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Degustabox: March reveal + discount code!

Published March 31, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I am always full of anticipation towards the end of each month. I wait for an email with a date and then a knock at the door. And then there it is, I open the box slowely with no clue as to what may be inside, I peel back the carefully wrapped packaging and remove the bubble wrap and then I see it and squeal with glee!

It’s my monthly Degustabox!  

I’m still shocked that all these goodies can be sent and delivered for just a tiny cost of £12.99.

This months box contained a real Easter treat which of course has gone down very well with my kids – 2 full size packets of Lindor Mini Eggs (£2.00 each). These delicious chocolate eggs come in 3 varieties too, dark, milk and white chocolate meaning each bite is different.  

There were a fair few sweet treats in this box such as the full packets of Bassetts Jelly Babies (£1.48) & Maynards Sour Patch (£1.00) sweets.  This box also included a few drinks both non alcoholic Juiceburst x 2 (£1.25 each) and alcoholic varieties of Crabbies fruits x 2 (£1.50 each)

Izebella and Jordanna enjoy their cereal and we’re getting fed up with the usual ones we have in the cupboard, so they were quite happy to find a large bag of Jordan’s granola (£3.69) amongst the treats.

I do love meal kits and things that make cooking nice meals easier so the “Posh Noodles” from Kents Kitchen (£1.75) will no doubt come in useful for a quick lunch. It’s just a case of adding water to them. 

We are all quite big on sauce and especially Barbeque. I had never heard of BBQUE sauce (£3.99). It comes in unique flavours such as grill & beechwood, chilli and horseradish. And in a big chunky bottle. 

There were also 2 packets of “Baked bread bites” from Brioche Pasquier (2x 50p). I’m more used to cakes and bread from this company but these are nice too, like little flavoured croutons.

The final product is from Natvia (£2.00) and is a natural sweetener. Inside the box are individual satchets. It has zero calories and a great substitute to a spoon of sugar in the brew. I usually have 2 sugars but tried my tea with just one satchet and It still tastes like 2 sugars were in.

The March box contained a huge 13 products for just £12.99 which includes delivery. Definitely cannot grumble about that. Absolute bargain each and every month.

If you haven’t already then you can sign up for one at Degustabox UK

Get £3.00 off your box using code QTV0P at checkout!

Find Degustabox on your social networks too – FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Ideal World: Tefal Actifry Family Express XL

Published March 31, 2015 by Bizzimummy

About Ideal WorldIdeal World TV is one of the UK’s leading TV shopping channels, specialising in goods from Kitchen and Home to Beauty and Fashion. Their expertise lie in bringing products to life via the Live TV channels which broadcast 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

They replicate the same approach on their website, apps and social channels. Demonstration is key. It’s the only way a customer really knows what they are buying before they get it home for the road test! As they say ‘seeing is believing’.

Ideal World got in touch and offered me a choice of products for review in tine for Easter. Kitchen gadgets, all designed to make life a little easier in the kitchen and this is what I chose.


It is of course a Tefal Actifry and the family express XL version. I have been considering an Actifry for a while and so was thrilled to be finally getting one to test out. I love home made chips (who doesn't?) but I hate deep fat criers and even more so chip pans. I consider both to be dangerous, especially so when young children are around. Add to that, it's an unhealthy way to cook and they stink and also get very dirty over time. Actifry is so much different to deep fat friers.

The Tefal Actifry comes ready to use straight out of the box, literally no assembly and the instructions are very straightforward. The green latch in the picture above opens up the unit lid, which then reveals a large removeable cooking bowl.

This bowl contains a paddle which is also removeable and this helps to cook to food evenly.


Well I really couldn't wait to try this out. The Actifry only needs one or even half a spoonful of oil to make chips. A measuring spoon is included. Othe foods such as chicken need no oil at all when cooked in the Actifry.

So first thing to do was to cut up some potatoes into chips. Now although I love home made chips, I am slightly out of practice at doing them, so I am hoping that with time and practice my chip cutting skills will improve. For now tho these will do ha.

A little misshaped but all ending up in the same place anyway I suppose.

I found the Actifry very easy to use. It's a simple case of adding the chips, or other foods. Then a minuscule amount of oil using the spoon. A guide leaflet comes with it explaining how much oil needs to be used. Then just plug in and set the timer for the desired cooking time. For potato chips it's approximately 25-30 minutes depending on quantity of chips.

It does make a noise whilst cooking but nothing too loud. The lid is also see through so I can even watch the food cooking if I wish. The paddle rotates the chips around the bowl so that the cooking is even on each one. I made this little vide of the chip cooking in process,

Whist food is cooking I can get on with the rest of the meal or other things because once the timer has ended the Actifry will stop. The size of the Family Express XL allows for a whole lot of food to be cooked at once. I thought I had made way too many chips for the four of us, but when placed in the unit it looked quite empty and it even turned out that there was too many chips for us anyway. It has a large 1.5Kg capacity.

I was very impressed with using the Tefal Actifry for the first time. Is ease of use allowed me to cook some great tasting home made chips rather than the usual shop bought oven ones. The chips came out a lovely golden colour and despite the slight odd misshaped they tasted lovely with a bit of salt and vinegar. My kids all loved them and they made an amazing chip butty for me too.

25 minutes seemed to be spot on for cooking these. They were all cooked evenly and cooked just right, no burnt bits and no awful undercooked potato.

The Actifry Express is so much more than just a chip cooker too. It can cook many other things. Most things that need frying or grilling can be cooked more healthier in this. Foods such as chicken, fish, sausages, meats and even fruit can be done. It can even make sauces and curries as oil does not always need to be added. I have only had mine just over a week so am still getting the hang of cooking with it. It's certainly 100 times better and safer than a chip pan or a deep fat fryer in the home.

It needs no preheating either unlike an oven or some fryers meaning cooker is also quicker. The unit is fitted with an odourless filter and as new oil is added each time it's used, it means there is no nasty odour of oil, fat or old burnt foods.

Once used, and cooled down, the bowl is easily removed for washing. It is dishwasher safe and can also be washed with soap and water, dried and ready for next time.

It's slight downside is that it's quite heavy (without food) and is slightly bulky in size for keeping on a work top. It will fit in my cupboards tho and I do have a little hideaway space under my high cupboards where it fits snuggly.

This is well worth an investment for a family who wants to eat more healthily and may come in very useful for losing the pounds after all the Easter chocolate. RRP £179.99. Buy directly from Ideal World TV where you will also see all the other products on offer. They even offer a flexi-pay option giving the option to pay in low monthly installments.


Flamingo gifts

Published March 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I do love online gift stores. The sort of website shops with a bit if everything both for the home and the personal little touches. Flamingo Gifts is one of those stores, with lots of interesting and diverse gifts. Gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for special occasions and a selection of cool accessories for the home. They also sell lots of lovely things for children too.

I was asked to choose some things which was quite difficult given the vast amount of lovely items on offer. I have been sent over two lovely items and here they are.

First this – Stag head chalk board.

I have always had a very strange fascination stags heads on walls. Especially in an old country pub or a nice hotel. Of course I would never dream of having an actual dead animals poor head on my wall so this in a way is almost like the next best thing – albeit a much smaller version.

It’s quite a new addition over at Flamingo gifts and I think it looks pretty good on a white wall (which I happen to have in my dining room) it has big long antlers and made from wood. It’s easily attached to the wall via pre installed fixings on the back of it. It comes with one piece of chalk which sits on a little bridge that looks like the stags mouth.

Jordanna could not wait but chalk names on this even prior to it being hung. It’s good for leaving little messages or just as a kids chalk and doodle board. It’s no surprise tho that it’s been up all of a few days and the chalk had gone walkabout. I guess the naughty elves must have returned from Christmas and took it. Oh well I’ll make sure I include chalk on my next shopping list. Buy this here for just £9.89.



Our next “Flamingo” gift is something every little girl will be very familiar with and want. It is of course “Frozen”. My girls are obsessed with it and Jordanna has been sent a very lovely Frozen duvet set in single bed size.

Both me and Jordanna were so happy to see this in our box. Thr main reason being is that when Izebella first got her toddler bed a few weeks back, I bought her a Frozen duvet cover. This got me a few frowns and sulks from Jordanna who obviously wanted one too. Well now she is very happy as she too has her own Frozen duvet cover. I imagine many little girls want one of these on their beds.

This duvet covet is fully reversible with Elsa, Anna and Olaf on one side and a pretty lilac snowflake and ice skate print on reverse. It includes the pillow case too (I hate it when the pillowcase is a separate purchase).

This duvet cover is a fully licensed product. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester microfibre.

Jordanna is now very happy to have her Frozeh duvet and yet another Frozen product/accessory to add to their evergrowing collection.

Priced at £22.49 and you can see more here


For more great gift ideas for everyone and every occasion, visit Flamingo gifts


Competition: Kids dvd bundle (Shaun the sheep and Bing)

Published March 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Here is another fabulous competition in time for the Easter holidays. The prize on offer is a 2 dvd kids bundle containing 2 as yet unreleased titles. Both these titles are due for release on March 30th and can be bought from most stores and AMAZON.

Shaun the Sheep: Picture Perfect  

 Ten episodes from the children’s animated series following Shaun, a mischievous and unique sheep who leads his flock into all manner of trouble. The episodes are: ‘Duck’, ‘Bitzer for a Day’, ‘Bitzer’s Secret’, ‘The Stare’, ‘Ping Pong Poacher’, ‘Save the Dump’, ‘Picture Perfect’, ‘Hidden Talents’, ‘Fruit and Nuts’ and ‘The Intruder’.


 Celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a pre-schooler, Bing stories are small but they are full of drama – everyday dramas that all young children and the grown-ups in their lives will recognise.

Each episode is told in real time and from Bing’s point of view, celebrating the mishaps, mess, energy and wonder with the reassuring exclamation “It’s a Bing Thing!”


Both DVDs are released by Studio Canal UK. Who are offering : bundles to my readers. Each winner will win one of each DVD as above.

This competition will end on April 13th and is open to UK residents.


Competitions at ThePrizeFinder

COMPETITION – Ribbit & Puddleducks

Published March 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy



 Ribbit is a frog with an identity crisis. Unlike frogs, he hates hopping and has a strong aversion to water. Feeling a misfit, he is full of questions about his life… and so together with his best friend, a flying squirrel, he embarks on a soul-searching journey in search of the truth and his rightful place in this world. Set amongst the breathtaking backdrop of the Amazon rainforest, they surge ahead in their quest for the answer to life’s mysteries… encountering a zany variety of colourful characters, both friend and foe, along the way. Confusion reigns when Ribbit is accidently hypnotised. Is Ribbit a human prince trapped in a frog’s body by an evil curse? 

Ribbit is due for release on dvd on March 30th.

Puddle Ducks

Puddle Ducks’ wonderful swimming programme delivers nurturing, fun classes to over 14000 babies, toddlers and children across the UK every week. Babies and children can join our swimming classes at any age from birth, developing into confident swimmerswithout even realising they’re learning to swim. By engaging each child’s abilities and natural affinity with water, Puddle Ducks offer simple steps to a lifetime love of swimming. We recognise that every child is different: our fantastic teachers adapt each activity to suit each child, nurturing water confidence so that your child will become a happy little swimmer before they start school.  


Puddleducks classes are offered nationwide in many towns across the UK. Check the Website  for local classes.


This competition will produce 4 winners. The star prize is  A 30 Minute Puddle Ducks swimming lesson and a copy of Ribbit on DVD. 3 runner ups will also receive a copy of Ribbit on DVD.

This competition will end on April 10th and is open to UK residents.


More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Beeches Fine Chocolates: Chocolate Thins

Published March 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter already. It’s next weekend, so I thought there’s no better post than a chocolate one. Don’t worry it’s not eggs (I am already sick of seeing them all over my house) but rather some delicious chocolate thins infused with flavour from Beeches Fine Chocolates.  

These are Chocolate Thins although there is nothing thin or skinny about these chocolates. As you can see I have 8 packets. Don’t worry I haven’t ate them all myself this time, I have been quite generous, sharing the odd chocolate with family members 😃.

These Chocolate Thins come in 4 varieties – Lime & Chilli, Mint, Anglesey sea salt and Natural ginger. They are lovely disc shape chocolates, great for sharing and having with my good old favourite nice cup of tea.  

There’s is about 20 chocolates to each box (I think, I am too busy eating them to count!). The chocolates are the perfect size for brew dunking too. Each one makes me want another one, they are quite hard to put down.

There are no bits on the chocolates but rather the unique flavours are infused with the chocolate to form the whole flavour. Ther are all created using natural ingredients. The Anglesey sea salt are milk chocolate and the other varieties are dark chocolate. The flavours are lovely and strong but not too overwhelming that it spoils any chocolate taste. It’s just enough flavour to taste. Each box of thins come wrapped in plastic packaging and when I removed this I could instantly smell the lovely flavours before I opened the boxes. 

These tempting chocolate thins cost £4.99 per 150g pack. Beeches have an offer on too, which is if you buy 3 or more packs then the packs cost just £4.00 each and delivery is also free on orders of £12 or more. This offer makes them a great buy for occasions such as Easter, birthday gifts, Weddings, Christmas (oops probably shouldn’t mention that word just yet 😄) or for the many chocolate lovers out there.  

They are very nice, and great for sharing in the evening.

Buy from  Beeches fine chocolates.


Sweet trees by Browns

Published March 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I walk passed the windows of chocolate stores, bakers and wedding shops and glance in awe at the magnificent creations of “Sweet Trees” if you are unfamiliar with this all new and rapid growing trend, then let me explain. Sweet Trees are creations which are designed to look like mini trees but instead of green leaves they are covered in favourite chocolates or sweets. Healthy? Definitely not. Enjoyable – they certainly are. They are very often seen at weddings as luxury table pieces and usually devoured by hungry children or that well known “drunken uncle… dare I say it!. They look very spectacular and most definitely too good to eat. 

One place that creates these stunning edible plants is Sweet Tree by Browns. They even sent me my very own tree to consume as I wished. 

I was over the moon when this arrived. No I’m not getting married and nor am I attending a wedding anytime soon. This lovely tree is all for me. 

The Chocolate trees come in all sorts of designs made with all sorts of delicious treats and in many sizes. I have spotted many of my favourite chocolates on the website including maltesers, Ferrero rocher, minstrels, creme eggs. For those who don’t want or can’t have chocolate then there are many sweets including Haribos, Marshmallows and Love hearts to name just a few. 

The swest trees are great for all occasions be it birthday, anniversary etc. There are even specially made ones to suit the big events like the upcoming ones – Easter and Father’s Day. 

They are totally edible apart from the plastic stem which connects the base to the tree. Apart from that it’s sweet stuff all the way. One of the tree sizes does come with an edible stem and prices obviously vary depending on chosen tree and size. Some of them also accommodate for personalisation messages.

My tree arrived boxed and fully intact. It looked like a little sculpture and I really felt bad pulling it apart to eat it. It was made with malt balls, belgian chocolate and edible button flowers. 

The tree is formed with chocolate malt balls which  are all fused together with rich Belgian chocolate. This part is then joined to the base with a tough plastic stem which keeps it altogether. It’s put together really well. 

Little eyes gasped in awe when they saw this sweet tree. It’s a good job I kept it high up or little hands may have started to wander onto it. The hardest part was eating it. They are created to stay standing and (for the first part) be glared and stared at (they are beautiful to look at) thus meaning they must be strong enough to take a few odd knocks and jilts. The malt balls are designed to stay on and it’s also designed in a way to not melt so easily. This does mean that getting into them to eat is slightly tough but not impossible. I found the best way to share out some of the delicious sweet tree fruits was to use a sharp knife and  slice and share. 

These sweet trees can last a few weeks I read. We haven’t eaten all of ours yet and placed it in the fridge to stay fresh.

These delicious sweet trees start from £16.99 upwards and are delivered by next day courier. Visit Sweet tree by Browns for more information.

New F&F kidswear preview

Published March 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Tesco has just launched its brand new SS15 Kidswear collection. I will be hopefully reviewing a few pieces soon, or rather my kids will be for me. For now I would like to show a little sneak preview of what the new collection has to offer this Summer.


The boys collection takes a slightly urban edge here. With long shorts, baggy tops and cool hoodies. Also a selection of cool sandals and not forgetting the baseball caps of course.  

The colours are really cool with coordinating dark and light tones. Here there is something to suit all weathers, come rain or shine. The look is relaxed, cool and edgy and certainly something which Ryan would be happy to wear.


The girls collection combines pastel colours here with floaty florals. Pretty floaty dresses and skirts which remain cool and trendy whilst still being girly.  


Shorts are always in fashion for girls and combined with a denim jacket give a very upbeat look. Girls also need their accessories too such as baseball caps and bandanas and of course a girl never has too many shoes.

This brand new collection will be hitting Tesco stores soon and will be available online. 

Send me Cakes

Published March 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

i cannot think of anything much nicer to receive in the post than a box filled with yummy cakes. A nice surprise delivered through the letterbox amongst the usual bills and junk.

Well that’s exactly what I got through my door one day last week. This box… 

Full of delicious cakes! 

These cake boxes come from a company called Send Me Cakes. The name speaks for itself as it’s all about cakes being sent. Send Me Cakes is owned by the lovely Lou Milligan and the company grew from her original baking business – Lou’s Ladle.

The cakes are all ethically handmade using local and British ingredients. Then beautifully wrapped and boxed ready to be sent to the recipient of choice. There’s a few choices of cake boxes including a gluten free option. 

Lou kindly sent me the Ultimate bake box currently priced at £22. Inside this box is a massive 9 slices of cake. 

There are both cake slices and the smaller bake slices. The varieties in this box are currently…

  • Cherry Bakewell Sandwich 
  • Ginger Jam Sandwich 
  • Kent Apple Cake
  • Treacle Toffee Drizzle
  • Gran’s Shortbread 
  • Peanut Flapjack 
  • Chocolate Orange Brownie 

We really enjoyed all the cakes. There were far too many for me, so this time I did share a little with my children ha. There is not one variety that I disliked. Lovely sweet cakes. All go down very well with a nice cup of tea too. 

There is information about each of these cakes and the ingredients in them On this page. The cakes are good for about 5 days. They lasted for 3 in our house and then the box was empty.

These cakes both taste and look lovely.  I love the old fashioned “brown paper packaging with string” which they came in and the little gift tag note. The box doesn’t give much away either so if sending as a gift then the recipient is certainly in for a lovely surprise when they open their cake box. The box is letterbox friendly incase no one is home. 

Visit  Send me Cakes to send some special cakes to that special person or even order a box for yourself.

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