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TV Bingo 

Published November 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The nights are getting darker and colder and we are all settling down to watch the latest TV shows. This winter lots of celeb filled game shows fill our screen and my favourites are Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity.. get me out of here! I myself am a keen fan of both of them.

Paddy power have created some fun bingo cards for both of these shows that can be printed off and played along at home with friends and family. There are no numbers, simply watch the shows regularly and mark off when something happens. 

Feel free to print off these cards and play along! 

Robinson Crusoe movie and competition

Published September 27, 2016 by Bizzimummy

STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that the adventurous ROBINSON CRUSOE is available to purchase on 3D + 2D Blu-ray as of yesterday (26 September) , as well as on DVD – which comes with a The hit film is also available digitally.

 On an exotic island, Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, lives with his quirky animal friends in paradise. However, he can’t stop dreaming about discovering the outside world and the adventures it holds. After a violent storm, the friends wake up to find a strange creature on the beach: Robinson Crusoe.

 What follows is a fun-filled family adventure, from the creators of The House of Magic and A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures, with sea, sand, and surprising escapades!

We have a copy of the DVD and so far me and Izebella have both watched it together. I do not really remember the Robinson Crusoe story which I would of read as a child but we both enjoyed watching this.


To celebrate, Studio Canal are giving away 3 x merchandise packs that include a colouring book, character masks, a sticker set, activity sheet and Robinson Crusoe on DVD!

 To be in with a chance of winning, just click the link below. 

You will be directed to the entry page and must have a valid Twitter and Facebook account as well as answering a simple question.


Ends October 18th 2016

*WIN* Disney lion guard prizes! 

Published August 24, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Kids may be going back to school in September but for the younger ones and when they get home from school, there is plenty going on over at the Disney Junior channel. This includes a brand new season of Izebellas much loved programmes – Doc Mcstuffins and Sofia the first along with the return of The Hive and Miles from tomorrow. 

Fans of The Lion Guard will be delighted to hear that these wonderful creatures are the stars of Big Adventure Wednesdays from 7th September, a weekly block of four back to back episodes of top shows packed with animated adventures. It starts each week at 5pm with The Lion Guard, followed by P.J. Masks (5.30pm), and Miles from Tomorrow (6pm) before The Lion Guard returns to conclude the adventures at 6.30pm. 

And if your little ones love watching The Lion Guard, then I have a very exciting prize giveaway today! 

The prize includes Lion Guard cap, bag and activity sets. 

If you would like to take part in this giveaway then please click the link below. 


Closing date is September 30th 2016. Giveaway is open  to UK residents only. Entrants must have valid email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Catch Emma Bunton in The Lion Guard on Monday October 3rd at 5.00 pm on Disney Junior. The Lion Guard will air daily throughout September, plus don’t miss episodes of other Disney Junior favourites including Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Miles from Tomorrow.”


Transformers: Robots  in disguise – Rumble in the Jungle (+ competition)

Published May 26, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Bumblebee and his team s adventures on earth continue with 6 all new episodes of Transformers: Robots in disguise. It s a chaotic time for the team as Grimlock inexplicably attacks his teammates, Bumblebee is exposed to a toxin as he pursues escaped Decepticon, Quillfire and a group of Skunkticon thieves go on the rampage. Meanwhile in the Prime Realm, Optimus must prepare himself for an evil that will threaten both Cybertron and Earth with destruction! Six Episodes.

This new Transformers series was released on DVD and digital download earlier this week by Hasbro Studios. It has a PG rating and a full running time of 126 minutes. The team comes face to face with a wild Decepticon, Grimlock, who is on the rampage and out of control; however that is not their only problem to overcome this time round! The rivalry is brewing between Denny and Fixit, but Bumblebee takes the most hits as he is exposed to toxins that make him hyperactive and is being tracked down by a pair of bounty hunters determined to ensnare him once and for all.

Transformers have been around since I was a little girl, never really my thing as more for boys. I’m guessing the DVD has a PG rating rather than U, as it does have a few scary bits that may frighten the younger ones; such as the green Decepticon as pictured above (Izebella was not too keen) 

I have not watched this all the way through myself but my son has. He is 12 so perhaps a little old for transformers but seemed to enjoy it all anyway. 

Hasbro studios are giving away one copy of the new transformers DVD. Please click the link below to enter. 

Ends 16/06/16

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

My little pony: princes twilight sparkle (review & give away) 

Published May 5, 2016 by Bizzimummy

I love “my little pony” as a child. To be honest they didn’t really do much but sit pretty and have their hair brushed but collecting them was always fun.

My 3 year old daughter also loves my little pony and in particular “Princess twilight sparkle” she has a fair few ponies and a big twilight plush pony too. She now has the brand new DVD too.

Princess Twilight sparkle goes on general release next week on May 9th. It will be available on DVD and digital download and is released by  Hasbro.

This is the first volume of the fourth series of MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP MAGIC. The story is all about Princess twilight sparkle who sets off on am adventure to learn about true friendships. On her way she encounters many challenges including deadly plants and abandoned castles.

Izebella was so excited when she saw the new DVD and now wants it on almost every day. Luckily she has her own portable DVD player rather than always the main tv. It seems quite a fun watch with lots of brightly coloured ponies, magic, and music. Running time is 147 minutes so over a good two hours of pony entertainment. 


Hasbro are giving away one copy of “Princess twighlight sparkle” on DVD. 

Please click the link below to enter the give away which will end 19/05/2016.

Please read T&CS on entry page, UK ONLY!

a href=”” target=”_blank”>ThePrizeFinder

Office Pantry

Published May 11, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Having worked in an office, I know how boring the day can get and also how bad the urge to nibble on something can be. 

I recently came across a company called Office Pantry who deliver snacks to offices and work places all across the UK.

The snack boxes are sized to incorporate the size of the work place and number of staff and start at a box for 1-15 staff at £35 going up to the big box for £267 for up to 200 staff.

The snacks come delivered in “Wooden Pantrys” just like this.  These wooden boxes are crafted in Yorkshire using reclaimed wood.

The snacks are all made by British independent producers and all seem to be fairly healthy and nutritious. I was sent over a few things to get an idea of what it is they do.  


I have not previously come across any of these snacks throughout my blogging experience which is a good thing as I do enjoy trying out new things. I was not disappointed with any of them either. To be honest it’s a good thing I don’t work in an office who has a box full of these snacks because no one else would get a look in.

These Pastinos:Chianti and Olive snacks went down a treat. They were just bursting with ripe Italian flavours. 


Then some lovely chocolate treats from both 9bar and Marsfield. Nothing beats a chocolate boost during a busy office day.  


And finally the Hectars sweet potato crisps. 

I was  little unsure prior to tasting these as I have tried other brand of sweet potato crisps which resemble dried out slop, but I did enjoy these. Very crispy and again full of flavour so these get thumbs up as far as veg crisis go.

My snacks didn’t last too long because they were all just so nice. I imagine many office staff will be very happy with an office pantry in their office,

Visit Office Pantry to get yours.

Before I go to Sleep review and Competition

Published January 21, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Imagine waking up each morning not knowing where you are, how you got there or who the person sleeping next to you is!
This is the storyline of the brand new movie “Before I go to Sleep” which was released by Studio Canal on Blu-ray and dvd earlier this month.


The main character Christine is played by the lovely Nicole Kidman. Christine has amnesia due to a horrific assault 10 years previous. Each night she goes to bed and in the morning she awakens and cannot remember who she is or how she got there. It's left to her husband Ben (Colin Firth) to repeatedly explain who she is, who he is and explain why she can't remember.
The house is filled with photographs of the couple but no one else. Early on in the movie we find out that Christine is meeting with a doctor on a daily basis without her husbands knowledge. Dr Nasch (Mark Strong) calls Christine each morning and reminds her to check a camera which she has hidden in the wardrobe. The camera contains video clips which Christine has made in previous days. She does not remember the doctor nor making the video clips but these short videos help her slowly piece together her missing memories and life.
With the doctors help she manages to put pieces together which ultimately leads to a very sinister turn around towards the end.


I was totally gripped to the screen by this movie. I loved every minute of the suspense and Kidman played a very convincing role. I can't give too much away for obvious reasons but it's one of the best movies I have seen for a while and certainly one I had to press the pause button for toilet breaks.

Watch the trailer here!


Real Amnesia

Whilst the movie is not real, Amnesia sadly is. Amnesia is more than just a case of forgetting the odd thing now and again. Amnesia is a deficit in memory which can be caused by brain damage, disease, or psychological trauma. It is essentially a loss of memory and this loss can be partial or total.
There are 2 main types of Amnesia. Retrograde and Anterograde.

“Retrograde amnesia is the inability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date, usually the date of an accident or operation.In some cases the memory loss can extend back decades, while in others the person may lose only a few months of memory. Anterograde amnesia is the inability to transfer new information from the short-term store into the long-term store. People with this type of amnesia cannot remember things for long periods of time. These two types are not mutually exclusive. Both can occur within a patient at one time. exclusive. Both can occur within a patient at one time”.

There are no medications to treat Amnesia. Certain treatments can help to improve the memory and many forms of Amnesia fix themselves without treatment but sadly this is not the case for everyone.



Studio Canal are giving away 3 copies of the movie on DVD. The competition will end on February 4th.
To enter just make sure you are a UK resident and then enter by…..





Win competitions at – See more at:

Breakout Manchester

Published December 1, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Going back to my childhood and teenage days, the tv choice back then was limited but some of the programmes are far better than what’s on today. I absolutely loved Knightmare where children had to escape from 3d rooms. I also loved The Crystal Maze which again involved escaping from rooms and solving puzzles. One of my favourite film series also happens to be Saw which again involves puzzles and escape combined with the horror and fear factor. To add to this I also enjoy playing escape games and apps and often download different ones to my phone.

Well a week ago I got to live a dream and take part in a real live puzzle room myself along with my sister and friends.

Breakout is a live escape room game located in Manchester. You are locked in a room with friends, family or work colleagues for an hour and have to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to escape. You will have to search high and low for clues and work together if you want to escape. You have 60 minutes to escape by using only your brain (this may be a problem for a lot of you), there are no physical activities or challenges involved in the game.

The Breakout rooms are located in the busy city centre about a minutes walk from the town hall. There are currently 4 different rooms to play, each with a different unique theme and different levels of difficulty. The rooms are John Monroe’s Detective, Virus, Madchester and the room we played – Sabotage.

Bookings can be made by phone or on line and 2-5 players can play one room. I had 4 in total in my party.

We arrived at 1pm and greeted by a very friendly staff member who went through a few rules and safety instructions. Then we were given the story and taken into the room and locked in. The first thing to notice in the room is a big digital clock display counting down from 60 minutes which is how long we had to stop a nuclear launch, music also plays throughout.

Due to the secrecy of it all and future players I was not able to take any photographs. Scattered throughout the rooms are various cupboards, locks, boxes, items. We have to search every to find clues and codes which then open locked boxes to reveal even more clues. We are given prompts and hints throughout which appear on a screen. The clues in the first room help us eventually get into another room. Then even more clues and codes to stop the launch and get out.
It was quite funny at times and even a little stressful it certainly isn’t easy and we had to search high and low for the clues. I’m glad there was 4 of us as I think 2 would find it very difficult.

With just seconds to spare we did it. We cracked all the codes, solved the riddles and stop the launch and then got out of the rooms alive.
For getting out in time we got a group photograph holding up our “We Escaped” boards.

For those who don’t escape in time there is the “We Nearly Escaped” boards instead.
I was so happy we did it.

I did not feel unsafe or claustrophobic at any point during my lock in. It due not feel like I had been in there a whole hour and the time seemed to pass very quickly. We could ask for clues if we got stuck and someone is watching us the whole time. We were also free to leave at any point.

Now that I have done this once. I would love to try another room. I hear Madchester is the most difficult so we may just try it in the new year.

Information on Breakout rooms is on their website here
It is recommended for those aged 10 years and over and prices vary depending on number of players.

Competition: Earth to Echo

Published November 17, 2014 by Bizzimummy


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Echo… EARTH TO ECHO is the exciting, exhilarating journey of three kids who take matters in to their own hands. A modern, fast-cut, fast-moving story of fun and friendship EARTH TO ECHO is out to rent and own on DVD and Blu-ray and Digital Download from today 17th November, making it the perfect Christmas present for the whole family.

After a mysterious construction project begins digging in their street, best friends Tuck, Munch and Alex start receiving strange, encoded messages on their mobile phones. Filming themselves and uploading evidence as they go the three embark on a secret adventure to crack the code and follow it to its source. But taking matters into their own hands gets the trio in way over their heads when they discover a mysterious being from another world who desperately needs their help. The epic journey that follows will change all of their lives forever.

Introducing TEO HALM, ASTRO, REESE HARTWIG and ELLA WAHLESTEDT who provide brilliant performances as the intrepid children, EARTH TO ECHO is a not to be missed movie the whole family will enjoy.


Earth to Echo went on general sale on stores across the UK today. A few weeks back we were sent a movie disc so we could watch it before release. Many movie buffs are comparing Earth to Echo to a modern day ET.
I do see some resemblances to ET being that an alien is involved, tho a totally different looking one. Also the movie features a bunch of misfit kids who don’t really fit in anywhere. Military and Science people become heavily involved in the movie too, but it’s a totally different film.
Ryan loved it and seemed transfixed and has watched it a fair few times since we got it.
It’s a good family film and great for Christmas. I think it will be one of those movies that kids of today won’t forget.

Watch the trailer here!

I have 3 copies of Earth to Echo to be won and all in time for Christmas too. Just enter here.


Competition will end on December 8th and is open to UK residents.
Winners notified by email and must respond within 7 days.

Win competitions at – See more at:

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