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Cool Create Disney Princess shaker maker

Published October 31, 2015 by Bizzimummy

My girls were sent over another shaker maker from the Cool Create range of toys at Flair. This time it’s all about Disney Princesses. 

 The box does not contain the plaques which appear on the front of the box, unfortunately we have to make these ourselves. This is what is inside the box. 

 There isn’t much really. A shaker maker, moulds and plaster of Paris, yes that means mess. 

To make the Disney Princess moulds we have to put one of the plastic moulds inside the shaker maker and then fill this with the plaster and water. It all needs to be done very quickly or the plaster may set wrong. The purpose of the shaker maker unit is to vigorously shake the plaster and water mixture up and down until all mixed together and then leave it to set. The setting takes 90 minutes as it needs go really hard like stone. There are 2 princess moulds to make and only one shaker maker so it does mean doing them individually and both take a while. 

The plaster can be messy it’s powder to begin with and can get all over. Also be careful not to pour any excess mixture down the sink as it’s very hard to remove and can clog pipes.

Once set the finished moulds should look a little like these.  

 Making the plaster moulds is easy but is probably best done by an adult with children maybe helping with the shaking. It is messy and gets everywhere and also starts to set quickly. Also if not mixed or poured correctly, the finished moulds can crack.Therefore I created the moulds for them with Jordanna assisting. 

I also found some paints inside the box too which I had not previously spotted so if you buy this kit make sure you look through the box as they were taped to the back of a cardboard insert and easily missed. 
 The two completed plaster moulds are, I’m told Rapunzel and Cinderella. Unfortunately Izebella has been very unwell with Scarlett fever all half term. This would of been the perfect time to paint the moulds so sadly she just wasn’t up to painting. Jordanna has also been slightly unwell too. Hopefully we will all get time to paint them this week and I’ll get to add the finished pictures.

This is one of the pictures on the box which shows what the finished princess moulds can look like once painted. 

 They are quite pretty tho I’m doubting ours will look like that.

This kit is aimed at children 5 and over but I would highly suggest that 5 year olds do not do the plaster part. More info can be found at the Flair website and the shaker maker kit can be found at most toy shops and on Amazon for £9.99.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)

Published October 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

As it’s Halloween tomorrow I thought I’d bring you all something a little gruesome, at least for the squeamish among you anyway. Here is a rather squishy body. 

Whilst being a little freakish and perhaps even revolting to some, the kit does have many benefits as well as scaring the younger ones. 

The kit comes with a model skeleton which is encased in a tough plastic outer body, almost like skin. Inside the skeleton are various squidgy body parts.  

 These body parts are all removable and the skeleton can be removed from the outer skin. The parts all resemble the major organs which are of course required to keep us alive and have various functions and also 12 plastic bones and muscles. The idea is to take everything out of the skeleton and then build it back up putting the correct squishy parts in the correct place. The kit also includes tweezers and forceps. 

 This is aimed towards older children and teens and I had a bit of a play around with it too. Unless your a doctor you probably have no idea where each bit goes but not to worry as a body parts organiser is included along with a full guide on how to put the body together. 

There is also a really useful book included. This book describes with detail the roles of all the organs used with the body kit and could be very useful for biology homework. The skeleton body once assembled actually reminds me of some figures we had at school in our science labs.  

 There is even a stand to place the model on. Ryan loves science and loves taking this apart and putting it together. Jordanna isn’t too keen on it just yet and says she doesn’t like the feel of the squishy organs. In Ryan’s room it will happily stay then for the time being.

The age guide for the squishy human body is 8 and over.

I was sent this body kit from Wicked Uncle. They sell lots of fun and novelty gifts and toys for children of all ages from birth to teens. Their website has had a revamp and seems very mobile friendly too. Searching for what you want is easy, search by age, sex or just type in what you want to see if it’s there. 

The Squishy human body costs £21.95 at Wicked Uncle. The ordering process is easy, you do need to register an account. They accept most cards and PayPal payments and the item arrived quickly within 2 days.



Published October 30, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I don’t last long without a brand new subscription box arriving at my door. I absolutely love the things and the reason why?  – because they are always full of surprises! Just like this one.  

 This is Boxcitement which I imagine translates as “box of excitement” the monthly subscription starts at £15 (12 month sign up) or £18 for just one month.

Boxcitement contains a mixture of items which include cards, gift wrap accessories and surprise gifts which can be anything for the home, crafts or jewellery. Obviously the boxes change each month bringing a brand new surprise with it.

Of course I get a box to try out and here is what I found inside.  

 Everything came individually wrapped or tied and it was beautifully presented. Rather than just copying the contents, it’s easier to show you what’s inside via a photo of the inside of the box lid. 

 Cards always come in useful to keep in a drawer as do the gift wrapping items.  

I’m sure my children will have rainy day fun with the postcards to colour in and I’ll be in need of the tea once half term is over. 

The best item by far was the lovely necklace with angel wings pendant.  

It’s a lovely nice surprise gift package which I’m sure most ladies would love to receive each month. 

Visit the Boxcitement website for more information.

Frozen colour match snowflake bag

Published October 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Izebella has been very unwell this week with Scarlett fever so I have been very thankful that we have lots of new things and new toys to test out. She loves Frozen and we already have a house full of Frozen gadgets so one more never harms.

This new frozen bag toy comes from the hti group. It bears all the usual frozen logos and images which you would expect from any frozen item. It’s a little carry bag made from tough plastic materials. The middle of the bag has a special Elsa and Anna push button.

When the bag is held against clothing or other items it lights up and changes colour to match the colour of what it’s held against.  

 The box states that the bag can change shade to match over 100 different colours. We have yet to see this many but have seen many shades of pinks, purples, yellow, orange, green, blue and white so far. It doesn’t seem to match the darker colours as well – black, brown etc but then again it is lights so wouldn’t really. Obviously the shade is not always exact either and it can take a few seconds for the shade to change and match too.  

The colour match works off a small sensor at the back of the bag so whatever colour this sensor picks up is the colour it will attempt to match.  

 The bag only opens up at the back and not the front so it’s not really a bag to put things in, more for the colour match feature. The back reveals a little compartment as well as the sensor and the on/off switch. The bag is also turned off by pressing the frozen button at front but if not being played with for a while then it’s best switching off at the back too.

My girls, and even Ryan seem to be having fun seeing what different colours the bag can produce. I think it would of been nice to perhaps include some sort of sound with the bag too and I’m happy to say it does come with batteries ready installed and is ready to be played with straight from the box.

The Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag is available now from, Argos, Asda, Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Hamleys, Harrods, John Lewis, Very, Littlewoods, Tesco Direct and Boots priced at RRP £24.99. It’s suitable for children ages 3 and over.

About HTI

HTI is the UK’s largest independently owned designer and manufacturer of must-have children’s toys, selling to over 70 countries worldwide with a portfolio of impressive brands.

Established since 1952, HTI has been delighting children for over 60 years with toys that give youngsters the opportunity to have fun and grow through creative and imaginative play.



Half term illness 

Published October 29, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Half term is half way through but my little girl Izebella has far from enjoyed it. She started with a cough, temperature and sickness on Sunday and gradually got worse. The doctor confirmed Scarlett fever so I’m hoping it will pass soon as I’m gettng lots of sleepless nights with her. Poor little girl.  


Pip Ahoy: Mr Morris bubble train

Published October 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

There’s no better way to cheer up a poorly miserable tot than with a new toy. This week Izebella is full of a cough, cold and tummy ache so it was time for a new toy to come out. 
This is the bubble train and is driven by Mr Morris. This toy is part of the new Pip Ahoy range at John Adams toys

Pip Ahoy is Currently airing on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Pip Ahoy! revolves around the adventures of protagonist Pip and his friends in their seaside town. Featuring the voices of David Jason and Stacey Solomon, the program aims to bring fun and laughter into every home, with its mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Pip and his friends will carry out a rescue here, solve a problem there, taking care of their close-knit community and looking out for others. But this is not to say that the show is anything but warm, boisterous, silly and fun.

The selection of Pip Ahoy toys also includes a plush talking Pip and various other playsets featured in the tv show. The bubble train which Izebella has retails around £19.99.

The train comes with a front drivers carriage and 2 passenger carriages and one figure which is Mr Morris, who if you don’t know is a parrot. 

It needs little assembly, just the carriages joining together and needs no batteries. Izebella simply pushes or pulls it around  

When the train is being pushed around the seats will move up and down as does the chimney spout with a bubble effect.  

 It would be nice for more characters to be included with the train as the seats look a little empty without any passengers. Other pip mini figures need purchasing separately but the seats all have little plug in points to place characters on. You can of course place other (non pip) figures of similar size into the carriages if you wish. This is what Izebella has done until she gets some pip ones.

It’s a bright colourful fun train which toddlers will enjoy. It’s pretty small and comes in a large box which makes it look bigger. It seems to have done the job in cheering up my poorly princess. 


Mr Cleghorns seal : Judith Kerr

Published October 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

An exquisite new story to delight readers young and old, from a much-loved writer and illustrator. What do you do if you find an abandoned seal pup on a rock in the middle of the sea? Well, take it home with you to your flat, of course. At least that’s what Mr Albert Cleghorn thought, though perhaps he hadn’t considered all the complications…This is the story of what then happened to Mr Cleghorn and Charlie the seal in their determination to find a home for Charlie and, incidentally, happiness for them both. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Mister Cleghorn’s Seal is a classic in the making from the inimitable Judith Kerr.

Jordanna has been reading Mr Cleghorns seal recently. It’s taken her a while to get to the end and tell me what she thinks, we got the book end of September and she has even been using this book as her school readers book rather than one of the usual school books.

The author Judith Kerr is infact a remarkable 92 years old and still writing children’s books such as this one. This particular story is inspired by Judiths father and a story he once told her.

The fun story follows adventures of Mr Cleghorn who you see pictured on the books front cover and how on a trip to the seaside he rescues a seal pup called Charlie. They both then embark on lots of fun adventures which Jordanna has enjoyed reading about these past few weeks.  

This book is aimed at both girls and boys ages 7 and over and should be available in most good book shops as well as Amazon for approximately £12.00.

Happy Halloween, Boo for You at Southport Pleasureland

Published October 27, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Happy Halloween is back at Southport this week throughout half term. If you have not been to one of the Happy Halloween events then it’s where Pleasureland turns into scary land with hundreds of pumpkins and scary things everywhere. 

Yesterday we went. The park opens at 11am and we were first there. This year it’s free admission and the rides are paid for via fun cards which are a bit like visitor passes that you hang around neck. These fun cards can be topped up with any amount. Most rides need 2-3 tokens and the fun card top up can be used on stalls too such as hook a duck.

Pleasureland has many rides for all ages to keep family’s entertained for a few hours.

There’s even water zorbs and trampolines too. 

During our visit. Several free shows were put on too, these were free and I was glad to sit down for a bit and get out of the cold. The first was a magic show with magician Russ Brown. Now all magicians need assistants and guess who got on stage yet again? Yes Jordanna who took part in a table balancing act. 

The second show combined Elsa, Anna, a tiger and wicked witch. 

There was a firework display later on from 6.30pm but sadly Izebella was feeling unwell so we had to go. However there will be another firework display for bonfire night on November 6th and again free entry.

We had a good day despite Izebella being poorly. The rain stayed away and we had hot dogs and chips at the park for lunch for less than £10.

Visit the Pleasureland Website to plan your visit.

Shopkins Cool Cardz 

Published October 26, 2015 by Bizzimummy

  It’s half term and bored kiddies. We have been sent more lovely kits from  Flair Cool Create range and the Shopkins cool Cardz is one of them.

Jordanna is the age group which the cool Cardz are aimed at and she has had them before, tho not shopkins and a long time ago. 

 I was happy to find that the main unit, known as the design studio was already assembled, so no snapping in awkward parts. As well as the pink design studio, the kit comes with the design cards and laminating wallets, one pen and some small stampers wgich are not the best.

It’s really straightforward, even Izebella can make them. First design the cards with stickers and txts, then laminate and done. 

 The laminating is done by sliding the roller up and down over the card. Sometimes the laminate stays partially stuck to its backing tho so it needs manually pulling over.

These are some of the end results. 

It needs no batteries which is a good thing but the cards and laminate sheets quickly run out, especially so with 3 kids. Replacement packs can be purchased which seem to contain much more than comes with the kit.

This also seems to be aimed towards girls yet Ryan has just as much fun making cards as his sisters. 

When the activity is over, the design studio folds up as a small carry case and fits all the cards and accessories inside, meaning no need to keep the bulkier box. 

I have spotted the Shopkins cool Cardz on Amazon for £17.99 here

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