Alphabet project I is for Izebella

This is my Alphabet project post. You can view the link up at Podcast. I was really busy last week with one thing or another and so completely forgot to link up with the letter… View Post

Alphabet Project: G is for girls

I’m linking up with the weekly Alphabet project over at Podcast. This week is the letter G G is for girls of which I have two. I should really have 3 girls but unfortunately my… View Post

Alphabet Project: F is for Falling asleep (in strange positions)

F has been a difficult one to think of. Many of the few things beginning with F had already been done by others over at the podcast linky and I really wanted a unique one… View Post

E is for Evette: Alphabet project

This is my weekly post for the alphabet project over at podcast linky. This week is E and while deciding on something beginning with E may be prove a challenge for some; for me it… View Post

Alphabet Project: D is for Dolphins & D is for Dominican

This is my weekly Alphabet project link up at Podcast This week is letter D. I thought I would share some holiday pictures of a holiday we had a few years back to the Dominican… View Post