedom of movement.


This final photograph was taken in the dark outside with the camera flash on and you can clearly see where the reflective strips are on her arms. It looks as tho she is holding two lights.


Polagram photo gifts

Published November 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Polagram is an award winning app available to both apple and android users. It allows users to print photos directly from a mobile device and also order a selection of beautiful photo gifts.

The app itself is free and details of downloads can be found here. The selection of photo gifts includes prints, photo books and calendars. As it's already an app, it means it's extremely mobile friendly meaning no flash player notifications and no need to transfer photographs to a laptop.

I have photo books already but not one with newer photographs in so this is what I created. These photo books allow for 26 individual photographs and a large photograph is placed on each page. The front page of the book which is hard backed displays 9 of these photographs in smaller format.

There is also space to write text too.

The photographs turned out really well. I like the fact that there is just one picture per page it makes them look clearer and not cluttered.

I love my photo books I find them so much better than photo albums where I have to mess about putting photographs in. With the photo books I dint need to as they arrive as books with the pictures on the paper.

The prices on Polagram are in Euros as I think they ship the products anywhere. PayPal is the payment method and the photo books cost €24.90. My book was very easy to make and once made I was kept up to date with delivery information. It took about a week to arrive.

I was so impressed with how easy the app is to use that I also ordered a second product from Polagram. The Giftbox!

The Giftbox is just that. A little Giftbox which is full of memories. Inside the box are 36 photographs of my choosing.

The photographs come as Polastyle or Polaroids, remember those expensive cameras which could produce your photo within minutes of it being taken back in the 1980s? I used to long for one for one of those cameras!

I have albums full of baby photographs of Ryan and Jordanna. Digital cameras on mobiles were still fairly newish 10 years back so I did print many pics back then. Nowadays the majority stay in the digital universe so I do not have that many actual printed photographs of Izebella. I decided therefore to do a birth to now gift box of Izebella, starting with the first picture minutes after her delivery, until now.

I have tried to include a photograph for each month of her life so far with special occasions and milestone pictures thrown in too. The gift box is small so can just stay on a display stand or fireplace, no doubt many visitors will be dying to know what's inside. In another 2 years I may just have to make another set.

The Giftbox is just €15.90 and again really easy to make. It's simply a case of choosing and uploading the photographs and making the gifts. Then add details and check out. Simple as that.


Get 15% off any product using code BIZZIM15 at checkout


What On Earth!

Published November 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

The What On Earth series are a collection of 5 sticker books which cover a selection of educational topics- History, Nature, Sport, Science and Shakespeare. Each one contains over 100 stickers and a huge 1.7M timeline.

Ryan has the “History” sticker book which coincidently is also one topic which he seems fascinated by.

Like most children his age and younger, he loves stickers and sticker books and already has a few of them, but this one is different as it’s also educational rather than just a case of putting stickers where they belong.

The front pages contain all the stickers of which there are 6 pages in total. Each page represents a continent and has stickers resembling people, animals, items or places from that particular continent. Europe for instance has William Shakespeare sticker and the Americas have Barack Obama.
The sticker images seem very detailed and clear and the stickers themselves are fairly big in size and easy to peel off.
As well as the continents there is also a “Natural History” page also full of stickers such as dinosaurs and plants

Then comes the timeline which believe me is huge. I had to stand far back to get it all in this shot.

The length of the timeline along with the book is actually bigger than myself lay out next to it.
This timeline is really very informative. There is lots of useful information and facts along the length of it as well as the hundreds of empty sticker spaces just waiting to be filled with all the stickers.

It starts as far back as 350 million years ago, known as the “Cambrian” age and ends 2015 so next year. It takes us right through all the eras and ages from how the sun was created , bacteria, dinosaurs, first animal life, then Neanderthals right to modern day humans.

There’s also various famous building and monuments, famous events and famous people from history and present day.

Once all the stickers and placed and the timeline is completed it can be pulled out and stuck on a bedroom wall tho it will need a fairly big wall as its huge.
It will be very useful for history homework and online kids competing I think.

These books come from What On Earth books and are aimed at children aged 3 and over. They can be purchased separately for £6.99 or as a gift pack for £25.00.
via PressSync

Competition: Yumbles

Published November 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Yumbles is …a marketplace connecting food lovers with the UK's best independent food and drink producers.

Yumbles mission is to enable everyone to discover and enjoy the abundance of innovative and delicious foods produced by passionate, talented people.


To celebrate the launch of their new Christmas shop, Yumbles sent me over one if their Ellie Chocolate gift Jars.

There are 6 jars in total to choose from and in 2 sizes – 200g and 250g.

The jars all contain handmade exquisite artisan Belgian chocolates which have been infused with a variety of dried fruits and edible flower petals. The following flavours are available.

  • Dark Chocolate Rose and Figs
  • Milk Chocolate Banana and Toffee
  • Dark Chocolate and Lavender
  • Dark Chocolate Orange and Cranberry
  • White Chocolate Strawberry and Blueberry


There is also the option to have a jar of mixed flavours too. I chose the Banana and toffee and they were really nice. The chocolate itself is not flavoured it's more added pieces to the chocolate rather than a chocolate flavour. They come in reusable tough plastic jars and my chocolates were in the shape of circular discs, very thick chocolate and very tasty.

The jars start from £8.50 for the smaller 200g size and this includes free delivery. More information on these jars can be found here. You can of course also win one here too.



Yumbles are giving away one of these chocolate jars to one of my readers. The winner will get a choice of flavour. All you have to do is enter by…….


The competition is open to residents of the UK and will end December 16th.


Toddle bike

Published November 25, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Many parents are familiar with balance bikes for young children. Balance bikes are generally suited to 3 years and over and are a pre big bike ride on. What I never knew until recently is that there is also a pre – balance bike which is called a Toddlebike.

Toddlebike originates in Belgium and was bought to the UK by mum Jo Hockley. They are aimed at very young toddlers who can walk but are not quite ready for a balance bike. Toddlebikebis made from tough durable plastic and is extremely lightweight, weighing under 1kg. The mini bikes come in a choice of 3 colours Primary, Neon and Pink. It's not hard to guess which one Izebella has. Yes she has a pink one which seems to be her favourite colour at the moment. Everything pink!

I was really happy to find the Toddlebike already assembled in the box. I hate nothing more than having to build things up from scratch with shoddy instructions. This came straight out of the box and ready to ride. I did wonder if it may be too small for Izebella on first glance but I think I was underestimating how small Izebella is too. It's perfect for both her size and age.

The bike, although very small and lightweight seems extremley tough and durable which I guess it needs to be given that it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in any type of weather. All the parts are tough hard plastic and seem designed well enough to cope with the majority of bumps and crashes which Izebella will no doubt put it through in its lifetime.

It's a very cute looking vehicle isn't it? Probably one of the cutest little bikes I've ever seen.


Izebella needed no prompt nor instructions for this bike. Like a bolt of lightening she was on it the moment her big blue eyes caught sight of it. She goes forward, she goes backwards, she reverses and turns all by herself. She holds the handles with feet on floor and happily pushes herself around the house.



There is a seat on the bike but many children start off by sitting on the crossbar and gradually move to the seat. Izebella seems to do whatever takes her fancy at that present time and does a combination of crossbar and chair. Sometimes she gets a little silly and tries to sit on it backwards too. We have taken the bike outside too but up to now just on our front and back gardens as it's a little cold and too dark to venture out too far on it just yet. When it starts to get warmer I will be taking the bike to our local park where she can happily ride and walk rather than being sat in a buggy.

As you can see by her face. It's smiles all round for her new bike. She rarely wants to put it away.

With it being so light it means she can also carry it about herself too such as down the step on the door. She rarely lets me help her do anything, very independent and carrying her new toddle bike is no exception. “Me carry it mummy” she will often say.

As the Toddlebike is so small, it makes it very easy to store away. I place it in my under stair cupboard at night but it easily fits under any dining table too and could also be stored outside in a shed or under a cover.

Toddlebike is suitable up until about 3-4 years old and then it's time to swap for either a balance bike or the real thing with stabilisers. Once Izebella outgrows her toddle bike I am sure she will want to keep hold of it and maybe push her dolls or teddies around on it.


Toddlebikes cost £23.95 each and this includes free shipping. Toddlebike can be purchased directly from the Toddlebike online shop where more information can also be found. What a great little durable ride on toy this is for toddlers everywhere. Would make a great Christmas gift and needs no batteries or assembly and small enough for even the smallest of houses and flats.





I have not been sponsored in any way to write this or any of my posts. the opinions and wording are all mine, please see my disclaimer for more information

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