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Published May 21, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Inspired by over 30 years of Gundam history in Japan, Bandai brings the most iconic characters and comic book /video game heroes into an exciting new concept known as Sprukits.

Fans of DC comics, Halo and LBX can now create their favourite characters in 3D.

This one was certainly one for Ryan who seems to have developed a certain interest in construction and building.  

And without sounding sexist or being accused of being gender specific, three kits do seem to be aimed towards the boys and probably those aged 8 and over. I can imagine many dads, grandads and big boys will also take pure delight in these character kits.

As you can see the boxes are all different sizes and this is because there are 3 levels of complexity with these kits. Starting with the small boxes which are easy peesy and moving up to the level 3 (big box) which you kind of need a construction degree to complete!

(Well ok no you don’t but level 3 is hard and not for beginners or younger boys, I think the dads would enjoy it tho)

There’s all sorts of characters to collect with these including the well known batman and superman, then Halo from the famous Microsoft game and a few more besides.

So Ryan seemed happy enough to see these and started with the small batman box. This is what’s inside and it’s pretty much the same for all levels, just more of it.  

It looks pretty retro doesn’t it. Sort of reminds me of the construction kits my brother endlessly wanted and played with and usually made a pigs ear of (I’m beginning to see a familiar family resemblance now). It’s basically plastic frames with many plastic parts attached. Ryan then needs to snap the parts out which can be tricky sometimes and then build them up into a figure, like he did with Batman. 

This one only took ten minutes and is the easiest level one figure. The Superman is a level 2 and took the poor boy about 2 hours and a lot of frustration but got there in the end.

And then there is Halo, the level 3. Hmm we don’t yet have a built picture of this because it’s not yet completed. This is some of the box contents.  

There are hundreds of parts to this one and some of them very very small. It’s a very complex figure and Ryan has made a start and does bits of it when he can but its just too difficult to do by his self and I’m unfortunately hopeless at model building so I’m hoping to maybe get his dad or someone to help him with it. The end figure will look like this.    


Full instructions come with each kit and all in picture/diagram form.

All the kits come with an age level guide of 8 and over but I do feel the level 3 perhaps need a higher age on the box as it is very difficult. Ryan did enjoy the other kits and is a little frustrated that he can’t yet complete Halo but there is no rush for him to I guess. 

The kits all contain small plastic parts so need be kept from little ones but they do not need glue, paint, brushes or scissors. They don’t take batteries either but they do all have moveable joints. I guess hero figures is a mans thing. They all seem to love building them. 

Sprukits come from Bandai and are available in most good toy stores and Amazon. Prices vary.

Foodie pals

Published April 23, 2015 by Bizzimummy

Its been a while since I posted about foodie pals and the reason being is simply just down to time. 

I have now actually been a member of foodie pals for just over a year and as well as their link up site they also now have a Facebook page so everyone can share what they got this month.

My parcel this month has gone to Lena over in Germany and my parcel has come from Kim who lives down in Warwickshire.

My parcel was beautifully wrapped in a box with wrapping paper, and here is what was inside.  


The box was packed with lovely goodies including some sweet waffles, popcorn, Pringles, tea, sweets, chocolate bar and Nandos goodies, all of which I’ll be making use of.

Foodie pals is similar to pens pals but rather than a letter and photographs you send a box of edible goods instead and change penpl each month.

Foodie pals can be joined Here and joining is totally free. 

Foodie Pals January

Published February 2, 2015 by Bizzimummy

I have now been taking part in monthly food parcel exchanges for well over a year now. I love the surprise of a little box of goodies every month and also enjoy sending one too.
There is no December swap and the previous boxes I had were just not up to standard at all and so unfortunately not worthy of a post.
I am happy to say that this month I got a lovely package from Roz over at Eat Some Leaves. This was Roz’s first go at foodie pals and she sent me a lovely package. Roz lives in France and sent me lots of lovely chocolate, cakes and snacks of which we have all been enjoying.


I sent a package over to Gabrielle in Lithuania who seems quite happy with its contents.

Foodie Penpals is free of charge to join and involves sending a package of food goodies to a different person each month as well as receiving one.
Full information on how to take part can be found at This Is Rock Salt


Foodie Pals August

Published August 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I was very impressed with my foodie parcel this month which came from the lovely Gale over at
The reason why I liked my parcel so much is because it was obvious just how much effort Gale had put into it.
It was beautifully wrapped, every item individually wrapped and placed carefully in the box. The little packages even came with smily face stickers.


And inside was just packed with all these lovely foodie goodies.


Propercorn popcorn, 2x bars of Divine chocolate, broad bean snacks, cookies, kids pasta shapes, cashew nut butter, Sunmac topping and even a little Ellas Kitchen fruit pouch just for Izebella which was a lovely surprise and Izebella loved it. I love all my goodies this month.

I sent my parcel over to Alison in High Wycombe. I hope you enjoy if you are reading.

You can join and find out more about foodie pals over at This is Rock Salt. It’s free to join and a whole lot of tasty fun.


Foodie Pals July

Published July 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

This months Foodie parcel came from Pami at the other end of the country in Kent. Pami has a blog too at
My parcel came fairly early this month which was a lovely surprise and full of some local Kentish goodies.

The photograph doesn’t do it much justice but thee was a lovely bottle of fresh juice along with oyster crisps, chocolate goodies and a pot of Blackcurrant curd which is just lovely on toast.


I hope Pami got a lovely package too.

My parcel went to Joan in Glasgow and I had a lovely email to say she loves it.

Join in the fun at foodie pals free of charge. Head over to This is rock salt to find out more.


Foodie pals June

Published June 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s another foodie pals reveal day today. They seem to come around so quickly don’t they?

This month my box went to Sally in London.
My box of goodies came from Caitlin in Cornwall.
Caitlin kindly sent me a mixture of local and international treats.

My package include some truffles, lemon bonbon type sweets, Cornish honey, a tin of travel sweets, Fruitbroo and some rather unusual American Horehound sweets.
I’m loving my sweet goods.


Join foodie pals UK here and look forward to a lovely box of edible goodies every month.
Free to join!

Foodie pals May

Published May 31, 2014 by Bizzimummy

It’s the last day of May and once again time for my foodie pals reveal day.


For the third month in a row, one of my foodie pals was yet again over in Germany. Her name is Monique and she has a blog too.
My parcel came from Steph in Devon and her blog can be found here.
When I received my package I could smell garlic before I even opened it and I was not wrong as my package contained a large smoked garlic bulb. I am now looking for recipes so I can use it. Here are the contents so you can see what else I got this month.


As well as the garlic bulb. I also got some delicious chocolate munchy seeds which went down really well, Filberts nut mix, chocolate piglets which my kids loved and some delicious local jam.

Yet again another great parcel.

If you are interested in joining foodie pals for no cost at all then head to the Foodie pals UK site. Also check out the link up page to see what others got.

Foodie Pals April

Published April 30, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Yes it’s here again. Another foodie pals reveal day.

This month my box of goodies went all the way over to Chrstine in Germany. I sent a selection of chocolate goodies, cooking sauces and some fruit tea bags so I hope it reaches her ok.

My foodie box came from Stacey. Stacey lives in the UK too and has a blog which can be read here. I was very impressed with Aprils box. Probably my best one so far.
First the box itself. I don’t normally take much notice of packaging or boxes. After all the box can’t be eaten but this wasn’t your average brown cardboard box but a rather pretty silver box which I will be keeping and using for other things.

Inside the box of course is where the real surprises were. Just look at all these goodies.


Stacey certainly gets a big 10/10 for the effort she put into this box and finding the contents. I’m quite an easy foodie pal to send to. I’ll pretty much try anything but Stacey got it bang on.

So what did I get: – A big packet of Bruschetta, then to go with the Bruschetta are these rather petite and cute looking pâtés.

Also a selection of drinking chocolate sachets, Some Reeces peanut butter cups which are my absolute favourite. A rather large Sour Cherry Chilli chocolate bar which I cannot wait to delve into once kiddies are in bed. A packet of Choceur dark choc marzipan mini eggs. Then some home made vanilla Easter biscuits which I am actually eating whilst writing and a lovely salted caramel mini egg millionaires shortbread cake which was also home made and the first thing to be eaten.

Very pleased with my box this month. Thank you Stacey

If foodie pals makes you think “that sounds interesting” or even “how do I join” then head over to Foodie pals page to get involved and see how it works. It’s completely free and lots of fun.


Foodie pals #4

Published November 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Another month has passed since my last foodie pals reveal day.
This is now my 4th month doing this and every month I get a lovely box of delicious treats at my door. I have not been disappointed yet.

You can sign up for foodie pals at This is Rock saltit’s free of charge and the next one will now be January due to the Christmas post delays.
Anyway this month I sent a parcel to a lady called Sue in Berkshire and my box came from Louise in London. Louise blogs at Louiselovescakes.
I was very happy once again with my box.

I received some lovely items all of which have all been eaten now. First there was a delicious gingerbread mix which kids help me bake and decorate. A bag of pitta chips which had an unusual but nice taste and they actually were made from pitta bread too. Hot chocolate Stirrers are balls of chocolate on sticks which can be put into hot cups of milk and stir until melted. A bag of Marshmallows for the hot chocolate. These too also melt when tipped into a hot drink and a bar of new dairy milk with Oreos this didn’t last long it was delicious.
A big thank you to Louise for my lovely box and hoping she got a nice one too. I also hope Sue enjoyed hers.
To see what everyone else got head to the reveal day page

Foodie Pals # 3

Published October 31, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Well today is Hallowen. It’s also the end of the month meaning it’s also time for Foodie Pals reveal day.

This is now my third month at Foodie Pals and I’m really enjoying it. The concept is simple you sign up free of charge and are matched with two different foodie pals each month. One will send you a food parcel and the other will receive a food parcel from yourself. Your foodie pals change every month and will be based anywhere in Europe. It’s always a lovely surprise when the box arrives as you never know what’s inside.
This month I sent my food parcel to Kelly. She lives in Manchester which is literally around the corner from Bolton and being so close was actually more difficult than someone a little further away as I had to try harder to find more unique items. Kelly told me she liked spicy foods, nuts and a few other things so I put her together a nice box. Again I forgot the photograph 😞 Kelly sent me a lovely email saying she was very happy with her box.
My last two food boxes have come from Europe. This time is was slightly closer to home. My parcel was from a lovely lady named Alison who lives High Wycombe. I’m not actually sure where abouts that is I just know it’s in the UK somewhere.
Again I received a very nice box with lots of yummy treats.

My box contained:
1) Kettle Vegetable Chips I had tried Kettle chips before but these are a flavour I have never heard of in Golden Parsnip, Sweet potato and beetroot
2) Lindt Bars I love Lindt Chocolates but not seen the bars before which were cookies & cream and Strawberry cheesecake both delicious
3) Mini Marshmallows stir in hot chocolate it’s like a mini cup made out of pure chocolate and topped with marshmallow with a spoon inside. Add it to milk and microwave for a creamy warm hot chocolate.
4) Chai Latte A aromatic blend of tea, milk and spices which is added to water or frothy milk. It has a lovely warm spicy taste to it with cinnamon too.
5) Lara Mamas Gourmet Popping Corn I haven’t got around to making this yet but looks easy enough and I’m sure me and kids will enjoy it with a good family movie.
6) Ultimate Choc Chip Cookie Kit this was a very nice surprise. There was enough mix for 16 cookies and it came with full instructions. Very easy to make by just adding butter and a little syrup and vanilla.
I am so glad I joined foodie pals. I have tried lots of new foods that id never had before plus it gives me something to look forward to every month.
You can see what other foodie pal members got on the main reveal page here

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