Published April 10, 2017 by Bizzimummy

In our busy lives, we often need the services of professionals to help us out now and again. Be it something needs fixing, or learning a new skill, hobby or help with a wedding, birthday or other occasion. For all these services and many more we often browse multiple internet pages or look through the adverts of local newspapers. Then it’s usually a case of ringing multiple people to get the best quote. Well just imagine if you could access all the services you need in just one place!

And now you can with an online service called Bidvine.

 Bidvine is a local services tech startup, connecting customers with the right service providers all over the UK. 

It can be used online or via an app. It is very very easy to use, and seems designed for everyone, even those who are hopeless on computers.

The first screen you see is really basic. It asks two questions – the service required and a postcode. So I have my sons birthday coming up very soon. If I wanted some help planning a party this is what I would do. 

I would type Party planning and my postcode into the first screen. I would then see various screens with questions to help find the best people for me, like this. 

The questions for party planning go on to ask the age of the person having the party, any themes, how many guests, services and things I need and even venues. Once all the questions are answered it’s time to create an account. This can be done by email or facebok and then the request gets sent to service providers registered on bidvine.

The service providers will then send offers and basically bid to be chosen by the user. 

There are literally hundreds of services available on bidvine, however these may not be available in every area. 

I have been browsing and playing around with the service and found a few fairly strange services such as Paranormal investigation, well at least I’ll know where to look when things go bump in the night. 

There are 800 U.K. services on bidvine which include decorators, electricians, repair men, Portraits, parties, CV writing, pet care, gardening and so much more.

I would recommend this service to pretty much anyone who is struggling to find a certain professional service in their area. It’s very easy to use. 


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