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Win a dream day with Swizzles 

Published February 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s the end of February already, but not to worry because here is a lovely competition I’d like to share with all of you! 

Swizzels, the creators of Love Hearts, are on the search for the UK’s Loveliest Moments

Love Hearts are rewarding 5 nominees (the winners) with a Dream Day of their choice

People can enter by visiting Swizzels lovely moments  or by sharing their entry online #LovelyMoments

Pancake day with Num noms

Published February 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Well incase you forgot, it is pancake day today or shrove Tuesday if you prefer. We do pancakes every year even tho I’m not a fan myself, my children love it.

This year we are taking part in a Num noms campaign “what’s your flavour” and it involves incorporating the new num noms series 3 with our pancake recipes. 

These are the new series 3!  With a lunchbox yet sweet theme.

So armed with a bottle of this stuff!  – (No I don’t even attempt them from scratch!) plus…..

A non stick frying pan too, along with an open door and working smoke alarm, off I went to make pancakes.

Oh and of course a few toppings too with a few inedible additions here. 

Attempt #1 – went totally wrong, the damn thing would not turn and stuck to the “non stick” frying pan! I don’t do flipping either, way too scary, I just use two pans and flip the pancake into the other one.

#Attempt 2 – a bit better, tho not round like it started out. Still Izebella didn’t mind what shape it was and was more than happy to decorate it. 

I think we have Sara strawberry Num nom here at the front along with two others. Izebella has a box full of hundreds of them and I only know a few of the foodie names.

Onto the third attempt and much better, I’m getting the hang of this now! Jordanna’s creation a little more basic with the ingredients but not so with the Num noms!

Yes she chose all the pink, white and chocolate coloured Num noms to represent her toppings – chocolate spread, marshmallow fluff and strawberries. 

I think Izebella got slightly carried away on the next attempt and covered the pancake with Num noms.

She did find Maya mallow, after a bit of digging in the box, and placed her proudly on top of the marshmallow. 
And Ryan doesn’t really do Num noms on his plate, however he can make an almost perfect round pancake his self, much better than my previous attempts. 

Healthy meals for less at Aldi

Published February 27, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I don’t shop at Aldi as much as I do other supermarkets. This is mainly because it’s a little further away, but I do go when I can as I find many things cheaper than other places.

I was asked by Aldi recently to create a recipe using only products bought from an Aldi store. And that’s just what I did, in fact I made two.

The first is a healthy salmon pasta salad. I made it with pasta from Aldi along with all of these lovely ingredients (also from Aldi) 

It is one of those recipes where you can pretty much put anything you like with it but this is what I use. 

Pasta shells, salmon flakes, 1 pepper (red), 1 medium onion, 1 avacado and a tub of prawn cocktail.

It’s a simple recipe and perfect for more Summery weather and Bbq’s but I enjoy it any time.

So to make the dish: I boil the pasta until soft (about 10 mins). Chop the pepper and onion. Slice the avacado. Once the pasta is cooked and cooled I add the salad items.

And then in goes the salmon and a little mayonnaise or salad cream, just so it’s not dry. 

Then serve with the prawn cocktail at the side. I think the salmon with prawns goes really well and the salad items make it quite a colourful dish too. It really is tasty.

Next is a more traditional dish – Chicken roast dinner; and again all the ingredients are purchased from Aldi. 

The chicken is a roast in the bag “extra tasty” type. These save mess and greasy hands plus contamination as the bird stays in the bag until cooked. The bag does not even need piercing. The whole thing simply goes onto an oven tray and cooks and any fats get caught in the throw away tray that the bird comes in. 

To make things easier for mums just like me, Aldi has a really good selection of frozen prepared vegetables. They do of course have many fresh vegetables to offer too but the frozen bags just seem to make dinner much easier as the hard work and mess is eliminated (washing, peeling, chopping etc) 

They also have a few varieties of ready made Yorkshire puddings. Izebella loves them and ends up making little pies with them. The bag above cost less than 50p and they tasted just as good as any other.

The frozen mash is great, again no peeling, chopping, boiling or mashing spuds as it’s all done for me. I just tip the frozen potato pieces into a bowl and microwave for about eight minutes, adding butter or milk to the dish gives it a more creamier flavour. It’s nothing like that awful instant powder mash either it’s simply frozen potato.

And we all enjoyed a lovely hot roast dinner. I won’t call it a Sunday dinner because we didn’t have it on a Sunday and I believe that good roast dinners can be enjoyed any day. 

Yes the gravy is from Aldi too!

I had a £20 voucher to shop in Aldi and managed to buy all the ingredients above to make two recipes and more besides including biscuits, fruit, chocolate, sandwich fillers, and more. I find Aldi great value and great tasting foods.

American goodies 

Published February 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

We are having a blast trying all these unusual and strange snacks which kids in other countries enjoy daily. This time it’s the turn of the great USA and there’s just something pretty special about their snacks compared to ours I think.

A big box of American goodies came from American Goodies UK. They are a company based in the U.K. who specialise in selling all sorts of American snack and grocery items. The stuff you just can’t easily get over here. 

America has many sweets and candys that we don’t and we have recently got the chance to try quite a few thanks to American goodies. Just look at all these! 

There are a few similarities there to what we have over here such as the love hearts and drumstick lollies etc; but also a few not seen before. The Baby Ruth bars are the ones that appear in goonies apparently, or so my son tells me anyway. 

Those yellow butterfing bars are really yummy too. 

Then there are these, never seen before snacks. 

The minions pack ate like little banana lollies on plastic dome type sticks. Jolly rancher being fruity sweets and then these: 

Think those French fries crisps, plain flavour but with extreme heat and spice. I couldn’t manage more than two. Very hot indeed.

Oreos are known world wide, but Americans have many different flavours and pack sizes.

These open a bit like baby wipe packets (kids opinions). And there’s lots of Oreos inside too, more than we get in packets here.

Of course we just had to give some American cereal a go too and nothing quite puts a smile on my kids faces like a box of this does.

It’s Lucky charms cereal which seems to be very popular in the USA. However it did leave me thinking “do kids really eat this stuff every morning”. It’s cereal mixed with coloured marshmallows which expand with the milk, hardly the healthiest stuff but I’m letting my kids have it until it’s gone as a one off thing. I don’t do breakfast myself and wouldn’t personally eat this but of course kids are going to love it. 

American people also love their soda and drink cans of the stuff. They have far more varieties than we do of brands such as Fanta. The root beer, although called beer is actually a soda too. It can be bough as soda or the alcohol version.

And a few more snacks that I found in box! 

The m&ms are peanut butter flavour and we don’t get them here, nor the tropical skittles or the cookie bar twix. America just has so much more variety.

Now the final item – Bean boozled. These have become quite a well known joke/game item recently and it’s a coincidence we got them as my son was only talking about them a few weeks back. 

Inside the box are flavoured jelly beans. However some are regular “nice” flavours and some are down right disgusting. 

I declined to take part. The thought of munching on dog food flavours or boogers does not excite me one bit. My kids and their friends instead took turns to eat one each. Their faces were hilarious. Not sure who thought these up but they definitely have a very perculiar sense of humour.

Well yes we have been munching on American sweets and treats this half term and next week I’ll have to get back to the gym as they aren’t the healthiest things around but nice all the same. It’s no wonder America has high obesity when their snacks taste this good.

To try a vast range of American snacks, visit American goodies UK

Curious about Curiosity box??   Review & giveaway! 

Published February 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Just what could a Curiosity box be or have inside?? 

Well those who regularly read my posts may have already worked out that it’s a subscription box. That’s correct and this one is aimed at children.

Each month these boxes arrive filled with rather curious products and packages. 

And it’s all about science!!

The boxes come full of different experiments each month. All the experiments are fairly easy, and safe enough for most children over 7 years to do. The science packs come with various science themes such as crystal growing and electricity currents etc. Each experiment comes in its own package inside the box and they usually contain everything that the experiments require. Occasionally the odd household item may be needed. 

The website does recommend their boxes for 7-11 year olds. I do think this age can be raised a few years as Ryan is nearly 13 and was only too happy to do the experiments, but he does love his science. 

One of the packs involved making a green mass of dough material and running a charge through it (or so I got told) and here’s the dough being made which looks a little like slime. Now the experiment is finished, the dough can be played with by Izebella like regular play dough and also Ryan now knows how to make the stuff too. 

He also has some crystals to make and a few other experiments to do from the boxes and certainly likes the Curiosity boxes.

I did find thaf the boxes contained quite a lot of product and one box would be enough between two siblings to share rather than purchasing two boxes. 

The boxes can even be personalised with child’s name and details. 

The subscription is monthly and starts from £9.95 for a smaller nano box, and £19.99 for the regular box each month. Like many subscriptions, if you sign up for 3 months or more then it works out cheaper than paying per month. The boxes will be different each month and they also have an online shop where one off themed boxes can be purchased.

To get The Curiosity box visit the website – The Curiosity box.


The people over at Curiosity box are giving away one of their Nano boxes. The Nano box contains one experiment and worth £9.95 and is suitable for children over 7 years old.

To enter the giveaway please click the entry link below where you will be directed to the entry page. 

Entrants must be UK residents and the giveaway will close on March 16th 2017. One winner will be drawn at random at notified via email. Prizes can take up to 28 days to arrive.


Aquabeaders bracelet set

Published February 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna is now really getting the hang of the aquabeaders sets and tends to attempt to make something most days. She has literally hundreds, probably thousands of the tiny beads in her sets and yes they get everywhere but it seems to keep her busy.

She’s had a few sets and refill packs and her latest one this month is the bracelet set. Yes who would of guessed that bracelets can be made with aquabeads. The bracelet set is a small refill pack costing just a few pounds but it does contain hundreds of coloured beads, a few templates and a bracelet to put the finished dried bead creations on. 

Because of the included bracelet, this set is a little different to what she had had before. The concept is the same, she follows a template with coloured beads, sprays water and leaves to set. 

Once set the aquabeader bracelet creation can be attached to the included bracelet. However this can get really tricky as it needs to be really dry and well stuck or they just fall apart as Jordanna found a few times. But! the whole idea seems good.  Not all the designs have to go on the bracelet either as only one is included so there are other rather pretty templates to create. 

As it’s a refill kit, anyone using it will need one of the aquabeaders trays which come as bigger sets usually as the trays have tiny wholes which the templates fit under and beads go on top.  Once you have the tray, there are many themed refill packs to choose from and for just a few pound, this is a pretty good bargain which little girls will love making. 

Mysteries in time subscription 

Published February 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This subscription box is one for the kids and mainly aimed towards 7-11 year olds and therefore Jordanna gets it this time around. 

I think many children can find history lessons a little boring, I for one was never a huge fan of the subject at school; although I did find some parts of it more interesting than others. 

The Mysteries in time box makes history more fun by sending a personalised monthly time machine box to children every month. The box comes with child’s name on and is full of items relating to part of the worlds history.

The first box starts with ancient Egypt which happens to be one of the history areas I did enjoy at school. These are Jordanna’s box contents. 

There are two box sizes – classic and bumper and both contain similar items. The boxes start at £7.95 monthly. There is quite a few interesting things inside the Egypt box such as colouring sheets, world map, a booklet all about ancient Egypt which is quite informative for children and even an Egyptian statue to keep too. The included yellow craft packet contained even more products to help create more models and crafts. 

I think it’s a nice idea to help get children interested in history. Other box subjects include WW2, Aztecs, Ancient Greece and many more. Learning about historical important events such as these can help children with school subjects and homework and of course learning about the world and history all around them. 

The subscription can be stopped any time and these boxes seem perfect for boring rainy days school holidays too.

Mysteries in time UK

Trying Thai snacks 

Published February 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

As many of my loyal followers may know, I do love trying snacks and foods from around the world and the more unusual, the better.

Today it’s the turn of Thai snacks online and yes that’s right it’s snacks all the way from Thailand.

Thai snacks on line is not a subscription service as such (like I’ve had previously) but more an online store which ships worldwide giving a taste of Thailand to everyone.

We; very kindly got a box of Thai snacks to try out, and believe me some of them are very unusual.

I was expecting the products to be similar to Japan snacks, but they are a totally different thing altogether. I mean (for a start) “corn flavour chewy sweets” where else in the world can one find stuff like this?

Actually the corn sweets were quite alright, strange and quite bizarre yes, but they really don’t taste like corn at all. More sweet and buttery and chewy.

The strangeness and large diversity of products did not end there, amongst my box full of goodies I also discovered some rather perculiar crisp type snacks too. 

These being squid flavour! Yes squid, they didn’t tantalise my tastebuds at all but Jordanna enjoyed them – strange child!

The mini chocolate bars went down well of course, they did have a totally different taste texture to what we are used to which I can’t explain but nice anyway. The pocky is the one thing we have come across before, think sweet sticks coated in chocolate. Most countries seem to do there own varieties of Pocky sticks. Also these chocolate type snack things went down well too. 

Well Thai snacks are certainly unusual, some great, some good, some not so good. They aren’t sold over here that I know of so it’s always a surprise to be tasting new snacks whether good or bad. Yes it’s funny when friends/family try something unusual that just doesn’t mix with their tastebuds.

I have of course enjoyed trying all our snacks straight from Thailand.

Thai snacks online allows you to choose your own products and have a few grocery categories to choose from. Prices are in dollars but they do ship to the UK. 

My Fairy Garden – magic beanpot

Published February 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

The fairies have returned to our home once again and dropped off a magical little gift for my young fairy in training (Izebella). 

It’s a very special fairy “magic bean pot” which comes with a special pot and magic beans, just like in the fairytale Jack and the beanstalk. Leaving one fairy in training very happy indeed. 

“So what do we do?” Asked fairy Izebella! Well, came mummy fairy’s reply! We have to plant the magic beans inside the magic pot and water it and wait for it to grow. 

Our Fairy garden gift lacked one magic ingredient and that is the soil (not included in box) to help the beans grow. Not to worry tho as Mummy had plenty of magic soil kept locked away in the garden shed. So in the tiny pot, the magic soil went, along with a bean and a little water, and then the final thing – A magical little fairy to keep guard against the pesky trolls and plant eating monsters. 

She sits on the magic bean pot Day and night keeping guard. 

Of course magic beans need taking care of to grow into magic beanstalks. They need water and warmth and light  and unfortunately Bolton does not have much warmth and the moment, so the magic bean pot currently lives in our warm magic cupboard (boiler cupboard) with the fairy guard. 

It’s only been just over a week since the magic bean got planted and Izebella keeps asking when it will grow into a giant beanstalk, so I tell her that it takes time and the fairys are working hard with magic dust to make it grow and one day it may just be a beanstalk like the fairy story. Then she will no doubt ask if it leads to the giants.

Our lovely magic bean pot is much smaller than Mummy fairy thought but perfect for a  little fairy in training. It was sent to us by magic fairy post, all the way from My Fairy Garden land far away where lots of other fairies and fairy homes and products can be found. However the fairys have also delivered many of their special items to toy shops and stores everywhere so they are easier to find. I even hear that some have been dropped off in that magical place known as Amazon and they cost just £6.99. 

Just look what else you can buy for that mini fairy in training!

Izebella wants to be a tooth fairy when she gets older, her words, not mine. 

Perfect pamper gifts

Published February 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With Valentine’s Day over for another year, it’s perhaps time to think about Mother’s Day once again which is on its way in just a few weeks. 

Us Mothers need a bit of pampering every now and then and the majority of us ladies just love to receive pamper/bathing type gifts for any occasion. 

Now most ladies get fed up of the same bog standard supermarket gift sets that can be purchased anywhere and we like things a little different and special. This is where Perfect pamper gifts comes in very handy.

Perfect Pamper gifts create unique gift sets and pamper hampers containing luxury fragrant products. 

My own hamper arrived in a lovely little bow tied Jute bag, like this.

And yes you can even choose the bag colour. 

Before opening the bag, I knew it was going to be good inside because I could smell the lovely fragrant aromas inside. And inside – all these lovely pamper Goodies. 

The aromas are delicious and smelt so good, they made me hungry. 

I absolutely love all of the products inside. Just take a look at this Pomegranate & Vitamin E face mask!

It looks and feels like a fruity whipped cream and feels lovely on my face. 

The Whole lot of love bath bomb is huge and I can’t wait to drop into my bath. The centre rose part is made of soap petals which get pulled off and scattered in the bath before fizzing the bath bomb.

Then Sweet cherry body wash – the scent reminds me of my favourite yoghurt flavour and that’s black cherry. It contains cherry kernel oils and smells very sweet. 

Seville orange lip balm really helps my dry lips which I seem to get whenever I have a cold (which I do now!) 

And finally, for an added bit of bathing luxury – Wild rose scented candle. 

There are many pamper hampers to choose from, be it for mum, sister, daughter, friend etc. You can also Build your own hamper by choosing specific products and Perfect Pamper gifts even offer a Monthly subscription pamper box which I am considering signing up to. Monthly pamper treats sound amazing. 

The pamper hampers make wonderful gifts for us ladies and are a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. The gifts hamper bundles such as the one I have start at £14.99 and include choice of bag, gift tag and personalised message. Each bag contains at least 4 pamper items depending on which one is chosen.

There are many to choose from at Perfect pamper gifts.

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