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Festive Sylvanian Families

Published December 30, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Izebella loves her very cute adorable Sylvanian family figures and right before Christmas she got another pack to add to her collection. Of course being right before Christmas could only mean one thing for the new characters and thaf of course is Christmas. I

This is a special Sylvanian family Christmas set. Three figures came with it, all being festive bunnies and included a miniature figure. There is a tree and plastic pull out type decorations to hang on the tree. Also some little pop out cardboard presents. These can be fiddly and especially so with long nails.

It is as you can see a rather cute set to have.

House clean for 2017 with help from Vileda

Published December 29, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s almost time to leave 2016 behind and welcome in another new year. It’s out with the old and in with the new. I have been spending the past two days re-cleaning my home and trying my best to clear the bags of rubbish from Xmas day. I’m getting there slowely but by far the hardest thing to clean for me is the windows. Yes I have a window cleaner but what’s the point in clean windows outside but dirty or streaky inside? No matter what solution I use on windows, they always end up streaky and usually look even worse.  So……. when Vileda offered to send me one of their new Windowmatic cleaners, I was a little dubious as to whether it would do the job, or yet again leave a streaky mess. 

This is the device and there really isn’t much to it. It measures the length of my forearm and is easily stored away. The instructions state to give it 6 hours charge but I did find mine had a bit of charge in straight from the box. It’s already set up to use I just had to attach the nozzle part.

You don’t get any sort of glass cleaner with this, you clean the window with your usually cleaner and wipe with a clean sponge then the device hoovers up and swipes away the dirty water and remaining dirt which cause the streaks. When on it even feels like a small Hoover with a gust of air blowing. I find it best to start from the top and glide down as this way it all goes to the bottom and gets sucked up rather than clinging to the top or middle of the windows.

The nozzle part has a flexible neck meaning it can be bent for small windows and awkward edges. 

The dirty water collects in a see through tank which is easily removed for emptying. This can get a little smelly so it’s a good idea to wash it out after every use. 

The unit will clean a whole house of windows and more on just one charge and the results are much better than using a sponge or even newspaper as some recommend. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% streak free but then again neither is a window cleaner man. The streaking is minimal and the windows look much cleaner inside after use. 

Prices for the Vileda windowmatic start at about £40 and as it’s sale season if may be on offer for less. Vileda have a few videos of this in action on their website.

MC2 experiment dolls 

Published December 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Just before Christmas my girls got a new MC2 doll. If you haven’t heard of these dolls then in short – they are fashion dolls but with a difference. The MC2 dolls are all about science and experiments and each doll comes with either something to build, create or an experiment to do at home.

The dolls are all based on the characters from the Netflix series Project MC2 and the four characters (and dolls) being Adrienne, McKeyla, Camryn and Bryden.

The dolls look like most other similar fashion dolls and are the same height meaning clothes can be swapped with other dolls. They are fully poseable too and come with long flowing hair for brushing. The only flaw we found is that the hands come off too easily, they are attached by a plastic prong and just seem to fall off. 

Our doll Adrienne came with instructions to make a bath fizz/bomb plus the plastic round tub to make it in.

The doll does not come with any ingredients for making a bath bomb but it only needs a few basic safe ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid. 

Jordanna is just starting to get into science stuff and even got a few science type sets for Christmas. Making things such as soap and bath bombs is something she seems to enjoy. That is what these dolls are all about – encouraging girls to like science too.

Degustabox December

Published December 28, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I made a slight mistake with last months Degustabox as I wrongly assumed it would be the last one of 2016. Well I was wrong as this December box of goodies is in fact the last one of this year. 

Included were a few festive type goodies for us all to munch on. These included the Oh Fudge box which is an unusual apple & cinnamon flavour, plus two fairly large chocolate biscuit packs from the Bahlsen company. We have only opened one of these so far and they both look like they come straight from Germany as all the info is in German tho this does not seem to bother my kids at all.

There were three snack packets, two of which were Hoots, these are cracker/crisp bread style flavour snacks and a bag of Bite+ which are multigrain flakes. Ours were very flaked and literally crumbs by the time we opened them but they are really tasty.

The monthly drinks included varieties from What a Melon, which my 9 year old loves. It’s melon juice/water. My son went straight for the Eisberg bottle purely because it said alcohol free wine on the front of it. I personally prefer the real stuff so did not mind him having it. It does taste like white wine but doesn’t do much for me. Finally for drinks is the carton of A2 milk. It’s long life cows milk meaning it can be stored out of the fridge until opened. It claims to be easier to digest but as I have no problems drinking milk I can’t really comment on that. It’s always a good idea to have a carton of long life milk or two in the cupboard for milk emergencies. We get a lot of those – running out of milk in morning or the milk being off.

And finally the cupboard items as I call them, the products that can be stored. There was Maggi 3 minute snack pot. This speaks for itself really, maggi being noodles and in a pot that takes 3 minutes to prepare. Nutri-brex is gluten free cereal,a bit like weetabix but smaller pieces. Gallo risotto – both a snack pot and a microwaveable packet. Unfortunately for me both the Gallo products are made with cheese which I just cannot stomach so I can’t comment on these.

My favourite item from the December box is the Bahlsen biscuits. I am giving this box a 7 out of 10.

If you have not yet tried Degustabox then you can do so for just £12.99 per month which includes a full box of full size surprise products. They always have deals and box discounts on too so look out for these via social networks.


Instagram: @Degustabox_UK

Twitter – @Degustaboxuk

Sign up for the monthly boxes at the Degustabox  website. 

Tsum tsums for Xmas 

Published December 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Izebella received a little package the other day right before Christmas containing more loveable collectable figures called Tsum Tsums which is pronounced Zoom zooms.

She already had a few of them from the first series release and now has some from the new series 3.

The series 3 figures come with a metallic shine and again all based on Disney characters. There are four in her pack but one is hidden and a bit of a surprise for her to find.

The Tsum Tsum tin is actually a special edition Christmas product. A really nice touch which contains 6 more Tsum tsums inside. These are all pretty recognisable well known characters too.

The tin is a lovely bonus by itself for Izebella as she now has a place to store all her Tsum tsums and keep them separate from her other small toys and bits. 

Tsum tsums come from Zuru toys and can be purchased from most toy stores and Amazon. They start from about £5.00 and include many accessories and pack sizes.

Num noms advent #2

Published December 21, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s now just 4 days until Christmas and our big num noms box is starting to look a little empty now. My girls have been taking turns to open one present each on alternate days and have so far found many num noms, sweets, stickers, lip gloss and much more. We have also been sent yet more surprise goodies to open right before the big day. I wonder what these could be?? 

Well unfortunately Jordanna did not realise that they were both to be saved for Xmas and opened the purple package, and inside…..

It’s a new apron! As for the other package, well you may just find out after Xmas. Join in the twitter fun at #Numnomsadvent via twitter.

Christmas cake 

Published December 19, 2016 by Bizzimummy

For the past 3 years I have been getting a  lovely personalised letterbox style cake from Baker days. And keeping up with that yearly tradition, Christmas 2016 is no exception and here is this years cake. 

Once again it’s for my children and a little bit for me of course. This time I chose an Olaf design and last year I went for a more old fashioned traditional Xmas design. Baker days has so many Christmas designs to choose from and each one offers different types of personalisation from txt to photographs. I have also had the photo cakes but eating photos of my kids or even myself never feels right.

These cakes come in a tin which I then keep. Last years is used for bobbles. There was even a small cracker with this years cake too and a card. 

You don’t even need to wait in to receive a cake because the tins and boxes are slim and designed in a way to fit through most letterboxes hence why they are called letterbox cakes. 

The cake itself was a lovely sponge with delicious buttercream and obviously this is not the only flavour the cakes come in. 

The letterbox cakes cost £14.99 and they measure 12cm x 2.5cm. This is the smallest cake that Baker days do. They do larger cakes too and not just cakes for Christmas either but all year round occasions. See more at Baker days.

My favourite Christmas chocs

Published December 16, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Christmas is certainly no time for dieting, that can come later. It’s about good food and chocolate and lots of it. I don’t eat lots of chocolate but when I do, there is one sure favourite that stands out above the rest. Yes it’s Hotel chocolat, consider expensive by sons and an absolute luxury for me.

So what has Santa bought me this year?? Yeh may wonder! Well take a look at this!

Yes it’s a Yule log, it is Christmas after all. Of course this isn’t any old chocolate Yule log that can be bought almost anywhere, this is a very very special one for those of us on Santa’s nice list. 

The shape is created via a 3D scanner and finished with white chocolate for a finish of fresh snow. 50% milk chocolate praline with hazelnuts and crisped rice. It is very easy to slice for that carving-the-log moment, and can serve 14 tho this depends how generous one is being with sharing it. 

It is very very sweet and just pure chocolate throughout. This is no lightweight Yule log either I could immediately feel the weight of it, all 420g of pure indulgent chocolate. 

This is one that needs to be hidden from the kiddies because at £20.00 a go your not going to want to share with everyone.
Am I also have one of these too! It’s a chocolate wreath and it costs £8.00. This is a smaller version of the large wreath that Hotel Chocolat have costing £20.00. I actually had the large wreath at Xmas about 2 years ago. It’s huge and certainly not one for individuals plus you need an industrial type blade as the chocolate in them is very thick. This small wreath weighs 100gms and this particular one is the rare and vintage which is made with dark chocolate and infused with nuts, almonds and cranberries. There are 2 other small wreath varieties in milk and white chocolate choices and similar choices for the big wreaths.The small one would make a lovely gift or stocking filler and I think it’s just the right size for an individual.

As always, absolutely amazing, luxurious chocs from Hotel chocolat and certainly worth paying thaf extra bit of money for on special occasions.

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