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Choc nibbles & win some! 

Published June 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I’m sure most of us parents who grew up in the 1980s/90s will remember these! 

The memories of coming out of school and straight into the local shop to buy a quarter of choc nibbles  for 30p with left over dinner money or (if we were lucky!) pocket money.

I loved and still love choc nibbles. If you don’t remember them, then maybe you just didn’t get out much. The best way to describe them is like a mixture of soft caramel, mixes with choc lick (another old favourite) and maybe a bit of ground biscuit and something else, then coated with chocolate and made into little sticks which taste delicious. 

It’s a shame how most corner shops have changed over the years, I loved looking at all the plastic sweet jars behind shop counters frantically browsing for the choc nibs.

 Although the shops may have changed and the majority of the cheap sweets in big jar memories are long gone, I am happy to say that Choc Nibbles are still around and here to stay.

You see I have discovered a place on the internet that loves those old fashioned chocolate sweets just as much as I do, it’s even called Choc nibbles. Their tasty treats aren’t available via the website but their are several stockists around the UK, including one just a few minutes away from me. 

The choc nibs can be purchased as jars or in bags or from sweet shops by measure. 

I never understood what exactly a quarter was, which we all would ask for as kids. A quarter of what exactly? Who knows but it was always a pretty big paper bag full. 

The bags contain 250g of sweets, yes even the measurements have changed over the years. 

These taste just like I remember. It is possibly the only thing that hasn’t changed about the nibbles over the years. 

They also make a slightly different variety too. 

These are similar in taste but appear to have been a little jazzed up with an extra shiny chocolate coating giving them a smoother and brighter appearance. Thus less cocoa powder on the hands like the original version. 

They do a few other versions of chocolate nibbles too such as toffee crumble nibbles and a Jammie version too. Also original choc lick, remember the chocolate dust stuff in white paper bags, that we dipped wet fingers in and licked off? Then by the time half had gone the bag got soggy and we ended up with chocolate dust all over our white tops! Oops!!

It’s like being a kid again with all these sweets! 


I have two bags of choc nibbles to give away. If you want to win them then just click the link! 

The giveaway is for two bags of choc nibbles and will close on July 3rd 2017.

Infinity crates: A geeky subscription! 

Published March 10, 2017 by Bizzimummy

For those of us (like myself) who like collecting lots of strange and rather geeky/nerdy type items; there is Infinity crates. And yes it’s a subscription box service, you all know how much I love them. 

There are a few box choices including one just for kids. Each one comes filled with all sorts of geeky things and if your not sure what I mean by geeky then think retro, superheroes, computer game characters, heroes, villains, princesses, movies that sort of stuff that straange people like me love to get. 

As for the actual items – there is usually a t-shirt of some sort in every box and you can choose the size too. Also products such as key rings, figures, stationary, toys, clothing, posters, cups etc. The boxes are always a surprise but the contents are pretty good. 

These are the contents insife our Infinity crate.


We got a Dark energy t-shirt, an apron, Spider-Man mug, poker card game set, a pop vinyl figure and some picture cards so not a bad box at all. I absolutely love the pop figures, and have started a small collection. Ryan also loves this type of stuff and talked me into giving him the rest of it including the t-shirt. He loves cooking too so also wanted the apron as well as the mug. I have no doubt he will also learn how to play poker soon too. Therefore happy faces all round. 

And I’m just happy with my daredevil figure which will be staying in its box! 

And if you like this sort of geeky collectors stuff as much as we do, then maybe grab yourself a few boxes over at Infinity Crates. Prices start from £7.99. 

Mr Frosty returns 

Published May 9, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If you grew up as a child in the 80s then you will remember many amazing toys from that era. For me one of those toys was Mr Frosty, probably not really a toy as such but more a fun device for making ice treats for kids. Mr Frosty was on my Xmas list for years from being about 6 years old ,and guess what? I never got one! 

            “Until now that is”

Oh yes it may have taken 32 long years of waiting but thanks to the lovely people at flair toys. Unwrapping Mr Frosty made me feel like a big kid at Christmas even tho he’s actually for my kids rather than me. 

Mr Frosty has been around for decades, it was a very popular toy during the 1980s and I believe it was released again back in the late 90s or early 2000s with a bit of a make over. The 1980s Mr Frosty probably would not go down to well with parents today as it came with syrups full of sugar to make the flavoured ices. 

Old Frosty is back this year and in time for Summer, having yet another make over, but still strikingly similar to the original. 

Mr Frosty comes ready assembled along with other ice making accessories such as lolly and ice trays. No syrups are included and it’s up to you to provide own juice or flavourings. So you can have them as healthy as you choose (or not!)

To start making the ice with Mr Frosty we first need to make some ice shapes using the moulds. If tot have impatient kids like mine then it’s ok to also use pre made ice cubes too. The instructions recommend leaving the 

The instructions recommend leaving the ice a few minutes to make it easier to grind. Then place ice in Mr Frostys head. To crush it we had to firmly push the plunger down and turn the crank.  This is not easy with solid ice and takes a bit of pressure and tough arms to turn it. It also feels like it’s going to all break apart at some points. We did find leaving the ice a few minutes made it easier and stopping every so often and giving the remaining ice a shake.

It’s not the easiest thigh to use but it does work and when done it’s like a bowl of ice slush, bowls and spoons come provided. 

There is even an option to make flavoured ice lollies which are super easy and are done within 2/3 hours.

All prefect for the hot sunny weather.

There are of course easier and cheaper ways to make ice treats but Mr Frosty will appeal to children as it allows them to make their own and choose own flavours. And of course they can’t believe that this was around when I was younger. 

Mr Frosty Crunchy ice maker can be purchased in most good toy stores including Smyths for approximately £19.99. Visit Cool create club to find out more about Flairs creative products for kids.

TWITTER FRENZY – Join in the fun and win prizes on Wednesday May 11th, 5.30 to 6.30pm, Twitter using #IloveMrFrosty @UKMumstv and @CoolCreateClub


Retro Gift Guide at Truffle Shuffle

Published November 27, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Truffle Shuffle love the 80s as do I, I grew up in the 80s and remember so many quirky fun things from my childhood. I love coming across sites dedicated to selling 80s memorabilia. Truffle Shuffle have so many great items which would make great Christmas gifts.
Truffle Shuffle is like a dream come true for any 80s fan or collector of nostalgic things. I was amazed by how many lovely products they have, all of which bring back a certain fond memory and that sudden thought OH I REMEMBER THAT!.
There are gifts for both young and old alike and everything is fairly inexpensive too.
Firstly and most importantly if your a parent. There are several gifts for the kids. Now ok kids won’t remember the 80s as they were not born then but many kids would have seen the old famous films of the 80s days many of which are absolute classics and even watched a few old episodes of 80s kids tv on the numerous sky channels. Truffle Shuffle have a host of kids gifts which include toys, clothes, mugs, bags and many more. Perhaps one of these takes your fancy.

First is the famous Cocacola Christmas Truck which has been appearing on Christmas adverts since I can remember and is still on our screens now. Children can now own their own amazing diecast model which they can proudly show their own children one day. My 9 year old would love one of these.
Next a T-shirt of toy story. A famous animated kids film from back in the day yet still a big hit with today’s children. My kids have all the toy story films. This is just one of many T-shirts available in the kids collection. Others include lion king, Spider-Man, TMNT , Snow White.
Next probably one of my favourite kids items is Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. Another classic 80s movie which I for one never get bored of watching. This furry creature measures 6 inches. Just make sure you don’t feed him after midnight.
Lastly a backpack which most kids love. A multitude of uses be it for school or visiting relatives etc. Again they come with different themes and characters. This one is TMNT which despite them first appearing well over 25 years ago they have never gone out of fashion. My son has lots of things with the turtles on.

Next gifts for the men. Most men are like big kids at heart and love things that remind them of their childhood. So whether it’s husband, older son, dad, brother or grandad, you are sure to find that special piece of nostalgia at Truffle Shuffle.

20131115-135240.jpg. The big boys would be in their element with gifts such as these.
Fans of Back to the Future will love owning their own diecast model of a delorean time machine just like in the movie. It even has doors that open up.
For the man who loved Dr Who as a little boy, how about a Dalek alarm clock or perhaps something else to do with the Daleks. Those things scared me as a child.
Spider-Man is a very well known famous character. There are so many Spider-man products to choose from such as phone covers and cups etc.
Or maybe the hobbit and Lord of the Rings is more of their thing. Again mugs and a selection of products available for these well known movies.

Onto my favourite section. Yes ladies time and it certainly did not disappoint. Being a lady myself who grew up in the 80s this section was definitely for me.

I don’t think there is an adult or child who hasn’t heard of the Mr Men. Little Miss Trouble was my nickname from my parents whilst I was a child so the quirky cup is definitely for me.
I loved Sesame Street as a very young child with freaky big bird and the catchy theme tune and just love the retro T-shirt,
Another T-Shirt from what has to be one of my all time favourite kids tv shows Fraggle Rock what an absolute classic of a show. I love it and always look for it on the kids channels as sometimes it’s on. I even have the theme tune on my phone.
The last funky looking item is a retro style telephone in the shape of lips. Very retro and quite stylish too I think.

For those Movie loversthere are hundreds of products available all with old well known movies. One movie in particular is my absolute favourite and you may have seen it in other posts. It’s Labyrinth. A very famous kids movie from the 80s with perhaps a slightly twisted dark gothic fantasy edge to it. It starred David Bowie and featured a whole host of magical creatures created by the Jim Henson Company. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie over and over again. Yes it’s sad but I know all the words ha. My kids love it too. Labyrinth memorabilia is incredibly hard to come by. Truffle Shuffle sell some lovely ladies tops and jumpers featuring the movies characters.


Finally perhaps if you are looking for something with that Christmassy feel for the lady in your life these very cute Christmas Pudding Vests would make a perfect novelty gift for Christmas.

I have one myself and I love it. It features a huge Christmas pudding on the front which looks good enough to eat. They come in five different sizes from Xsmall.
Great for wearing as a pyjama top and looks quite sexy too with a pair of shorts. Will definitly help you get into the festive spirit.
So if it’s movies, tv shows, pop or just something cool and retro that your after then pop over to Truffle Shuffle and find that dream gift.

Recapture those memories: Sweet & Nostalgic

Published September 18, 2013 by Bizzimummy

If you follow my blog regularly then you are probably aware that I am a lover of retro and nostalgic things and anything that reminds me of my childhood. I can only assume that my childhood must of been a very happy one given the fact that I enjoy things that take me back in time to that memorable place. Many childhood things get forgotten and its always nice to find quirky things that make you think 'Oh I remember that!'. I recently came across a lovely site called Sweet and Nostalgic which as their name states sell some lovely nostalgic and sweet items/ memorabilia and also traditional retro sweets.

Their nostalgic goodies start right back at the Victorian Era (1910s-1930s) and includes many old fashioned tin/wall signs, caddy tins, scrap books etc there are a few Titanic related items too and even a Victoria cross replica along with many gift packs to choose from.

Moving on to the 1940s Era which mainly focuses around WW2 with posters, reproduction medals and coins, scrapbooks, aprons, jigsaws, cups and some unusual items such as a copy of a ration book and national identity card. If you are a collector of WW2 memorabilia then you are sure to find something special here.


The 1950s section moves onto the well known stars such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean items plus many old car and vehicle memories. There are coin packs and DVDs in this collection and a very retro working telephone 1950s style. Maybe a good section for finding a gift for the parents at Christmas.


The swinging 1960s gives reminders of cars from back in day plus motorbikes of the era. Of course there is also lots of Beatles goodies along with hampers and car model kits and another working telephone 1969s style this time of course.

1970s was the decade I was born (1977) much of the 70s was carried over to the early 80s so a lot of the 70s related items they sell do bring back memories for me. There are lots of tv show reminders such as superman and Wonder Woman. They have some lovely mugs which are available alone or with sweet packs and I was kindly sent one over. Mine was Wonder Woman which pretty much suits me I think (ha) the cups are quite big in size so will hold a nice warm brew and mine came with lots of lovely sweeties too (sherbets, flying saucers, lollies etc) makes a lovely fun gift if stuck for present ideas and they are available for 1970s and 1980s.



Finally there are also 1980s era products to choose from with board games, mugs, and other things. As stated above Sweet and Nostalgic also sell retro sweets with lots of different varieties to choose from and sweet gift packs, hampers and jars they even sell that old hard toffee which my dad used to buy every Christmas without fail, the one you need a hammer to break it up. Therefore if you love your nostalgic items and things that take you back to your childhood or are a collector of old things then pop along to the Sweet and Nostalgic website and see


Brighten up your homes with Spearmark Funky Living

Published September 16, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Spearmark International is a privately owned business based in Cambridge and was founded in 1908. Spearmark operates as two separate divisions: Housewares and lighting and they specialise in children's licensed products selling in the UK and Europe. They work with some of the best loved children's brands and characters in the world including Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Ben and Holly and many more.

Their vast collection of products includes items such as lunch boxes, cups, plates, bottles, cutlery, and a vast assortment of novelty lights, lamps and shades. Their are also a few products for adults or students available too.

We were kindly sent a lovely box of Spearmark goodies so we could get an idea of what they sell.


Desk Lights

These cool desk lights come in both black and white and would look cool in any home, study or a teenagers bedroom. They have 8 bright led lights at the top and operated by a simple push button delivering a bright light 30 cms from base. These are great for night time reads or writing. The light is bright but not o bright that it distracts others around you. It works off batteries or I can purchase an adaptor but I think I'll just use with the batteries as much easier. I think these would make great stocking filler Christmas gifts too. They can be purchased from most B&Q stores.


Working Lunch Bags

Made from the same material they make wetsuits out if (neoprene) these bags come in several colours and 3 sizes. Great for busy parents and the neoprene helps keep cool for longer. They are very stretchy meaning they hold quite a bit of food. They are also light and can easily be stored away when not needed. Good for picnics or trips out too.

These can be purchased from Amazon, Ryman's and some Tesco stores.


Moshi Monsters illuminate-mates

Oh these little Moshi Monster lights are just adorable now I don't know much about Mosh monsters but my kids love them. These lights are based on two characters called Poppet and Katsuma.

They are battery operated and change colour automatically. The colours are really pretty and they look very effective. They make an excellent little night light as they don't require plugs and the batteries so far seem to last quite a while. They would be a good night comforter to a child who is perhaps scared of the dark. The lights are also very child safe as they always feel cool to touch. They are in a way a little bit like the retro glo-worms which I used to have as a child or even a cuddle light.

Loving their Moshi Monsters

These cute lights can be purchased from Amazon, Toys r us, Debenhams online, Tesco online, and Argos. These would definitely make a great gift for the coming dark winter nights.

Spearmark have lots more cool products available to purchase from many stores nationwide. I will be running a great competition for some of Spearmarks products very soon so keep a look out for it. In the meantime please visit Spearmark on FACEBOOKto keep up to date with their latest cool products. I have really enjoyed using these fabulous unique items and my kids adore their gorgeous lights too.





I have not been sponsored in any way to write this or any of my posts. the opinions and wording are all mine, please see my disclaimer for more information

Retro Dreams- Sweeties

Published April 15, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Being born in 1977 means I spent my childhood in the 80s and my teenage years in the 90s. I have so many memories of things I did, toys I had, TV and films I enjoyed plus music and foods and sweets I liked plus much more.
I thought I’d share some memories on my blog. I’m sure many of you will also share similar memories.
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It’s sweetie time

My best retro sweets (in no order as they were all good)

1) Choc lick

20130415-182152.jpg ooh I so remember going to my local corner shop and asking for a quarter of this stuff. ( I didnt have a clue what a quarter meant back then lol) it had various names but consisted of chocolate bits with nuts and toffee which you dipped finger into. Was lovely and messy too.

2) Chocolate cups

20130415-182447.jpg. These were delicious. I remember them being about 2p each, wrapped in foil and the chocolate always tasted so good.

3) Chewing nuts

20130415-182637.jpg. Again these had various names depending on what shop you went in. They are not nuts at all just chewy toffee covered in chocolate and again bought in quarters of?? Who knows! But very very tasty.

4) Cinder Toffee

20130415-182835.jpg. An old favourite of most people, honeycomb covered in chocolate in huge chunks so didn’t get much for your quarter.

5) Dib Dab

20130415-183001.jpg. A change from the choccies, a small pouch of fizzy sherbet and a sugary red lolly to dip it in, used to be 10p.

6) Liquorice root

20130415-183125.jpg. A very unusual one that not many remember, also called liquorice sticks, basically it was like a wooden stick which tasted in between liquorice and wood.

7) Parma Violets (big tube

20130415-183339.jpg. These can still be bought easily in small packets but I remember buying them in larger packets, lovely violet flavour.

8) Popping Candy

20130415-183457.jpg. Came in different flavours and strengths, you put it on your tongue and it would pop and fizz away.

9) Sherbert dips

20130415-183610.jpg. Sherbert in a tube with a liquorice stick (which we called a Spanish?) very messy but nice.

Hope my sweetie page hasn’t made you too hungry, I’m baffled how our teeth survived with all the lovely sweets we used to have.

Retro Dreams-Movies

Published April 15, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Being born in 1977 means I spent my childhood in the 80s and my teenage years in the 90s. I have so many memories of things I did, toys I had, TV and films I enjoyed plus music and foods and sweets I liked plus much more.
I thought I’d share some memories on my blog. I’m sure many of you will also share similar memories.
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It’s movie time today

Movie favourites.
*1 Labyrinth

20130414-160704.jpg. Labyrinth is a 1986 British-American fantasy film directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas and based upon conceptual designs by Brian Froud. The film stars David Bowie as Jareth and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah. The plot revolves around Sarah’s quest to reach the center of an enormous otherworldly maze to rescue her infant brother Toby, who has been kidnapped by Jareth, the Goblin King. With the exception of Bowie and Connelly, most of the significant characters in the film are played by puppets produced by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.


20130414-160935.jpg. This has to be my favourite movie of all time. An absolute classic. I have a copy on DVD and often watch it. My kids love it too. Yes I’m a big kid at heart.

*2 Willow
This comes a close second also magical.

A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.

*3 Field of Dreams
If you build it; he will come! And he certainly did lol.
An Iowa corn farmer, hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields; he does, and the Chicago Black Sox come.


*4 K-Pax
Starting Kevin Spacey who claims to be from another planet; but will anyone believe his claims?


*5 A Nightmare on Elm Street
Had to include this horror directed by Wes Craven in 1984, who doesn’t love old Freddy.


*6 Human Traffic
“The weekend has landed!” a little newer than my other favourites, tells story of a group of friends and a weekend of partying. Soooo funny


*7 Never Ending Story
another amazing magical fantasy from my childhood. A troubled boy dives into a wonderous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.


*8 Armageddon
I must of watched this over a hundred times, kept me on edge of my seat.
After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, NASA recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save humanity.


*9 Titanic
What an amazing film. Telling the story of Jack and Rose and including real footage of the sunken ship.


*10 It
was unsure what to put for my tenth movie as there are so many. This is another classic horror that used to give me nightmares.
Directed by Stephen king.


*children of the corn
*dark crystal
*dungeons and dragons
*terminator 2
*top gun
*lost boys
*robin hood prince of thieves
*pump up the volume

So many to remember, please leave a comment and share your favourite movies.
More retro dreams posts to come.

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