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Juratoys: Traditional playthings, just how toys are meant to be. 

Published March 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

If I cast my mind back to my early childhood, I remember a fair few things. Such as things I did and things I had or didn’t have. When I was little a tablet was something you took when you was unwell. A phone was walking to a phone box or if you was slightly privelaged you may have a home phone attached to the wall. We had a video player eventually but not when I was really young. Listening to music meant placing a needle onto a vinyl disc or putting a cassette tape into a player. There were no mobiles, no games consoles (not until I was slightly older) and toys back then were real toys. Toys without plugs and without the internet and I don’t remember ever being bored playing with the toys I had. 

It’s a shame that things change so much and even children as young as Izebella seem more reliant on technology and devices. So when an opportunity comes along to try out more traditional type toys with my children, it’s always a good thing.

Izebella has been playing with two different toys from Jura toys. The first being a very traditional “old fashioned” style toy for little ones. The Janod story box circus. 

It contains 19 pieces in total, all of which are made from solid wood. It includes many familiar circus characters and props, including – elephant, tiger, clown, trapeze artists, ring master and even a monkey on a unicycle. 

There are no rules to play by, it is purely up to the child to use their imagination to create their own circus. 

All the pieces stand up and the sturdy strong box is also used as part of play as well as being used to store all the parts. The pieces are all really colourful and well designed. The horse even fits a rider and characters balance on the high beam. 

Izebella really likes her new circus set. She has been to a real circus show and remembers it well. She puts on voices for the characters and moves them all around.

This really does remind me of the type of toys I had when I was her age. 

This set costs about £21 and is currently selling over on Amazon.
As it’s almost Easter (next month), Izebella has also had an early Easter gift in the form of a very cuddly rabbit.

Our new cuddly bunny friend is the Kaloo rouge sandy beige rabbit. It comes in a few sizes and rabbit is very cuddly and fluffy and makes a good bedtime companion for Izebella. 

Cuddly toys always seem to make my little girl happy. It’s a good job she is soon upgrading her toddler bed to bunk beds so she has more room to put her new cuddly bunny, she does like him to have his own cover and little pillow at night time and she has named him “Mr Bunny”. 

Kaloo rabbit toys are also being sold on Amazon as well as a few other places and start from £20.00.

Charlie Doodle review & giveaway 

Published January 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Izebella is one very clever 4 year old who can recognise letters and even small words. She is very interested in the alphabet and how things are spelt at the moment so I don’t think there could have been a better time for a personalised print from Charlie Doodle.
 Charlie Doodle sell a fair few items for the home and as gifts but their main things seems to be wall art and prints. For young children there are these personalised wall prints which come on choices of colour and the option of a frame with the print. 

The prints come with the child’s name on and many drawings of things beginning with the letter of the child’s name, so in this case it’s an I.

Izebella is very happy with her new framed picture as cannot wait to have it up on her wall above her bed. The letter I is perhaps not one of the easiest letters to think up objects and words for but there are 18 or so words on there. Izebella recognised a few of the images and she knows they all began with the letter I, just like her name.

The personalised prints come as A4 size and start at £14.00.

Win a print

And now it’s your turn to get your own personalised child’s print. The prints are recommended for children under 10 and as you can see, they are really unique. Charlie Doodle are giving away one of their wall prints to one of my readers. The prints come in a choice of colour borders, being white, pink and blue and the winner picks their colour.

To take part in this giveaway you must have both a Facebook and twitter account and be a U.K. resident. This giveaway will close on February 14th 2017. One winner will be contacted by email. 

Click the link below to take part.


Gotrovo meal time treasure hunt 

Published November 22, 2016 by Bizzimummy

You may have very well seen an advert on tv for the treasure hunt game from Grotovo. I spotted it myself not so long ago. As well as the game, Gotrovo also have this – The meal time treasure hunt kit.

This kit consists of a ten step treasure hunt trail board along with a cup, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, treasure cards and a gold coin. It is in a way aimed at fussy eaters and young children. The game can be played at meal times, the treasure board doubles up as a place mat which plates can sit on top of.

Whilst Izebella is eating, she can move around the numbered treasure trail using the gold coin. Moving around can be achieved in many ways to encourage children to eat more and eat healthier. For instance – trying something new, eating vegetables or just eating more or better, using cutlery instead of fingers etc. All of these things can help children move around the board faster.

Once number 10 is reached the card can be turned over. Many of the cards have stars on which may be helpful for star charts and weekly rewards. Some cards come blank to write own rewards on, so maybe the odd sweet treat for eating all their dinner and getting yo number 10.

To be honest I didn’t think Izebella would be that interested in the treasure map but she absolutely loves it and reminds me to get it out with every meal.  

And yes it really does work in our case and Izebella is certainly keen to eat more just to ger to the treasure.

I don’t think this would work for older children such as my son Ryan, he’s 12 and has to be the worlds fussiest eater. This product is too young for him but it works for the younger ones.

It is aimed at 3 years and over and I do think the addition of a small knife would make it slightly better. I’m currently trying to switch Izebella to a knife and fork rather than just spoon and fork as are many parents of 4 year olds, so the addition of a small safe knife would be really helpful and the whole treasure map thing would encourage children to try to use a knife too.

The mealtime set is priced at £22.95 directly from Gotrovo where you will also be able to putchase the treasure hunt game too if you wish.  The plate, cup and bowl all seem good quality tough plastic and nicely decorated. The fork and spoon resemble and treasure digging spade and fork and seem ok for Izebella tho a little of the light side. 

I think it would make a nice gift, perhaps a Christmas present for a young child. I can’t see it helping an older child over the age of seven much but it’s perfect for my four year old who can be fussy at times.

Super Yummies

Published February 15, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Super Yummies are the all new toddler snacks from Cow & Gate. To be honest toddler snacks are not really something I have bothered with for a while as Izebella is now 3 and sort of went off a few of the selections I used to try. I thought I would give them a go as an alternative to the more unhealthy biscuits and things she tends to choose. 

There are a few different varieties to choose from being Breadsticks, which are savoury,  Rice cakes in fruit varieties, yoghurt and fruit pouches and Freeze dried fruit and veg pieces. 

Obviously being toddler snacks and from Cow & Gate we as parents can be assured the snacks are healthy and only contain fruit and veg and no unhealthy ingredients or added nasties.

The first thing Izebella tried are the rice cakes which we have in an apple and orange flavour. 

 Of course I had to try some myself and it’s now obvious why these are called “Super Yummies” because they are very yummy indeed. Full of flavour and sweet too, crispy and I could definitely taste the orange and apple in them. In fact these are a little addictive and I could not just have one. My older 2 children enjoyed them too. 


The breadsticks are a good replacement for crisps and crackers and again lots of flavour. The freeze dried fruit pieces are very much like fruit crisps and both went down really well too. I think Izebellas favourite product was the yoghurt pouch which she had no problem eating straight from the squeezy pouch in no time at all. 


All of the super Yummies products tasted good and all my children enjoyed them. They make tasty alternative healthy snacks. They can be purchased in supermarkets, Boots and other stores in the toddler/baby aisles and start at just 75p each.

Vosene kids squeaky clean

Published February 2, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Jordanna and Izebella have once again been testing out some hair and bathing products and this time from the well known brand “Vosene”. 

Vosene have their own new kids range called squeaky clean. These products have many benefits both in gettng hair washed and clean and the added benefit of added oils to help combat and repel headlice.

We have a 3 in one shampoo which cleanses and conditions at the same time, tho as always with the combined shampoo and conditioners I do find I need a little extra conditioned for Jordannas very thick and curly hair. 

 This product contains blends of tea tree and lemon and eucalyptus oils to help combat the head lice. Unfortunately we are having a tough time with lice at the moment so I’m happy to try out anything that claims to help. The shampoo is lovely and foamy and seems to be pretty gentle on the eyes too. 

The next product is a conditioning defence spray. This spray is really useful for managing tangles and knots in hair and especially so in the morning. 

 Again it contains the oils to combat lice but luckily the product has a more lemony scent rather than tea tree which can sometimes be off putting. It simply sprays onto the hair and then the knots can be easily brushed out. It leaves the hair in a much better manageable and smoother condition and is great for curly hair. 

Each of these Vosene products costs about £2.54 each and should be available in stores and supermarkets which sell products of this type.

More information can of course be found over at Vosene kids.

The Little Bathtime Company

Published February 1, 2016 by Bizzimummy

The Little Bathtime company are based in Ulverston and create many lovely toiletries for children. The toiletries are formulated for young skin and contain only natural and organic ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.

Here is a selection of their toiletries which my children have been testing out. 

There is a bubble bath, hair and body wash and a shampoo & conditioner in one. The bottles as you can see will really appeal to young children being bright and decorated with images of animals, dinosaurs and fairies. The lids are the type you press down and the liquid comes out. 

The bubble bath gave lots of lovely foamy bubbles using just a tiny amount.  

The hair and body wash makes a great double product and would be especially good for boys or girls with shorter hair who perhaps don’t yet need the extra conditioning. It also produces even more bubbles in the bath. 

The shampoo & conditioner works well to eliminate the majority of tangles. I found it worked better on Izebellas hair which is slightly curly and more finer than on Jordannas hair which is very curly and thick and I still need to use the extra conditioner as her hair here very knotty. 

The products come in 3 scents/varieties hence the different colour bottles. The pink is cherry berry, blue is Sweet and Tangy orange and green is green apple. We received one from each of the scents and they all smell pretty good. The bottles do seem to be aimed more towards younger children but Ryan being 11 had no problems or worries in also using the products and especially liked the hair and body wash.

The products cost £4.95 per bottle each or gift packs can also be purchased for £10.00.

Teletubbies box reveal

Published January 11, 2016 by Bizzimummy

Just before Christmas I recieved a very special yet secret box. This box was so secret that I have been unable to reveal the contents to anyone; until now that is. 

This box contained some brand new teletubbie toys and merchandise to which have been launched to celebrate the new release of teletubbies on CBeebies. 

Izebella enjoys watching the teletubbies, well that is when she manages to catch the show in time. Our box actually arrived Christmas Eve too so the toys meant some more special gifts from Santa.

 The box was quite large and all the secret contents individually wrapped making it even more of a surprise. 
There are several toys being released in the teletubbies collection and the prices range from £3.99 up to £49.99. The toys include plastic and plush figures and sets and being teletubbies means they are all aimed at the young ones.

Here are 2 of the plush toy – super soft collectables. This is La La and Dipsy. All 4 are available and they cost £6.99 each. They don’t really do much but make good cuddle sleep time  pals, therefore good for most ages.  

There are also talking plush toys and here is Po! 

 It makes several giggling sounds and mutters a few words in teletubbie language. Izebella seems to have a habit of constantly pressing it when she’s meant to be going to sleep and she enjoys keeping everyone awake with it. Again all 4 of the loveable characters can be collected and they cost around £9.99 each one.
Now onto the plastic type toys and these include figures such as Tinky Winky here. 

 These awe just £3.99 and are pretty tough hard plastic type figures. Again they don’t do all that much on their own but it would be best to collect them all and maybe use with the playsets. The age guide is from 18 months and it says collection one so I imagine many more to come.
Izebella also got a “tubby phone” at £9.99. 

 This phone lights up with sounds which luckily are not too loud. The phone displays each one of the teletubbies and this will cost about £9.99.

All of these teletubbie toys and many more should be making an appearance in most good toy shops across the country very soon.
Win with teletubbies 

A Teletubbies Twitter frenzy will be taking place next Wednesday the 20th January at 1pm.

There will be prizes and lots of tweeting fun to join in with thanks to @Ukmumstv 

 The hashtag is  #TeletubbiesToys 


Beautiful gifts from Rainbow Designs 

Published November 10, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Imagine a place full of toys of favourite characters, both modern and classic characters from our early childhood. That place is Rainbow designs.

One of the most iconic characters from my childhood, spent mainly in the 1980s, is the loveable Paddington bear, he’s been around for decades, throughout numerous stories and tv shows. Although he is rarely seen these days on modern kids tv, most kids know who Paddington is and Paddington items seem quite collectable. Rainbow designs sell many Paddington toys and bears and of course I happen to now have one and here he is. 

 This is the large version of Paddington and he stands alone at 36cms. Dressed in full Paddington outfit as he arrived at Padfington station with his bright red wellies and his suitcase. 

 He wears his famous hat and duffle coat which has his initials on. He’s a lovely bear and I imagine a great addition for any Paddington collector. 

Large Paddington costs approximately £29.99 and available at many stockists, including John Lewis, WH Smith, Argos, Amazon and Waterstones.
Although Rainbow Designs do sell many character teddy bears and plush toys, they are certainly not limited to just this area. I had a feeling a certain little girl would love this little breakfast set. 

 Guess how much I love you, began as a children’s book before being released as a popular tv series. The set does state “baby’s first set” which it is perfect as a first weaning gift but it’s also good for toddlers too. When Izebella received this set, she was just getting over her illness and still wasn’t eating properly, a new plate, bowl and cup certainly helped with this. 

The set comes with 3 items. The cup comes with a removal sippy spout for the younger children and babies and it’s all made from a tough plastic material and all okay for the microwave too. Lovely designs with txt for toddlers to ask what it says.  

 The set seemed to cheer her up a little and yes she had cereal without milk here, for some reason she just did not want milk that day. 

This lovely breakfast set can be purchased from same stockists as the Paddington and costs about £19.99.

Pip Ahoy: Mr Morris bubble train

Published October 28, 2015 by Bizzimummy

There’s no better way to cheer up a poorly miserable tot than with a new toy. This week Izebella is full of a cough, cold and tummy ache so it was time for a new toy to come out. 
This is the bubble train and is driven by Mr Morris. This toy is part of the new Pip Ahoy range at John Adams toys

Pip Ahoy is Currently airing on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Pip Ahoy! revolves around the adventures of protagonist Pip and his friends in their seaside town. Featuring the voices of David Jason and Stacey Solomon, the program aims to bring fun and laughter into every home, with its mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Pip and his friends will carry out a rescue here, solve a problem there, taking care of their close-knit community and looking out for others. But this is not to say that the show is anything but warm, boisterous, silly and fun.

The selection of Pip Ahoy toys also includes a plush talking Pip and various other playsets featured in the tv show. The bubble train which Izebella has retails around £19.99.

The train comes with a front drivers carriage and 2 passenger carriages and one figure which is Mr Morris, who if you don’t know is a parrot. 

It needs little assembly, just the carriages joining together and needs no batteries. Izebella simply pushes or pulls it around  

When the train is being pushed around the seats will move up and down as does the chimney spout with a bubble effect.  

 It would be nice for more characters to be included with the train as the seats look a little empty without any passengers. Other pip mini figures need purchasing separately but the seats all have little plug in points to place characters on. You can of course place other (non pip) figures of similar size into the carriages if you wish. This is what Izebella has done until she gets some pip ones.

It’s a bright colourful fun train which toddlers will enjoy. It’s pretty small and comes in a large box which makes it look bigger. It seems to have done the job in cheering up my poorly princess. 


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