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Make a Bar review & Competition

Published June 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

This year creative kids can unleash their artistic sides with the all new Make-a-Bar Chocolate Factory kits. Each kit contains delicious 100% Belgian Chocolate that is preservative and additive free and everything they need to design and make their own chocolate bar in minutes.

The kits come from Re Creation Ltd and are available in single, double and multipacks of 4.  

When thinking of chocolate bar kids and general chocolate making, it does seem quite complex but these kits are designed with kids in mind and even the youngest children are able to make chocolate creations with help.

Inside the kits are 3 small bags of chocolate which needs melting, a plastic mould and various paper templates of varying difficulty levels. 


The templates can be cut out or just folded and placed under the plastic mould tray, of course you can use your own templates too. The bags of chocolate need melting in a bowl of warm water, adult supervision is of course needed here. 

The foil bags work like icing bags when the chocolate is melted. Just snip a corned and squeeze and follow the pictures. 

Then place is the fridge or freezer until hardened and pop out and eat. We made 4 in total from 4 kits but the little devils took the finished creations out of the fridge and ate them all before I could get a chance to take another photograph, oops! Oh well at least it means they enjoyed them.

The kits come with an rrp of £3.99 and more information can be found on the Website.

The prize on offer is of course the Make a Bar kit. The competition is open to residents of the UK and will end July 14th.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>UK competitions at ThePrizeFinder</a> – See more at:

Stuck on You: Personalised gifts

Published June 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Stuck on You are probably more well known for their name labels which is how the company started over 17 years ago. The name labels still continue to be their best selling products and are not limited to just  clothing labels either. The labels can be purchased for other items too. As well as name labels, Stuck on you also offers a fabulous selection of personalised gifts for children. It’s quite a vast selection too. Items of clothing, photo gifts, food and drink items am can also be personalised with names.

For Izebella I went for a personalised nightie from the Clothing selection and also a Personalised drink bottle

This gorgeous little nightie is just what Izebella needed. I chose the next size up and its fits her pretty well. She was delighted to see her name on it too. 


This nightie is currently on a very special offer of just £7.99, from previous price of £19.99.

The drink bottles come in many designs and colours and are perfect for toddlers and travelling with the non spill spout and lid.  

Izebella has a well suited pink fairy design and again very proud to see her name on her own new bottle.  


The bottles cost £15.99 each and make great gifts and come in useful for children at nursery as the child’s name is already on. 

To view more personalise gifts visit Stuck on You.  

Competition: Wow toys Giveaway

Published June 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Last week I reviewed Wow toys, a countdown calendar and the Casey camper van. This week Wow Toys have asked me t host a giveaway to my readers and the prize on offer is the Casey Camper Van and a choice of one of 4 Countdown calendars.  


 There are 4 calendars to choose from and Wow toys have the following videos to help the winner decide.   

Special day

Pre school



Wow toys are sold in all good independent toy stores and also on AMAZON.

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, simply click the link below.


Ends July 13th, Open Worldwide
More competitions at <a href=”; target=”_blank”></a>
– See more at:

An extra special Book of Nursery Rhymes

Published June 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

As a small child I loved my nursery rhyme books. I do remember having a few of them and would love for one of my parents to read them to me. 

Ryan and Jordanna have also had their fair share of books filled with various nursery rhymes and a few weeks ago, Izebella also got her own nursery rhyme book. However this was no every day normal nursery rhyme book, this book is extra special. Can you spot why?  

Yes it’s personalised with Izebellas full name on the front cover. Not only that, but turn the pages of this very special book to reveal some very well known classic rhymes and spot her name on many of the pages, carefully hidden amongst the many images.  

The nursery rhymes are mostly ones I am familiar with from my own childhood nursery rhyme books such as Humpty Dumpty, Incy wincy spider, Twinkle little star and Rock a bye baby to name a few. It does make me wonder if any new nursery rhymes have ever been introduced to the world since I was born. 

The book is hardback and the challenge for the child in the book is to spot their own name on the pages. Izebella is a little young yet but still manages to point it out now and again.  

This beautiful book was kindly personalised and sent to Izebella by Personalised Gift Solutions who sell all sorts of other quirky personalised gifts for both adults and children and for the home. They have a fair choice of other personalised kids books too like this one but with various stories and characters. This particular book costs £19.95 and is sure to make a lovely keepsake gift for many years to come. It comes with a choice of cover too and if you want to buy this book then head over to this page.

WOW! Toys & Games

Published June 25, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Last month Izebella recieved some lovely toys from Wow Toys.

The first is one of Wows latest additions and is a “Countdown calander”. These are a little like advent calendars but the difference being there are only 10 doors to open and they come with other themes including birthday, holiday, pre school or any other special day.  

Izebellas birthday is not until October, so I with with the starting pre school one instead. She has been at nursery since January but had a long 2 week May break so this was a good idea to start the countdown to get her in the mood for returning.  


Just like an advent calendar there are several doors to open and the idea is to open one a day; but the calendar counts down from the number 10 rather than up and finishes at one with an extra “on the day” slide door.

Behind every door is of course a little surprise and with these calendars the surprises are all toys and pretty good quality toys too rather than rubbish. Behind the doors we found lots of figures and a mini playground with a slide, table and bikes etc. I think the idea is that you keep all the toys together until the end of the calendar as they all fit and correspond together as a little theme. In Izebellas Pre-School calendar the toys all form a mini pre school. 


So now Izebella has her own little pre school set and she loved counting down the days to nursery. My little munchkin however has a memory like an elephant and actually thought Father Christmas would be visiting by the end of the calander. More information on the calendar can be found Here.

Izebellas next toy from Wow is this cute Casey camper van

Izebella was over the moon to see this when she came home from nursery. It’s bright bold colours seem very appealing to curious toddlers. 

This camper van comes with a few accessories and figures including Pete & Lily characters and their pet dog, a dog basket, bowl, luggage and picnic table. 

The camper van has many ways of opening up including the driver hatch, back, the roof and the side hatch which reveals a playground.  


It does not need batteries but yet has a motorised wheel action when pushed or pulled, meaning it moves by itself with a bit of friction.  

I think you only have to look at her little face to see how much she likes this. 

All the figures and parts can of course be taken out when the van stops to have a much needed picnic. 

And we even managed to make a mini video too of Casey camper van in action. 


And a great thing is that the figures and toys from Izebellas calendar can be used in Casey camper van too making it all the more exciting for her.

Both of these toys are suitable for toddlers and young children ages 1-5 years approximately. Check Wow toys for more details.

Impifry Photobook

Published June 23, 2015 by Bizzimummy

mprify Photobooks is an application for iOS and Android that 

lets you create photo albums right from your phone in less than 5 

minutes. The user can customize the pictures with comments and 

dedications, share the photo book for free on the Internet, and, if they

 wish, buy it or send it as a gift in any part of the world and receive 

it in just three days.


Like many mobile phone users I have well over a thousand photographs just sat there on my iPhone. Yes they are all backed up on many other upload apps and of course iCloud, but if technology was to somehow crash (unlikely) then everything would be gone. Also as they are on my devices it does mean not everyone can see them unless I choose to let them and I do think it’s nice to have some photographs displayed around the home.

Impifry got in touch and asked if I would like one of their photo books. I was given a full discount code and all I needed to do was download the app which in my case is from the Apple App Store.

I have made several photobooks previously and have to say that this is one of the easiest ones so far. I was given a choice to upload photos from various sources, including camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. 

A standard photo book costing approximately £19.90 holds 22 photographs with one per page and extra photographs can be added for a small charge.

The upload of photographs was a very easy and quick process. It’s very much a case of selecting the knew you want and hitting the button and they were uploaded within a minute.

The book arrived really quickly, within 2 days. It came gift boxed but was a little smaller than I was expecting. 

The front cover can be changed and a title can also be added. 

The photographs turned out quite clear and bright and look really good in the book. 

Lovely gifts!!

Visit Impifry for more information.


Competition: Body Shop Smoky Poppy

Published June 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Back in February I reviewed the Smoky Poppy range at Body shop and now Body Shop have kindly offered up a lovely prize from the range for my readers. 

The prize on offer consists of:

Smoky Poppy body lotion, Bath bombs and Eau de Toilette.


The competition is open to UK residents only. To enter just click the link below. 

Ends June 30th 2015

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Competitions at ThePrizeFinder</a> – See more at:

My friend Bing

Published June 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Izebella was one very happy little girl with the arrival of a very special package. Inside the package was a new friend for Izebella, named “My friend Bing”. 

My friend Bing was sent to us from The Entertainer toy store which is a place we are very familiar with, regular trips there for birthdays and Christmas.

My friend Bing is part of a collection of brand new “Bing” toys from Fisher Price which means quality is assured as with all Fisher Price toys. The toys are of course based on the loveable character Bing from the show with the same name on C Beebies.

This particular Bing toy comes at £39.99 so is not on the cheap side. It comes with batteries pre installed but what I failed to initially realise is that there is a tiny plastic tab near the battery compartment that needs to be removed to disable the demo mode. I did wonder why it wasn’t doing as much as it should.


The Bing character resembles a black rabbit with big eyes and dressed in dungarees. The big button on his clothing activates his actions. He will talk, sing, move, dance and play games. He’s a pretty crazy character. Just take a look at our mini video clip.  

Izebella seemed really fascinated by her new toy friend and does not stop pressing the button to hear him talk or do something. If Bing falls over he who ask for help to get up, so now Izebella pushes him over on purpose.


She now tries to take her new friend everywhere and even tries to feed him.

We did find that his movement works best on hard flooring such as laminate or tiles rather than soft carpet.

My friend Bing and other Bing toys will be available to purchase from July 1st from The Entertainer. I am sure this will be very popular at Christmas.

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