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Personalised charm bracelet 

Published July 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My favourite item of jewellery to wear is a charm bracelet. I love them. They come in many shapes and sizes and all with beads or dangly charms.

My latest charm bracelet comes from Personalised gift solutions who specialise in unique personalised gifts. Their new gifts include personalised jewellery and the charm bracelets really stood out for me.

There are a few to choose from with different colour beads and choice of charms. It was this one that caught my eye. 

bracelet  image
This being the Galaxy black butterfly and heart charm bracelet. You can choose between small – 18cm and large 21cm size of bracelet. My wrists are tiny so I have the smaller one which will also suit older children and teens. This bracelet comes with the following – 4 x Black Patterned Beads, 2 x Butterfly Clips, 2 x Jewelled Twist Charms and 1 x Engraved Heart Tag. It also comes in a presentation box. 

For the personalisation I chose to have all 4 of my children’s names on including Keiras who died at just 10 hours old

The bracelet fastens with one of the new type metal roll clasps. You open it with a nail and it locks the ends into place.

The black and silver beads on this bracelet work well with any outfit and it’s a piece of jewellery that can be worm for any occasion.

A lovely gift costing £29.99 with free delivery. 3 lines of personalisation and allow up to 7 days for your gift. 

Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata

Published July 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The sun has been shining a lot up our way recently and for once it actually feels like a real Summer. Summer is tanning season and if, like myself you have light skin and find it hard to tan naturally then faking is the next best thing. When using fake tan products it’s best to pay that little bit more for better quality stuff. The last thing anyone wants is to walk round resembling a patchy Oompa Loompa. 

I have tried and tested many fake tan brands, some of them down right terrible and some of them pretty good. One of my favourite brands is Vita Liberata. They have many types of tanning products in a choice of shades (usually light, medium and dark) the choices being lotions, mousse, oil and bronzing powders. My favourite type of tanning product are the mousses. I find them easiest to use and apply. 

This is the latest product that I’m using this Summer. It’s called pHenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse. I have the medium shade, therefore not too light or too dark. Unlike other similar products you don’t need to moisturise prior to application, infact the instructions tell you not too. It is also scent free, so no nasty smells. 

A tanning mitt comes with the product which is essential for application I think. 

The mousse glides on so well and dries almost instantly. The results can be seen straight away which really helps with blending and minimises streaking. Although instant colour results can be seen, a more deeper vibrant colour can be seen a few hours after application, once developed. I always apply mine after bathing and leave overnight. 

This tan gives a really natural look. It’s far from the cheap orange glow from cheaper products and does not streak whatsoever. 

It also lasts for up to 2-3 weeks too without going patchy. And yes I can even shower without it all washing off.

Unfortunately quality products don’t come cheap. This tan mousse is £37.50 a bottle. Many people may consider this overpriced but it certainly lives up to its promise. For people like me who find tanning difficult, it’s worth that extra bit of cash I think.

Buy it direct from Vita Liberata

This product includes organic extracts and natural ingredients which are accredited by the Soil Association. It does not contain triclosan, GMOs, fragrance, or alchohol. For longest lasting tan, apply three times over 12 to 24 hours, showering with water only before each application. 

Baby Annabell stroller 

Published July 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

On the Christmas wish lists of many little girls each year is a baby Annabell doll. Once those little girls have their dream doll they will then no doubt want some of the many accessories to use with baby Annabell. 

Baby Annabell; for those that don’t know, is a life like baby doll. There is now both the girl and boy version and both are a realistic size compared to a new born baby. They even fit in some smaller baby clothes. The dolls come with a few small accessories such as the bottle, dummy, bib etc. The baby Annabell dolls are part of Zapf creation and there are lots of accessories to use with baby Annabell dolls. These include beds, outfits, changing tables, feeding accessories and prams and buggies for taking the dolls for walks.

This is just one of the buggies for baby Annabell.

It is a very lightweight jogger type stroller, the type that has 3 wheels based on the jogger buggies for mums (tho I’ve never personally seen anyone jogging with one of these yet). 

This one is pink which suits Izebella just fine. It also has the sheep chats design. The sheep being another accessory that can nr purchased. As well as being really light and weighing just 780g (approx), it is also very low in height which is perfect for younger and smaller children. 

The handle bars being at almost perfect height for Izebella who is 4 in a few months. The doll inside is her baby Annabell tho dressed in another outfit.

The stroller comes ready built and in a clear plastic package, no building and no bulky packaging. It can be taken from the packet and is ready for use.

Putting the stroller up is so simple that even Izebella did not need showing what to do. It just unfolds and then a metal bar at the back is pushed down. Then lift the bar to fold again.

Baby Annabell then fits into her new stroller and can be fastened in ready for a nice walk. 

The weight of the doll obviously increases the weight of the stroller but it’s still easy enough for Izebella to push around. It can be used both inside and outside. It is quite a basic jogger stroller which comes without any raincover or hood but it’s sweet and cute and pink and Izebella loves it. 

It may be small and light but it seems pretty strong and sturdy and not the type of thing that feels like it will fall apart. 

The buggy is part of the Baby Annabell range but any doll can be used with it. It’s small size and very light weight make it really easy to store away when not being played with.

As for price – I have been browsing a few stores online and the varying prices seem to fall between £20-£30. 

Kate & Mim-mim magic twirl plush

Published July 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Kate & Mim-Mim is a popular kids tv show on CBeebies. It’s all about a little girl called Kate who has a stuffed bunny friend called Mim-mim and all the adventure that they have together.

Flair toys have recently introduced a rather cuddly Mim-mim bunny toy to the toy market. Izebella of course now has one.

This plush Mim-mim is very realistic compared to the actual character on the show, which can be seen in the first photo of this post. It’s a lovely bright purple shade just like the original and comes with removeable pilot type goggles too. All the markings are the same including the hand prints and it’s quite a good size too for a plush toy.

And yes it even sits unaided without falling over too.

Mim-mim plush is more than just a large sitting cute toy, and I would expect so too for the price of £29.99. 

 Mim-mim seems to respond to movement. A hug or press of its tummy and it will say 7 different phrases which are heard on the tv show. Then hold both the hands and twirl him round to hear his mimiloo chant –  ‘Kate & Mim-Mim me and you, let’s twirl away to Mimilioo’. You don’t need to twirl him to hear the chant, just holding both hands is enough but he is called magic twirl so I guess that’s the whole idea of it. 

The toy comes with batteries already installed. The battery box is inside Mim-mims back but it can be a pain to tuck it back inside once out. Also there is no off switch, or at least I can’t find one anyway so that does mean it can randomly go off if somethng is placed on it. 

This toy is fine for ages 3 and over. Izebella is a perfect age for a toy like this. I think it would okay for slightly younger children too, maybe 2 year olds. Izebella likes it of course but I feel it may be one of those toys that she easily loses interest in and it ends up at bottom of her bed with the rest of the soft toys,

The price is £29.99. Personally I would not pay that much for a toy such as this. However if a child is a huge Kate & Mim-mim fan then it may just be worth a buy. For me it is a little too over priced tho.

There are more toys based on the same tv show. The entire Kate & Min-Mim range can be purchased from Flair plc.

*WIN* Swizzels Bon Bons

Published July 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Sweet manufacturer Swizzels has transformed their bestselling brands Drumstick and Refresher into a soft Bon Bon format. These come with the great, well know childhood flavours that most of us remember, made into chewy colourful balls known as Bon Bons. Bon bons are yet another sweet from our childhoods and taste great in the new flavours.

Swizzels are giving away 8 packets of Bon Bons meaning 4 of each flavour to one winner. Entering is very easy, simply click the link below to be taken to the prize draw page.


Ends 23rd August 2016. UK only entrants.

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder

Zoflora disinfectant

Published July 25, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I have been using Zoflora around my home for a while now. Many people will be familiar with Zoflora products. It is concentrated disinfectant. 

They come in several bottle sizes, the larger being 500ml. I do vaguely recall it being in glass bottles a while ago but I think they have now all been swapped to plastic.

The versatile, 3 in 1 action formula of Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and create bad odours. The fragrant solution offers all day freshness and fills your home with a beautiful long lasting scent.

Unlike regular disinfectants that come with the familiar strong cleaning solution scents, Zoflora instead smells of flowers and seasons and the scent lasts a long time too. 

It’s pretty strong stuff and can be dangerous if not used right. It needs diluting for most jobs as it could be flammable otherwise. It needs 40 parts of water per part of Zoflora so if you used 10mls of Zoflora then it would need 400mls of water tho it can be used neat in bathrooms and tough surfaces. It’s great for mopping floors, I tend to use it in a spray bottle diluted to clean kitchen sides. I do love the scents it leaves.

The one thing I don’t understand about Zoflora is that the bottles don’t seem to have safety catches on them, at least the bottles I have used don’t. This could be an issue around young children if it’s not stored away corectly. I store mine high up.

Zoflora is very cheap, often less than a pound per bottle and I see it everywhere from the big supermarkets to home bargains and even corner shops.

Finding Dory at Sealife Manchester 

Published July 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

SEA LIFE Manchester has teamed up with Disney•Pixar to enable its visitors to share in the antics of this summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster, Finding Dory. Visitors will be led on an interactive trail by one of the new Disney•Pixar movie’s star sea creatures, Hank (voice of Ed O’Neill), a cantankerous Octopus and enjoy watching a teaser trailer of the film before it launches in cinemas on Friday 29th July.

Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory tells the story of Dory’s quest to find her own family, with the help of Nemo and Marlin and new characters like Hank that she meets at a Californian marine rehabilitation centre and aquarium. 

Last weekend we got the chance to visit sealife Manchester which is located at the Trafford centre. We spotted many “Finding Dory” posters around the attraction and also got the chance to view many fabulous sea creatures. 

Sealife is divided into many sections and includes stingray bay, an octopus hideout, ocean tunnels, rock pools, sharks, jellyfish and seahorse areas. 

I found the jellyfish tank pretty spectacular. Lots of them and they seemed to illuminate in the water. Izebella loved the sea horses and also going through the various ocean tunnels where you are surrounded by fish.

At the end of the tour we had the chance to touch star fish and crabs in the rock pool too.

And then it was time for Legoland Manchester which is next to sealife.

Legoland is lots of fun too. You get to learn a little about how Lego is made and get bricks to take home. There is a lazer shoot ghost train type ride and lots of Lego models, some of which are amazing like this one. 

There is a large play area and a few rides for kids to go on, lots of rooms full of Lego to explore and even a nice pink room with karaoke. Then a laser trip type game at the end. 

You can purchase tickets for both attractions as a combo package and save money. Buy tickets here.

Ravensburger Emoji puzzle 

Published July 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Here is one of the latest puzzles that we have from Ravensburger. 

It contains 100 pieces which are fairly large as far as puzzles of this sort go. It is designed for kids in mind ages 6 and over. Me and Ryan completed it together and I have to admit I actually enjoyed this one more than the bigger 1000 piece ones (but it is a bit easier).

Ravensburger childrens puzzles such as this one come with perfect age fit which means ideal piece sizes, counts and images per age. The pieces get smaller as the children get older and there are more of them too. I’m not sure how many 6 year olds would beable to complete the emoji puzzle or how long it would take them, but me and Ryan managed it in about 20 minutes.

The finished puzzle image is full of emojis – you know; those smiley faces and other small things you find at the end of txt messages! The smiley faces also remind me of my old raving days too. 

This puzzle gets complicated because there is just so much going on. It’s best to try and work out an order in which to attempt the puzzle. For us; it was edges and straight bits first. 

Then we located the four large image pieces which are smiley faces a heart and heart playing card. We made each of these pieces and connected to the edging where we could.

Then finally the slightly tricky part was just finding where the rest of it went. Looking at the image on the box sort of messes up the eyes after a while so it’s more a case of just trying to work out what piece fits where. 

And here is the finished piece! 

A rather fun but confusing puzzle we thought, with so many emojis to be spotted.

The RRP for this is just £7.99 from toy stores and Amazon.

Twisted Envy gifts 

Published July 20, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Twisted envy are all about unique gifts be it brilliant unusual  t-shirts, heart-stopping, weird and Geeky art, attention grabbing, Marshmallow or any other beautiful gifts. So if it’s an unusual gift you desire then take a look at their website. It’s the sort of place I love to have a browse at, and sorry to remind you all but Christmas is just five months off.

Anyway Twisted envy sent me over some of their products recently. These were surprise products as I had no idea whatsoever what they were going to send. I have to say that the products were an absolute lovely surprise, very unique to me and personal. 

This is my new mug and it’s really lovely as it has photographs of all 3 of my children on it. These are the world book day photos too which I really like. I do love photo gifts. 

And when I am drinking a nice cup of tea in a lovely cup like this, I can also enjoy these tasty treats.

This looks like a photo frame with multiple photos or even like fridge magnets. They are actually marshmallow and completely edible. These can be done with photographs or just words. There are 9 to each box and with a use by date that is a few month off so plenty of time to eat them. It does seem a little strange eating myself and my kids tho.

Thank you to Twisted Envy for my lovely photo gifts. 

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