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Didriksons: new coat for me 

Published May 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have done many reviews for Didriksons and if you have not heard of the brand then they are a Swedish brand specialising in quality outdoor wear. They actually began by producing work wear for fisherman so think waterproofs and wind proofs.

I have up to now, focused on outdoor and waterproof wear for children but this time I was more than happy to try out somethng from Didriksons for myself for a change. They seem to have a lot of choice for women as well as kids and men.  I chose a Lush women’s parka

These coats come with 8 choices of colour. I seem to have a thing for wearing white so I chose heritage white. The sizes are all European sizes but there is a conversion chart. For coats I always go a size bigger so in this instance I got a 38 which is a 12.

The parka is both waterproof and windproof, by windproof I imagine it means that it does not blow all over in a gale and prevents the wind getting under the coat. It is certainly waterproof as I have been out in the rain a few times wearing it. The windproof part, I’m unsure as we have not really had much in the way of storms or gales recently. However despite being a rather lightweight coat it does keep me warm enough.

Several pockets can be found on the coat, a deep ons on either side and 2 hidden pockets further up. There is a pull drawstring to enhance the fit, a large hood and adjustable wrist cuffs.

It’s a good length too being three quarter, falling below my waist but above the knee. Therefore perfect for most seasons and weather types. It’s light enough for Summer rain and also good for over jumpers in the colder and wetter months. 

The full specifications of this coat including warmth ratings can be found on Didriksons website. 

Didriksons products including this lovely coat can be purchased in many sports and outdoor stores across the UK. Prices vary per store. 

Mini street style clothing 

Published May 31, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Mini Street Style is a social fashion collection for kids (3 – 10) that is inspired by Street Style and key fashion trends. They only launched our first collection in December and it is designed to be seasonless and where possible unisex.

Each season new collections are created under 3 themes – Sports Deluxe, London Eccentric and Vintage 

My 2 girls are at either end of the sizing range and have both been sent some lovely pieces. 

These are Jordannas new pieces and form part of the new Sports deluxe collection. She has geometric triangle leggings and matching skirt and a pop print top in pink. The top matches both the skirt and leggings perfectly. The sizing is just right and seems a perfect fit. The materials are good quality. Jordanna is prone to being clumsy and falling and usually ends up with holes in leggings but so far these remain intact. 

Izebella also has a matching outfit and hers is from the London eccentric collection and combines the digi houndstooth skirt and leggings with a big heart top.

The 3/4 size is again a good fit for her. The top is long sleeved but quite airy and not too warm on. The patterns are strikingly bold and sure to stand out.

These outfits are lovely and can be worn for both day use and for going out or special occasions. The leggings can be worn under the skirts too to create a full street style outfit.

My girls love their new cool funky outfits. The full range can be found on the Mini street style website. Prices start from around £22.99 per item and yes they have many items for boys too, Ryan is just too old for their sizes.

Transformers: Robots  in disguise – Rumble in the Jungle (+ competition)

Published May 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Bumblebee and his team s adventures on earth continue with 6 all new episodes of Transformers: Robots in disguise. It s a chaotic time for the team as Grimlock inexplicably attacks his teammates, Bumblebee is exposed to a toxin as he pursues escaped Decepticon, Quillfire and a group of Skunkticon thieves go on the rampage. Meanwhile in the Prime Realm, Optimus must prepare himself for an evil that will threaten both Cybertron and Earth with destruction! Six Episodes.

This new Transformers series was released on DVD and digital download earlier this week by Hasbro Studios. It has a PG rating and a full running time of 126 minutes. The team comes face to face with a wild Decepticon, Grimlock, who is on the rampage and out of control; however that is not their only problem to overcome this time round! The rivalry is brewing between Denny and Fixit, but Bumblebee takes the most hits as he is exposed to toxins that make him hyperactive and is being tracked down by a pair of bounty hunters determined to ensnare him once and for all.

Transformers have been around since I was a little girl, never really my thing as more for boys. I’m guessing the DVD has a PG rating rather than U, as it does have a few scary bits that may frighten the younger ones; such as the green Decepticon as pictured above (Izebella was not too keen) 

I have not watched this all the way through myself but my son has. He is 12 so perhaps a little old for transformers but seemed to enjoy it all anyway. 

Hasbro studios are giving away one copy of the new transformers DVD. Please click the link below to enter. 

Ends 16/06/16

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Pom Pom wow 

Published May 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I first saw the Pom pom wow set at this years blog on conference at the end of last month. It involves decorating cute little Pom poms which can then be stuck to many surfaces. I knew my 8 year old daughter would love this and o wasn’t wrong either. Needless to say I was quite happy when we got sent the set.

” Pom Pom WOW! Is the new way to beautify your world by placing pom-poms on anything and everything! Create scenes, imagery, unique and complex shapes, messages and even custom pom-poms.”

The large box it comes in is actually quite deceptive as the unit itself is fairly small in comparison.

This plastic case then opens up to reveal the Delux Dip and Create Station.

This comes almost assembled as per photograph above. What we needed to do was attach the tape roll which consists of glue dots, attach the ink stamper,  mixer tray and the Pom Pom trays. Then you can begin.

There are 75 Pom poms per kit. They come in small sealed tubes. To start they get placed in the pink Pom Pom trays. The tray is then attached to the colour station purple clamp and dipped in either ink or paint, add a glue dot, stick and open up the Pom poms, fairly easy. 

We did come across slight problems,getting the Pom Pom pink tray into the clamp is tricky. It sits above the paint and ink pads meaning there isn’t much room to put it in, tho smaller fingers will find it easier. 

Once made the Pom poms will look a little like this. 

They stick to many surfaces with the included glue dots, including wooden frames, furniture, tablet cases, phones, mirrors , toys etc. They are not so great on clothing as Izebella found out. 

Once the Pom poms are made extra colour can be added with included markers and a glue stick. 

The Pom poms can even be stuck together to give a bigger and more original Pom Pom. 

If you get bored of the included paints then the pipette and empty water trays enable the user to make their own colours. This new colour is then added in the smaller unit and colour squirted onto a single Pom Pom with the pipette.
It’s lots of fun for young girls to get creative, Jordanna loves it and enjoys making them for her friends and sister.

Pom Pom wow has its own social media channels.




Pom Pom WOW! Is also taking over from 28th May. 

Join in with the Pom Pom wow fun on Twitter on Tuesday May 31st.

Available in all large toyshops ( The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Smyths) or online at £29.99. Recommended age is 5 and over.


Classic rucksack from Scruffs workwear

Published May 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Scruffs is all about work wear and safety gear for those in the trade. I am not in need of any sort of heavy duty work or safety gear myself at the moment, but I did spot this rather useful rucksack on the website.

To me, this bag does not come across as typical work wear. It’s more like something I would choose to take on a long walk or rambling. The colour is navy blue with light brown straps which again don’t really say trade type colours. To look at it in a picture it looks like your average rucksack, but it’s quite deceptive as its much bigger than it looks inside.

At the back, next to the straps is the main deep pocket. This is fairly large and opens up to the full length of the bag. This one pocket alone will fit a lot of stuff inside.

The second pocket is almost as big as the first. This space comes with yet another smaller hideaway padded compartment  fastened by a Velcro strap, this could be useful for laptops and tablet storage. Next to this is one of those key chain holders (quite useful). The second pocket also contains a mesh pocket section with 2 small places to store phones or other smaller items.

A third pocket on the front of the bag reveals a large insulated cool bag section which can be used for food and drink storage. Below this is a smaller rectangular compartment perfect for pens and small items.

This one rucksack has so much space inside. I am sure it makes a great bag for work and tools but it also makes a great weekend bag too and seems perfect as hand luggage on planes. It is comfortable to carry on the back as  there is EVA padding to the straps and back, thus avoiding discomfort.

In my opinion this bag is an absolute bargain for space, style and comfort. It costs just £24.95 which is probably a standard price for similar bags which don’t have as much space as this one. It would be perfect for school and college too as it doesn’t cost the Earth. Ryan already has his eye on it once we have finished taking the bag on trips away.

Degustabox May reveal 

Published May 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This month I received more items than usual. This is because some of the boxes differ slightly. Some will contain alcohol and others won’t. Therefore if you sign up for a box you will usually receive between 10-15 items monthly but mine this month has more as its a combination of all the available products.

     “This month’s products”

May box bought with it, a lovely variety of sweet, savoury, cupboard items and drinks too. Degustabox is always full of variety. 

  1. “Product of the month” Brioche Pasquier – This is a brand we are very familiar with. Brioche do a range of French style breakfast treats and this time it’s “all butter croissants”. We love these warmed up in the microwave and they are lovely alone or with a dollop of chocolate spread. £1.80.
  2. Next to the Brioche are “Mrs Crimbles classic Madeleine’s. These are gluten free treat size cakes. 
  3. Cranes alcoholic drink – Cranes is not something I have heard of before. I am not a big drinker of alcohol but this is quite nice and refreshing. Especially served ice cold on a warm day. It is made with crushed cranberries so fairly healthy too. It is also low in calories, high in natural juices and comes in three flavours. £1.90. 
  4. Kallo – We all really like these coated rice cakes. They are big and full of yummy flavour, in this instance it is yoghurt coated rice cakes and milk chocolate corn cakes. £1.29/£1.69.
  5. Wonderful company – It’s almonds and nuts in these little packets all sun-ripened in California orchards. They come in small snack size packs, perfect for on the go snacking. £0.90
  6. Get Fruity – A combination of fruit and oats in a bar. The bright fruity packaging will possibly appeal to children. It’s all natural stuff and a good alternative to less healthy bars. £0.90. 
  7. Pechkeks fortune cookies – I actually came across these a few weeks back at the Blog on MSI conference. I did wonder if it was some sort of joke shop novelty trick food. What you have are black fortune cookies but instead of a nice message of luck or wisdom inside; It will more likely be something a little crude or humorous. £1.00.
  8. Pomegreat – Another product made from fruit grown in California orchards. A very sweet tasting, refreshing carton of juice. £1.49.
  9. Garofalo pasta – From Italian pasta makers Garofalo. Corkscrew shaped pasta made with quality drum wheat. Much softer and better tasting than ordinary supermarket shelf stuff. £1.99.
  10. Beloved dates – I was a bit skeptical about this one as I am not a lover of dates at all. This however is date nectar. It is made from 100% pure dates but it has a sweet caramel taste and is more like syrup than eating dates. It can also be used as a alternative to sugar or honey and suitable for vegans too. £3.50
  11. Jack Daniels – Not quite the drink itself but a Tennesee barbecue honey glaze. It has mild flavours of the Jack Daniels drink and hints of honey. Good for dipping, glazing and barbecues. £1.99.

And that concludes my May Degustabox reveal which I really enjoyed opening this month. 

Buy Degustabox for just £6.99 using code BLDEG15 usual price is £12.99 including postage.

Twitter- @degustaboxUK

Instagram @degustabox_uk and #degustabox_uk.

Nickelodeon store turns one! 

Published May 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

 The Nickelodeon Store Leicester Square turns one on Monday 30th, May 2016. To celebrate the anniversary of the European Flagship Store, customers are invited to enjoy special birthday-themed activities taking place at the Nickelodeon Store on Saturday 28th May from 10am. 

Located at One Leicester Square, the Nickelodeon Store has welcomed an estimated 650,000 visitors over the last year and has introduced over 2,500 new items since it opened. The Store has sold over 170,000 items with the SpongeBob London Guard, an exclusive to the Nickelodeon Store Leicester Square, proving to be the most popular soft toy. Over 20,000 colouring sheets have been coloured in by Nickelodeon Store customers in the last 12 months.


Activities planned for the birthday celebrations include a balloon artist for visitors, a colouring competition as well as an appearance from SpongeBob SquarePants.


The Nickelodeon Store features over 4000 square feet of Nickelodeon merchandise and memorabilia showcasing beloved brands such as SpongeBob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, PAW Patrol and Rugrats. In addition to the extensive line of merchandise, the Nickelodeon Store also features the Dora the Explorer colouring tree and SpongeBob Pineapple I-Pad bar. The Nickelodeon Store is open every day with fans also able to purchase Nickelodeon items online at

The store will be hosting special birthday themed activities in store as well as other activities such as:

 – SpongeBob Costume Character

– Colouring in sheets

– Colouring in competition to win a £75 goody bag

– Balloon Artist

– Plus giveaways of stickers and key rings

Unfortunately it’s a little too far for us to beable to make it down on the day but anyone is welcome/ 

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