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Num Noms series 1

Published June 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

A few weeks ago my girls (and me) reviewed the Num Noms. Num Noms are a new collectable figure type toy which come in with several parts and when stacked together they resemble food. 

We have been trying out a few packs of them to make different combos.

Num Noms refer to the different parts. The Nums being the squashy stackable parts and the Nom is the motorised bit that moves. Not only do they look cute and move but they also come scented. 

The first series of num Noms all came as sweet or fruity foods with several pack options to purchase

Both small and larger packs of Num Noms plus lucky dip surprise type boxes, containing surprise num noms.

Each pack comes with different scents and different types of desserts to stack up. There are ove a thousand of these num noms to collect in series one alone. All the num noms from each pack can be mixed together to give unique new flavours.

Series 2 of the num noms has recently been released too, bringing with it new food flavours and combos, so look out for the post soon.

Num Noms even have their own website. Num Noms packs and accessories are available in most good toy stores. My girls love them!

Blackpool tower fun

Published June 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Over the weekend we took a trip to the Blackpool tower. The tower is one place that we all love going to. I remember going several times with my parents when younger, and even though it’s changed a lot since then, it still gives hours of fun whatever the weather. 

Blackpool tower is split into sections which includes the sea life centre and Madam Tussauds which are located further up from the actual tower itself. Tickets can be purchased separately for each attraction or multi attraction tickets with all or some included. Visiting the tower certainly requires a full day and especially if planning to do everything, it can also be tiring as well as fun. I have found (in the past) that staying over in Blackpool for the night is the best way to do the full tower experience. 

On our trip we chose to visit Sea life, the dungeon, jungle jims and the circus. 

Jungle Jims has always been at the tower for as long as I can remember. It is a large play area for children and includes a smaller area especially for toddlers

There is a large seating area in Jungle Jims for us adults to sit and relax or dine. Jungle Jims operates timed wristband sessions and on busier days it’s a good idea to book early in the day. Each child gets an hours play.

The Tower dungeon has been open  a few years now and this was the second time I have been in. I was slightly wary about taking Jordanna in as she can get a bit scared with things like this. As for Izebella; I was not anticipating taking her in as I had a friend with me. The age guide for the dungeon is 8 years and over but they do allow younger children inside depending on how they are with dark places etc. Anyway Izebella ended up coming in with us and although a little nervous at first, she was not too bad at all. 

Photographs and videos are not allowed at all inside the dungeon, however on entering the dungeon there is an opportunity to have photographs taken which can then be  purchased at the end of the tour. 

The dungeon features many characters from the medieval era or dark ages. The corridors are dark and gloomy with bangs, creaks, footsteps and screams. You visit several gloomy rooms and watch many performances where characters mention torture, shout a bit and try and scare you a little tho it can be quite amusing at times. The best bit for me is the court verdict rooms with the judge (Very funny). Last time I went I was the one who they picked out for naked witchcraft trials! Yes they do pick people out to take part. 

The scariest bit of the dungeon for me is the dark creepy corridors and the very end performance where the room is pitch black (pirate type performance). On a scare scale (for adults) out of 10 I would give this a 3. However young children may be a lot more frightened than us braver grown ups.

We did not do the drop ride at the end of the dungeon tour. This has height restrictions. I have never been on the drop ride previously so I am unable to comment on the experience. Perhaps when my children are a little older I may get the chance to. 

The dungeon tour takes just over an hour but when your actually part of it, it feels like much less time. It’s fun in a strange sort of way. 

Sea life which is located more towards central pier is a good attraction for all ages. There are many fish and sea creatures to be spotted and even a chance to touch star fish.

Some of the fish are huge, as big as a small child. There are opportunitys to spot sea horses, jellyfish, stingrays, anemone, crabs and many species of fish. Even “nemo” fish as Izebella calls them.

The shark tunnel is pretty amazing. A big glass tunnel that you walk through with sharks swimming above and all around. On our visit Jordanna got to ask the staff a few questions about the sharks which was really helpful for her. 

I have read that there is an opportunity to snorkel with the sharks at the sea life centre. This sounds amazing and certainly something I would not mind doing.

The new attraction for 2016 at sea life is Jurassic seas. This is a bit like a history lesson of our oceans. Lots of information about pre historic ocean beasts and a chance to see which of their ancestors are still around today.

There are more photo opportunities at sea life too and the gift shop is rather tempting.

Our final attraction was the circus. Due to trains home we only got to stay for half of the show; which is 2 hours long. 

This circus has been at the tower for over a hundred years and features many amazing acts as we saw. Trapeze, acrobats and mind blowing stuff along with Mooky the clown and Mr Boo.

The circus operates via specified time slots throughout the day. 

We had a great day at the tower and look forward to going again soon.

Our kitchen gadgets from Oxo

Published June 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

When Izebella was younger, I had the pleasure of working with Oxo UK on their baby and toddler products. They have a lot of colourful products for babies and toddlers. Izebella is now a little old for the Oxo tot range but Oxo UK also have a good selection of items and gadgets for the kitchen and bathroom. 

“And here are just 3 of those products” 

Starting with the Trigger ice cream scoop. I have many kitchen accessories and utensils but up until now, I have never owned a real ice cream scoop and usually resort to using a spoon; which always ends up bent! 

It is a slightly strange looking gadget, with the peculiar looking lever but it certainly saves a few bent spoons (well unless you are practicing to be the next Uri Geller that is?).

Ryan was very keen to give this a go for me and demonstrate how it works. There is a tab on the scoop to save sliding hands and a press of the lever gives nice round scoops of ice cream, perfect for a cone.

Unfortunately Ryan did not get to have the first scoops, Jordanna did instead.

It’s a nice fancy gadget to own, not exactly a necessity unless you eat ice cream on a daily basis but always good to have one. It’s much easier than bending the spoon! These cost £10.00 each. 

Next up is a box grater. A grater is another thing I did not previously own and I am very happy to now have one.

This grater has 4 useable sides, all of which give a different slice to the used foods. You can pretty much slice any food on a grater and it saves the need for using a knife. However the sides are all sharp so care needs to be taken and especially so for very small or pieces of food as it will also grate skin if not careful. 

Unlike the regular stand alone grater, this one comes with a handy plastic tub which fits and attaches under the grater. The tub catches the grated foods meaning slightly less mess.

I have so far grated onions, cheese and a few other salad items using this. I love the little tub attachment as it makes things much easier than using a plate or chopping board underneath it. The tub even has a lid for storing and measurement markings.  This costs £16.00

Finally and one just for Izebella to use is a Good grips twist top water bottle.

This is a really big water bottle and holds a lot of water or juice. Unlike other water bottles that we have used, this one opens and closes by twisting the top lid around, thus hiding the straw and protecting it. When the straw is hidden it becomes a leak proof bottle that can be taken on journeys. When the straw is up, the leakage is still minimal when tipped, tho some does come out at first. 

It’s a tough a study bottle which seems to beable to withstand many drops so far. The plastic handle at the top makes it easy and conveinient to carry around. 

Measurements in both mls and ounces appear on each side of the cup making it perfect for adults to make gym shakes inside it too. 

This water bottle costs £10.00.

Go Jetters magazine 

Published June 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Go Jetters is a brand new magazine aimed at young children ages 2-5 years. The first issue launches today and should be available to buy in most shops and stores that sell magazines.

The magazine is based on the extremely popular CBeebies show, Go Jetters and will be packed full of fabulous fun activities and ideas

The price is £2.99 which is what I would expect to pay for most other kids magazines. The first issue came with a free toy and by the looks of the “next issue” preview page, a toy will be included with the rest of the issues too. 

Inside the pages are full of activities and stories. There are colouring pages along with matching and other puzzles. Some of it is slightly advanced for Izebella especially the reading part as she’s not quite there yet but it is fine for kids up to 5. 

The middle of the magazine contains several stickers with numbers which can be placed on the matching pages.

This is a monthly magazine from Immediate media. More information on Go Jetters can be found via the BBC website

*WIN* MC2 Experiment doll

Published June 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Project MC2 are a brand new fashion doll line by MGA Entertainment,
 My girls had the pleasure of reviewing one several months ago. If you have not heard of these dolls yet then take a look at the info below. 

Project Mc2 offers a ‘geek chic’ lifestyle approach for tween girls through smart and savvy science-inspired play. It is launched last August the same day as the Netflix original series of the same name.

Aspirational and effortlessly cool, the range focuses on four main characters – each with a different personality, interests and sense of style. They are:

• McKeyla McAlister (Mc2)

• Adrienne Attoms (A2)
• Bryden Bandweth (B2)
• Camryn Coyle (C2) 


Each Character comes complete with their very own experiment for you to make at home. Build McKeyla’s lava light or Camryn’s skateboard, make Adrienne’s volcano erupt or Bryden’s glow stick shine! All experiments use products you can find in your own home for the ultimate in interactive science play.


MGA Entertainment are giving away one of their “Project MC2 dolls with experiments”. 

It’s easy to enter, simply click the link below to be taken to the entry page.


Competition ends July 19th and open to UK residents only. 

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

Degustabox June

Published June 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

June, being the start of Summer brings with it a BBQ themed Degustabox. In this box are many sauces and snacks to enjoy with a BBQ, should the weather let us have one.

I’ll start with 1) Smooze, because I barely had time to look at these before my kids snatched them away and put them in the freezer.

Yes Smooze are ice lollies or fruit ice to be more precise. They come made with natural fruits and 40% coconut and taste like a smoothie slush. There are 5 per box costing £2.50.

2) Zeo – Nothing quite beats a cool refreshing lemon drink in the hot weather. Zeo comes made with real lemons and real lemon oil, giving a fresh cloudy healthy lemonade. £2.75 a bottle.

3) Schwartz burger mix – I don’t want to say too much about this one just yet. As I will be doing a separate  post making burgers with this stuff. It’s a packet of burger mix in a few flavours which you combine with mince meat at home to make your own. £1.49.

4) Branston – Probably better known for their pickle range, Branston have this spicy tomato relish which is perfect for burgers and hot dogs. It certainly has a bit of a kick and I found it works great with wraps too. £1.65.

5) Haywards – If you do like a bit of pickle with your BBQ then Haywards have jars of medium and tangy silverskin pickle onions to delve into. These are big chunky onions and they also make a nice accompaniment to a Sunday roast too. £1.89.

And for something a little different”

6) Sacla – pesto pots to give a taste of Italy to your food. £2.79 (4 pots)

7) Miracle noodles – low calorie, soy and gluten free. £2.49.

8) Heinz Amoy – Coconut milk, perfect for a Summer curry. Be it Korma or Thai.
9) Marstons – It’s larger for those worn out men! £1.70. Probably over priced for one can.

10) Bakedin – Once the BBQ has died down and it’s time for something sweet perhaps try a Bakedin mug brownie. These cake in cups can be ready in under 2 minutes in the microwave. £1.50 each.

11) Destrooper-Oliver – A sweet treat made in Belgium. Butter waffle crisps are lovely with a much needed cup of tea. £1.10 per packet. These are really nice and buttery. They break easily as per our photo but it doesn’t matter as they all need eating.

12) Butterkist – The final product of Degustabox June box is also the product of the month and it’s popcorn from the well known Butterkist brand. The new flavoyr is yoghurt coated popcorn and it has a delicious sweet and creamy taste with just 95 calories per serving, tho I’m unsure what one serving entails. It comes as both a big sharing bag and multipacks of 6 (smaller bags). £1.69. 

And that concludes my full June Degusrabox reveal. As you can see I have lots of products again this month. These are all the products on offer to customers this month but not everyone will receive every product I have listed, but rather a mixture of at least 10 items (usually more). As always the value of the full sized products will always outweigh the low cost of £12.99 per monthly box which also includes the delivery charge. Degustabox also has many offers on which allows customers to get their first boxes for half price or even less. 

“Use the following code to get £7.00 off your box! “



The misadventures of Max Crumbly: Locker hero

Published June 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If you have a young girl then you may just be familiar with the Dork diaries book series. If so then you may get the feeling that perhaps the boys are missing out a little. Now no one is saying that boys can’t read Dork diaries too but given the girly characters and many pink and purple covers, it’s easy to see why Dork diaries appeals more to girls. 

Well worry not because now the author of Dork diaries (Rachel Renèe Russell) has a brand new book series called – The misadventures of Max Crumbly.

Now this book has a blue cover and an image of a boy on the front. This boy being the main book character Max Crumbly, and is more likely to appeal to boys. 

Max Crumbly is the new dork on the block. The book has similarities to Dork diaries. It is wrote in a similar style with various character entries and incidents, thoughts, feelings etc. There are many doodles and images (drawn by character) throughout. There aren’t any dates on the entries as such but each page of entries flows on to the next.

As the text is nicely spaced out, with images appearing regularly, it makes it quite easy and fun to read. 

Storyline -Poor Max Crumbly! Stuffed in his locker for the second time in one day! Thinking he might never get out.

Max decides to chronicle his first two weeks of eighth grade at South Ridge Middle School in his journal at least then there will be a record of what happened when his body is found. 

Coming from seven years of homeschooling, Max dreamed of being a superhero here; instead, he s school-bully Doug Thug Thurston s new favorite target. Luckily, Erin Madison rescued Max from his first involuntary locker vacation, but the next time Thug strikes is after everyone has left for a three-day weekend. Enduring a few hours of cramped conditions, Max escapes through the back of his locker, where he crawls through ductwork, foils a robbery, and saves the school s new computers! 

And this brand new book series which starts with “Locker hero” is aimed towards young readers aged 9 and over. The publisher is Simon and Schuster and the book can be found on Amazon and most good book stores. RRP £10.99.

Bratz festival vibes

Published June 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s Glastonbury once again this weekend. I did attend the festival many years ago with lots of rain and mud. This year we certainly are not going and will hopefully be enjoying the sun a bit futher up north. 

Just in time for the big Summer festivals, comes a new range of Bratz dolls – Festival vibes. 

Complete with super cool festival fashions and accessories, along with a second outfit, the Bratz girls are ready to hit this summer’s must-go festivals. Whether it’s a boho bash or a pop party, their independent style and tastes mean there is something for all kinds of music lovers. What’s more, each doll comes with a festival wristband and an additional wristband for the child so everyone can attend the festivals this season.

My girls are all ready to go with Bratz girl Yasmin. She comes dressed in purple flair festival pants, a hippy style top and cardi. She also has a large bag which opens up for all her accessories.

She has a shorter outfit to change into along with earrings, headband, brush and a few other small items.

My girls love their Bratz dolls and are lucky to own a fair few different ones. As Bratz dolls are all the same size it means the clothes can be mixed and matched. The one thing I find a little strange is the feet. The shoes and feet are all combined meaning when the shoes are pulled off there is no foot, just a leg. Izebella found it quite strange too, being no feet there.

As well as the new festival vibes doll, Jordanna was also given a small task of creating a festival style headband using some flowers and glitter. And here is what she made. 

Now both Jordanna and Yasmin are festival ready.

Find Bratz festival vibe dolls on Amazon and most good toy stores.

Limited edition zelfs (and how to get one)

Published June 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

We all love zelfs in our house (well us females do anyway). Zelfs are cute little troll like creatures and my girls have happily been collecting them since series one began. 

Character online will be bringing  out series six of the zelfs at the end of July, in toy stores across the UK. This means there are literally hundreds of different zelfs to collect. My girls have a few of them in all different sizes and a few playsets, but what they did not have, until now is one of the rarer zelfs. 

This is the (very) limited edition Mary Go-Round Carousel pony zelfs. It is rare, as there are only 400 available in the UK, and as we have one; that now makes 399.

This zelf is more like a little unicorn than a regular pony I think. She has four legs and a little blue horn on the head. Like most zelfs she comes with a few small accessories including a comb, charm, hairband and the collectors leaflet. 

Now all you zelf lovers will no spun be wondering which shop you can buy one of these from and how much etc. Well: I’m sorry to say but you can’t! You just cannot buy one because they are not for sale. 

However if you love your zelfs then what you need to do is go out and spend £30 on zelfs or zelf accessories, keep the receipts and head over to Evolution comps. On this page you will beable to enter a competition to win the angelic mermaid zelf and also claim the limited edition one (click box at bottom of page). These zelfs need to be claimed by the end of September and only while stocks last. 

Mary Go-Round carousel pony is the rarest zelf yet so will probably be very much sort after.

If you didn’t already know then there is an online Zelfs club which gives lots of zelfs news and chances to win zelfs. 

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes 

Published June 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Yes I also wondered how the word TSUM TSUM is pronounced and it’s actually pronounced zoom zoom.

TSUM TSUM are the adorable Disney squishy “stack ‘em, collect ‘em” craze sweeping the UK! Originating from a highly engaging and fast-paced smartphone app in Japan in 2013, the TSUM TUM Squishies toys have been a massive hit with children in the UK!

These are  the new generation collectable craze, adorable little squishy oblong Disney superstar characters are ideal to collect and swap with friends and stack on top of each other. 

The first wave launched by ZURU had 50 characters to collect – featuring characters from Disney’s most iconic films from Mickey Mouse to Frozen’s Elsa including Rare and Ultra Rare characters to collect! The Tsum Tsum come in packs of 2, 4 and 5. The 5 pack includes a carry caribinar. 

This is one of the 4 packs. 

There are 3 visible Tsum Tsums visible in the pack and one surprise hidden one. Thus giving us out first four characters out of a possible 50. 

Our surprise here is the 101 Dalmatians character and we also have Anna, Baymark and we think the other girl character is Boo from Monsters inc but are a little confused on this one? 

The characters are small and squashy and have a smooth rubbery texture. They are also ever so slightly sticky when removed from the packaging. 

They don’t do much by way of toys, more a novelty collectable thing that can be placed on drawers or desks and may just be popular in the playground for swapping. 

The ultra rare figures are all in gold and are Elsa, Mickey, Olaf and Alice. 

The age guide is 3 and over. I have already caught Izebella putting these in her mouth so be cautious around younger ones as they are quite small. 

The packs start from £2.99 and there is a playset too. 

Zuru will soon be releasing series 2 which will be flocked Tsum Tsum which will be furry and squishy.

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