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Thank the teachers with Postsnap

Published July 19, 2016 by Bizzimummy

It’s hard to believe but the end of the school year is now upon us and the long Summer holidays are about to begin. For my children this is the end of this week, many schools are next week. 

To say thank you to your children’s teacher for all the hard work they have put in, then a nice card always works. If it’s personalised then this gives it that extra special personal touch.

For Father’s Day I reviewed the Postsnap app. This app allows for personalised card creations which are then made and sent to either yours or the recipients address. The cards can vary in price but are generally about £3.49 each. Postsnap also have photo postcards and annoncement cards options.

Here is the card which Jordanna helped to make.

There are many other card options to choose from. This style allowed for a photograph as well as personalisation both on the front of the card and inside. Font and colour options are also available.

Jordanna has done really well in her year 4 class and been helped a lot along the way by her teacher so I thought it was only right to make the card for her. 

The card was sent to me with a plain envelope within two days. Jordanna has now give it to her teacher.

Visit Postsnap to download the app and create cards.


Published April 8, 2016 by Bizzimummy

If, like me your obsessed with taking photos on your mobile device; then you may like to take a look at you Lalalab app.

The app allows you to upload photos from a phone or tablet and order prints, photo books and photo gifts. 


The app is easy to use and uploads photographs really quickly. 

The Lalabox is a collection of 36-48 photographs which come presented in a cute gift box. 

The boxes start at £12.69 for 36 photographs and a few pence for each extra one on top.

The photographs come as square Polaroid style with a shiny gloss finish.  

All my 36 photographs turned out really well. The style of them makes them look different to standard photos and the box comes in handy to store them all together. 

These make lovely memory boxes, perfect gifts, great for trips and holidays and special occasions to keep all the moments together.

Lalalab is a free downloadable app which can be downloaded via the Lalalab website.

Postsnap card app

Published December 1, 2015 by Bizzimummy

These days many people choose to send digital cards via email or social media. Personally I still prefer receiving the real thing and sending them. Sending them at Christmas can prove a daunting task and especially if the card list is rather long, plus I then have to go out and buy them, write them and then trek out to buy stamps and post them. 

Postsnap is a new card app, which combines the modern day digital world with the traditional way of sending cards. The app is not just for Christmas cards but for birthdays and other occasions all year round. The app allows the user to make the cards really personal with options such as photo uploading and own messages. 
The creation process is really easy and it only takes a few minutes to make the card. This is the one I made. 

I used a photo of each of us as that’s who the card is from. This is just one of the card templates available on the app. There are many others to choose from with other photograph options. 

This is the greeting inside! 

On my card, I left the “To name” bit out. You can of course address the card to someone. There are two postage options the first being to have cards sent to your own address with blank envelopes to send out yourself as I did. The other option is to fully personalise the card and have postsnap send it directly to your recipient meaning you don’t need do anything except create the card.

The card arrived in two days and the order progress is traceable via the app, you do need to create an account. Prices vary for different cards. It’s a very easy to way to send lovely personalised cards this Christmas. 

Visit Postsnap for more details and to download the app.


Published July 2, 2015 by Bizzimummy

. is a trade-in website and app, which allows users to scan in their unwanted items in return for cash. 
With once popular items such as CDs and DVDs fast becoming obsolete in exchange for digital media, a large majority of families now find themselves with cupboards full of all sorts of unused discs, which are usually left for years to gather dust. I myself have a cupboard bursting with all sorts of music discs and movies and I cannot recall the last time I took one out to play.
Ziffit helps to combat the clutter through it’s easy-to-use app or website. There are many items that can be exchanged for cash including – CDs, DVDs, computer games (various platforms) and books.

I was asked if I would like to try out the service. In order to do this, and without using any of my own dusty collection just yet; Ziffit sent me a rather large box of mixed media items, the box contained a large assortment of CDs, DVDs and games along with a printed list of everything inside. There’s no need to list or show the items, as it’s not really relevant to using the service. I found that they accepted most of the items that I scanned.

I downloaded the app from the Apple App Store (also available in the Google Play Store). The app is just called Ziffit and I was able to quickly register for an account straight from the app. Once registered it’s really easy to begin, I just used my iPhone to quickly scan each item and Ziffit then gives a price for each. If you’re happy with the price you don’t need to do anything, you just keep scanning until finished.

The total will be displayed as the scanning progresses. There were 55 items in my box to scan and I dreaded the thought of being sat there all night scanning, but once I got into it, it took all of 15 minutes to do.
Now three of the items did scan but the app would not accept them for trade, so I can only imagine they aren’t worth anything or Ziffit has too many of the same titles already but the other 52 went through problem free. 

Once you’ve finished scanning there are a few payment options you can choose from to get your money, once the goods have been sent and checked, the easiest option is probably PayPal. There are two options for box collections: a courier collection service or a drop-off at a Collect+ store. Postage labels are available for printing off.
Once your box of items has been received and checked, the money is then paid to you leaving you with some much needed cash and clutter free cupboards. It seems to be an easy way to turn those unwanted, almost obsolete discs into money, as if by magic.  
Visit Ziffit for more information.
I would recommend this service to friends and family to help de -clutter their homes too 

Polagram photo gifts

Published November 26, 2014 by Bizzimummy

Polagram is an award winning app available to both apple and android users. It allows users to print photos directly from a mobile device and also order a selection of beautiful photo gifts.

The app itself is free and details of downloads can be found here. The selection of photo gifts includes prints, photo books and calendars. As it's already an app, it means it's extremely mobile friendly meaning no flash player notifications and no need to transfer photographs to a laptop.

I have photo books already but not one with newer photographs in so this is what I created. These photo books allow for 26 individual photographs and a large photograph is placed on each page. The front page of the book which is hard backed displays 9 of these photographs in smaller format.

There is also space to write text too.

The photographs turned out really well. I like the fact that there is just one picture per page it makes them look clearer and not cluttered.

I love my photo books I find them so much better than photo albums where I have to mess about putting photographs in. With the photo books I dint need to as they arrive as books with the pictures on the paper.

The prices on Polagram are in Euros as I think they ship the products anywhere. PayPal is the payment method and the photo books cost €24.90. My book was very easy to make and once made I was kept up to date with delivery information. It took about a week to arrive.

I was so impressed with how easy the app is to use that I also ordered a second product from Polagram. The Giftbox!

The Giftbox is just that. A little Giftbox which is full of memories. Inside the box are 36 photographs of my choosing.

The photographs come as Polastyle or Polaroids, remember those expensive cameras which could produce your photo within minutes of it being taken back in the 1980s? I used to long for one for one of those cameras!

I have albums full of baby photographs of Ryan and Jordanna. Digital cameras on mobiles were still fairly newish 10 years back so I did print many pics back then. Nowadays the majority stay in the digital universe so I do not have that many actual printed photographs of Izebella. I decided therefore to do a birth to now gift box of Izebella, starting with the first picture minutes after her delivery, until now.

I have tried to include a photograph for each month of her life so far with special occasions and milestone pictures thrown in too. The gift box is small so can just stay on a display stand or fireplace, no doubt many visitors will be dying to know what's inside. In another 2 years I may just have to make another set.

The Giftbox is just €15.90 and again really easy to make. It's simply a case of choosing and uploading the photographs and making the gifts. Then add details and check out. Simple as that.


Get 15% off any product using code BIZZIM15 at checkout


My Greatest Internet Fear

Published February 22, 2014 by Bizzimummy

I recently came across a challenge via Tots 100 to write about my Greatest internet fear for the chance to win a Samsung Tablet.

Well there are many things a person could fear when it comes to the internet. Perhaps the fear of coming across a picture of some tgi that scares them ( clowns perhaps), Cyber bullying is also a scary thought for parents but I like to think that I’m aware of what my kids go on and monitor it fairly well and they are not at ages where they have Facebook accounts just yet.
So what is my biggest internet fear? my answer is simply not having internet anymore. I’m not talking about an outage for a few hours or the servers going down every once in a while. I’m talking about the whole thing going and not having access to it. Perhaps cyber terrorists somehow taking it down and computers sent back to dos mode.

It would be a living nightmare. No email , twitter, Facebook, no online shopping, no ebay, and no blog
Just the thought would make me want to SCREAM

No online photos,no skype, no contact with those far away. Would be like being back in the dark ages. Well not quite. I’m not sure how we coped without internet before but can you imagine it gone.
: “This post is my entry into the Check and Secure challenge. For more advice on family safety online, see Mums on Security.”

Wooly and Tig App

Published December 16, 2013 by Bizzimummy

Wooly and Tig are action dramas about a little girl named Tig and her cuddly toy spider Wooly. The stories explore feelings that children may experience in new or unknown situations such as nursery, hospital etc.
Wooly and Tig is aimed at children ages 3-5 years.
The first Wooly and Tig app is now available to purchase for apple devices for just £2.99 and can be purchased in the App Store
The app loads quickly with no sign in or annoying registration. The first thing parents and children will see is Wooly the spider.

Wooly will talk and interact with children and children can interact back with Wooly by following a few simple touch screen commands such as tickling, stroking and hugging. Wooly will also help with learning as he shouts out numbers. Children will also be delighted to help Wooly get dressed or brush his teeth almost like a virtual cuddly pet.
There is an added feature of a scheduler which parents can access.

The scheduler enables parents to set reminders for children for daily routines such as getting dressed, brushing teeth and even playing.

It’s a nice little app which isn’t too expensive. It uses 395MB of memory and suitable for ages 4+ although Izebella happily sits on my knee watching Wooly and laughs her little head off and she is only one.
My only problem with this app is that if your anything like me you don’t want your children touching your expensive apple devices too much. I assume there will probably be an android version in the near future as the android devices can cost much less.

Magix Photo Manager 12 Deluxe

Published November 29, 2013 by Bizzimummy

I take so many photos. I take photos of my kids, trips, holidays and Christmas time. Many just get left on the computer and forgot about. Some photos don’t look quite right or are too light/ dark.
I came across some great software perfecting for photo creation and optimisation.
Photo Manager 12 Deluxe from Magix has so many features and possibilities to it. The main feature being the ability to optimize/ edit and transform photographs. There are lots of options and effects and with a few clicks photographs can easily be improved or totally altered.
The software installation was easy and quick. Within five minutes it had installed and placed easy one click icons on my desktop( Windows 8). After creating a quick free account I was ready to go.
When the software is first opened you are greeted with the Magix software screen and given an option to watch some helpful tutorials. I would recommend you watch the first one at least and then just click back to the others and you advance along as it can take a while to work and navigate around the software. Once back on the main Magix screen you can the begin by importing your photographs and videos. I was surprised how fast they were imported, it was literally instant and I have a few hundred pictures on my computer. Once imported the screen will look similar to this.

You should beable to see all of your albums and photographs displayed.
If your a novice to photo software (like me) you will probably just want to have a play around with altering pictures at first. This is really easy. You simply click on a photograph and it will be displayed on a screen of its own. Hit the green optimise button and your presented with a list of features.

From here you are able to do a range of things such as brighten, sharpen, red eye removal, straighten horizon, white balance plus several fun photo effects, all of which have a slider allowing you to adjust the intensity effects.
Once you have added effects and adjusted your picture you can save it or cancel/undo. You can then return to the Magix screen and access a while host of other options via the task drop down button.

The task menu has lots of sub menus. You are able to sort your photos by date and create virtual albums. Also more optimising effects take place via the Photo Designer Studiohere you can crop, add text, create FX and so much more. Far too much to mention in one post.
I’m not a professional photographer nor photo editor and only had the software a short time. Therefore I’m still learning what everything does and how to do this or that. It is however lots of fun and keeps me occupied. I was able to transform this originally picture of Jordanna.

I adjusted the brightness, sharpness and other things, then added a sepia effect and got this.

20131125-140314.jpg Then I flipped the image, cropped and a few other touches and changed to this.

It’s quite effective and photos can easily become unrecognisable with warped effects and so on.
Media can easily be transferred to flash drives, CDs , DVDs and smart phones. Media can also be saved in your own online picture databank which is password protected.
The other features include Flexible search optionsto find the best photos fast, sort photos by category/date etc, find photos via face recognition/ person search. Great tools for finding and Archiving pictures.
Panorama Montages allows several similar images to be combined into a panorama shot. I have not got around to trying this out yet.
My Photobook print service enables you to choose best photos and enables you to use the intergrated my Photobook tool to design and create high quality photo books, calendars, posters and lots more which then get sent off for printing and delivered to your home.
Aswell as all the above and so much more that I have not yet got around to exploring. You also get installed on the PC desktop a separate application called MAGIX Slideshow Maker 2. As the name states the program enables users to make very nice slideshows using your best photographs. Again it’s simple to use and lots if extra features to make your slideshows the best. Background music can be added along with text and more. Display durations can be set too. There are several effects that can be added. Again it’s all new to me so I’m having fun playing around adding effects and seeing what works best. The slide shows are amazing and the right music makes it even better.

I could go on forever about the features the software has but you would probably get bored eventually. To see the full features head to the Magix website for more details.
This software retails around £49.99 and can be purchased directly from MAGIX
As part of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I will be giving away a copy of this with full download details and activation key. Therefore please check back daily if you would like a chance of winning a copy for yourself in time for Christmas.

Sugarsync app

Published April 30, 2013 by Bizzimummy


I found this amazing app whilst searching for an easy way to transfer my pictures and files from one device to another, it’s very easy to use and so quick compared to other similar apps.
It’s free to download and can be found on most platforms or device stores – apple, android and windows store(all of which I use)
You have to create an account and install it on your devices. You then select which files you want to transfer be it photos, videos or documents. Then upload which doesn’t take long and then log into your Sugarsync account on another device and the files will be there. You can even sync them to another device.
It’s great if your out and about and take a photo which you want to use on your laptop- no wires or cables or memory sticks needed.
Also by uploading to Sugarsync it means my files will never be lost should any of my devices break.
I wish I’d found this app sooner it makes transferring so much easier.

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