JYSK happiness survey results 

I received a lot of answers as part of my JYSK happiness question in my recent competition. My answers along with the answers from other bloggers taking part have all been published into a survey. … View Post

Funny Bunny game 

The bunnies are in a race to get to the big carrot at the top of the hill, but on the way are holes and traps which send the poor little bunnies to the beginning… View Post

My birthday girl 

She’s 5 today! How did that happen? Izebella was just less than 6 months old when I started this blog.  Love you Izebella to the moon and back, Happy 5th birthday! Xx

The Elephant in the room! Living with a speech disorder! 

Today I want to share something personal. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention but happily talks behind my back about. The thing that let me down as a child,… View Post

Little dancers! 

My gorgeous girls have yet again passed their twice yearly exams and got their awards! Very proud mummy!  ​​