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The Fairytale hairdresser and the Sugar Plum Fairy

Published September 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Izebella has received her new Fairytale Hairdresser book and I am actually finding it difficult to get it back off her, even for a quick photo.  

The sugar plum fairy is the latest addition to the fairytale hairdresser books which are wrote by author Abie Longstaff. Each one tells of the adventures of Kittie Lacey who is the best hairdresser and her many adventures with some well known characters. 


The books come beautifully illustrated and each page is full of colour with many characters and destinations to be found. The illustrations are by Lauren Beard. 

 The fairytale hairdresser books seem perfect for early readers, and those who can’t yet read will have lots of fun looking at the many pictures. This new sugar plum fairy story has a slight Christmas theme to it too, with red ribbon, candy canes and lots of tree images. The story also includes old classic characters such as the nutcracker and the mouse King. A great story and especially so for little ladies. 

This book is currently available on AMAZON  at the reduced price of £5.24.

Halloween at Aldi

Published September 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Tomorrow (October 1st) will see some spooky goings on in Aldi stores across the country.With the arrival of lots of fun Halloween costumes and decorations. The products will only be available until stock runs out and with Aldis low prices these are bound to be popular.  

The spooky collections include lots of gory pieces for your party table, with table cloths, napkins, paper plates and cups to host the perfect gory feast.  

There’s even several ceramic Halloween style plates and serving dishes such as this one which can be used year after year. These are sure to get party guests talking and asking “where did you get that from”. 

Of course no one can have a Halloween party without dressing up and Aldi has a selection of costumes, pyjamas and accessories to add to the fun.  

Finally lots of decorations and party props to scare and entertain guests and those pesky trick r treat callers.  

Everything from inflatables to battery operated singing skeletons. Aldi has it all this Halloween. 

Items vary from store to store and here is an idea of some of the prices. 

 store from 01.10.15 while stocks last

Halloween Inflatable Characters


Dancing Skeleton


Halloween Serving Dishes


Musical Door Knockers/Bells


Children’s Dressing Up Set


Children’s Halloween Pyjamas


Halloween Battery Operated Lights


Halloween Berry Lights


Halloween DVDs


Halloween Drinkware


Girl’s Halloween Tutu Set


Children’s Halloween Boppers


Led Tealight Holders


Trick Or Treat Tins


Pumpkin Carving Kit


Children’s Halloween Tights


Assorted Partyware


Halloween Gel Stickers


Halloween Spiders Web


Sentelle soy candles: review & competition.

Published September 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Last year I reviewed the soy candles from Sentelle and this year they contacted me again with another review opportunity of their soy candles. 

Soy candles differ from normal wax candles in many ways. They burn clean which means no horrible black stains. The air is left much cleaner too as most wax candles contain paraffin and these do not. Soy candles also burn for much longer and the scents last throughout rather than fading away after an hour. The soy wax is much safer as it burns at a lower temperature than the usual wax meaning less injuries. Any spillage can easily be wiped away as soy wax also happens to be water soluble so no need to worry about hard wax on table cloths. The soy candles seem the best choice all round.

If you love the environment as well as candles, then soy can combine two of your passions. Soy candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil, extracted from soya beans. This is a natural, renewable and biodegradable source; making soy wax candles the eco-friendly choice.

The soy candles come in various sizes and fragrances. I have been sent this lovely 8oz candle in an Olympus jar. The fragrance is Autumn Spice.  

 It is really decorative as well as providing a lovely scent perfect for the Autumn months. These have a total burning time of 72 hours but obviously it’s not a good idea to leave it burning alone for that long. They cost £25.60 each. 


Sentelle are giving away two 8oz soy candles to one winner. The fragrances will be the winners choice. These do of course make perfect Christmas gifts. This competition is open to residents of the U.K and will close on October 27th


More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Warburtons Tickled Pink campaign 

Published September 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

In support of Breast cancer awareness this month, Asda has launched a range of “Tickled Pink” products to help support the work of Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer care.

The new soft brown sandwich thins from Warburtons are also part of the pink range. A 5p donation from each sale will go towards the 2015 Tickled Pink fund.

I was of course sent over some sandwich thins to try and some of the pink products and all in a lovely hamper basket.  


As you can see the products are mainly aimed towards us ladies, all being pink and include things such as beauty items and slippers. The new sandwich thins make a tasty alternative to bread and come much thinner than the average slice, so less bloating and perfect for kids lunches. 

These Warburtons brown thins come in packs of six and cost £1.28 a pack which includes the 5p donation.  

Og on the Bog: review & Competition

Published September 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Deep down in the dark spooky woods of Drumond Park, lives a horrible revolting monstrous type creature named Og. Og spends most of his time sat on his bog which resembles a wood cabin. Og makes disgusting farting sounds along with odd groans and listens out for children playing games and trying to pinch his loo rolls. Og will shout and talk at naughty children who come near and sometimes if they get too close, Ogs bog will explode and scare them away. 

Of course Og isn’t really real, he’s a character in the latest fun game from Drumond park. I found this title really amusing it sort of sounds like an April fool but no it’s a real game.

The game needs batteries to start but minimal assembly. Og is fixed to his bog and the cabin is easily put up around him.  

A loo roll holder is attached to the bog cabin and players take turns using a spinner. 

Several sounds and strange music will be played from the bog and the spinner has several different game play turns. 

A red cross means you’ve made a noise and it’s not safe to tip-toe up to Og’s Bog, so your turn is over and the next player spins.

 • The hand holding a loo roll means you can pinch a loo roll from any other player!

 • A green tick – This means you can stealthily try to steal a loo roll from Og’s loo roll pole… and here’s the tricky part. You have to push down the front step of the bog to see if Og has heard you. If he says anything, he has – and you must run away; your turn is over.

The winner is the one to collect so many loo rolls. 

Every so often Og will get really annoyed and the bog will explode! 

And a very annoyed Og will be revealed. The player who caused the bog to explode then needs to put back 2 of their loo rolls. 

The game is aimed at children aged 5 and over, tho as always Izebella has managed to join in no problems and she is almost 3. She does get scared when the bog explodes tho. 2-4 players and an rrp of £22.99.


Drumond Park are giving away a copy of Og on the Bog game. Perfect for Christmas. Open to UK residents and will end October 30th.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Free competitions at ThePrizeFinder</a>

Skylanders Kimble

Published September 24, 2015 by Bizzimummy


This Autumn sees the award winning video games franchise (Skylanders) turned into family gaming fun. The new Skylanders Kimble game will be appearing in toy stores soon by Tactic Games. 

It is very similar to the old game of Frustration and comes with the classic Pop-O-Matic dice, if you don’t know what one of those is then you must of been hiding under a rock for the passed few decades, think dice in plastic dome which you press and pop with your hand.  

The board is already set up and it needs no batteries. It’s one of those extremely easy games. Up to 4 people can play. You all choose which colour you want to be and sit at the appropriate playing corner. You need to pop a 6 on the dice to begin and then move around the board until you make it back to base. 

If anyone should land on your counter then it’s back home to start again for that piece. If you roll a 6 it’s another turn. The winner of course is the first one to get all 4 playing pieces home.  

The playing board is decorated with beautiful Skylander illustrations. The age guide for this game is 5 and over. The playing pieces are quite small and colourful and so therefore probably tempting for younger children to place in mouths. Izebella (almost 3) has been happily playing along with her older brother and sister with help from me so it’s just a case of closely watching any younger players.  

This is a very easy fun family game, which is based on an old classic game from my childhood and updated into the present. RRP £15.99. 

Stockist:Skylanders® games are available at and all good toy retailers. For details visit

Treasured Memories Journals + Competition

Published September 23, 2015 by Bizzimummy

There is nothing more special than having a son or daughter, so many memories and life events to cherish. Unfortunately many things throughout a child’s life become easily lost or forgotten. 

Treasured Memories create beautiful journals for both son and daughter to keep records of children’s lives.  
I was given a choice of journal and as I have two daughters and Ryan is a bit older, I chose a daughter version. 

The pages are blank, ready to put own thoughts and memories on and as you can see here, there are a lot of pages.  

It’s a lovely book and I look forward to recording many memories. The journals cost £15 each. 

If you have a son then now is your chance to win the sons journal.

Treasured Memories are giving away one of their sons journals worth £15. This competition is open to UK residents and will close October 7th.

competitions at

Cook with Aldi

Published September 22, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I have been doing my best to get back into cooking from fresh rather than using ready meals or ordering take aways. Aldi have recently launched their very own “Brand Tv” which features several videos and recipes and thus giving me the perfect opportunity to attempt to enhance my own cookery skills.I have to admit tho that I was a little wary when I first heard about this. I had visions of being some sort of mad chef attempting to catch up with a live video link but luckily it’s nothing like that at all.

The Brand TV (Taste Kitchen by Aldi) broadcasts weekly and bi weekly videos that showcase quality recipes. The videos can be followed and replayed multiple times and the videos are viewable on the Aldi You tube channel. The videos feature top chefs Such as Luis Troyano from Great British Bake Off 2014 and Simon Wood, this year’s Masterchef winner.

To make my own recipes from the Aldi Tv, I was sent over some vouchers to go shopping with and was able to find all the ingredients I needed. 

Here are all the links to the recipes and I am hoping they add a few more as the weeks go on. The first dish I made was the rump steak which was extremely easy to follow and tasted so good this way. 

To accompany the steak I also found a tasty recipe for avacado salsa which took about 5 minutes to make and went really well with the steak. My 8 year old daughter also very much enjoyed her steak with salsa so these recipes certainly come in handy for family meals too. 

I also found a rather tasty looking chicken and tomato pasta bake recipe which is on the “Team GB athletes” favourites pages here. This one took a little longer to make but was worth every bite.  

 The Aldi recipe pages are just bursting with mouth watering recipes to make, both sweet and savoury; easy and not so easy. All the recipes have ingredient lists with step by step guides and all the ingredients can of course be found in Aldi stores. Look out for the new cool along videos too as they are added.

Carnivore Club

Published September 21, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Here is my latest subscription sample box and this time it’s all about meat!

” Carnivore Club is the world’s first curated cured meat of the month club featuring artisans from around the world. Each month, members receive an impressive faux-wood box filled with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans”

To get a box you must first sign up as a member and sign up for a 3 month subscription which can then be cancelled anytime. The boxes are also available in the USA as well as UK so the pricing online appears in dollars and states $50 dollars per month, this works out at approximately £32.

Each month the meats come from a different artisan supplier. Of course not all meats are suitable for posting in this way so the type of meats sent out at what are known as “cured” this means that they have a packaged shelf life of 40-60 days stored at room temperature but Carnivore club recommend refrigeration once received. I think it actually makes sense to anyone to want to store any type of meat products straight in a fridge. 

My monthly box supplier is “Trealy Farm Chacuterie” who are based in Wales. With the box of meat comes a card explaining where the meat comes from and what each one is and how it can be eaten. 

This is what was inside my box, so 5 different meat products in total as the salami pack contains 3 individual types of salami. These are Duck salami, Lamb Merguez salami and Veal, Lemon & Thyme salami. Salami does have many uses. It can be used in sandwiches, salads and many recipe dishes.

I was very intrigued by this Spreadable pork chorizo. 

Like many people I am more used to having chorizo sliced in a dish. This is really good on crackers as I found but it can also be used as a base for home made sauces.  

Finally some very tasty  Venison Carpaccio with juniper. This came in slices and again great with crackers as a light lunch and especially combined with the chorizo spread. 
These are probably not products that I would of thought about buying before but it’s been very pleasurable tasting them.

Join Carnivore Club here.

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