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Oz Naturals Facial serum

Published January 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I’m all for beauty products that claim to give healthier skin and have been testing out 2 facial serums from the Oz Naturals Beauty range.

The first is the Hyaluronic acid serum. When I first saw the name of this brain went into funny mode thinking of Hydrochloric which of course would melt my face off but this (although spelt similar) is a different product entirely.

This serum also contains many other natural products including aloe and witch hazel and is infused with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is suitable for Vegans and designed to plump and hydrate dull skin as well as filing lines and wrinkles and thus helping with the ageing process.

Next is the Vitamin C serum containing 20% vitamin C and similar ingredients to the other serum.

This one is designed to brighten the skin, give a youthful glow, fade out dark spots and even out the skin tone and texture.

I have been using both serums on a daily basis now for about 2 weeks. Facial serums are not a product that I particularly used much previously but I have noticed a difference in the way my skin feels since using them. It’s a lot softer for a start and free of dry spots. I have not had any adverse reactions since using these and no spots or pimples. I am quite lucky to look young for my age anyway so I cannot comment on the youthful/ageing process part and this would probably be a long process with continual use rather than a miracle effect.
My skin feels softer and smoother which I think in turn would help with aging.

I use the serums twice a day. Always before applying make up and then at night before bed. There is no reason why they cannot be blended together and applied in one go or can be used separately.

Both the serums come in 30ml glass bottles with dropper applicators. In a way they look like something you would find in a beauty lab and certainly have a very upmarket appeal to them.

The serums inside are clear liquids so it’s pointless trying to get a photograph of the liquid itself. I find the best way to apply is to squirt a few drops into my hand a gently rub into the skin on my face. It’s a nice cool feeling and the liquid dries and blends in very easily.
I will be continuing to use these products as I enjoy the way my skin feels after use.

Oz Naturals products can be purchased on Amazon. The Vitamin C serum for £15.95 and The Hyaluronic serum for £24.99.

More information on Oz Naturals products can be found on their website

Competition (& review) Gousto Food Subscription

Published January 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Gousto is a food subscription service bringing fresh ingredients and produce to doorsteps across the UK.
Each week a new selection of dishes will be available on the website to choose from. The meals include a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Subscribers then choose 3 meals they want and a big box full of fresh ingredients arrives at the door.


With the ingredients comes the recipe cards which give easy to follow instructions and images. Everything is provided including the meats, veg, sauce, vinegars, spices etc and everything is measured out correctly making the meal preparation extremely easy and less messy.


The subscription starts from £34.99 with options for 2-4 people. The ingredients are top quality and sourced from UK suppliers. Everything is individually packed with clear instructions and use by dates.

The meals even take children into account. Many of them contain some sort of vegetable but this is kept minimal as are the hot spices.

These past few days I have been enjoying home cooked amazing meals from my Gousto box. I had a meat box and without Goisto box and instruction cards I would not have had a clue how to go about making any of these.

Waldorf style Chicken

Processed with Moldiv

Hoisin Pork

Processed with Moldiv

Steak and Chips


I found the meals really easy. The instructions very clear and I was not confused not stuck on any of it. Everything I needed was in the box and clearly labelled. All of my meals involved making a little sauce or marinade or dressing which is something I very rarely do, it’s so easy tho. The meals are also very healthy and its always a bonus to know exactly what has gone into it. It makes me think I should be making more meals from scratch myself rather than relying on processed.

More information on the Gousto service is available on the Website and now it’s your chance to win a Gousto box for yourself.


The winner of this competition will receive a Gousto box with either meat or vegetarian meals of that week. The competition will run for one week and will end on February 6th (Friday). One winner will be contacted by email. Open to UK residents only. Please check Gousto website as there are certain remote areas where they are unable to deliver to.



Win competitions at – See more at:

Photo Chopping Board

Published January 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I’m having a strange few months trying to find unusual photo gifts, I have come to the bizarre conclusion that there is very little that cannot be personalised with a photograph embedded into it somewhere. Take a browse through my blog to see what I mean. Literally everything that we can buy as a gift can now be personalised with a photograph and it now seems it doesn’t just stop at small gifts either but rather home and kitchen accessories and essentials.

This here may just look like a fancy photograph ready to be hung but it is actually a glass chopping board.


Yes my 3 Angels are about to have all sorts of food bits and particles thrown over there faces. Not literally but rather on the photograph of their faces. Perhaps I should have put the ex on one of these next to a sharp chopping knife instead!😊, but it’s a pretty impressive piece of kit.

These chopping boards are made tough to withstand huge amounts of chopping. They are made with durable tempered glass and I find it fascinating how they can get photographs onto these.


The photograph is fitted underneath rather than on top meaning it won’t wear out or fade away no matter what gets chopped on it or how often. Non slip rubber feet on the corners prevent slips, which would be rather dangerous should it slide whilst holding a big knife.


The board measures a fairly impressive 30 x 40 x 0.5 cms so plenty of room for plenty of food.


I will say one slight negative thing about it and that is that I have found chopping quite noisy on this. There is a bit of a scraping noise but maybe I’m chopping wrong, who knows. It doesn’t bother me too much and the glass board is strikingly impressive, it looks much too good to chop food on.


And now for the cost!

They are only £18.99 each. I expected it to be much more. It would be a lovely gift and perhaps an idea for Mother’s Day which is not too far away .
They can be purchased from Photo Panda along with a huge array of other photo gifts and products. The ordering process is extremely easy and the website is even mobile friendly which is always a welcome bonus.


Get 20% off any product at Photo Panda use code BLGTWBM

Funky animal luggage at Picture Case

Published January 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Traveling with children can be daunting and there is probably nothing worse than standing there with screaming toddlers trying to spot your suitcase when it comes down the belt at an airport. So many cases look the same and especially the small black ones.
Picture Case have bought out a cool funky selection of luggage and travel accessories designed especially for children and named The Cuties and Pals


The Cuties and Pals are 8 animal characters all with bright, bold and very colourful designs and each with their own character. It is very unlikely that one of these would be lost at the airport.


Little Izebella’s face lit up like a picture when she saw the ladybird case. The ladybird character is called “Polka”. This case is huge almost as big as Izebella herself.


It’s a hard shell case and it comes as 2 sizes. The bigger one being 17″ and smaller 13″. There is a lot of room and space inside, including a big zipped compartment. I think this case would easily hold a weeks worth of things for Izebella or Jordanna.

Processed with Moldiv

The case comes with both a carry handle and a pull out trolly handle tho Izebella has not quite got the hang of how to pull it properly just yet.



I love the fab see through wheels on this too!


The fun does not end there either because inside our ladybird case was another surprise. Just look at this!


Yes it’s a big yellow Chick! “WOW” says Izebella!.


This is Chico the Chick. Chico also comes as a case too and a backpack which is what we have here. All the characters come as cases and backpacks and a full set of matching characters can be purchased together. It’s nice to have 2 different characters to see tho.


The backpack is also strong and durable and has a hard outer shell a little like the case, adjustable straps for the shoulder so it can be carried like any other backpack. These would be excellent for toys and small things to take on a plane so a child has their own hand luggage.


Izebella along with Jordanna and Ryan are fascinated by the luggage characters and have really been giving them a thorough test out. They have put stuff in them, opened, closed them multiple times, walked with them, carried around the bag, sat on them, sat inside them and generally not stopped touching and playing with them since they arrived. I think it’s fair to say that they have been child tested and passed the test. Both the case and the bag are very strong and durable, even the material inside is strong and very well stitched. The case can hold a fair amount of clothes and toys and is easy enough to pull via the trolly handle.
I am looking forward to taking them on a proper holiday or weekend away as I think Izebella is convinced they are just for her to play with.


A 17 inch case and backpack set together costs £69.99. The case alone is £49.99 and the backpack £24.99 available in 8 characters. Optional accessories are available for certain characters. Buy directly from
Picture Case

Bernard Matthews Turkey Chunks Challenge

Published January 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Being a family panel member for Bernard Matthews means that I will be taking part in many mealtime challenges as well as testing out some new products. My most recent challenge from Bernard Matthews was to switch my usual meat for Bernard Matthews Turkey chunks in my favourite dishes.

One of my favourite and very easy dishes is wraps. They are so simple and easy that anyone could make them. I usually use chicken in my wraps so this time I swapped the chicken for some packs of Bernard Matthew Turkey Chunks.


These Turkey chunks are already pre cooked and come in a variety of great tasting flavours including a more original “roast turkey” variety. They cost between £1.00 – £2.00 per pack and most supermarkets will stock a varying selection of them. As well as the Bernard Matthews Turkey chunks I also bought some tortilla wraps, peppers and spring onions. I was given a voucher to buy all of this.


For my wraps I am using both the Roast turkey and the flavoured Hickory BBQ Turkey chunks.


The Turkey chunks are already cooked and can be eaten straight out of the pack but I thought I would have a go at lightly frying them just to make the meat a little warmer if anything.

I chopped up all the peppers, spring onions and added an onion too.

These salad ingredients can of course be fried or left as salad.
The wraps need minimal heating in a microwave, just a few seconds.
The whole meal took about ten minute to prepare.

I put all the ingredients on separate plates so everyone could make their own wraps as they pleased. We also had some salsa and Mayo to add.


We all enjoyed our Turkey chunk wraps. Ryan decided not to have salad as always but enjoyed the Turkey chunks anyway. Using Turkey chunks does seem much easier than using other meats which are not pre cooked. The wraps tasted great and are of course very healthy too.
I managed to buy all the ingredients for less than £15 too. We all love the Turkey chunks which are full of flavour.


Weekend box + free readers box

Published January 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Just before the weekend, A Weekend box arrived at the door.
Last year I reviewed weekend box and was only too happy to receive yet another box to review. Well I keep saying “Me” but the Weekend box is a subscription service for kids which my children seemed quite happy about.


Weekend boxes arrive at the door and are packed full of crafts for bored kids to do. There will always be a recipe kit included which may involve a flavouring or topping. An email will be sent out prior to the box arriving to let parents know what other ingredients are needed. As well as a recipe the box will also contain several little projects based around a theme. Our theme is the “Chinese New Year”
Each project is packed into its own coloured bag. The bags are colour coded to match up to an instruction sheet and contains pretty much everything that is needed for that particular project.


In our Chinese New Year box were projects to make Chinese drums, lanterns, dragons and a cooking activity involving chocolate and wraps. Jordanna has been busy out with friends and so Ryan and Izebella got to work together to do a few crafts. Some of them didn’t quite turn out as expected, mainly due to Izebella wanting to take over everything but they have both had lots of fun trying.



Weekend box is a fortnight subscription service for kids. Kids will be delighted when there box arrives. Mine were very eager to open to see what was inside. The boxes cost £7.50 with the first one usually being just £3.75.


I have a special code which can be used by all my readers which will get you a Weekend box for free.
To get your free box simply head over to, sign up to the club with your details and use this promotional code.


Weekend box can also be found on the following social media pages:


The Sweet Club

Published January 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

It’s nice to have a sweet treat every now and again and nothing beats a good old box of old retro sweet favourites.
I can already hear the do gooders and health freaks reading the words “Sweet club” and screaming at the screen, but as the saying goes “A little of what you fancy does you good” I think the very thought and sheer anticipation of a monthly box of sweets is far too good for many to resist.


The Sweet Club is exactly what it says on the tin. A club or what’s now become known as a subscription service and all about sweets, every month and delivered straight to the door, no going shops, no queing and no hassle.

The sweet boxes come either monthly or fortnightly and each box comes with a choice of 8 bags of sweets. The sweet selection is vast with an assortment of old retro favourites combined with more well known choices of today. Sweet categories include chocolate, chewy, hard, liquorice, Pre packed, fudge, lollies and even a selection of American candy.
The sweet selection can be changed every month or kept the same and each box will contain approx 800g of sweets each time.


I of course was more than happy to try out sweet box and the moment it arrived, any healthy eating ideas went totally out of the window.
The hard part was deciding which 8 sweet packs I wanted as each time I made a choice I then spotted other things I wanted.

I tried to pick my sweets from a few of the categories to give my readers a good idea of the choices.

I chose refreshers, Choc icy cups, Choc lick, Choc fudge crunch, Almond Nougat, Bunch of Cherries and Sour apple belts. Lots of old favourites in my box.


There was one other item in my box. This little treat stood out from the start as it’s something I have been wanting to try for a while but I just could not find them anywhere. This is the hostess Twinkie which is like a sweet little cake found in the American section.


Yes Sweet Club seems to have it all for sweet and candy lovers like me. Those hard to find and long forgotten childhood favourites can all be found lurking around these special monthly boxes.

The subscription is £9.95 per month with a special introductory first box offer for just £7.95. Boxes can be stopped and started as you please.

Get Fruity bars

Published January 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I have been wanting to introduce some new foods into my children’s diets but they can all be so fussy at times. Ryan is the worst and I’m not too sure if it’s a boy thing or just him but I have always had problems getting him to eat vegetables and most fruits.

Get Fruity Bars are a new bar made from just 3 main ingredients – Fruit, British oats and Virgin Coconut oil.


There are 3 different flavoured bars at present which are

Apricots, orange and ginger
Blend of Mixed Berries
Scrumptious Strawberry


The bars are the perfect size for lunch boxes and as they are cleverly disguised as bars, many kids won’t even realise how much fruity goodness they are eating.
I was quite surprised to open each bar and see bright colours await me.

I do eat and try a fair few fruit and health bars and am used to brown colours or a mixture of mush but these are very bright and colourful and therefore probably quite appealing to young children.

We all enjoy the taste of the bars. The strawberry one is my favourite. They taste like a fruity oat bar which is basically what they are. They have a lot of flavour and are nice and soft and chewable. They make great breakfast bars too.

Eating just one of these bars per day will count towards the recommended 5 a day fruit intake.

Get Fruity bars are made in Cornwall using natural fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love. They can be purchased in cases of 25 directly from the website and from a list of wholesalers which can also be found on their page.


Published January 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Glossybox is probably one of the best and most well known beauty subscription boxes around.


Like any other subscription box, you simply head over to their website and are then presented with numerous options. The subscription costs £10 per month and money can be saved by signing up to 3 and 6 months at a time and paying one lump sum at once. The service can of course be cancelled at anytime.

Glossybox Is all about beauty and trying out new beauty products. Each month there will be at least 5 products per box with 4 of them being full size products rather than just samples.

I have been sent over January’s box to see for myself. I am very impressed with the contents and am very much considering signing myself up for a subscription. After all it’s about time I treated myself for once.


The boxes come like this. It’s like a child’s shoe box size. The contents are really well packaged and wrapped elegantly with paper and ribbon inside.

With the beauty products comes a leaflet explaining what each product is along with the company and the company website.
January’s box came with 5 lovely products and I’m pleased to say that they are all products that I will use.


• Revitalising face toner (full 200ml)
• All over glow (15g)
• Eye liner pencil (full size)
• Superfruits lip balm
• Colourluxe powder blush

The cost of the products in the Glossybox will always come to more than the £10 subscription charge. The January box is a really good one for me as I was very much in need of a foundation type product which gave me that extra glow along with a new blusher. Eye liners always come in great too and the lip balm helps with chapped lips. I did not have a toner either and it’s great being the full size bottle.


Each monthly box will of course be different and the products are a surprise so there may be times when there are products which I would not use or do not like. I would simply save these products up and make my own little beauty bags for gifts and presents throughout the year. The products all seem great quality and Glossy box is perfect for us mums who love a little bit of pampering every now and again.


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