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Healthier Snacks: Co-Op

Published May 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Just recently I have been sent over a fair selection of healthy snacks and drinks from different companies, and so; over the next few days I’ll be posting about them all. They all claim to be healthier and all taste rather good too (or I would not bother posting), and they can all be enjoyed by both children and adults.

So to start off the healthy snack posts, I’m beginning with a well known brand and a store everyone will be familiar with – it’s the Co-Op.

Co-Op have very recently introduced these healthy snacks to their stores.  

The packaging is pretty bright and colourful but there’s nothing to really indicate that these are just for children. The bags seem adequate size for either lunch boxes or throwing in a bag for a quick nibble at work.

I did enjoy the chorizo rice cakes, which are slightly spicy and the sweeter version of the rice cakes is a berry version which have a yoghurt type coating.  

Then the ginger popcorn which sounds really strange but it’s one of those foods that’s quite addictive once you start. 

Next were several little snack bags containing various assortments of fruit, nuts, chocolate nibbles and rice snacks.  

I was very surprised when Ryan asked to try a bag as he would normally refuse anything like this and especially so dried fruits, I think the choc drops may have tempted him but after finishing one bag he then asked for another, double shock!  

Still always a bonus when he decides to eat something healthy for a change. We were also given a voucher to buy even more healthy snacks too. As ally children enjoyed the selection they were sent, I am gong to buy a few more and give them as school break snacks when they go back next month.

All the snacks are available in Co-Op stores and all less than £1 each. Certainly worth swapping for that bar of chocolate and no difference in price either.



Trespass: Claudia Waterproof Jacket

Published May 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Summer is almost upon us once again and with Summer comes lots of walking, camping, hiking, a little sunshine and usually a lot of rain. Yes unfortunately the Great British weather will always be unpredictable and the “I never know what to wear” is probably one of my most famous sayings. Therefore if one is planning a long walk, hike or even a day out with the kids this Summer, then it's a good idea to invest in a lightweight good waterproof jacket for when the heavens decide to open. And it just so happens I have the perfect one.

When you think of “Outdoor wear” or “hiking gear” or even just “Waterproofs”, the first place that comes to many minds (and mine included) is Trespass. They have around 150 stores across the UK as well as their website. They have been around for years and sell pretty much everything you can think of to do with the outdoors. With it being (almost) Sunmer, their main focus at present is Summer outdoors and hiking and I was able to pick myself a pretty cool waterproof jacket. Just look at this!


This is the Claudia Women's Waterproof Jacket and forms part of the new Summer range at Trespass. I can't recall the reason I picked this one over the many others but I think it just seemed to jump out at me and call out “Pick Me, Pick Me!” but I just really really love it.

I am a fan of wearing anything white too, tho it's usually a short dress and heels at the weekend. The colour of this is actually called “Ghost” and there are 2 other colour choices of the same jacket if White isn't your thing.

Sizing starts from XXS which I think is probably a size 4 and goes up to a XXL. I chose a medium just to be on the safe side and save the hassle of needing to enchant it but I could of easily got in the smaller one too.


This is the jacket the day it arrived and still tagged. It is pretty much a ghost white colour all over with the sleeves being slightly darker. The red outline all round really makes the jacket stand out. It seems to contrast the outdoor style with everyday fashion and therefore can be worn whenever the mood takes or the rain decides to fall.

Of course Trespass coats look good but there's more to them than meets the eye. They are of course designed for the outdoors and whatever the British weather decides to throw at us from one day to the next. This jacket is therefore not short of features. The outer material is waterproof to 5000mm, breathable to 5000mvp, windproof and also has added taped seams for boosted waterproof protection. Additionally, this jacket is also mesh lined to increase comfort and enhance freshness when you are on the move. If that wasn't enough the jacket also boasts many pockets, including a water repellent zip chest pocket and 2 zipped hand pockets on the side of the jacket. The hood is cleverly hidden away behind the neck in another zipped pocket and easily pulled out and zipped away as the weather changes.

Anyway it's great to stare at it and even take photographs but nothing beats the feeling of putting on a new coat. Especially for us ladies.

And here I am (again) and yes that's a real smile on my face (a rarity these days!). It fits really well and the Medium size means there is lots of room inside. I have to say (without being vain) I do think it suits me well and I just love the colours, I even love the hood.

The day I received the jacket, I was in luck as it was actually blowing a storm outside, Rain, wind, gusts, trees swinging, the whole lot. Something I would never normally wish for but perfect for testing out a waterproof and wind proof coat, so that's what I did. I went out in the storm, wind banging, rain coming down in torrents, Wizard of Oz style weather.


Now that picture is me when I had just returned from the storm. Still half smiling and hair still in an okayish condition. Still in Bolton and not blown away to Oz or even Kansas ha!

Yes the beautiful jacket lives up to its tags and description. It kept me dry, it kept the wind from my body. I didn't feel unbelievably cold with it on but I didn't feel hot and sweaty either and it's just the same when wearing it on a warmer day too (which I have done many times since) I guess that's what it means by being “breathable” it stops sweating but keeps the body from being too cold too, which is quite impressive considering the jacket is very lightweight and seems quite thin when on. The hood is very generously sized to without being ridiculously large and it even stays up without any ties or press studs keeping it up. The wind blew but the hood seemed to stay. If going on long hikes or overnight treks then what you wear underneath a jacket such as this will obviously help in maintaining body temperature.

The pockets are a big enough size to hold an iPhone and of course keep it dry. Having a few of them reduces the need for me to take a bag on a short trip or school run as I can also pop my keys in another or money, make up or anything else and it will all keep dry and safetly zipped away.

It is certainly worth investing that little extra for a good coat such as this one. Not only does it keep me dry and pretty warm but it looks pretty good with whatever I wear too. I love it! This will certainly be coming with me on any hikes and long walks I go on this Summer.


Now for the price. It costs £49.99 directly from Trespass. This is probably what the majority of people pay for a new coat anyway or there about a so well worth it in my opinion, for style, features and practicality.



Wundur Wall Art: Review & Competition

Published May 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Wall stickers are becoming the latest trend for modern homes. My kids already have a few on their bedroom walls and they can look quite effective and really transform a plain painted wall if chosen and applied correctly. They can even be a very inexpensive alternative to wallpapering which not only costs more but is a very time consuming job. The rooms in my hous consist of half paint/half paper hich is becoming quite the norm for many people thes days.

Wall art is what Wundur is all about and they have so many of the wall stickers to choose from for every room in the house, even kitchen and bathroom. The kids stickers include some pretty cutesie ones with fairies and butterflies and of course football for the boys. For the very young there is balloons and even a child’s name above the cot. The chalk board wall arts are certainly worth a look and I was slightly tempted to get one for the kitchen but decided against it ad I can only imagine them fighting over who gets to chalk what onto it. Still it’s a pretty smart idea tho.

I spotted a fair few double named wall stickers too, obviously for star crossed lovers who want their names above the bed or in the hallway for all to see how in love they are. Definitely not one for me given the state of my love life recently. I could just imagine tearing it from my clean painted walls in anger, but for young lovers or even old ones ,maybe.

Many of the stickers can be personalised and the majority come with many colour choices too.

There is a lot of choice. I spent a fair bit of time deciding on the perfect one and it was a choice between two or three but this is the one I found, and this is also the photograph of it in my room and above my bed.

This also comes in other colours!

I really lik it, after all dream is what you do in bd isn’t it.

The stickers arrive rolled up in a cardboard tube. The instructions were slightly complicated. The sticker comes in a 3 layer sheet and the best way to apply is to attach it to the chosen wall with tape and peel off first layer, leave to stick and remove second.

I was glad I chose a fairly small and less complex sticker because sticking them to the wall can be tricky and especially by myself, hence why it’s not 100% straight. The hardest part is getting the actual sticker to stick to the wall rather than the sheet when attempting to remove it. It requires a plastic card (credit card etc) to smooth it onto the wall whilst peeling and can be annoying when it starts to come away. I imagine the larger stickers will be quite difficult but once on the wall it looks pretty good.

And I’m not too bothered if it’s slightly mis-aligned as not many people will be getting in my bedroom. I have had wall stickers such as this before and they do peel off the wall easily enough too, should I get fed up of it. This one costs £20.00 but they are all priced differently.



The prize on offer is a choice of wall sticker from Wundur wall art and the competition will end on June 9th 2015.


You must be a UK resident to take part and complete the rafflecopter entry steps. Please also follow my blog by email (sidebar) to be updated on more competitions.


ons at ThePrizeFinder

Summer feet at Shoe Zone

Published May 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

You may remember our Winter boots post for Shoe Zone last year, we all tried out some rather fashionable inexpensive yet comfortable winter footwear and now it’s time for Summer.

 Shoe Zone can of course be found in the majority of town centres and also have an online website for ordering. They provide affordable fashionable footwear for all the family.

I was able to choose 2 pairs of shoes and as Jordanna has recently jumped up a size to a one, I chose one pair for her and a pair for myself.

These are the Walkright Velcro wedge with flower. They cost just £9.99 meaning change from a tenner and can pretty much be worn for any occasion. Being black makes them perfect for going back to school in after the May holidays and Jordanna is in need of more school shoes. They are also quite pretty with the eye catching silver flower so they would be fine for a party or formal occasion too. Then the price of them also makes them fine for every day wear as well.  

Jordanna said they did rub the side of her foot slightly for the first day of wearing them but has now been wearing them over a week and not complained since.  

There’s not much else to really say about these shoes. They are certainly worth the ten pounds.

For myself I chose these!  

These are the Softies wedge comfort sandals in pink and cost £16.99. Obviously very Summery and I chose these because the majority of my Summer shoes have heels or are not so comfy like these claimed to be. 

It’s almost like walking on air, I never expected a pair of sandals costing under £20 to be so comfortable. I have shoes costing four times the amount which leave my feet feeling like they have been ripped to shreds but these are just lovely.

They are really soft on the foot base and have soft elasticated straps which sit comfortably on the foot rather than digging in. No zips either they just slip on and off. 

The colour is meant to be pink but to me they look more of a beige or skin tone colour so again go with anything but I think they look pretty with a nice dress.     

 Just a shame the sun isn’t how much recently. 

Both of the above pairs of shoes can be ordered online at ShoeZone.




Degustabox May reveal & recipe

Published May 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

May  Degustabox arrived early and in time for the bank holiday weekend.  

It comes with a mixed theme combining the May bank holiday and the start of Summer with barbeques and the inclusion of a few healthier living products too. As always it never lets itself down with some lovely full sized products included.

Starting with the more healthier products we find Fuel 10K: Protibrick. (£2.69)  it’s like weetabix but with added protein. Also the healthy snack bars from 9 Bar (£2.00) which taste quite good.  

There’s a bottle of Balsalmic vinegar from famous vinegar producers Sarsons. This stuff goes well with salads, therefore adding to the Summer theme of the box and costs £2.00 per bottle.  

This months 2 drinks are a non alcoholic ginger beer from Fentimans (£2.00) and a rather refreshing kids carton drink from Green Coco (£0.80) which is made with coconut juice.  

The sweet stuff comes from Dalemans in the form of sweet caramel filled waffles which are just heavenly and even melt over a hot drink. £2.00  

This Slim Pasta (£2.49) is good for lasagne. It’s probably not something I will use so I’ll be passing this on to my mother who will. 

And then there is these 3 other products which I am grouping together for a good reason.  

 Schwartz marinade in bag – £2.19 Maggi So stir fry noodles – £1.49 x1 Sweet baby Rays sauce – £2.99

Using these 3 products I was able to make a lovely tasty bank holiday meal. All I needed to add, was some chicken fillets.

The Recipe

The Schwartz marinade in bag allow for meat or fish to be placed in s bag of sauce and left to marinade giving great flavour to dishes. My marinade is honey and soy so my dish has a very oriental feel to it.

The first thing to do is place my chicken fillets in the bag and leave for any amount of time from 15 minutes to overnight. I left mine for an hour and then oven cooked the fillets.  


Once the chicken was cooked and sliced, I then took one pack of the Maggi stir fry noodles (oriental 3 spice). You cook these in a pan with cold water, add the satchet and boil for approx 5 minutes until the water dissolves. I then added the cooked chicken and mixed together. 

Then served in a bowl and added a dollop of the Sweet Baby Rays sauce which is a lovely sweet and smoky barbeque flavour.  


A lovely and very easy dish to make with a mild spicy oriental kick.

Here’s the Degustabox links tho if you have not grabbed yourself one by now then I think you may have been hiding out in a cave for the passed year or so! 😀 – website – Facebook – twitter

The boxes cost £12.99 yes that’s just £12.99 no extra for postage. And yes you get everything you see in this box too this month. It changes every month but I can’t tell you what’s in June’s box because I don’t know. It’s always a surprise until it arrives. You need to get this box, you need this box. Trust me I can’t remember a time without Degustabox. I love them and now I’m going to go sit and scoff my caramel waffles because I have the box and if you had it too,  you could scoff waffles and make my recipe. So go order one NOW! HERE!


Chemist Direct online service

Published May 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Chemist Direct were recently on the lookout for bloggers like myself to try out their online ordering service. I was kindly given a £50 credit to spend on anything I want, so off I went shopping online.

When you first enter the website your greeted with a screen which looks like this.  

I had a quick browse through the categories but did find many products did not show up but did in a search. I use mobile devices for the majority of my internet life and did find that the site was not overly mobile friendly and a little frustrating at times to find what I wanted. Chemist Direct do sell a lot of different products including beauty, medicines, sun products and more but I did find myself typing products into the search bar as the categories just weren’t bringing much up.

To order any medicine products, you do need to fill in a short questionnaire about who they are for and why you need them which is a little like an online prescription service and I imagine it’s to try and deter children from ordering tablets too but it would be easy to get around.

Here is what I got for my £50.  

I did find many of the products at Chemist Direct were reduced or on some sort of offer and everything seems reasonably priced.

For my hair. I purchased the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner. I do love these, they come out blue but give blonde hair a slight silver shine. Also for hair a bottle of olive oil hair milk and Moroccan oil serum. Both of these are great when blow drying abc straightening.  

Then something to help with weight loss/healthy eating etc.  

Much needed dental floss products.  

Fake tan mousse is an absolute must for me. I’m addicted to the stuff. 

And finally a large box of ibuprofen for which I had to complete a questionnaire and a much needed cupboard item for the hangovers.  

Finding the products was a little hard on a mobile device but ordering was simple, just a click to add to the cart. My total went slightly over my £50 and I wa able to pay the balance by PayPal. 

I did need to create an account and I do keep getting twice daily emails now from them which can be a little annoying.

My order arrived quickly within about 3 days by Hermes courier and everything I ordered was there. I do think they need to make the website more mobile friendly and arrange their categories so items are more searchable. I am happy with all the items I received and the ordering was pretty easy. 

Find them on Twitter too @Chemistdirect  


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