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Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula facial skin care range

Published July 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

My latest skin care products come from Palmer’s. Their range of facial and skin care products come made with rich quality Cocoa butter sourced from Ghana.

You may have spotted mentions of cocoa butter in previous posts, that’s because cocoa butter is also a main ingredient in many chocolate products too. It is a rich vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean which grow in the cocoa pods of the cacao tree. At maturity, pods are harvested from the trunks and branches and are separated by colours that correspond to the quality of the bean; those with poorer (less) aromas and flavours may be used for industrial chocolate, while the higher quality beans are used in Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.

Here I have several lovely products from Palmer’s, all of which are beneficial to the face and have been forming part of my daily skin care routine for almost two weeks. I do love trying out new products to see which works the best.

The exfoliating facial scrub is one of those darker grainy type products which almost resembles a light mud mask in colour and texture. It smells really natural with slight woody hints but nothing artificial. 

There’s a purifying enzyme mask too which is good to use after the exfoliater. This is a 10 minute wash off face mask. It comes out as a white thick cream and eventually dries into the skin without stickiness before washing off. 

Using the exfoliater and the mask together helps remove any dead skin particles leaving the new skin underneath smooth and fresh. 

Their Facial cleansing oil doubles up as a cleansing wash and make up remover. I use it instead of soap as it’s much gentler, more natural and does not leave that irritating scratched feeling like some soaps do. It also removes all traces of make up including stubborn bits of eye liner.

For moisturising there is the moisture rich night cream.

This is lovely. Very cool, quick drying and just perfect for applying after a tiring day before nodding off to sleep. 

Finally the multi-effect perfecting facial oil. This can be used alone, adding directly to the face using the bottle dropper and blending in; or together with the night cream as they both work well together after cleansing. 

There are of course lots of other skin and beauty products available, all of which can be viewed on Palmer’s website. The good thing about Palmer’s products is that they are fairly inexpensive compared to similar skin care creams. The majority being under £10. These products are available in Superdrug stores and Feel Unique.

Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Published July 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I was very very optimistic about giving these a review. I had visions of soaking wet carpets surrounded by bits of rubbery water balloon. 

Of course most of us have probably seen the advert for this new craze. 

They are as their title explains – A bunch of balloons and water balloons to be exact. They come as coloured plain or with an array of characters on them. 

Unlike regular (awful) water balloons where each one needs stretching around a tap, these can all be filled in big bunches together. 

There is usually 100 balloons per pack in 3 bunches like this one. I’m unsure of the exact maths behind that and am thinking maybe it’s 99 per pack or maybe one bunch has an extra one, who knows? I did not count them. 

I think they can be filled via a tap, tho this may get messy, think wet floors. We found the best way to fill was outside using a full clean mop bucket (or any other similar size container) and a hose. The Balloons come with an attachment which fits most hoses. The balloons fill up really quickly as stated on the packets, in about 60 seconds.

Once full of water, they need no more explanation.

Kids of course love them. I mean who didn’t love these as a kid themselves, getting soaked, getting everyone else soaked and aiming them at the poor neighbours windows (not advised). But now it’s easy to understand why our parents were not so keen and we didn’t have packets of instant fillers like these. 

Yes they contain lots of water. Keep them in the bucket, keep the bucket well away from your door, shut the door/windows and leave it to the kids to have fun. That’s what I did anyway. Advise kids not to throw them at each other as they hurt if they land on you (think paintball stings). The best place to aim them is the floor or a bare wall away from people and away from anything that could be damaged. 

Also once burst it’s important to pick up and dispose of any left over balloon material as this could be eaten by animals. 

These can be purchased from lots of stores, many of which can be viewed here. They cost about £10 per hundred pack. The Entertainer toy store is currently selling them for £8.00.

Competition: SilentNight Pillows

Published July 25, 2017 by Bizzimummy

For everyone who loves a bit of night time comfort, SILENTNIGHT are giving away a set of their – PURE COTTON PILLOW PAIR.

These lovely pillows have a 100% cotton percale cover and are filled with a clever anti-allergy, silk-like hollowfibre, for reassuring comfort and softness.

They are washable up to a temperature of 40°C and come with a 2-year guarantee. Perfect for freshening up your bedroom in these warmer Summer months.

These pillows are exclusive to QVC and will be online at on QVC for 24 hours only on 27th July, from midnight onwards, selling for just £17.98.

With an RRP of £26.99, this gives a saving of 33%! We have one pair to give away, to enter simply click the link button below. 

This giveaway ends August 8th and open to U.K. residents only. 

Marvel Missions Trading Cards

Published July 25, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s a really good feeling when my children get excited at something which does not have a screen or wires or a battery, the type of things many of us enjoyed as children and something as simple as trading cards.

Thinking back to my childhood, the trading cards that I remember most had to be the Garbage Pail kids. In fact I’m sure I still have some of them stored somewhere. There were many other collectible trading cards around too when I was younger and it’s good to see that trading cards still remain popular with today’s children, despite all the technology around them. I think what is most exciting about packets of trading cards is that we never know what’s inside until we open them and of course chasing those missing or very hard to get cards to complete collections.

The Topps Company manufactures and markets a wide range of sports and entertainment collectable & confectionary products. Their collections include the popular “Match Attax cards, Disney and their newly released “Marvel Missions” trading cards game.

I’m guessing they are called trading cards because kids can trade/exchange their duplicates with friends.

Marvel Mission cards feature cards from all films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Dr Strange and even the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In total there are a massive 272 cards to collect. These include special foil and holographic cards.

Special folders can be purchased to keep the cards as display, along with mini tins and multipack sets which contain card boxes.

The starter pack is required for the collectors folder and for playing the Marvel missions game.

The starter pack costs £4.99. With this comes the game play sheet, a card collectors guide to help keep track of collections, the card binder and one pack of trading cards to get the collection started.

These cards eventually build up into a huge collection and the binder helps to keep them together and keep them in good condition inside the individual plastic wallets. As well as being good for just collecting, there is also a game to play with the cards, once players have collected so many of them.

It’s a fairly easy game which involves at least 2 card collectors. Each player needs there own starter kit and game board. One side of each card shows a character or object etc.

The other side of the cards has a power value number on. Each player would play a card like those above then turn the cards over.


The winning card being the higher power number and that player gets to place the winning card on their playing mat. The winner is the one who fills up all their mission spaces first. It’s an easy game but to make the rules sound more simple, Topps have made this short video.

The trading cards are sold in single packs of  8 and of course children never know which ones are inside until they open them.

These cost £1.00 per pack. I think they would make a nice small weekly/twice weekly treat for good behaviour. If siblings have their own starter packs then swapping and trading can be fun.

For more cards at once, there are the multipacks which come with 5 packets of trading cards, a collectors box, and a limited edition card. These packs cost £5.00.

The two tinned products each contain 39 cards plus limited edition cards and cost £5.99 per tin. The tin making an extra storage container and quite handy when travelling with the cards. 

Ryan is a very lucky boy and has many of the Marvel missions trading card products. 

I am sure this lot will keep him very busy over the next six weeks of Summer holidays and so perhaps less time on the gaming consoles. He also intends to swap and share the cards amongst friends who also collect them. He has lots of packets of cards to open and sort, and if he finds he is missing the odd one from the collection then this is not a problem because so many missing cards can be ordered from Topps directly so no more incomplete collections. 

Starter packs, multipacks and single packs don’t need to be ordered online, they are sold at many supermarkets including ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, WH Smith and local newsagents. 

There does not seem to be an age appropriate guide for trading cards. I guess the child would need to be familiar with  the characters/movies so perhaps 3 and over. My son is 13 and loves his new collection so I guess we are never too old for things like this. I’m thinking a few older boys may just like them too. 

Rowntrees less sugar

Published July 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Who remembers fruit pastilles from their childhood? They seemed to be a weekly treat for us and they would always be around at Christmas time. I don't remember having packets like they do these days, but more wrapped tubes and I'd usually find a tube of them in my selection box or my xmas stocking.

Of course times have changed and so have Rowntrees fruit pastilles. I think they can still be bought in the tubes, as in the picture above; but they also come in handy share bags now too. It's very hard to share them when in the tubes.

There have been a few other changes too. Firstly they now also come in fruity shapes rather than just the original disc shapes and secondly they come with 30% less sugar than previously. Less sugar however does not mean less flavour as they still taste just as good to me. I would say much more fruitier with distinct flavours rather than just sweet.

This was my first time tasting the Rowntrees ransoms too. These are more squishy and squashy than the pastilles and again now have less sugar.

Rowntrees sweets can be purchased almost anywhere that sells sweets and confectionery.

Degustabox July

Published July 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I had a sneaky suspicion that my July Degustabox may just arrive with some sort of Summer theme; and I was not wrong either. 

The theme is Summer and it’s Summer outside. So let’s take a look what’s inside the box this month.

I was very happy with the Blossom hill spritz of course and am looking forward to popping it open over some ice on a hot day. 

My daughter Jordanna loves the Mango and passion fruit juice and of course it is much healthier and better than fizzy pop.

I would of liked to have seen more sweets, chocs or crisps in the box, but I was happy with a bag of new rowntrees ransoms. 

The fry light bottle is actually avocado oil as opposed to the usual olive oil. Again being more healthier and I can use exactly the same as I would any other cooking oil.

My girls will eat the Weetabix. I’m just not a breakfast person at all. We like ryvita thins and have tried a few of the other varieties previously. The Djohn mustard may come in handy to make a recipe, perhaps some sort of sauce or flavouring for a meat dish. 

I’m not too sure about the packet of Quinoa. I know it’s a more healthier version to rice but I just prefer the rice too much so maybe I’ll pass it on to someone who will enjoy it more. 

None of us are really keen on olives either so the Oloves will be passed on to an olive lover somewhere.

It’s a nice box. The blossom hill was a lovely surprise. 

As always Degustabox costs just £12.99 monthly which includes U.K. delivery. If you use this special code – OMES2 at checkout then this will give you a massive £7.00 off a box meaning you only pay £5.99. The blossom hill costs £4.99 alone to buy so it’s a bargain price to pay.

Subscribe on line over at the Degustabox website. 

Find Degustabox on social networks too. 

Instagram: @Degustabox_uk 

 Twitter: @DegustaboxUK 

 Facebook: @DegustaboxUK

Chimasu Snack subscription box

Published July 21, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Chimasu is an Asian smack box, bringing a taste of Asia to UK door steps each month.

Each monthly box comes filled with at least 12 snack products from Asian countries such as Japan, China, Thailand etc. The majority being products that we never see over here and would find difficult to get hold of.

Monthly subscriptions start at £18 per month. This includes free shipping to the UK. Subscriptions cost slightly less if you sign up and pay in advance for longer.

And here is our unboxing video, so you can see all the goodies we got inside our July Chimasu box. I had 19 products in total.

Pocky sticks are gaining some popularity in the U.K. now tho I doubt we will see the full range of flavour like Japan has. The chocolate biscuit product was lovely as were the fruity gummy sweets. I was very surprised with the sunflower seeds too, they were like sweet crunchy nuts. I probably won’t eat the noodles myself or use the green tea tea bags but everything else is going down pretty well in our house.


Published July 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When it comes to choosing dental care products for myself, I find it quite difficult. For a start I really do not like the mint flavours. Mint is one of those tastes that I just don't like and especially not stronger minty tastes. I also have slight sensitivity and get paranoid about bad breath.

I had my doubts about the claim of Ultra Dex products as the daily rinse mouthwash claims to give 12 hours fresh breath.

Usually I find most mouthwashes give half an hour until those nasty mouth tastes start coming back.

The mouthwash contains a new IQ+ ActiveOxi technology which is proven to eliminate bad breath compounds.

What makes this mouthwash even better is that it comes unflavoured and therefore no strong minty tastes. There is an optional satchet of mint flavouring that can be added to the bottle if you wish but this won't be going on mine. There is a slight flavour to it, unsure how to describe it but for me it's much better than anything minty.

So I've been using the mouthwash over a week now. I'm very surprised at how effective it seems at really eliminating bad breath and bad tastes in my mouth. It really does last much longer than other similar products. I'm not sure if it's 12 hours because that's a long period to keep track of, but I do find that I only need one rinse per day, followed by another rinse at night time before bed. Even after eating, my mouth still tastes fine.

The mouth rinse comes in 4 sizes 100ml – 1000ml starting at £3.25. It really is worth giving this a go, now I've found this I won't be going back to any others.

UltraDex also have a low abrasion toothpaste too,
This does have a slight mint flavour but it's not too strong or overpowering so my palette can handle this one. It's more gentle than other toothpastes and the low abrasiveness means it won't remove any tooth protection. This also gives the 12 hour bad breath protection. The price for a 75ml tube is £6.15.

And for on the go breath freshness when out and about or travelling is a Fresh breath oral spray.

This is a quick giz breath freshener,a slight minty taste again but nothing too strong for me. This is great for taking to work or interviews and costs just £3.50.

UltraDex products can be found in Boots, Sainsbury's and Amazon.

Spoilt pig bacon

Published July 20, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It's that time of the day when I start getting hungry and it just so happens that I have some tasty packs of bacon in my fridge.

These packs come from Spoilt pig who have won several gold awards for their bacon.

Spoilt pig bacon comes from pigs that are reared in more healthy environments thus reducing the need for antibiotics. Antibiotics in animal food produce can have a great effect on resistance in humans.

Spoilt pig bacon seems to contain much less fat and rind than other bacon packs. The pieces also seem much thicker and generous in size. They make an excellent bacon sandwich at this time of the day.

Spoilt pig bacon is tasty and yummy and packs of both smoked and unsmoked can be purchased from Ocado, Morrisons, Nisa, Booths, and a few other stores.

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