Christmas Degustabox reveal

Published December 9, 2016 by Bizzimummy

This will be my last Degustabox reveal of 2016. This box arrived at a perfect time as my children were having a bit of a slumber party and the box contained many treats that I could use.

Starting from the top left picture, which shows the majority of the party goodies is 

  • 1) Ryvita crackers and thins – The crackers pretty much speak for themselves and everyone knows what crackers are. The thins are pretty interesting and resemble something in between a cracker and crisp. Thinner than a cracker yet slightly thicker than the average crisp and are also flavoured. My children and guests were really impressed with the thins.  Crackers cost £1.29 a packet and the thins are about £1.89 per packet. 

Next to the ryvita thins as per the above picture is product number 3) – Jules Destrooper butter crisp. – These are lovely. It’s a crunchy creamy buttery biscuit and again a big hit with the kiddies – £1.19 per packet. 

The carton drinks in packs of 3 come from 4) Appy kids at £1.49 per pack and 100% natural ingredients.

5) Hartleys glitter jelly – I think the jelly was hidden under the other items in the top picture but I do have this photograph of the finished product. 

It contains edible glitter which gives it a bit of a shimmer. I can tell it’s designed with kids in mind due to the rather strange blue colour on this one. And just 75p per packet.

6) Butterkist – Yes its popcorn, both sweet cinema style and a new choc mallow flavour which is absolutely delicious and needless to say did not last long at all even tho it was a pretty big bag. £1.49

And onto a few drinks in the box!

There is 7) The good cider company & 8) J20 glitteryberry. Cider just is not something I drink, not even the alternative fruit varieties so this was given to my mother who does drink the stuff. I did drink the J20 which just like the jelly, contains the edible glitter and sparkles when shaken. £2.49 for 4.

9) (pic 3) – Christian Potier sauce – There are 3 culinary sauces in this range which accompany meat and fish dishes. In my box was hollandaise sauce. The pouches can be microwaved. I have not used it yet as I have no idea what it goes with. For now it’s in the cupboard. £2.50.

10) Pipers crisps – I’ve had pipers crisps before. They are very flavoursome and this new flavour is wild thyme and rosemary which I really enjoyed. However at £2.00 per normal size bag I think they are very expensive.

11) Ahmad tea Ltd – Its green and black teas and I don’t like them. I only drink regular tea with milk, think tetleys ans Yorkshire. There are six flavours in total and £4.00 per box.

12) Michel et Augustin – ooh it’s cookie squares coated with dark chocolate and sea salt. What a shame there was only four per pack. My second favourite item this month. 89p

And finally – 13) Brodericks and my overall favourite product for the December box. 

If you have never tried these bars then you are seriously missing out. This was amazing, crunchy, creamy and just melt in mouth delicious. I wish there had been like ten of these in the box. It was lovely.

Just look at how many products I got in this box?? And the majority of them I really enjoyed as did my kids. Not bad for just £12.95 a month which includes postage costs too.

Degustabox and more info can be found on social networks and there UK website.

Instagram: @Degustabox_ 

Twitter: @DegustaboxUK

The boxes are usually £12.99 a month plus free delivery but using this special code 0MES2 at checkout you can get £7.00 of the box, meaning it costs just £5.99 and not a penny more which is an absolute bargain. It’s surprise food products every month. 


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