New Bluetooth speakers 

Published January 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

These are the speakers which after testing out, I gave to my 12 year old for Christmas.He loves his technology and music and absolutely loves these.

The company is August international and their products can be purchased via amazon and include other speakers and headphones. These particular speakers are the MS515.

Both speakers come included. The set is portable and works via a Bluetooth connection. The majority of smart phones and tablets will be compatible with these and most iPhones certainly are. They can also connect to televisions with Bluetooth giving the tv a surround sound effect. 

The speakers connect together via a short wire and charge via USB. Apart from the connecting wire they are pretty much wireless and very portable due to the small size. The clear big sound makes up for the small size. The audio is clear and similar to what you would expect from a larger stereo.

The Bluetooth connection seems good enough, we tested them with the iPhone upstairs and speakers down and they still worked fine without interruptions tho I am unsure on the exact range.
These speakers seem great for teens and especially if space is limited. Ryan has a box room and so fitting a large stereo in would be difficult. These simply connect to his iPhone and he can play his music anytime anywhere. 

These can be bought from Amazon for £47.45.


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