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Xupo review & giveaway 

Published May 24, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is Xupo (pronounced Zupho) 

It is a really basic device that comes in useful for finding possessions such as lost keys and precious lost toys. It is really small, just a small plastic disc shaped device with a hole to put a key ring through. 

They are probably designed with lost keys in mind but I think they could be used on anything that a keyring clips on to. 

It works via a mobile app which is free, and by Bluetooth connection. Setting up takes seconds. When keys are lost with a xupo on, A button can be pressed on the mobile device which will start a sound on the xupo. The sound doesn’t stop until the button is pressed again. It also works the other way around too. If I misplace my phone which happens often then I can press the xupo button on my keys and a noise will sound on my phone until I locate it. 

I have tested Xupo both ways with both xupo keys and my phone in different rooms and upstairs/downstairs and it works really well. How well, depends on the Bluetooth range on the mobile device I imagine. 

No more lost keys or phone for me now! 

Xupo is a new product and was featured on Dragons den earlier this year. Therefore it is not widely available in stores just yet. I’m not too sure on price either at the moment but I can’t see it being expensive. More info can be found on the UK website. And there is also an opportunity to win your own xupo.


Yes Xupo are giving away one of their devices and all you need to do is CLICK HERE! to take part.  This giveaway will end June 21st.

YumeTwins Kawaii subscription box

Published May 22, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Today I have a subscription box from Tokyo.  YumeTwins is a kawaii box from Tokyo treat who also do Japanese candy boxes. 

Kawaii means cute and all things cute. Kawaii items cover a large range of cute products including plush toys, stationery, pictures, stickers and more. Therefore a Kawaii box is a box full of cute stuff.

Yumetwins boxes are priced in dollars but are shipped worldwide and start from $27.50 a month which works out about £22 or there abouts and are available as one off boxes too. 

The contents will vary each month and will include stationery items, toys and a mixture of Japanese cute kawaii straight from Japan. 

Me and Izebella have done our unboxing video to show the contents. 

In our box we found two cute key chains, a reuseable fold up shopping bag, cute picture hook and the big plush teddy which is called a Fumofumo- San. They are said to have therapeutic powers and there are 24 different types all from Shinda/Japan. 

It’s a cute little box with some quirky things inside. Items which we won’t find over here in the UK. Izebella loved opening the box with me and has already claimed most of the contents for herself!

Although she has very kindly said I can have the shopping bag. The bag is actually very useful as it holds a lot of shopping without breaking or taking up much room. It folds into a small pouch when I don’t need it which easily fits in my handbag.

YumeTwins Kawaii box is just super cute!

The labels on all products are in Japanese but the booklet that comes with the box is in English and tells me what’s in the box. YumeTwins offer a few monthly competitions to win more Kawaii too. 

Get Yumetwins box here 

A whole lotta “Really Good” stuff here

Published May 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Really good stuff, yes it certainly is good stuff from Really Good UK. It’s just my kind of website with a very large spoilt for choice funky selection of bits and bobs, kids stuff, home stuff, fun stuff and gifting type stuff. All good. 

There’s all sorts of things in this one picture; but before I start on what they are, you all really really need to see this first, and especially so if you have young children. 

Yes I was pleasantly surprised/shocked when I first spotted this actual  naughty seat. No longer will I have to designate the bottom step or one of my own chairs as the naughty spot for Izebella. She now has her very own designated naughty stool for when she decides to throw her tantrums and scream and whatever else she feels like doing. 

Oh yes, this has been used a fair few times already for my little madam. This is no quirky fancy feature in our living room it is a working product and yes it works a treat. 

I think she saw it as a novelty thing at first until she realised that’s where she sits for x amount of minutes if she does something wrong. 
Well worth the £25.00 cost in my opinion. Small enough to store in a corner or under the table when she’s being good too.

This item also works well with the naughty chair. 

A behaviour book. Forget charts that get pulled down. This book is much better. Each page is a full week with plenty of space for notes and lots of sticker sheets too. 

Izebella isn’t that naughty to be honest. She is generally well behaved, she just has her tantrum moments. 

When Izebella stays with her dad, she likes to take a few toys and teddies, so a bag just like this comes in really useful. 

It has lots of space inside for toys and sweets and other bits of really good stuff and a friendly bear on the front. Perfect for a 4 year old sleeping out. 

And a smaller overnight type bag is this one. 

It’s a tired bunny pyjama bag. It looks like a swim/p.e bag with draw string fastening and is big enough for pyjamas, toothbrush and maybe a small teddy too. Or just put pyjamas inside so you know where they are. 

Also on the above photograph is a pencil case, a wooden door sign, which Ryan has on his door right now and a toy searchlight which is really unusual.

It looks like a small plastic wallet with a teddy bear picture on, but a press of a hidden button turns on a very bright torch light. Good for finding toys at night, maybe reading and seeing in the dark. It is really really bright, it’s probably not a good idea to shine it in the eyes. It only costs a fiver too, pocket money toys. 

And here’s something else that lights up! Four of them! 

These are showtime light up cards. Each one has our initials on and they even come in ages too. I’m glad we got the initial ones, I don’t want to show my age. Each one costs £5.00. They light up with a button press and turn off after about a few seconds  For a card they are very bright. The insides are blank to write own greeting and envelopes come included. They can also be put on a bedroom wall or by the side of the bed as a little light as well as given as cards.

Yes it’s a height chart. I don’t think it’s big enough to measure my height but it does go up to 4ft 9 so not too far off. These always look good on plain walls.

Finally a selection of funky tins.

A money tin and not the sort you have to destroy to get the coins out. A girly tin with a unicorn to keep girly type treasures away from nosey brothers and then the one that I would have loved when younger – The secret stuff tin, to hide from parents which comes complete with lock and key. I dread to think what sort of junk Ryan may keep in his over the next few years. 

Yes all these things and much more  can be purchased at the same Really good website place. Some very funny funky things to be found and I don’t think anything can beat the naughty seat. This face says it all! 

A “Totally funky” Gingerbread wallet & a competition too! 

Published May 8, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Well I’m a big kid at heart and love all sorts of weird, wonderful, silly and retro things. My favourite type of store (after clothing of course) is a geek/gadget type place just like Totally funky, who sell all sorts of totally funky gifts.

Now there’s a saying that good  things come in small packages or something along those lines, and just look at this for a new purse. 

I chose this for a few reasons. Firstly I was in need of a new one. The old one was plain looking and worn out, my cards kept getting lost inside huge holes and coins too. And secondly – who doesn’t love an old fashioned fairytale. Yes it’s a gingerbread man themed wallet/purse whatever you wish to call it. 

It is a fair bit smaller than the previous big purse thing I had but it has more than enough space to store my cards, money and small bits. There is a zip pocket inside with a few card slots and a pocket on the outside separate to the main purse part. 

The wallet is decorated all the way around, both inside and out with characters from the gingerbread man story and quotes. 

It is certainly unusual and also very funky. This gingerbread wallet is part of The Once Upon A Time range of bags and purses which  are based on childhood fairytales including Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. The  enchanting designs feature simple illustrations, pretty bows, cute catchphrases and beautifubattention to detail. 

The gingerbread wallet costs £19.99 and a matching satchel is also available for £39.99. 


Totally Funky are giving away one of their very funky and rather sweet gingerbread wallets as above worth £19.99. 

The giveaway is run by rafflecopter and you can enter using the link below. You must have a valid twitter, Facebook and email account and be a UK resident to enter. The giveaway will close on May 29th 2017. Onewinner will be chosen at random to win the wallet. 


Ride and Roll all the way there with the Fascol ride on case! 

Published April 28, 2017 by Bizzimummy

This is Izebellas new travel case. Not only can she put her clothes and bits inside but can also pull and ride on it just like a toy. The case comes from Fascol who also sell toddler scooters amongst other items for the little ones. Izebellas case of course comes in her favourite colour of a bright deep pink (rose) but it also comes in blue too.

It’s size is 48x36x22 cms yet it’s small measurements can be deceiving. The case fully opens up to reveal plenty of space for a small child’s clothes and belongings. 

It is designed more as a weekend trip type piece of luggage or even carry on luggage on a plane and therefore meant for short trips but I did find I could get more than a weekends worth of a 4 years clothes inside easily.

The material used to make the case is polypropylene which is something I have never heard of but it seems to be a very tough and robust product. Izebella has not stopped sitting on it and riding along on it since it arrived about 2/3 weeks ago. 

She tells me the seat is comfy enough for her little bum and that she cannot wait to use it when we go away. 

It opens up a little differently to regular cases and bags. The yellow nose type parts on the front and back twist to open the case up and then twist the other way to lock. I think this is a good idea and saves the panic of zips being pulled off or trapped halfway and although Izebella sort of knows how it opens, a much younger child probably would not beable to do it.

Being in the design of an animal it even has pull out feet too. And a large carry/pull strap plus two handles. The large strap can even double up as a seatbelt to go over the child when they are riding on it. 

I think it’s fair to say that we are certainly going to have lots of fun with this case and Izebella when we go on our weekend get aways.

As Fascol is a European company, the prices are in Euros. The price of this case is currently on a great offer with the price dropping to €29.98 from the previous price of €72.00. The cases are suitable for small riders ages 3 and above. 

One “cheeky” little gnome 

Published April 13, 2017 by Bizzimummy

As many of you probably already know by now, I absolutely love unusual and novelty items. I love quirky things for both my house and my garden. As it’s now starting to get slightly warmer I have been getting a few ornaments and plants for my garden and here is one of the latest things.

This is one cheeky gnome and comes from Nuku which is home to a big assortment of unusual gifts

The cheeky mooning gnome also doubles up as a solar light when it’s dark, meaning that the light literally does shine right out of his backside. 

All I had to do when I got him was switch him on and position the little fella in a sun spot in the garden and let him absorb a few rays via his special panel. 

My kids thought he was a very funny gnome indeed with Izebella shouting that he’s sticking his bum out. 

Well we waited a few hours once receiving him and look what happened when it got dark!

His little backside lights up for all to see. It’s quite a bright light too considering the size of the gnome. It’s enough to light up a small flower bed and give a bit of a glow to a garden. 

This picture was taken at night but with the flash on so it does not show the solar light lit up but more the glow it gives off around it. 

Mooning gnome costs £18.99 and he’s perfect for any garden in need of a bit of mooning and fun. He’s bound to get many people interested and asking where they can get one.

I think gnome will be fine throughout the Spring and Summer months outside, but as with most solar lights and features; the colder weather can cause damage so he may just have to go into hibernation in the colder months. 

National stationery week

Published March 30, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Next month is National stationary week beginning April 24th. This is a yearly event and for the second year running, a digital competition is launched to celebrate the written word. 

Bloggers and online influencers everywhere are taking part to write about any stationery related topic they wish in the hope to win the “Blogger of the year” award.

To get me in the mood for next months stationery week, I was sent a lovely bundle of stationery items. 

My package of stationery goodies come from a variety of stationery brands including Stabilo, Mustard, Maped/helix and Sheaffer. We have lots of different bits and there is something got us all in this bundle.

My favourite item is my new Oxford fountain pen from the Mapedhelix brand. A fountain pen is the one stationery item I longed for when I was at high school but never got. They seem to have come down in price a bit over the years and like a big kid, I was overjoyed to finally get one. 

This fountain pen comes with 5 refills so should last a while. My (almost) teenaged son already has his eyes on it so looks like I’ll be hiding this away.

Also from the same brand – Mapedhelix, a few other useful bits and bobs. 

I do love the quirky little stationery things like this. I really enjoyed picking stationery out for my son when he started high school too and these are just the type of things that he can use. There is the Zenoa+ eraser, a bunny sharpener  which younger kids will like as the bunny teeth eat away at the inserted pencil. 

The red tube thing is Color’peps superhero paint which I am going to save for the warmer weather, when painting can be done outdoors. And finally a sample of the new double sided Color’peps duo tip felt pens. These pens have one fine tip for drawing/writing and a thicker tip for colouring in.

The next brand is quite a colourful collection of stationery things. Mustard Products will no doubt appeal to children, teens and stationery loving adults. 

The funny cactus things at the bottom are page markers. It’s hard to believe but this little set actually contains 100 page markers in total. Page markers help to point out important documents. They stick on and come off easily. 

Sticky notes – have become something I regularly rely on. No I don’t leave notes for my children or anything like that but I do leave notes on my door off parcel couriers. When I run out of sticky tape these can be a life saver. My kids also use them for various things and the watermelon design is just fab. 

These rainbow coloured pencils, quickly caught the eye of my 4 year old daughter. 

I’ve never seen pencil crayons like this, the tips are muticoloured with all the rainbow colours in them, so depending on how we hold the pencil, it’s a different colour each time.

Sheaffer seems to be a more grown up brand of stationery with a selection of fine pens, gifts and other writing accessorises. 

I never really understand why pens come in boxes such as this one, unless for a gift, a box really is not needed as it just gets thrown away. I have given this pen to my son to use at school as it is a quite fine looking pen. I have kept the notebook and it has a pretty good section for people just lols me. – yes a blogger section.

Stabilo – Is a brand I am very familiar with. Their stationery appeals to both kids and adults alike. Bright, bold and a mixture of colours. They have a good selection of pens, pencils, highlighters and other funky writing materials. It’s a school kids paradise. 

Write size is quite a new brand. Their main concept being pencils for children, but at the correct size for little hands. Their pencils are developed in many sizes to lessen the strain of writing and gripping on young hands. A correct size pencil can also help improve handwriting. 

And last but not least – a new notebook from Nuco international. Lots of bright colours and different styles to choose from, notebooks that will certainly stand out in a classroom. 

Wow, we are in stationery heaven! #writingmatters. 

Infinity crates: A geeky subscription! 

Published March 10, 2017 by Bizzimummy

For those of us (like myself) who like collecting lots of strange and rather geeky/nerdy type items; there is Infinity crates. And yes it’s a subscription box service, you all know how much I love them. 

There are a few box choices including one just for kids. Each one comes filled with all sorts of geeky things and if your not sure what I mean by geeky then think retro, superheroes, computer game characters, heroes, villains, princesses, movies that sort of stuff that straange people like me love to get. 

As for the actual items – there is usually a t-shirt of some sort in every box and you can choose the size too. Also products such as key rings, figures, stationary, toys, clothing, posters, cups etc. The boxes are always a surprise but the contents are pretty good. 

These are the contents insife our Infinity crate.


We got a Dark energy t-shirt, an apron, Spider-Man mug, poker card game set, a pop vinyl figure and some picture cards so not a bad box at all. I absolutely love the pop figures, and have started a small collection. Ryan also loves this type of stuff and talked me into giving him the rest of it including the t-shirt. He loves cooking too so also wanted the apron as well as the mug. I have no doubt he will also learn how to play poker soon too. Therefore happy faces all round. 

And I’m just happy with my daredevil figure which will be staying in its box! 

And if you like this sort of geeky collectors stuff as much as we do, then maybe grab yourself a few boxes over at Infinity Crates. Prices start from £7.99. 

My young scientists “Discover with Dr Cool”

Published February 7, 2017 by Bizzimummy

All three of my children seem to have some sort of interest in science and experiments. My older two have a fair few science kits and Izebella seems fascinated by what they make with them.

Discover with Dr Cool also loves science and sells a very good range of science kits and experiments in many categories of science to suit most ages. The company is American based but many of their products can be purchased on Amazon UK. Just type in “discover with dr cool” to bring up the products.
All three of my children have a new kit and they all love them. Ryan has a rock tumbler, however rock tumbling takes time so he can’t give his full opinion for another 2/3 weeks yet. So today is about the girls kits which are both very different.

Jordanna (age 9) received this gem stone dig kit.

The kit contained a hard stone plaque which appeared to have a large purple crystal inside it, however this is quite deceptive as it’s just a painted image. To get the real gems, Jordanna had to dig.

And dig she did! A small scraper tool comes included but we found a plastic knife also comes in useful. The digging is quite tough at first but got easier as we went on (yes I had to help her). We found a little water helped too and once the stone started to be chipped away it was more like sand or clay.

Inside the plaque were 15 gems/precious stones that Jordanna discovered by digging. There is a booklet with the set to tell us what each one is. We did find one or two of the stones were not listed tho. 

The stones needed a good wash and a little brush comes included to brush away dust. The magnifying glass gives us a better look at each stone. The stones are unpolished but as a certain someone now has a rock tumbler, this can easily be changed.

This kit falls under the geology and excavation (digging) categories of science. I myself love collecting rocks and gems such as the ones Jordanna found.

National Geographic Mega Gemstone kit can be purchased from Amazon for £29.99. The digging project does not take long to complete but the gems and stones can be kept forever. For ages 6 and over.

And now for Izebella (age 4). Being so young, I would not of thought that there would be many science type kits about for Izebella. Obviously she cannot use chemicals of any sort, nor use anything mechanical or sharp. Gems and stones are also a little risky as she sometimes puts things in her mouth. 

Well it seems Dr Cool got it bang on with their Ultimate Dino sand kit.

This one is suitable for kids age 3 and over so even young ones can get a taste of science and even a little bit of history.

The kit contains a bag of sand, dinosaur figures/mouldy and a play tray. Now the idea of sand and a young child playing with it in the home will probably fill most parents with dread , the thought of bits of sand all over the carpet!However fear not because this is the special sort of kids sand that does not dry out. It sort of clumps together and we can even lift chunks of it together. Mess is minimal and it’s not sticky either, it feels a little like play dough.

There are many ways that Izebella can play with her kit. There are six dinosaur figures, all different species which come accompanied with the booklet describing them all with a few facts. 

She can learn a little about dinosaurs by me reading bits to her. We also play a game of hide the dinosaurs, where I hide the dinosaurs in the sand and she digs with her hands to find them. She loves it!

Then there are the moulds, again six of them which act a little like the sand castles and shapes we use on the beach. Fill with sand, smooth off and tap them out to get sand dinosaur figures.

The kit also contains a rather surprising and very real item – It’s dinosaur poop and it’s apparently over 50 million years old. 

Luckily it’s totally fossilised, feels just like a regular stone and does not stink. It is a very interesting and extremely old piece of Earths history. This can also be buried in the sand or kept in its packet, maybe it will be around in another 50 million years!

So what does little Izebella think of the sand dinosaurs and poop? 

Yes it smiles all around and very minimal mess for me! Once finished playing the sand can be kept and stored in a sealed container along with the dinosaur parts, ready to play with another time. This one is also on Amazon for £13.99.

Well my girls loved their kits and Ryan also loves his new gadget, his review will be here in the next few weeks.

Love the Sales! 

Published January 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Yes I do love the sales but that was not actually a question. I wanted to share a website that I recently came across called Love the Sales. This website is particularly handy for people like myself who just love bargains. Love the Sales don’t exactly sell products themselves but they partner with hundreds of stores worldwide to find the best offers and discounts and put them all in one place. By using this website you can find the best deals on items you really want. Prices change frequently so it helps to shop around for deals and this website makes it easier as all the main brands are in one place. 

I have just finished decorating my hallway and my home was missing one important thing – A big mirror. I used the Love the sales website to find the perfect one. I typed in mirror into the search bar and many of them came up, so I then sorted via price order and finally found this one.

This Shelley oval mirror is sold by Marks and Spencer’s. The usual price is £69.00 and the price sticker was on the back of the mirror when it arrived. However Love the sales tells shoppers the now discounted price of £35.99 which is almost half price. See it for yourself here.

And now I have a very beautiful and fairly large mirror taking pride of place on my hallway wall. 

It’s a lovely pretty mirror, the colour states pale blue but it’s more of a turquoise or very pale green colour which works fine with the purple background. It’s 60cm high and designed with flowers around the edging.

I am very happy with my mirror and will be checking Love the Sales for more bargains.

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