Back to school with Hedrin

My children have now been back at school for about three weeks and unfortunately for my girls, the dreaded lice quickly returned. Head lice seem to be a continuous problem at my girls school with the majority of weekly newsletters asking us to check our children’s hair.

Headlice are a pain and especially so when they have to be combed out of long curly hair. It can be time consuming and really frustrating when they make a return a few weeks later. 

We are very familiar with the Hedrin brand of products. I have used a fair few and have been sent one of their new products which is the Hedrin once liquid gel.

This liquid gel is a really fast treatment and can kill both eggs and lice in 15 minutes. The “once” in the title indicates that hair only needs one treatment rather than two with this.

I had to apply it to dry hair on my girls, so it’s a good idea to apply before bathing. The bottle recommends leaving on for at least 15 minutes but anything up to an hour is fine. Thicker and longer hair will need leaving longer. Once the treatment time is up, shampoo is applied to the hair without wetting and then wash out. 

The gel has no odour and is not too runny. It washes out easily and our hair was not greasy the next morning. I was quite impressed that the one treatment did what is was meant to and kill the lice. I combed out a fair few from my girls heads.

Hedrin has a 3 stage phase to treating headlice. – “Detection, Treatment, Protection” Detection involves spotting signs such as itching and using a special lice comb to detect them. Treatment is as above and applying one of many products to kill the lice, then removing them with the comb. Protection involves using products to try and stop the lice from returning. Hedrin sell products for all 3 phases.

To protect from lice I use the Hedrin protect and go. Not only does this stuff help prevent live returning , it also acts as a hair detangler and leaves the hair looking healthy. It actually comes with a pretty pleasant smell too unlike that familiar tea tree scent.

I think it’s okay to use the protect and go daily and in the morning before school as that’s where they seem to pick them up.

I have used many different brands of head lice treatment but I do find Hedrin the best one. Hedrin products are available in many shops and stores. Most chemists and supermarkets sell Hedrin products along with boots, Superdrug and Amazon. The majority of Hedrin products cost between £6 – £12 and each product provides a few treatments. 

I am hoping the lice stay away for a few weeks at least now.

There is some useful information on products and headlice on the Hedrin website. 

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