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Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

Published April 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Over at Crafty Caterpillar you may be fooled into thinking you will find a selection of furry creepy crawlies, but no, far from it. What you will find however is the option to create a beautiful name plaque for your child (or even yourself if you wish). 

The name plaques come in lots of colour choices and all sorts of patterns and pictures with butterflies and flowers, shoes and footballs and that’s football and flowers for either boy or girl (before the PC brigade pipe up). 

I was given the great opportunity to make not one but three name plaques, one for each of my lovely children. 

I had each one made in a different style and colour. Ryan’s being blue with footballs, Jordannas has flowers and crystals and Izebella yellow with butterflies.

They arrived very elegantly packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and a red ribbon.  

I think it makes it extra special when it’s wrapped as beautiful as this. Here are all the lovely plaques. 


Ryan’s is obviously smaller as his name is much shorter. I have not edited this photo in any way either or enhanced the colours. The plaques are lovely, bright and bold and really stand out on any door or bedroom. Jordannas plaque even has mini crystals which catch the light and sparkle.

These plaques are made from birch plywood and seem very strong. On the back are four sticky foam pads reducing the need for a hammer and hooks, although I imagine I could probably put picture hooks into them if need be.  

Any name up to 9 letters can be put on the plaque and the size of the plaque will vary depending on how long the name.

Then there’s only one decision and that is where to hang them? My children opted for their bedroom doors.  


Now no one will get lost when finding their bedroom at least.

These plaques start from £15.00 depending on chosen design and can be made here.

Tesco does Flower Delivery

Published April 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Well this week has not been a good one, yet again. I have been feeling quite low and was in need of a little cheering up.

Today thanks to Tesco, did cheer me up a little with the arrival of some beautiful bouquets, through the new Tesco flower delivery service which is available via Tesco Direct.

There are many different flower bouquets to choose from with the price range between £20-£50. Bouquets come with many flower varieties and colours.

The flowers are delivered on a day of choice. The total price of the bouquets is the full price including courier delivery.  

I was given £45 to spend on the flower delivery service. As you can see they come in rather large and very strong boxes. The flowers are very well packaged and secured, so much so that I actually found it difficult getting them out of one of the boxes.

I chose two bouquets – Cerise rose & Lily and a White rose bouquet. 

Each bouquet comes with a glass vase which is a really good idea as I do not possess a vase in my house. They also come with 2 satchets of flower food.  

Full instructions are provided inside the box. I did have to trim the flowers and remove many of the leaves before putting them in water.  

And now my home is full of beautiful cheery sweet smelling flowers. I do love the scent of fresh flowers.

With the flowers comes the option to include a little personalised card to, so I wrote these cards to my children as unfortunately I don’t have anyone to send flowers to😓.  


You can order fresh flowers via the Tesco direct website and send them to any address in the UK.


Lost my Name

Published April 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Lost My Name are magical books for boys and girls in which they are the main star, only the little boys and girls have lost their names and so go on a magical adventure to find it.

The books come in 2 colours for both boys and girls. The book titles are either “The Little girl Who” or “The Little boy who” lost his (or) her name. 

I chose to make the book for Izebella as I am trying to get her learning the odd few letters and was hoping this may help a little. She also loves books and especially so any that have her name in.  

The book making process is very straightforward. You just choose the sex of the child and input their name. 

The front of the book comes with a lovely personalise greeting and the book is illustrated throughout with illustrations by Pedro Serapicos.

Along the journey, The little girl who lost her name encounters all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures which include a big giant with pink hair, a strange looking zebra, and even an Aardvark. 

Along the journey the little girl is given letters from the strange friends she meets along the way. Once she gets to the end of the journey and the child reader reaches the end of the book, the full name with all the collected letters is then revealed in big bold letters.  

It’s a very cute adorable little book and Izebella loves hearing and seeing her name in her new book. She is now convinced that the girl in the book is actually her.

The books cost £18.99 each and certainly make a very lovely and personal gift to keep and treasure for always. A perfect bedtime story too.

The one thing I would like to suggest for these books is to perhaps offer a colour choice of front cover as many parents seem to get a little offended by blue being for boys and pink/purple being for girls. It’s not something that particularly bothers or concerns me as pink and purple are both my girls favourite colours anyway but perhaps more colour choice could be an added option. Apart from that the book is lovely. 

Buy directly from Lost My Name with the optional addition of gift wrapping too if required for £2.50.


Pink Parcel

Published April 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy


Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service with a difference. This one is purely for the ladies (sorry guys!) and is designed to put a little smile on the face at “that” time of the month. The Pink Parcel is all about periods.

Subscribers can select their favourite brands of sanitary products, be it tampons or towels. All the well known supermarket brands are available. You then tell Pink Parcel the dates of your monthly period and then the products are picked and shipped and usually arrive 3-5 days before your period. 

As well as much needed sanitary products. The monthly package also contains some lovely little treats to cheer you up a bit. Items such as make up, chocolate, tea bags and more. 

My little package was split into a few sections with various little boxes. 

There were several sanitary products to use and even a little handy black pouch to keep some in my handbag when out and about. 

The “For you” box contained some lovely little goodies from some well known brands too.  


Pink Parcel subscription costs £9.99 a month and you can find out more at their website here.



The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Little Mermaid (book review & Competition) 

Published April 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy


This is our latest book to review. It’s a love fairytale story with a modern day twist. 

Kittie Lacey is the best hairdresser in town and is also best friends with mermaid Coral. The mermaid has a beautiful singing voice but longs to be human and one day goes to see the wicked sea witch who gives her legs but takes both her voice and tail. Coral becomes unhappy being a human who cannot sing or speak and longs for her tail and voice back. With the help of friend Kittie they go to steal back Corals voice. Of course with any fairytale there is even a happy ever after love story too.  

The book is by author Abie Longstaff and the beautiful illustrations by Lauren Beard. Each page is full of modern day images and colour. 

It’s a lovely little story and Izebella seems to have claimed this book for herself despite not being able to read yet, tho not a problem when she can ask mummy to read it over and over all day.  

The book is published by Random House Children’s publishers and will be in the shops on May 7th for approximately £6.99. It’s available for pre order on Amazon now for £5.24.

There is one copy of this fantastic little book up for grabs. The entry rules are simple. Just make sure you live in the UK. 

Ends May 11th 2015
More competitions at <a href=”; target=”_blank”>ThePrizeFinder</a> – See more at:

Annie 2015 & Competition

Published April 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Annie is released in stores today by Sony Pictures on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

A foster kid, who lives with her mean foster mom, sees her life change when business tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in. 

We were sent over a copy of the movie on DVD along with an Annie goody bag. 

The movie is a modern take on the old 80s Classic. A movie which I loved as a little girl. 


The prize on offer is Annie’s loveable pooch Sandy who comes as a cuddly plush toy. It’s a Twitter competition and all you have to do is Retweet. Ends tomorrow 28/04. 


A Mouses Tale + Competition

Published April 24, 2015 by Bizzimummy


May 25th will see the release of “The Mouses Tale” on DVD and Blu-ray. The movie is released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment and stars the vocal talents of Carey Elwes (The Princess Bride), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Tom Arnold, A MOUSE’S TALE is a magical animation little pests will love!



In order to save their kingdom from evil rodents, Samantha and Sebastian are sent on a quest by the King of Rodencia and the wise Wizard Dalliwog to obtain a legendary magic crystal that has the power to defeat the rodents. With the help of two trustworthy knights, they venture deep into the forest and enter a forbidden world of giants in order to accomplish their mission and restore order to the kingdom.

Lionsgate have sent us over a pre release movie disc so we cab have the pleasure of watching the movie before its official release. 

It’s suitable for all the family but comes with a PG rating rather than a U. My children have happily sat watching and I didn’t spot any parts which I thought would be unsuitable for a 2 year old, so I would say it’s fine for all. There’s a bit of sword fighting and axe chucking plus a big fire breathing dragon and many chases but all in animation and it certainly kept my kids transfixed for a while. It has an 87 minute running time so nothing too long either. 

Here’s a trailer to give you an idea what it’s all about 


The prize on offer is a DVD copy of this brand new animated movie. As the movie is not released until May 25th then it’s likely the winners copy will arrive after this date rather than before. 

There will be one winner chosen at random. Winner must reside in the UK and must reply to their winning email within one week. Check my winners page and blog posts for announcements. 

This competition will end May 15th.


Competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Bernard Matthews: fresh coated poultry challenge 

Published April 23, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I am really enjoying working with Bernard Matthews and especially so the wide selection of delicious poultry products I am getting to sample. We eat a lot of poultry in our house and it’s one thing that we will all eat:

Bernard Matthews latest activity was to come up with any recipe or meal using their fresh breaded product. These include a selection of both chicken and turkey escalopes and steaks. On the Bernard Matthews website there is a big choice of these products, but sadly at my local supermarkets the choice was more limited. However here is what I managed to get. 

I got breaded Turkey escalopes and the chicken (ham & cheese) escalopes. At Asda it’s 3 packets for £5 currently. These escalopes come in packs of 2. Ideally it would of been much better to buy a bigger (family) pack with perhaps 4 or 5 escalopes inside.

The packaging is very minimal on these with a disposable tray and cling film. The escalopes themselves are really big and just one of these is more than enough. 

 As I have fussy eaters I kept my meal idea really simple. If I make nice complicated dishes then I find it does not get eaten and especially so with Ryan. My Bernard Matthews meal therefore consists of the turkey & chicken escalopes, air fryed chips, spicy rice and a little bit of salad.

The escalopes can either be grilled or oven cooked. I chose to grill them on high heat which takes about 15 minutes turning half way. 

Once done they turn a crispy golden colour and I found they still retained their big size rather than shrinking with the heat. Jordanna was quick to exclaim “they are huge”.

This lovely family meal only took me 20 minutes to make in total and was enjoyed by all.     



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