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Snakku subscription box

Published February 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have been sent over a brand new subscription box. This one comes filled with Japanese goodies and is known as Snakku box. There are several Japanese snack subscription box services which already deliver to the UK. This one however work directly with snack producers based in Japan and the boxes come with many items that can only be bought in Japan and no where else. As well as a few more well known Japanese items.

The box itself is quite a little feature in itself and rather a mystery with its layers of unpacking. It arrives wrapped in a reusable floral cloth. 

Which then reveals the box itself! 

Once the box is opened its almost like a lucky dip, trying to find the contents amongst the hamper type packaging. There is quite a bit in these boxes and most of it I have never seen before. 

The box contains both sweet and savoury snacks such as littlr crackers and big crisp corn bars which taste better than they sound. The Pocky is somethng I’m familiar with and we all enjoy, it’s sweet dipped biscuit sticks. There was some rather strange but nice crunchy chocolate bean shaped sweets in little bags plus crackers with edible gold. The little strawberry sweets were delicious too. 

The boxes often come with themes and this theme was strawberries, being Feb/March box and so both valentines and Mother’s Day. So a few strawberry items. The strangest thing is the green tea kit Kats which I never knew existed.

The snacks are all from Japan and therefore have no English labelling. There is a guide included explaining what is all is.

Boxes like this are a really great way to sample snacks and food which we probably would not come across otherwise. 

Snakku can be purchased as a monthly subscription or gift. The prices are in US dollars and start at $38.95 for a box containing 2lbs of snacks, between 10-13 items. There is also the lighter box option costing just $14.95.

World book day with Asda

Published February 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

World book day is almost upon us yet again. Some parents love it, many dread it. Yet more costumes to buy or even make. I am hopeless at making anything and having 3 costumes to buy can be pricey so I was very happy when Asda got in touch about their costume selection in time for world book day. 

World book day is about celebrating books and characters from books. It is quite sad and probably disappointing for the teachers too when a hundred Elsas or Annas from frozen turn up or perhaps a fair few sponge bobs or minions. Whilst there may now be books with the modern Frozen story and the odd minions album, none of these started out as books and therefore probably not what schools really have in mind when it comes to characters from books. It’s a shame some of the older and more classic book characters have become overlooked.

Whilst Asda of course sells Frozen costumes (along with everywhere else) and a fair few other tv characters, they also have a brand new selection of more classic kids book character costumes. Here’s just a few of them. 

I was kindly asked to choose costumes for my children. I felt like a big kid at Christmas making the choices for them and they all seem really happy with what I chose. We didn’t have world book day when I was younger or at least I don’t remember it and costumes such as these were not as available and probably more expensive to buy than nowadays. Asda seem to have a really good selection. 

I only received the outfits yesterday and therefore this is a fairly fast review in time for weekend when most parents consider going out to get them.

Izebella attends school nursery and for her I chose Alice in Wonderland

She is a little young to be familiar with the story but we do have a few books of both the Alice adventures. It comes with a headband and a little carry purse in the design of the clock. 

Now I don’t mean to brag or boast but I think she looks adorable in this and the blue really seems to suit her. The above pic still has the tags on as she could not wait to try it on. Here is one without both tags and dummy. 

And the back! 

I think Izebella will be very happy wearing and showing off in this next week. 

Continuing with the fairytale heroines we have Snow White for Jordanna. It’s a story she loves and like Alice in Wonderland the story goes back to the turn on the 1900s possibly before and it’s a story every child knows. 

This dress is quite long and it’s a 9-10 years. Jordanna is 8 but it’s not so long that she’s tripping over it and could easily be slightly tucked up a little. It also comes with a red headband. 

So now I have two gorgeous little princesses for world book day. 


Finally Ryan. Ryan is at high school now and so far I am unsure what, if anything they are doing for world book day. Ryan is part of the school council and is wanting to suggest that his year (year 7) dress up for it. Hopefully they will and he will also get to wear his costume. It’s Willy Wonka from the famous Roald Dahl book – Charlie and the chocolate factory. 
And here he is looking rather smart. 

It’s a 3 piece costume with the big hat, pants and the top which combines the shirt, jacket and tie. Size 11/12 and a perfect fit for him plus smiles all round. 

The children’s costumes vary in price and cost slightly more the bigger the size. The majority cost between £10-£15. Adult costumes are also available too. Alll the costumes I revieced are all good quality and I am sure they will get plenty of wear long past world book day.


My Pure #February – eye liner & brow liner

Published February 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s all about the eyes!

This month for my “My Pure” post I went for 2 eye make up items. 

The Alva Kajal eyeliner comes in 3 shade choices. I chose black. This costs £11.00 which is probably the most  expensive eye liner I havd used to date. 

The eyeliner comes at the perfect sharpened point, not too sharp and not blunt so it smudges everywhere.  

It goes on easy enough. I always try to do both bottom and top eyelines tho find the top more difficult. 

The one thing I find with other eye liner pencils is it just does not last. This is probably down to them being cheaper. This one seems to last a few hours before a re application is needed. The pencil is really long to so will hopefully last a while.

Here is a before and after application of the pencil. 

Next for my brows is the Inika brow pencil. This comes in 2 shades, one light and one dark and I went for the darker one.0 

My brows are naturally very light so things like this pencil help to enhance them. Colouring brows however can sometimes be hit and miss and takes practice as what it invokes is essentially colouring hair with a pencil. There are various stencils and shapers that can be bought to help get it right and it’s best to choose a shade that is not too dark for the skin colour too.   

 It’s easy to use the pencil stand alone. Use a mirror and gently go over the brow, making sure you don’t apply too much. The pencil even comes with a sharpener on the lid so no need buy a separate one. This eye brow pencil costs £13.50.

As with all My Pure products. These are made using natural ingredients only.


Bunny Jump

Published February 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This is Bunny Jump, from University games. It’s a rather cute family game and I say cute because it contains a sweet little bunny and lots of carrots, also little baskets so possibly a popular one for Easter holidays. 

It’s so easy to play and good because it needs no batteries. The set up is really simple. The carrots go into the holes in the base and the bunny sits in the middle of them. Turns work via a cardboard spinner which is slightly flimsy. Players then take one or two carrots each turn depending on what the spinner lands on. 

There is also a miss turn and one not so good option to put a carrot from your basket back. 

It’s easy enough and the age guide states 5 and over but my 3 year old seemed to know how to play it before I got it out of the box or read the instructions.

Whilst taking carrots out, the bunny may pop out of its base at any time, this is the real fun part because you never know when it will happen. It just flies out. Players have to try and catch it and if they do, they then get two carrots off other players.  

Once all the carrots are removed, the player with the most in their basket is the winner. 

There are only 12 carrots to get so the game does not take long at all.Play time is increased when the bunny pops and when players have to lose carrots. 

Up to 4 players can play and the guidelines state 5 and over but it’s really easy and younger children will easily grasp it too. 

More information on this and other games can be found at University games. Bunny jump can be purchased in most good toy stores and Amazon for £17.00.

Mrs Crimble’s gluten free!

Published February 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Mrs Crimble’s is launching the first ever range of gluten free continental cakes. The first two products are Classic Madeleines and Chocolate Madeleine with a rich choc filling. Made in France, Mrs Crimble’s NEW Authentically French range provides a simple way to add some panache to breakfast and get the day off to a great start. Wonderfully light, they are also the perfect way to turn a cup of tea or coffee into a real treat – at any time of day.       

I was sent over some packets of the Madeleine’s for us all to try. There are six cakes to each packet and they are all individually wrapped. 

They look like small buns and taste really good. Soft with a lovely filling inside. My kids loved the chocolate one whereas I preferred the classic variety. They do go really well with a nice cup of tea to wash them down with.  

We all tried a few each and ended up taking the remaining few on our trip and hotel stay last week. 

None of us have any gluten intolerance or allergies, luckily but of course did not mind sampling these. Gluten free products seem to have come a long way these passed few years and there is now a great selection of sweet treats available rather than just bread items.

Mrs Crimbles is of course famous for their baked goods and their whole range can be found on their website.

West Yorks adventure 

Published February 19, 2016 by Bizzimummy

On Wednesday we took a trip over to West Yorks. Our first train stop was Halifax and a visit to the children’s museum Eureka. None of us had been here before and the kids loved it. There are many galleries to enjoy and everything is hands on, therefore no looking at things through glass here. The museum boasts a realistic Marks and Spencer’s shop along with a post office and a bank with a cash machine. Eureka even have their own bank notes. 

There’s even a garage with full size trucks and cars, a digging pit and a realistic modern house. 

There’s a big garden type room with strange looking plants and a big play space just for the under fives. 

Ryan really enjoyed the “All about me” rooms on the second floor which is a massive walk through the human body and health. 

They have a doctor /dentist set up with reception and even a realistic baby scanner. Izebella is inside a mouth here. 

There is lots more to explore at Eureka and it’s easy to spend several hours in there. There is a cafe too which we went too. The queue was huge and food a little pricey so it may be best bring own packed lunches. 

There is a gift shop too which is not too expensive. Then more exploring and a bit of fancy dress too. 


Once Eureka was done we jumped back on the train to the nearby city of Bradford where we checked into the Holiday inn express. This hotel is conveniently located just across the road from Bradford interchange station. It’s inside a leisure complex with cinema, bowling and restaurants next to it. 

The rooms were lovely with a big double bed and a big double sofa bed. Both beds already made up for us. It was very clean too.  

I paid just £51 for a night here for four of us which included a lovely breakfast too. This included sausage, egg, beans, cereals, yoghurt, fruit, toast, croissants, hot and cold drinks.  

After checking in we had a walk around Bradford, found a pound world to stock up on munchies and a McDonald’s as a nice treat. We also found the National media museum too. This is free entry with several floors starting with cameras, then onto TV and history. We spotted a few well known characters along the way like this scary one. 

Ryan even had a go at videoing a tv scene. 

The games room is full of old and some well remembered video games that can be played on, there is a gallery displaying games consoles from the 1970s onwards. It’s a good place to visit if in Bradford.

We had a great time and it was lovely to get away for the night.




Brownie Heaven

Published February 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I do love it when a box of tasty treats lands at my door. The most recent being a box of scrumptious brownies from Brownie heaven.  

I’m a big fan of brownies and therefore it’s important that they are made just right so they almost melt in the mouth. 

Brownies make great gifts too and with Mother’s Day coming up soon a box of brownies is bound to go down very well as a nice treat for mum. 

The brownies at Brownie Heaven come in a few different box selections which of course include gluten free. I think the best selection to get is the mixed box which gives the perfect mixture of the best brownies they have. 

The brownies are all made using quality Belgian chocolate and Italian unsalted white butter along with a few other ingredients. 

 I had 8 mixed brownies in my box which included dark chocolate, white chocolate, gluten free, queen of the blondes and a few other flavours that I picked up. 

Each one was delicious, perfectly baked and full of gooey yummy lovely mouth watering chocolate goodness. I enjoyed them all. They are also very thigh and chunky. It’s hard to eat more than one t a time because they are also really filling.  

The brownies come in boxes and start at about £24.95. Brownie Heaven also sell brownie scotch eggs which also look and sound amazing and a perfect Easter treat.

Super Yummies

Published February 15, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Super Yummies are the all new toddler snacks from Cow & Gate. To be honest toddler snacks are not really something I have bothered with for a while as Izebella is now 3 and sort of went off a few of the selections I used to try. I thought I would give them a go as an alternative to the more unhealthy biscuits and things she tends to choose. 

There are a few different varieties to choose from being Breadsticks, which are savoury,  Rice cakes in fruit varieties, yoghurt and fruit pouches and Freeze dried fruit and veg pieces. 

Obviously being toddler snacks and from Cow & Gate we as parents can be assured the snacks are healthy and only contain fruit and veg and no unhealthy ingredients or added nasties.

The first thing Izebella tried are the rice cakes which we have in an apple and orange flavour. 

 Of course I had to try some myself and it’s now obvious why these are called “Super Yummies” because they are very yummy indeed. Full of flavour and sweet too, crispy and I could definitely taste the orange and apple in them. In fact these are a little addictive and I could not just have one. My older 2 children enjoyed them too. 


The breadsticks are a good replacement for crisps and crackers and again lots of flavour. The freeze dried fruit pieces are very much like fruit crisps and both went down really well too. I think Izebellas favourite product was the yoghurt pouch which she had no problem eating straight from the squeezy pouch in no time at all. 


All of the super Yummies products tasted good and all my children enjoyed them. They make tasty alternative healthy snacks. They can be purchased in supermarkets, Boots and other stores in the toddler/baby aisles and start at just 75p each.

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