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Getting better at Aquabeaders!

Published April 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Our latest Aquabeader set is Cinderella themed, something which both my girls love. 

As well as lots more beads, this set also comes with a glass slipper to decorate with aquabeader creations. Don’t worry, the shoe is made of plastic, not real glass but I guess that’s what people will refer to it as. 

As always there are a few templates too with Cinderella themes both little and large.
My girls and their friends focused on the small patterns such as the bows and flowers.

I however decided to be a little braver than normal and attempt the big main design, being Cinderellas face. I must be getting better as I did not find it too difficult, more time consuming than anything and annoying when the beads won’t stay in place; but here is my completed and dried finished design.

I messed up ever so slightly on one of the eyes I think and I also seemed to somehow run out of the specific colour beads that I needed (I think Jordanna maybe used them for other things) but hey ho I got their in the end and finished it. 

This set costs about £10.00. You will need an Aquabead tray to use this set which can be purchased as part of a starter set or one of the studio sets which vary in price. 

Ride and Roll all the way there with the Fascol ride on case! 

Published April 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is Izebellas new travel case. Not only can she put her clothes and bits inside but can also pull and ride on it just like a toy. The case comes from Fascol who also sell toddler scooters amongst other items for the little ones. Izebellas case of course comes in her favourite colour of a bright deep pink (rose) but it also comes in blue too.

It’s size is 48x36x22 cms yet it’s small measurements can be deceiving. The case fully opens up to reveal plenty of space for a small child’s clothes and belongings. 

It is designed more as a weekend trip type piece of luggage or even carry on luggage on a plane and therefore meant for short trips but I did find I could get more than a weekends worth of a 4 years clothes inside easily.

The material used to make the case is polypropylene which is something I have never heard of but it seems to be a very tough and robust product. Izebella has not stopped sitting on it and riding along on it since it arrived about 2/3 weeks ago. 

She tells me the seat is comfy enough for her little bum and that she cannot wait to use it when we go away. 

It opens up a little differently to regular cases and bags. The yellow nose type parts on the front and back twist to open the case up and then twist the other way to lock. I think this is a good idea and saves the panic of zips being pulled off or trapped halfway and although Izebella sort of knows how it opens, a much younger child probably would not beable to do it.

Being in the design of an animal it even has pull out feet too. And a large carry/pull strap plus two handles. The large strap can even double up as a seatbelt to go over the child when they are riding on it. 

I think it’s fair to say that we are certainly going to have lots of fun with this case and Izebella when we go on our weekend get aways.

As Fascol is a European company, the prices are in Euros. The price of this case is currently on a great offer with the price dropping to €29.98 from the previous price of €72.00. The cases are suitable for small riders ages 3 and above. 

Jelly Belly Jelly beans + giveaway 

Published April 27, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Jelly Belly products are instantly recognisable with their red and gold label. The beans first appeared in the USA  back in 1965 with the mini jelly bean and the first actual jelly bean appearing in 1976  at a Californian ice cream parlour. The first ever flavours of jelly beans were  Very Cherry, Tangerine, Lemon, Green Apple, Grape, Licorice, Root Beer, and Cream Soda.

Since then a lot has happened. The jelly Belly jelly beans are sold worldwide with hundreds of flavours and a fair few different packs available. 

Jelly Belly are now known as Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Jelly Belly are the ones responsible for the rather well known “Beanboozled” packs which I actually refused to try over Christmas when my son got a pack. It’s a box containing ordinary looking jelly beans but each colour may not be the same. It could be a normal flavour or something revolting such as rotten egg or stinky socks. YUK! and I hear that they do actually taste like their revolting name too. Kids seem to love them and they seem good for adult parties too.

I much prefer the more normal flavours. The thought of tasting rotten egg or moldy cheese just does not interest me. I would much rather stick with these.

I have a traditional jelly bean box with a massive 50 flavours. A jewel collection which come with a iridescent sheen a bit like a gem or shiny polished rock. You can see the difference here. 

And finally, one I’ve not come across before is the cocktail mix which comes with a few well known cocktail flavoured jelly beans. 

Jelly beans are good for a sweet fix and also seem to be a popular gift choice and stocking filler for kids. I just hope the Beanboozles don’t make a return this year. 

Each one of my boxes above is 200g and they can be purchased pretty much anywhere that sells sweets and confectionery.


Jelly Belly are giving away a selection of their products to one winner. The prize will most likely be the same products as above (subject to availability). This giveaway will close on May 11th 2017. The only rules are that you have to live in the UK and need a valid email address, Facebook and twitter account.


Pinypon world 

Published April 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Pinypon are small collectable interchangeable dolls from Bandai. Each doll has its own name and personality but it’s parts and accessories can be swapped and changed with other Pinypons to make a totally different character. The Pinypon figures come with many themes including fairies, countries of the world, fantasy, sweets, princesses and tales. 

This is a prince and princess set and also comes with a frog. I think it may just be based on the well known fairytale – The princess and the frog. This comes with 3 figures and lots of little accessories which can be pinned into the figures at various points (holes). Pinypon heads are fully removeable as is the hair and the bodies come in 2 or 3 parts to easily change with other dolls. See how our princess now has the princes hair?

Here are a few recognisable characters from fairytales.

Each one comes with its own pet or animal figure such as the wolf with red riding hood and again a few plastic pin accessories to stick on.

Pinypon also cone with a variety of playsets to use with the figures and build up a larger pinypon world. This is just one of them which works really well with the above princess figure set.

It’s a carriage fit for a princess and comes with an extra figure who looks very much like she could be a fairy godmother. The carriage even has a mirror inside along with a treasure box full of lovely things.

Pinypon figures and playsets can be purchased from many good toy stores and are priced from £3 upwards. My girls and especially so Izebella love them and already wants me to get her some more. 

Desenio artwork

Published April 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My walls have many family photographs and memories but were certainly lacking in a bit of Wall art until that is; Desenio came along. 

Desenio sell poster artwork and prints. There are hundreds of posters to choose from in many categories including a few for children. Each one of the posters comes with various size options from small to very large. They all come on quality thick paper and frames are available to purchase separately.

I was provided with a voucher and chose a wide selection of posters in different sizes. They arrived in a large tube all folded inside each other. I have far too many of the posters to show them all but here is a small few which are not yet up on the walls. 

Both the pink robot and the dancer under water will be going in my girls room and the broken doll picture probably in my room or my hallway. The robot one is one of the smaller pictures measuring 21x30cms and the other 2 being medium sizes at 30x40cms.

I have managed to hang a few up such as this “Breathe” picture. 

The black mount is also from Desenio. This picture shows a foggy mountain scene and has txt and really stood out for me. I have placed it on my kitchen door as a reminder that all is okay even if it feels like I haven’t done that much.

This next one is more of a fun family type print and has already attracted much attention from visiting friends. These words say it all for our house. 

Finally my overall favourite from my whole collection takes its pride of place in my living room. 

It’s “The girl with balloon” Banksy art. This is one of those images that I have been after for a while. I have seen it before and when I spotted it on Desenio I just had to have it on my wall too. I’m not even sure why I like it so much but I really do. I got this in a large size of 50x70cms so it’s pretty big. The frame I got seperate off eBay for a good price. As you can imagine, frames this big aren’t easy to find and don’t come cheap. Desenio does sell picture frames in all sizes for its posters and also cardboard mounts.

I have a few more posters yet to sort out and decide where they are going and buy frames if need be. I think the hardest part is gettting them onto a wall as some of them do cost a lot and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin them with tape or pins. 

As the posters are all different sizes and images, they do vary in price but I think there is certainly something for everyone at Desenio art the home of Scandinavian posters.

Grit atom stunt scooter

Published April 25, 2017 by Bizzimummy

A few weeks ago, Ryan was sent a new stunt scooter from He’s had various scooters and bikes previously but stunt scooters are exactly how their name implies. Designed for stunts and jumps and the sort of thing you see at specially built skate parks. Stunt scootering is not something he’s tried before and he’s not so good on a skateboard but much better on one of these. 

This is one of the Grit atom stunt scooters which cost just under £60. The Grit atom is designed to be a beginner scooter for those who are new to stunts. 

The scooter needed minimal assembly from the box. Ryan just needed to attach the handle bars which he found very east to do and then he was off on it straight away. 

The scooter is fairly light, weighing just 3.3kg. It’s also fairly small but I’m assuming these sort of scooters have to be if riders are jumping with them and spinning them in the air. I do think that many parents may open the box and think it’s too little or young for their child. I’m not too sure if Ryan will ever get to the stage where he’s flipping the scooter in the air,  but here’s a quick video of him attempting a short jump.

This video was taken the day he got the scooter and he now has a helmet which is necessary as accidents easily happen on stunt scooters. 

Although very light and small, it’s extremely tough, it easily takes my weight although I probably don’t weigh that much more than my son. It can certainly withstand a lot of knocks and crashes without falling to bits. 

They come in a few colour choices and can be purchased directly from Skates UK. 

Once a day sun protection

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Sun protection products are vital for children to protect against harmful sun rays and ultra violet light. Even in the UK where our Summers don’t get as hot as other places we still need to protect our children when the weather gets warmer. 

Unfortunately when children are at school, it’s left to our children to apply their own suncream correctly, something that can be difficult for younger children and something that older children will most probably forget or refuse to do.

Calypso suncare product that takes care of these sorts of situations. Their once a day kids suncream is factor 40 meaning it’s great for most countries if taking a holiday and also perfect for children in the UK sun too. 

This has a lovely scent to it which I think may be coconut with something else. When applied correctly, which is 15 minutes before going out in the sun on all exposed skin areas, it will provide an all day protection.

It’s also water resistant too meaning children can go in pools and the sea without needing another application. 

It’s all day cover is a little hard to comment on as we have not had lots of very hot days to test it on. I have applied the sun cream to both my girls who both happen to be fair skinned and burn easily and so far no sunburn on the sunny days. My son refuses to have it on, no matter what I try but luckily he doesn’t burn as easily. (Awkward teenagers!) 

The cream absorbs into the skin and dries really fast, I have tested this myself and found the cream to dry within seconds and no greasiness whatsoever.

This sun protection cream is sold in many places and also comes in factor 30 and factor 50. Prices vary but it costs between £5-£8 depending on the store. 

Sun free tanning with skinny tan mousse

Published April 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I don’t tan too well in the sun. Not that we get much sun here but I seem to burn rather than tan. I also had a bit of a skin cancer scare earlier this year with a suspected melanoma which luckily turned out to be non cancerous. Last year my sister had to have surgery to remove a cancerous mole from her face. Therefore I know just how dangerous sun beds and even constant sun can be to our skin. 

I have tried a fair few self tanning products. Some of them fare much better than others but all of them claim to give an even natural looking coverage and all claim to be streak free.

Skinny tan seems to be one of the better tanning products out there compared to others. They have bought out some new mousse self tanner in medium and dark shades. 

I find mousse the easiest tan product to use compared to lotion, gel, liquid or spray. A good tip is to always use a tanning mitt which can be purchased very cheaply. A tanning mitt not only helps to give the tan an even coverage and avoid finger marks but it also helps to keep the fingers and hands free of brown tan stains which can be difficult to remove and look quite hideous. 

This mousse comes out brown, so I can see exactly where it’s being applied and it’s pretty much an instant tan product as the results can be seen instantly with more of a natural look over a few hours. 

It dries very fast, almost too fast. It’s a good idea to only apply a little at a time, otherwise it will dry before properly blended in and then will cause streaking as I found on first use as I applied too much at once. 

I really liked the finished colour it gave after just a few hours. I have used both the dark and medium tan mousses. The colour difference between them is not big. I did notice a slighter darkness using the darker one but it’s not stupidly dark at all. 

Unlike a few other tan products, this one does not make me look orange but rather a more natural tan colour and even slightly reddish in places just as the sun would. This product contains 2 green based certified natural tanning agents which help to eliminate any orange colouring. Organic coconut is also added to give the scent so it does not smell like fake tan.

And the best bit is that the tan can last up to 14 days. It may need a light top up after showering to keep it going and obviously if I have a bath and scrub then it’s going to come off. 

Both tanning mousse bottles cost £26.99 each which works out cheaper and much safer than sunbeds. 

A day at Blackpool zoo

Published April 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

On Wednesday we took a family day out to Blackpool zoo. We have been before but Izebella was very little then so probably doesn’t remember much from her first trip.

Blackpool zoo is located close to Stanley park and costs about £6.00 by taxi from the centre of Blackpool. I believe there are also a few buses that take you straight there. There are signposts throughout Blackpool directing drivers towards the zoo too.

The first thing we saw when we got into the zoo was a big dinosaur area. Of course these creatures died millions of years ago but they are really big and lifelike. Once past the dinosaurs it’s time to meet some very much alive creatures like this gorgeous guy. 

Many of you may know that I absolutely love tortoises and even have one myself, tho he is much much smaller than this giant species. I would absolutely love one of these in my garden. 

Blackpool zoo has so many animal species including big and little mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and even a few bugs. Here’s just a few I managed to snap.

I found the big cats fascinating, being so close to them and only separated by a wall of glass. 

There are lots of monkey type species including gorillas, these are kept far away for obvious reasons but can still be easily viewed. There is an orang-u-tan enclosure where we could watch them  high up and Amazonia where small monkeys are in the trees all around us and often jump down right in front of us along with tropical birds flying around. 

There are lots of really interesting and unusual animals too such as Tapirs and other animals rarely seen. 

The small farm area is great for kids. It’s located in a barn and contains pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, donkeys, rabbits and a few other more well known farm friends. They even let you hold and touch smaller animals at certain times of the day and feed them.

We spent a good 4 hours at the zoo, walking around, seeing the animals, farm visit, sea lion show and dinner at the restaurant. A family meal deal consists of 2 adult meals and 2 kids with drinks for £18.00. It is similar to McDonalds with choices of burgers and nuggets so not too bad a price. 

There are toilets located all around the zoo, gift shops, and a park area too. 

Adult tickets start from £13.99 depending on date and child tickets are slightly discounted. It is cheaper to book online prior to arriving and discounts are given on family tickets too. 

Find out more at Blackpool zoo.

Me&I kids clothing 

Published April 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With a lot going on over the Easter holidays including – Ryan’s birthday, trips out, Easter, a christening and a few other birthdays, it was time to show off some new outfits with a little help from Me&I. They are a Swedish clothing company who make comfortable clothing items with unique designs. 

My girls both wanted a new dress each and Me&I have many lovely dress designs. These are the two we chose. 

Jordanna has the Doggie dress which costs £30. The dress is black with a lovely flary skirt, the type that lifts up when spinning. The pattern is multiple pink and green dog images which seem to glow slightly in the dark. 

It is very much a party dress and good with a simple black pair of shoes or sandals. It could also be worn as a summer dress. 
Izebella has the pink dandelion dress which costs £29. This one is really girly and possibly more suited to a younger girl than older. It falls just below the knee and the white circles all over it represent those white dandelion dead flowers that we all used to love blowing away as youngsters. 

Both dresses are lovely, good quality materials and stitching and they both wash well too with minimal ironing needed. 

Ryan was not left out either. I do struggle to find clothes for him as he’s now 13 and constantly growing. He’s too small for most men’s clothes and teenage sizes can be hit and miss. I spotted these jeans for him on the website which luckily were available in the larger size of 158/164 which converts to a 12/14 years. 

They seem good quality jeans and are actually slightly too long in the leg at the moment but should fit him better soon as he seems to be constantly growing. These jeans cost £35.

Now all three of my kids have something new to wear this Easter thanks to Me&I clothing.

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