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Napolina blogger challenge 

Published March 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Napolina is an Italian brand of goods. They have a lovely range of Italian products which includes pasta, sauce, olive oils and other speciality items including pizza bases and toppings.

We were asked to take part in a fun blogger challenge which involved creating funny faces on pizza. They sent us over some of their pizza bases, these come as small and large, also some tomato pizza topping, olive oil, olives and a store voucher to buy some extras. 

All 3 of my children were very happy to take part in this and they all could not wait to make their own special pizzas. I was also more than happy to make something. See I don’t normality eat pizza because I detest cheese. The plain pizza bases provide the perfect opportunity to create a non cheese type pizza and instead of cheese I make (or buy) a garlic butter.

I purchased quite a few different ingredients as my children all like and dislike different things. I bought cheese, onion, mushrooms, ham, chicken, hot dogs and pepperoni and chopped everything up and just let them do their own thing. We all managed to make 2 each over the space of 2 days. 

We all began the pizzas using the tomato pizza sauce.This is really easy to spread and we found a little goes a long way. 

Then build the faces using the various ingredients. These are Jordannas and Izebellas faces. 

I think Ryan forgot he was making a face as he seemed too excited with piling as much stuff on top of his as he could. 

But he certainly enjoyed it all! As did we all. 

 The pizzas (including my non cheese one) tasted great and much better than the greasy take away versions; we all agreed on that. They are also cheaper and healthier as we make them ourselves so we know exactly what we are putting on them.

We used the sent bottle of olive oil to drizzle a little over the pizzas prior to cooking, this helps with the crispness and flavour too.

We enjoyed our home made pizzas so much that we just had to go out and find some more Napolina pizza bases and sauce and make even more. 


Meet the Num Noms

Published March 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Num Noms have landed in Tesco stores across the UK. They are bound to be the latest collectable craze amongst kids and girls in particular. 

The Num Noms come as cute little characters which are in the form of sweet foods such as cakes and ice cream. There are a few different packs and this is one of the starter packs which costs about £8.99. 

The name Num Noms is the names of the individual pieces. There is the “Nom” which is either motorised piece which moves about; or a piece filled with lip gloss.  The “Nums” are th soft squishy characters which can be stacked on top of the “Nom” 

The pack came with a spoon too and in this one, an ice cream cone. Each pack makes a different sweet food so all the parts will differ. Many packs are available so many different combos can be created. The Num Noms also come scented with lovely sweet smells.  

Our Num Nom pack made an ice cream but combined with other packs they will make other flavours and items. There are over 1000 to collect. 

Buying more than one Num Nom pack also means the Num Noms can race. They move around pretty quickly on the floor but do have a tendancy to fall over and collapse quite often.

It’s probably easier to try to build and stack the num nom before switching it on.

This is series 1 of num Noms  and that can only mean there are many more to come and collect. The num noms come as starter packs, blind pots, deluxe packs and also a playset. They are available from tesco and other good toy stores and suitable for ages 5 and over.

Mackays competition 

Published March 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Mackays are well known for their fine selection of jams and preserves.  

 Me and the kids have been trying out a few jars of their fine Scottish strawberry preserve. This is made using whole Scottish strawberries and it’s great for toast first thing I the morning or afternoon tea. 

 This stuff goes pretty well with anything really including scones, ice cream, cakes, waffles etc but we love it best on toast. 

This preserve also comes in other fruit varieties and Mackays also boasts a very lovely selection of marmalade and curds too.


Mackays have very kindly donated one of their mini hampers as a prize to one of my jam loving readers. 

It contains a jar of strawberry preserve and a jar of Dundee orange marmalade and comes in a reusable cloth hamper carry bag. 

To take part in this competition simply click on the link below by the 9th April. You must be a UK resident to take part.


More competitions at – See more at:

Bratz sweet style 

Published March 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Bratz dolls are back with a brand new style all about sweets and chocolate. As its Easter these make a much better alternative to buying several chocolate eggs for our sweet princesses. 

The new range is called “sweet style” the collection comes with the choice of all 4 girls – Sasha, Yasmin, Jade and Cloe. Each one comes with accessories in the shape and style of sweets and chocolate. 


Cloe’s all about the sprinkles & icing – the best part of any cake! Her pet froyo pup feels the same. Jade’s got a major sweet tooth for mint chocolate chip and cotton candy and Yasmin’s fashion inspiration is her all-time favorite froyo topping: crushed peppermint candy.

This is Jade and Jade comes with a chocolate bag , ice cream cone boots, a cotton candy type top and other sweet accessories.  


Each of the dolls also comes with a little pet koala. Each one being in a different fruity colour. 

The dolls have moveable arms and legs. The boots and the clothes can be removed and swapped. Jordanna has a nice collection of bratz dolls and loves to swap the clothes as well as style the hair.

This is the “Sasha” doll, she too comes with lots of sweet inspired accessories. 

Sasha loves cherry flavours, hence her pink and red skirt and shoes, plus candy bow bag and necklace. 

These dolls are available in most toy stores and some larger supermarkets who sell toys, they are also on Amazon and each one costing between £15-£20 each depending on the shop.

So save the teeth and tummy ache this Easter with a bratz doll instead of an egg.

Project Mc2 dolls

Published March 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

A brand new range of fashion dolls has recently been launched by MGA Entertainment. This is the same company who bring smiles to faces of little girls everywhere with their ranges of Bratz, moxie girls and Lalaloopsy to name a few. 

The new “Project Mc2” dolls combine style and science and together. Whereas bratz have the more rock edge appeal, these dolls have a slight geek chick lifestyle.

The dolls were launched last August alongside a Netflix series of the same name. The dolls therefore being based on the series characters.

There are 4 dolls in the collection. Each with their own personality and style.

The S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) dream team includes;

​· McKeyla McAlister (M2) – Team leader, undercover spy and seriously into her


​· Adrienne Attoms (A2)– High heel lover, culinary chemist and “pretty brilliant” 

​· Bryden Bandweth (B2)– Tech wizz, effortlessly cool and ahead of everything that’s #trending 

​· Camryn Coyle (C2)– Construction queen, skateboard champion and a super impressive IQ 

 Even their friendship makes mathematical sense – based on the Pythagorean theorem that

A2 + B2 = C2

There have already been a few different series of these dolls released but this is the first time we have seen one.  

These dolls come with their very own experiments and some pretty cool accessories. Jordanna has been sent the Camryn doll which comes with skateboard pieces to build. It’s easy and all just clicks together. 

The doll can then be placed on the skateboard or in her doll stand which also comes included along with a brush. 

Each doll comes with a different experiment. Also included were several rolls of what appeared to be blank paper but when you add water or hold them to a light they reveal hidden skateboard blu prints. 


The dolls clothes are fully removeable and interchangeable and they are standard size of most fashion dolls. The one strange thing we did find is that the hands and arms easily come off the doll and at first Jordanna was worried she had broke it. It does go back together easy enough but seems like it should be fixed on a little better.
 The dolls with experiments cost £24.99 each. Dolls without experiments are available too at £14.99 these come with distinct outfits. Other accessories such as a digital notebook are also available.

There is also a free Mc2 app for download.


Ciccobello sunny doll

Published March 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy


Following on from the success of favourites such as Cicciobello Love n Care and Tinkle Time, the Giochi Preziosi Group has been continually committed to developing new versions of its popular large doll brand that introduce unique features and play patterns for little girls to discover. In 2016 Cicciobello Sunny is to make an appearance, a new smaller doll who will take playtime outdoors, where he loves to tan, but is always mindful to teach little ones important lessons on sun safety.

We were sent our new Ciccobello doll a few weeks ago. The doll is just like many others with moveable joints and hair that can be brushed. He comes dressed in beach/summer clothes and with several accessories. 

The doll is for playing with just like any other but he also comes with an important message and features which is all about sun safety and making sure children do not burn in the sun.

Many parents prepare well for holidays abroad, being sure to pack sun cream, hats and sunglasses. However many parents are far more relaxed in the Summer and warm Spring months here in the UK. This means many children are not protected from harmful sun rays here. Many parents and older children do not think it’s hot enough or strong enough sun in this country to need protection. Add to that the very unpredictable British weather where one day it rains and the next is blazing sunshine and many people just aren’t prepared. 

Young children are far more sensitive to heat and sun rays than adults or older children and teenagers and thus need more protection in the warmer months. It’s important to regularly apply sun cream every few hours and more if children are in pools or water. Sun hats protect the scalp from sunburn and minimise the risk of sunstroke and a good pair of sunglasses protect the eyes. These things don’t cost much. When we think about what we spend to protect our children from the cold in winter such as coats and hats and gloves, yet sun protection is just as important if not more.

The Ciccobello sunny doll aims to teach children a little about what happens in the sun. It’s been hit and miss testing it out as the weather has not been great recently and only 2 days of sun that I can recall so far. 

The doll comes with sunglasses, a sun necklace and a sun bracelet which the child can wear. When this doll is exposed to the sun his tummy skin tone will start to darken, like a tan. 

The sun necklace will also turn from white to shades of pink and purple dependant on exposure. Marks also appear around the eyes and face, just like they would on a small child without any sun protection. Once back inside and out of the sun, it all disappears. The sun bracelet works the same as the dolls sun pendant and can be worn by a child in the sun. 

The doll is aimed to help children use sun protection. Children will enjoy applying sun cream to the doll and therefore have no problems applying it to themselves too. It is aimed at the really younger age group of 2-4 years. Izebella was quite fascinated that her doll could tan and also that her bracelet changes colour when it’s warmer and she knows that she needs to put cream ok when it’s a hot day or her skin may burn. 

It costs around £29.99 for one the dolls and they need no batteries. 


Easter crafting at Asda

Published March 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Now that (some) children have started their Easter holidays; it won’t be long until the boredom sets in. 

Asda have some very inexpensive craft sets and materials, all with a fun Easter theme. 

There are baskets, egg decorating kits, finger puppets, Easter egg hunt kits, stickers, craft supplies and even a little bit of Easter fancy dress such as the very cute bunny headbands. 

Everything is pretty easy to do and some obly requir minimal household items such as tape or glue. The finger puppets came with a plastic needle and string and are very simple and safe. 

Ryan took charge of setting up the Easter egg hunt which includes making Easter bags and putting signs around the house on the big day. 

I do find its little things such as these which keeps my kids busy for hours. Everything is very inexpensive, many things costing less than a pound. I have been quite impressed with what they have been able to male with their Easter crafts and also just for once, no arguments.

A selection of Easter crafts are available at Asda stores across the UK.

U Hugs

Published March 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna is very happy to be testing out a range of new dolls known as U Hugs. These dolls are made from soft plastic and small holes can be spotted around their bodies. 

The reason for the holes is to insert and change multiple accessories which come with the dolls and will most probably be available to buy in packs too. The dolls come with multiple accessories already attached and a few in the box to put in. 

The accessories include all sorts of things, bags, badges, shoes, animals, flowers and even facial features and hair. Everything comes off so the doll can be personalised how the child wishes. The accessories are simply plastic pins with ends that fit in the holes. Some of them do require a little bit of pushing to get them in place but they all seem to go where you want them too. The dolls can be minimal a bit like this. 

Or they can have no accessories at all, or maximum accessories just like this. 

The little cardboard stand and background also came with it but I can’t see this lasting too long. 

The idea is to collect the dolls, or at least buy more than one. They all come with different parts which can be mixed and matched to make different faces and outfits. There are currently 6 dolls to choose from and I imagine more will be added soon.

The U Hug dolls cost around £14.99 each and each one comes with 12 accessories. They come in plastic tubs with handles and I would recommend keeping these as it’s handy for all the accessories which will easily become lost otherwise.

U Hugs come from Flair toys who are of course also responsible for shopkins which Jordanna also loves to collect.

Please check out the U Hugs channel on You tube.

I am sure Jordanna will get lots of fun from this doll.

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