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Luxury slippers

Published September 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Have you ever bought a pair of inexpensive slippers only to find they don’t last long? Or they don’t quite fit or feel flimsy? I have purchased a fair few pairs and find if you want quality on your feet when at home then it’s worth paying for a better fair.

I am very pleased with my new sheepskin slippers from a company called Moorlands of Glastonbury. Moorlands have been around since 1870 and specialise in sheepskin slippers and boots for both men and women.

Being made from sheepskin, you will obviously pay a bit more for footwear here than you perhaps would on the high street or supermarket but that’s because the footwear is much better quality and will last longer.

I was able to choose my own pair of slippers and went for a pair of sheepskin seaforth slippers.

These are available in a choice of four colours, I have rose and sizes 3-8. The slippers look much better when they arrive than in the picture. They arrive boxed and individually wrapped in moorlands shoe bags. 

It’s the first time I have had shoes or slippers arrive like this and it just adds a special touch to it all. 

These fluffy slippers look so warm and inviting almost like they are shouting out for my feet to go in them. The fluffiness does not stop at the rim either as they are soft and fluffy all the way through giving tired feet some pure relaxing comfort.

They are very comfy to wear and true to size. I’m a size 5 and these fit snuggly. I don’t really like slippers with the open backs as they tend to slip off. I prefer this style so my whole foot is kept nice and warm.

A pair of seaforth slippers will cost you £64.00 which to many will seem like a high price for a pair of slippers. The higher prices reflect the products quality. Sheepskin is a natural insulator and believe me these keep my feet warm, the sheepskin process means that feet are cushioned and cradled to provide ultimate comfort and these have to be the comfiest pair I have ever owned.

Back to school with Hedrin

Published September 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My children have now been back at school for about three weeks and unfortunately for my girls, the dreaded lice quickly returned. Head lice seem to be a continuous problem at my girls school with the majority of weekly newsletters asking us to check our children’s hair.

Headlice are a pain and especially so when they have to be combed out of long curly hair. It can be time consuming and really frustrating when they make a return a few weeks later. 

We are very familiar with the Hedrin brand of products. I have used a fair few and have been sent one of their new products which is the Hedrin once liquid gel.

This liquid gel is a really fast treatment and can kill both eggs and lice in 15 minutes. The “once” in the title indicates that hair only needs one treatment rather than two with this.

I had to apply it to dry hair on my girls, so it’s a good idea to apply before bathing. The bottle recommends leaving on for at least 15 minutes but anything up to an hour is fine. Thicker and longer hair will need leaving longer. Once the treatment time is up, shampoo is applied to the hair without wetting and then wash out. 

The gel has no odour and is not too runny. It washes out easily and our hair was not greasy the next morning. I was quite impressed that the one treatment did what is was meant to and kill the lice. I combed out a fair few from my girls heads.

Hedrin has a 3 stage phase to treating headlice. – “Detection, Treatment, Protection” Detection involves spotting signs such as itching and using a special lice comb to detect them. Treatment is as above and applying one of many products to kill the lice, then removing them with the comb. Protection involves using products to try and stop the lice from returning. Hedrin sell products for all 3 phases.

To protect from lice I use the Hedrin protect and go. Not only does this stuff help prevent live returning , it also acts as a hair detangler and leaves the hair looking healthy. It actually comes with a pretty pleasant smell too unlike that familiar tea tree scent.

I think it’s okay to use the protect and go daily and in the morning before school as that’s where they seem to pick them up.

I have used many different brands of head lice treatment but I do find Hedrin the best one. Hedrin products are available in many shops and stores. Most chemists and supermarkets sell Hedrin products along with boots, Superdrug and Amazon. The majority of Hedrin products cost between £6 – £12 and each product provides a few treatments. 

I am hoping the lice stay away for a few weeks at least now.

There is some useful information on products and headlice on the Hedrin website. 

Robinson Crusoe movie and competition

Published September 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that the adventurous ROBINSON CRUSOE is available to purchase on 3D + 2D Blu-ray as of yesterday (26 September) , as well as on DVD – which comes with a The hit film is also available digitally.

 On an exotic island, Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, lives with his quirky animal friends in paradise. However, he can’t stop dreaming about discovering the outside world and the adventures it holds. After a violent storm, the friends wake up to find a strange creature on the beach: Robinson Crusoe.

 What follows is a fun-filled family adventure, from the creators of The House of Magic and A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures, with sea, sand, and surprising escapades!

We have a copy of the DVD and so far me and Izebella have both watched it together. I do not really remember the Robinson Crusoe story which I would of read as a child but we both enjoyed watching this.


To celebrate, Studio Canal are giving away 3 x merchandise packs that include a colouring book, character masks, a sticker set, activity sheet and Robinson Crusoe on DVD!

 To be in with a chance of winning, just click the link below. 

You will be directed to the entry page and must have a valid Twitter and Facebook account as well as answering a simple question.


Ends October 18th 2016

Degustabox September reveal 

Published September 23, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Wow these months are just flying by now aren’t they? And Christmas will soon be here again. 

For now I bring you another monthly Degustabox reveal.

        “And in the box this month”

 The drinks 

2 rather refreshing cans of sparkling fruit juices from Cape drinks. Very nice and good chilled but rather expensive at £1.59 a can I thought.

Teisserie syrup £2.99 – Not a drink that can be drunk straight from the van, but rather a fruity raspberry syrup which is added to still or sparking water. 

The snacks 

A nice treat for my kids with the 4 lunchbox pots of Hartleys jelly. No sugar, fruity and only 50p per pot.

Say yes to no – Flavoured bread chips, in my case it’s bbq, Lovely flavour and different to crisps and crackers.

Metcalfes popcorn thins – possibly my favourite item of this box. Chocolate over corn cakes. Shame there wasn’t more of them. £1.00

Get fruity – Award winning healthy fruit bars. I am not too keen on them tho and would not pay £1.00 each. 

The food cupboard  

Ciro Borlotti beans – I really don’t think we will use these. We do eat beans in our house but these are unflavoured meaning no tomato sauce, just beans. I imagine they are probably best used in recipes. £1.89 per pack of 3. 

Miso soup – Again unfortunately not for me. I’m not big on soups and especially not the spicy sort. It’s made with fermented soyabean too which does not sound too appealing.

Mrs Crimbles Fusilli – yes the same company that brings us biscuits and cookies also does a flavoured pasta meal for one. £1.99. Being Mrs Crimbles it is of course gluten free.

 Chia seed – Quite simply tiny black and white seeds to add to food to give nutrition. Unsure which foods you are meant to add them too but the packer has a picture of yoghurt on it. £1.00 each.
And that completes the September reveal. I was ever so slightly disapppointed with this months box. I would certainly prefer more snack items and feel the beans especially were the biggest let down. However this is just my opinion and I’m sure others recieving this box will be happy with the contents. 

From now on I will be scoring my Degustabox’s each month out of 10, with 10 being the highest. My score this month is 4. 

You can join Degustabox via their U.K. website. The usual price is £12.99 a month but if you use this discount code at checkout BLDEG15 then you get £7.00 off a box.

Easiyo yoghurt maker

Published September 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I was very recently asked to be a brand ambassador for EasiYo. As we all love yoghurt in our house I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and a good alternative for breakfast too.

EasiYo is all about making delicious yoghurt at home. Now I know, many will be thinking that if they want yoghurt then why not just go and buy ready made yoghurt from the supermarket? Well yes of course we already do that but making it ourselves seems so much better. Also EasiYo allows us to make lots of yoghurt at once and choose exactly how much we want to serve. It’s also really healthy and the packets are relatively cheap compared to buying a pack of yoghurts. 

To make the yoghurt at home you will need all of this! 

The big pink tub is our yoghurt maker and it’s actually a new limited edition one. They do come in other colours. The packets contain the yoghurt powder, they come in many varieties and the whole packet gives 1kg of yummy yoghurt.

The yoghurt maker is battery and electricity free. All it requires is water.

The powder goes into the large jar and water is added. The water needs to be between 15-20C. If you don’t own a themometer then this can be hard to judge. I mixed cold tap water with a little boiled water so that the cold edge is removed but the water is not quite warm. 

The jar is then placed inside the yoghurt maker and boiling water is added over the jar. Then place the lid back on and leave for 8 to 12 hours. I left mine overnight and it turned out pretty much perfect. The yoghurt should be thick and creamy once properly set. I did notice the slight bit of water on the top but if this occurs just mix it in. 

Once set it is best placed in the fridge to cool. Here is our first go at making the banana flavour EasiYo yoghurt.

I am very impressed that it turned out so well on our first go. It is really easy to make.

We had a whole kilo of this yummy stuff. We used little plastic pots for servings and enjoyed for both breakfast and supper. It tastes lovely, probably better than the shop stuff and lasts a few days in the fridge.

We can’t wait to make a try some more flavours.

The one downside I have come across with EasiYo is that the yoghurt packets don’t seem to be in the supermarkets or local stores yet. They can be purchased on the EasiYo website and other internet stores but it would be nice if you could buy them anywhere.

Timmy failure book series review & giveaway! 

Published September 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Timmy Failure is a kids book series by author Stephen Patis. The books follow the misadventures of one school boy named Timmy. 

The fourth installment in the series has very recently hit the bookshelves. However this was the first time any of us had heard of Timmy Failure so as well as recieving the new title – “Sanitized for your protection” we also have a copy of the first title – “Mistakes were made”. 

Timmy Failure is the founder, president and CEO of the best detective agency in the world. This agency being one that is ran from a cupboard in Timmy’s home. His business cards read “Total Failure inc”. Total is actually the name of a polar bear and Timmys business partner. 

Total the bear doesn’t talk much and pretty much acts like a friendly sort of bear. Timmy is a bit of a loner at school and lives with his single mum who often goes on dates. 

Timmy is a pretty useless detective but this makes the books even more fun to read. Timmy likes to come up with his own long winded theories to explain extremely petty crimes and silly goings on.

Both books read a little like journals, there are no dates but it’s as though Timmy is writing the story and drawing all the cute doodles and images.

I’m unable to find any actual information on age guides but I would say more than suitable reading for 8 and over. As the main character is male I think they will probably appeal more to boys than girls.

All four books in the series have a retail price of £6.99 each and are all available as  ebooks too. They will be available in shops and on Amazon.

Published by Walker books.


Walker books are giving away of the latest Timmy Failure installment which is book 4. 

If you wish to participate in this giveaway then please click the link below tonne directed to the giveaway page.

You must have both Facebook and Twitter accounts to enter and enter by 12th October 2016.


Yummy snacks roundup

Published September 19, 2016 by Bizzimummy

As I have been trying out a fair few tasty treats in the past week or so, I have decided to include them all in one combined post. So here we go, and warning! It may just make you hungry.

Belvita yoghurt crunch 

Belvitas selection of tasty healthy snacks are perfect for busy people and busy families who may not always have time to sit and eat breakfast. The yoghurt crunch breakfast biscuits come in packs of 2, with 5 packs per box so 10 in total. The biscuits are made with whole grain and provide essential vitamins and nutrients to start off the day. The filing is made with honey and live yoghurt. The biscuits are ideal for just about anyone (who is allergy free) and can also be enjoyed at other times of the day or put in lunch boxes.

Cocoa Hernando

I do love trying out new varieties of luxury chocolate. It’s possibly one of the best bits about being a blogger. 

These delicious tasting chocolate discs come from Cocoa Hernando. They cost £7.00 a box and needless to say they did not last too long in my house. These chocolate discs come in other flavours as well as the mandarin which we got to try. The boxes can even be personalised.

Mrs Crimbles large choc Macaroon 
Mrs Crimble’s – Britain’s much loved gluten free bakery brand – is helping to raise money for the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its bestselling Choc Macaroons. For every pack sold, 5p will be donated to Breast Cancer Now, meaning that enjoying Britain’s favourite Macaroon (one is sold every second) will be virtuous as well as utterly delicious!

These tasted absolutely heavenly, dip them in a hot drink and it all melts and crumbles away in your mouth and they are really big too. They also pack some weight, very thick and each bite is just amazing. 

They are of course also gluten free too.

Star monsters series 2 

Published September 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

“Star monsters fall from the sky in shooting stars, they land on Earth and take a form depending on where they land and what they see. Star monsters come in many shapes and forms”

Magic box toys have recently launched series 2 of Star monsters and this is our first experience of them. They are collectables alien type figures which come in many colours and shapes.

There are 72 figures to collect including the rare and ultra rare. The star monsters take on characteristics of their environment so you will find that some resemble stones, plants and water and there is a new crystal type too. The rare star monsters are silver and gold and there is also a new rare mysterious family with a special metallic finish. 

Star monsters come in collectable multipacks, spheres and blind packs. Each star monster has its own unique name and personality. 

With the star monsters also comes the very useful album. This comes with yet more star monsters plus many stickers and a pull out big arena mat to play games on. 

The album lists every single star monster as well as info about what each likes or personality and there is a space for a sticker. This helps with seeing where your up to and which figures you have.

This is the big arena for the games!

There are several games to play on this using the star monsters. You get the whole album, game mat , stickers and a few star monsters for just £4.00.

Some of the star monsters include their own capsules. 

The capsules being like mini seats for them to sit on. 

And look we even found a gold one!

We have lots of collectable figures in our home already, however the majority of them are all aimed more towards girls. Star monsters seem fairly unisex and are great collectables for either boy or girl.
Star monsters sets and lucky bags can be purchased from The Entertainer stores for pocket money prices.


Published September 14, 2016 by Bizzimummy

So we have been sent over an Ecosphere. Prior to recieving it, we had n idea what it really was but my children and my visitors are fascinated by it. 

I’ve copied a bit of information from the ecosphere website which you can also read yourself as to what an ecosphere is. 

“Each Ecosphere is a self- contained Ecosystem within hand blown glass. They are all unique to each other due to the natural products contained within.

Inside each Ecosphere are small marine shrimp, filtered sea water, algae and micro-organisms. The system is completely sealed and does not need anything else (apart from the right environment) to survive.”

Therefore if you like, it’s something I between keeping fish and having those Aqua monkeys and it’s quite fascinating. The sphere is tough glass and sealed, meaning it can’t be opened by curious little hands. 

They come in many shapes and sizes and look great placed anywhere. Your visitors will be very curious if they spot one of these.

From recieving our ecosphere we have spotted at least 4 shrimp like creatures. They swim very fast so there may possibly be more. The obvious question is how do they survive without adding any food? Well that’s because the shrimp can survive on the algae and micro organisms already contained in the sphere and they can even live up to 7/10 years if placed in the correct environment. The sphere needs placing in indirect light. Many people would probably think about placing it on a window but this would be dangerous as the sun light would create a build up of too much algae. I keep mine on top of a glass unit, near a window but not directly in front of the sun and so far it’s doing okay.

All of the essential information about owning an ecosphere comes in a handy guide with the product and there is also some info on the website. 

To see an ecosphere in action I created this short video clip. You need to look closely to see the shrimps as they move so quickly. 

And now for the price – Ecospheres are pioneered by NASA. A lot of attention goes into each one and each one is unique. The shrimps last years and therefore these don’t come cheap. They start from £89.00 right up to £499.00 for the larger one. They do however make lovely unique gifts which are one of a kind.

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