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Project MC2 rc car with real steam 

Published March 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

What a great car this is, and it’s for girls too, well aimed more towards girls anyway.

For quite a while we have been reviewing MC2 dolls which are fashion dolls that come with experiments and science based personalities. The dolls usually come with some sort of small experiment to do at home and there are a few accessories and play kits that can also be purchased – all project MC2 based.

The dolls are based on the tv series – MC2 girls.

And now there is the MC2 project dolls car to, to get all the dolls moving around the house.

However this is no ordinary dolls car. It is remote controlled but not just that. It even runs on water and has an engine which needs connecting. 

Yes connecting positive and negative wires is all part of science as is converting water to steam, which this snazzy little car does. The water gets put into a little tank and then into a covered (petrol like) hole at the back of the car. Batteries go in the engine which is then connected via the black and red wires under the bonnet (a little like the real thing!). Everything gets switched on and away it goes! 

The car can fit two project MC2 dolls or any other similar size or smaller fashion dolls.  The seats even cons with seat belts.

My girls bedroom is currently being decorated and they are having new beds, this means that unfortunately the majority of their toys and dolls are in boxes, so I have just had to grab the first two dressed dolls that I could find here but most dolls will fit. 

The steam action can be seen in this video. Yes the car moves very fast once it gets going. 

I don’t think our cats are too impressed with it! 

The controller has two buttons, straight on and a turn/reverse. I found it easy to use tho as I previously mentioned the car is quite rapid. (Watch your feet!). The car also has smart blinking lights. 

It seems to be a very strong durable well made sports car. However it is quite heavy but I suppose it has to be with an engine and water inside. A slight problem is the amount of batteries needed to power it. The engine needs 6 and the remote control needs 2 so 8 in total (a full packet). The engine batteries are tricky to fit in as two batteries sit on top of each other in 2 of the compartments. The batteries also seem to get really hot inside the engine. I found this out as the car did not seem to be working at first so I swapped some of the batteries and found the batteries inside very hot to touch. I’m not sure if this is meant to happen or if the batteries were at fault. The steam from the car is not hot. 

Cost – this car does not come cheap but it’s a really good car and does encourage the whole science for girls idea in a few ways. Expect to pay upwards of £45.00 for the car alone but most dolls can be used with it. The age guide states 6 years and over. 

A reminder of my childhood with Unicorn sweets 

Published March 6, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If I was asked about things or products I remember from my childhood, one of them would be the variety of sweets available at the time. These days I don’t specifically go looking for sweets in shops   as I just let my children choose so I don’t really know what’s about, but some of the childhood sweets tasted so much better and seemed much bigger too.

Unicorn sweets sells old school type sweet hampers and a few other quirky sweet products.

We received one of these tempting looking hampers a few days ago and it’s packed full with everything you see on the picture.  It’s pretty much all my childhood favourites in one box. I remember the popping candy fizzing on my tongue and the urban legend about drinking fizzy pop and eating it. I think I was addicted to sherbert dips and dib dabs at one point and ohhh! Wham bars! We all loved them. There is even a black jack bar. I have not seen these in years, it wouldn’t surprise me if they got banned or renamed at some point like most other things. Then a pack of bubbly with love hearts, refreshers and even Parma violets (wow I loved that perfume). This hamper certainly bought back some memories.

Anyway that’s the sweet hamper which cost just less than £15.00 at Unicorn sweets, but that’s not all because I also got this tin. 

And even when the lid comes off, it looks like a regular tin which I had to open like this.

Now the inside of the tins are packed full of sweets, again lots of old favourites to choose from. We chose crocodiles for our tin. 

These tins are quite a novelty thing, which would be good for Xmas stocking fillers and even a nice addition to a kids party. The sweet tins cost just less than £6.00 each and as well as tins of sweets, they also have glass milk bottles full of sweets costing £7.45 each. 

It’s like being a kid all over again with these sweets! 

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