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#WeAreAllMums – Raising awareness! 

Published March 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Mother’s Day is just over a week away, whilst this brings joy and presents to many mums across the country; I and many others share mixed emotions about the day. 

Research estimates that one in six pregnancies will end in miscarriage. This alone is a very high number when you consider how many pregnancies there are. To add further sadness – approximately eleven babies are stillborn every day in the UK and there are also 60,000 premature births in the UK each year.

Tommy’s is a charity that finds research into baby loss and pregnancy problems. They are running a campaign to raise awareness that even if a baby is born sleeping or miscarried or born to soon, you are still a mum.

Many people who have been reading my blog for a while will be aware of my story, but for those who don’t here it is – 

  My Story

(Warning – contains images that may be upsetting) 

I already had two healthy children but after meeting my (now ex) partner in 2009, I became pregnant late 2010. The pregnancy was not planned but we were both happy. I found out fairly early on, around 5/6 weeks.   

A few weeks after finding out I noticed some blood in my pants, of course I panicked and straight to the hospital. Like many women so early on, I got told to go home and take it easy as there is nothing a hospital can do so early on. Luckily the blood stopped within a day or two and panic over; or so I thought. 

My 12 week scan went okay, however days later I got a call to come in. My first thoughts were Down’s syndrome but no, I was very low risk. The risk was something else. They mentioned spina bifida and mentioned the baby having heart in the wrong place but another urgent scan ruled everything out so they put it down to a false reading.

At about 14 weeks the bleeding returned and much heavier than last time but no pain. I was sure I had lost the baby but a hospital scan showed a baby alive and kicking. The doctors mentioned possible early twin loss but seemed baffled.

I had on/off spotting for the next 6 weeks and then came my 20 week scan. Again the scan was fine and I was told my baby was a girl. They did not know why I kept bleeding. I had the scan on a Monday.

Four days later on the Friday I was sat watching television and just over 21 weeks. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and what felt like a gush of blood. I ran to the toilet but no blood, it was clear. Yes this was amniotic fluid at 21 weeks. In other words my waters had broke.

I was in tears on the way to the hospital and a scan showed very little amniotic fluid around the baby. The nurses apologised sympathetically and a doctor told me I could “abort my feutus” which I thought was an extremely awful comment. This was not a fetus, she was my baby and no way was I voluntarily killing her. I was sent home to rest with antibiotics and constant monitoring. 

The next 2 weeks consisted of bed rest and lots of bleeding and mild labour oain. It was awful not knowing and searching the internet for help or a Miracle prem baby story and praying mine would be too. Sadly this was not to be. 

On the 4th April 2011 the bleeding and pain got incredibly worse. Hospital rushed me to a labour ward with a huge team of medical people on stand by. My 2 children had been C sections but there was no time and with her being so small it was easier to push. 

Keira arrived at 3.30am weighing just 1lb 2oz she was tiny with reddish skin and a wisp of blonde hair. Her eyes were still fused shut as she was too young to open them but apart from that she was perfect in every way.

The lack of amniotic fluid along with her prematurity meant her tiny lungs were too underdeveloped. At one point it looked like she was improving but ten hours later she suffered a bleed and passed in my arms. It is the worst thing any parent should have to go through. I cannot explain the devastation it leaves when you lose a child. 

Of course I held her, washed her, cuddled her in the hours after she passed. If I’m being honest a lot of it is a blur as my head was all over the place. Walking out of that hospital without her was something that words can describe – heartbreaking, brutal, empty, I felt totally lost. I cried for weeks, often alone as I thought everyone else had moved on and somehow forgot. I wasn’t just upset, I was angry that I couldn’t save her somehow and angry that the world and people kept going yet my world had stopped. I think it’s all part of the normal grieving process. 

Despite tests I never got a reason why Keira came early. No abnormalities, no chromosome faults.

There’s not a day goes by where she isn’t in my thoughts. This April Keira would be six and instead of a kids party, I visit the cemetery which no parent should ever have to do. I still cry, I still get upset and even blame myself but I can now (sometimes) talk about her to other people and tell them that I don’t just have three children – I actually had five. 

And yes that’s correct I have five. After Keira died I became pregnant again very very quick. Unfortunately at the 20 week scan, no heartbeat was detected. I had to yet again go through another labour this time knowing the baby would not be alive. I was told my baby was about 17 weeks when he/she died. They told me they could not tell if the baby was male or female but I always thought I was carrying a boy. My poor baby had a condition called a cystic hygroma and this was totally unrelated to Keira’s death just 6 months previous. The consultant called it “unfortunate bad luck” and told me there was no reason not to try again . No bad chromosomes from any of us etc. 

In March 2012 after a missed period, yes the test said pregnant again. I panicked so much all the way through. I stood in the hospital literally screaming at the staff to give me extra scans and extra checks which they eventually agreed to. Apparently you have to lose 3 in a row before they normally do this which is a joke. 

On October 5th 2012, 2 weeks early my little girl Izebella was born and she’s now four. It’s a shame she will neve meet the other babies but she does know about them. Many people refer to babies born after loss as “rainbow babies” and Izebella certainly is my bright shining rainbow.

I feel blessed to have three children alive and well but I am still a mum to the two that didn’t make it too. 

Everyone who has been pregnant is still a mum, whether you have had a normal pregnancy, a perm birh. a rainbow baby, or an angel baby in heaven.


My daughter in NICU


Published October 12, 2016 by Bizzimummy

My poor baby girl has the dreaded Norovirus. She was sick at nursery on Monday and unwell ever since.

Norovirus is also known as the “Winter sickness bug” but can occur anytime. It spreads like wildfire and especially so in schools and nurseries.

Symptoms include – vomiting, diarreah, stomach cramps, temperature, chills, muscle aches and fatigue.

Unfortunately Izebella has all the symptoms.

Norovirus is highly contagious so I am crossing my fingers that I don’t catch it too. It cannot be treated with antibiotics and it usually goes away within a few days. Doctors recommend lots of fluids, water or weak juice, calpol and foods when asked for. 

I hope my baby recovers soon. 

My little Baby Born Bathing Fun

Published September 10, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Having two little girls in the house means dolls are always around and new dolls get lots of attention, sometimes fought over but usually shared, as is the case with the new arrival. It’s the new “Baby Born” bathing fun doll.

We have had a few Baby Born dolls previously and the first thing to notice about this one is that it’s much smaller than its predecessors. It’s height is 32cms and it’s aimed at the younger end of doll lovers, being suitable for those aged just 2 years. Great news for Izebella (not that she cares about age guidelines).

The doll, like many other Baby Borns, comes with fairly realistic facial features which resemble in many ways a real little baby. It is of course very cute. This one is also soft bodied making her very good for cuddles. She comes dressed in a little pink romper bearing the Baby Born logo. Underneath she also has a nappy on and a removeable hat. (Hats rarely stay on dolls very long in this house). Her accessory is a bottle.

The bottle can be filled with water which the doll can then drink. This water obviously has to come out somewhere, so watch out for an almost instant wet bum. It’s a bad idea to place the doll directly on the knee or carpet once giving her a full bottle as Jordanna found out.

On removing her wet nappy we discovered where the pee pee comes out (as Izebella says!). Just like any other little girl, Little Baby Born also has a twinkle for her wee wee.

As luck would have it. We already have a special pink potty especially for little dolls like our new baby born. Straight on the potty she went – “Good baby” says Izebella.

After her wee wee. The girls decided that their new doll needed a bath. Now I think this is the only soft bodied doll that I have come across which is suitable for bathing. Any other soft bodied doll would probably be ruined by water, but not this one.

The doll can be bathed in a doll bath or just chucked into the big bath with the owners, as my girls did. I was expecting it to come out heavy and dripping everywhere but no, the water came out of the “wee wee” hole and the doll body felt damp but certainly not sodden or heavy or dripping water everywhere. I think the material must be waterproof as it does not hold the water at all. The doll was pretty much dry again and ready to play with and dress again with half an hour. I just placed her on a warm radiator.

Izebella thought dolly was hungry again after bath!

Well my girls love the new addition. We are all surprised that this one can be bathed despite being soft bodied.

Izebella was very unwell the same night this doll arrived. Her ear was hurting in the night. I gave her the doll for her bed and it seemed to help her sleep a little better. In the morning she was still cuddling it which was very sweet.

My Little Baby Born Bathing fun can be purchased from many toy stores and online at Amazon. Prices vary but usually between £10-£15 depending on store. It is a very suitable good doll for toddlers and requires no batteries, just a lot of hugs, care and cuddles.


Water Wipes Competition 

Published June 16, 2015 by Bizzimummy

WaterWipes are the only wipes in the world that are as gentle on your baby’s skin as pure water. Scientifically formulated to be as kind to delicate skin as cotton wool and cooled boiled water – but much more convenient – the only ingredients used are 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract … and that’s it.
Most parents change their baby’s nappy up to 10 times a day. Imagine wiping unsuitable ingredients on your baby’s skin 70 times per week, and then locking them in with a nappy. WaterWipes are suitable for babies with other sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, which is why they are the only wipe ever to be approved by Allergy UK.

WaterWipes has an amazing giveaway for my  lucky readers: a three month supply of WaterWipes. Fall in love with the world’s purest baby wipe for the worlds most sensitive skin. 

Ends June 30th

More competitions at – See more at:

Remembering Keira 4 years on

Published April 4, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Today, whilst most families look forward to Easter and maybe enjoy a day out, I instead visit the cemetery on what should be my little girls 4th birthday.

Instead of balloons and presents I instead take flowers and other bits to her tiny grave as that’s all that is left. 

Keira came on the 4th April 2011. She was born premature at just over 23 weeks. Despite the doctors saying she wouldn’t last an hour, she lived for 10.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss her.

Happy birthday my sweet little angel in heaven! 


Bobo Buddies

Published March 4, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Bobo Buddies are a cute collection of animal characters which have been made into several products designed for babies and toddlers. Blankies, blanket backpacks and Toddler backpack with reins are all available to buy at the Bobo Buddies online shop.

There is a lion, monkey, giraffe,,dog and rabbit. Each with their own name and personality.

Izebella is now 2 and is starting to hate being pushed about in her buggy. She wants to walk and walk everywhere. She can be a little slow and tends to mess about, stopping to look at everything, and of course crossing roads is very dangerous with a walking toddler. Therefore the perfect Bobo Buddies product for her was the backpack with reins.

Our surprise Bobo Buddies backpack arrived, we had no idea which character we would get, and it turned out to be the lovely Lupo dog. Now this little character looked a little like Izebella's nannas dog who unfortunately died 2 weeks ago so it's quite a strange coincidence that this came around the same time. Izebella won't call her cuddly new pet Lupo but instead calls him Gaffer which was the name of the dog.


From the front it looks just like a cuddly toy and he is very fluffy and huggable. Turn him over to reveal a little bag and the straps and reins.

The bag is not the biggest but it's perfect for a short outing and for a toddler to carry. It will fit a small snack inside and a drinks carton or perhaps a small toy.

There are 2 shoulder straps which are adjustable and then the straps fasten around the chest. It seems to be a good comfortable fit on Izebella with a bit of spare room for growth or a thick coat. As the backpack is made of a lovely soft furry material it means it feels comfortable for Izebella to have it on.


The best bit (for me) about the Bobo buddies backpack is the walking rein strap. This is fully removeable if needed and hooks on and off a metal clasp. It's a simple strap with a loop to go around my wrist, it is quite long and gives the child enough freedom to run in front of parent without going too far.

Yes in a way it is like I'm walking her, I read many reviews and opinions from parents against walking reins, but for me I see it as a temporary solution to know that she is safe next to me when out walking. With the reins on she cannot run off from me and I can keep her away from the road until she is slightly older to understand a liittle better. When Jordanna was 2 years old she let go of my hand on a busy road junction and was hit by a car. Luckily she was okay and only got a broken collar bone. If I had owned walking reins or one of the Bobo buddies backpacks back then, then it's unlikely that the accident would have occurred.

Izebella seems to enjoy having her new cuddly backpack on whilst out and barely even realises that I am holding her on the strap.


The adorable character backpacks with reins cost £19.95 each. Buy directly from the online shop



Teeny Beanies review & competition

Published March 3, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Teeny Beanies are all designed and handmade in Shropshire.

There are 14 cute and loveable characters to choose from – all looking for loving homes!

The Teeny Beanie characters are available in the form of Bean Bags, Cushions, Bags, Wheat & Lavender Hotties, Bunting & Soft Toys and are suitable for all children of 3 years and over. Made from soft suedette fabric and fun fur, they are also machine washable at 40°C. Here is a selection of the characters, all full of fun and happy faces and just waiting for a new home.

or the review part of this post. Izebella has been sent a lovely personalised blanket. The blanket is in pink with the cute Bessie bunny character. There are 2 other choices – Bertie bunny in blue and Bernie bunny in white.

The size is 70×70 cms and so probably more suitable for smaller babies and cot use rather than a small bed. Izebella isn’t too bothered with the size tho and she is very happy to have a special blanket with her name on. Pink is also her favourite colour too.


She happily uses her new pink bunny blanket whilst in her buggy on way to nurses and for her afternoon naps at home.

The blankets are made from 100% cotton and would make lovely baby gifts. The personalisation makes them very unique and this will be a lovely item to keep for many years to come.

Personalised blankets cost £20.00 each with an additional option of gift wrapping. Purchase directly from this page




Teeny Beanies are offering all my lovely readers an amazing competition. The prize on offer to one lucky winner is a £50 voucher to spend on anything you like on their website.

To enter you must live in the UK and simply click the link below to be taken to the competition page. Competition will end on March 24th.






Bath time with Childs Farm

Published March 2, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Award winning British brand Childs Farm was the brain child of mother of two, Joanna Jensen.

Having struggled to find baby & child toiletry products to deal with her daughters’ fine hair and sensitive skin, Joanna joined forces with respected UK manufacturer Medichem to make her own.

Her criteria has always been for as many naturally derived ingredients as possible that can do the jobs of cleaning and detangling effectively, for organic essential oils that are suitable for young skin and hair, and packaging that reflects everything that Joanna holds most dear – her children, pets and animals and of course, the great British country-side all thrown together in quirky and madcap situations by children’s illustrator, Emma McCall.

Through clinical trials, the products have proven to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin including skin prone to eczema, and are even mild enough for newborns. Every product has been dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved.

Ryan is slowly moving on to more adult men’s toiletries as he is now 10 and thinks he is all grown up. Jordanna and Izebella absolutely love being pampered like little princesses and are always very enthusiastic to try out new bathing products. With Jordanna I do have to be careful of what I use. She had not been diagnosed with any form of eczema as such but is prone to dry itchy skin and odd spots and rashes which can be made worse after bathing.

My girls were sent over some Childs Farm products. There is a wide varying selection in the online shop all sorts of bathing, lotions and hair products to choose from at fairly low cost.

This is the Top to Tosie Cleaning Kit. Inside the reusable pouch are 3 bottles of Childs farm award winning products.

Hair & body wash for dirty rascals

Hand & body lotion for silky skin

Bubble bath for sweet dreams.

Each one with delicious zingy/zesty fragrances of citrus fruits making little ones smell very fruity and almost good enough to eat.

I thought the designs on the product bottles were really lovely too, unlike many others these are covered in all sorts of designs. The illustrations are designed by children’s illustrator Emma McCall. They include things which company owner holds dear including her children, animals and the countryside.

Izebella seemed very eager to use her new products straight away and she was in need of a good bath with food and all sorts from nursery all over her.

The warm bath was filled with the sweet dreams bubble bath. It’s comes out rather quick so it’s best not to tip the bottle too much. The bubbles form very quickly and the bath turned into a bubbling spa. Next went on the hair and body wash (for my dirty rascal) this made Izebella smell so nice and it’s really good that we don’t need two separate products.

She kept saying “that smells nice mummy” and it does. It’s a scent grapefruit and oranges and the aroma fills the bathroom.

As well as the Top to Tosie kit we were also sent a bottle of conditioner in a strawberry and organic mint fragrance. Just perfect for the luscious locks of little princesses and the bottle is in a pretty pink colour too.

After shampooing it was time to apply the new conditioner, which left the long princes locks feeling soft, silky, smooth and tangle free. Both the conditioner and the hair & body wash are also tear free meaning no nasty stinging sore eyes and far less bath time tears and fears.

The final product to use was our hand & body lotion from the Top to Tosie kit. Once bath time was over and little Izebella dry, it was time to apply. I found this had the strongest aroma out of all the products. Izebella really liked having it applied even tho she did insist on doing it herself.

It dried pretty quickly, absorbed into the skin fast and left her smelling like a lovely grapefruit, all sweet and nice. She loves it.

I don’t think I have ever seen a 2 year old so happy with bathing products. She was even pointing out the pictures on the bottles and had no hesitation in taking them straight to the bathroom when they arrived.

The Top to Tosie kit costs £8.99 and is perfect for travelling as well as home use and the conditioner is £3.99. Both products along with others can be purchased directly from Childs Farm



Kids Stocking Fillers: Seascape les petits

Published December 18, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I loved finding all sorts of bath products amongst my presents when I was younger and I still love my beauty products more than ever today. Jordanna being 7 also likes getting beauty and bathing products. Unfortunately I have to be careful what she uses as she seems prone to dry, itchy skin patches and odd small rashes which come and go. However there are plenty of natural milder products out there to choose from.

Like many ladies I am very familiar with the Seascape brand and it's selection of natural products. I have owned and used a fair few of them but what I did not know until recently is that Seascape have a selection of products designed for babies and children called Les Petits. Here is what Seascape say about their product range.

Our Les Petits range of oroducts are dermatologically tested and gently formulated for babies and children with sensitive skin. All products are mild enough for everyday use and naturally fragranced with essential oils safe for babies and children.

I was sent over the Les Petits body lotion which comes in gift box packaging and is a 300ml bottle.

The packaging and the bottle both feature a pretty sea horse design. The bottle itself looks just like one that mum has and therefore nothing too babyish. Jordanna is growing up too fast and won't use things if it looks like a baby item. The bottle comes with an easy pump nozzle which can easily be rotated to turn off/on and prevent little sisters and even older brothers playing with it.


This body lotion contains lavender, Chamomile, Shea butter, Olive oil and Jersey Beeswax. All natural products which help to moisturise, soothe and protect delicate skin.

I always test out any skin or bathing products prior to letting my children use them. This way I know that if I have any reaction to it then my children wont be using it. The lotion has a familiar Seascape scent with all the natural oils and products blended together. It dies not take long to dry into the skin and leaves skin feeling a smelling good.

There are a total of 5 products in the Seascape Les Petits collection including a Bubble bath, hair & body wash and gift sets. The price of this body lotion is £12.00 and makes a lovely beauty gift for little ones.


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