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Marvel Missions Trading Cards

Published July 25, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s a really good feeling when my children get excited at something which does not have a screen or wires or a battery, the type of things many of us enjoyed as children and something as simple as trading cards.

Thinking back to my childhood, the trading cards that I remember most had to be the Garbage Pail kids. In fact I’m sure I still have some of them stored somewhere. There were many other collectible trading cards around too when I was younger and it’s good to see that trading cards still remain popular with today’s children, despite all the technology around them. I think what is most exciting about packets of trading cards is that we never know what’s inside until we open them and of course chasing those missing or very hard to get cards to complete collections.

The Topps Company manufactures and markets a wide range of sports and entertainment collectable & confectionary products. Their collections include the popular “Match Attax cards, Disney and their newly released “Marvel Missions” trading cards game.

I’m guessing they are called trading cards because kids can trade/exchange their duplicates with friends.

Marvel Mission cards feature cards from all films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Dr Strange and even the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In total there are a massive 272 cards to collect. These include special foil and holographic cards.

Special folders can be purchased to keep the cards as display, along with mini tins and multipack sets which contain card boxes.

The starter pack is required for the collectors folder and for playing the Marvel missions game.

The starter pack costs £4.99. With this comes the game play sheet, a card collectors guide to help keep track of collections, the card binder and one pack of trading cards to get the collection started.

These cards eventually build up into a huge collection and the binder helps to keep them together and keep them in good condition inside the individual plastic wallets. As well as being good for just collecting, there is also a game to play with the cards, once players have collected so many of them.

It’s a fairly easy game which involves at least 2 card collectors. Each player needs there own starter kit and game board. One side of each card shows a character or object etc.

The other side of the cards has a power value number on. Each player would play a card like those above then turn the cards over.


The winning card being the higher power number and that player gets to place the winning card on their playing mat. The winner is the one who fills up all their mission spaces first. It’s an easy game but to make the rules sound more simple, Topps have made this short video.

The trading cards are sold in single packs of  8 and of course children never know which ones are inside until they open them.

These cost £1.00 per pack. I think they would make a nice small weekly/twice weekly treat for good behaviour. If siblings have their own starter packs then swapping and trading can be fun.

For more cards at once, there are the multipacks which come with 5 packets of trading cards, a collectors box, and a limited edition card. These packs cost £5.00.

The two tinned products each contain 39 cards plus limited edition cards and cost £5.99 per tin. The tin making an extra storage container and quite handy when travelling with the cards. 

Ryan is a very lucky boy and has many of the Marvel missions trading card products. 

I am sure this lot will keep him very busy over the next six weeks of Summer holidays and so perhaps less time on the gaming consoles. He also intends to swap and share the cards amongst friends who also collect them. He has lots of packets of cards to open and sort, and if he finds he is missing the odd one from the collection then this is not a problem because so many missing cards can be ordered from Topps directly so no more incomplete collections. 

Starter packs, multipacks and single packs don’t need to be ordered online, they are sold at many supermarkets including ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, WH Smith and local newsagents. 

There does not seem to be an age appropriate guide for trading cards. I guess the child would need to be familiar with  the characters/movies so perhaps 3 and over. My son is 13 and loves his new collection so I guess we are never too old for things like this. I’m thinking a few older boys may just like them too. 

Indigo Nutrition chocolate making kit

Published July 17, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Indigo Herbs are all about healthier lifestyles, healthy eating, superfoods and food for vegans. We were recently asked to try out one of their raw chocolate making kits. We are not a vegan family but we all love our chocolate treats so of course we agreed and then this box arrived. 

The kits start from £19.99 and contain all the ingredients needed to make our own "pure raw chocolate"

Raw chocolate is more healthier than the milk alternatives. Being a food suitable for vegans does mean no milk or dairy products are used. Therefore the finished chocolate is dark, stronger cocoa percentage and slightly more bitter than regular chocolate but it stlll tastes good. 

Have you ever wondered what gives good chocolate that wonderful chocolate smell? Well it's all down to this stuff! 

This being our melting organic cacao butter, it is known by other names too including cocoa butter and kakaw. From the moment I opened the packet I could instantly smell chocolate. This butter is 100% pure natural cacao derived straight from the cacao plant. It is one of the main ingredients in most chocolate products and is the ingredient which makes chocolate smell so good.

The butter is like small lumps of rock to begin with, it needs melting down to liquid and slowly too or the nutrients will be destroyed if heated too fast. Once melted we added the packet of raw vanilla powder and then all the cacao powder. Then it looked a bit more like chocolate.

With this kit we also got several small cake cases, but we also already had a few unused baking moulds lying around in the drawers, so this was a good excuse to get them out.

The chocolate mixture is poured into the moulds and we added some nuts and goji berries which are also included in the kit. Then put the moulds straight into the freezer to set. As chocolate does not really freeze, there is no risk of it spoiling if left too long. 

Raw chocolate does not taste as good when melted or when cooking with it. It tastes much better when set and ready to eat, so best not to lick the spoons with this stuff. 

And once set!

And that's not all of our raw chocolate creations either. We also found a quick yummy recipe on the Indigo herbs website for salted peanut butter cacao cups. These are really really easy and we happened to have half a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard too that needed using up.

Using the made raw chocolate mixture and the included cake cases, we poured a small amount of chocolate into each case and immediately placed them in the freezer to harden a little. Then took them out and placed a layer of peanut butter onto each one.

Followed by another layer of raw chocolate on top and back in the freezer for more time to set. These are just delicious and now I know how to make them, I will certainly be making some more.

There are several other raw chocolate recipes on the website, most of which just require the chocolate making kit and a few basic ingredients.

I found one main thing that differs with this raw chocolate as opposed to regular chocolate types is that it seems to melt much quicker, almost instantly after removing it from the freezer. It doesn't turn to mush in your hand but I could feel it start to melt very quickly. It's probably best kept in the freezer or a cold part of the fridge until ready for eating or using.

These kits are great and we have all enjoyed making and eating the chocolate. They can also make lovely gifts too. 

Smiggle stationery

Published June 29, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Smiggle stationery differs from the rest, being bright, colourful, funky and performing just a good job as any others. Children and probably girls in particular will be attracted to the colourful and unique products that they sell.

Smuggles latest range is the besties collection which is a limited edition collection of cute character stationery items.

These characters come as pencil cases and keyrkings. Each character even has its own name and personality. These also smell great too. I did have to wonder why my little package smelt so good on opening and it’s because the Besties all come scented. 

Smiggle do watches too, these watch this space watches display the time when the face is pressed. 

They come in lots of bright colours too and cost £15.00 each. 

And finally we also have some cute pencils too from Smiggle.

The neon pack costs approximately £4.50 and then the single scented graphic pencils are just £1.50 each. The scented part being the eraser on top which are also interchangeable and Izebella says they look like her shopkins.

Smiggle stores are located all over the UK and there products can also be purchased in their online Smiggle shop

Send a box of hugs

Published June 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

With all the recent tragedies recently, it’s only natural that many people are feeling more down than usual, add to that; personal circumstances such as illness, loss, finances etc it’s always nice to know that somebody somewhere does care.

One way to cheer someone up and especially so somebody who does not live nearby is to send A box of hugs.

Box of hugs are specially curated boxes full of lovely things to make the recipient smile and to let them know someone cares. They have many different boxes to choose from full of nice things such as chocolates, tea, and gifts. The boxes aren’t just for cheering people up either, but also to say happy birthday or congratulations for events such as a new baby, new job or passing exams.

I for my very own Choco treat hug box sent to me. 

I can just imagine receiving one of these boxes out of the blue. Of course I’d be very eager to look inside but even the box of hugs logo would be enough to make me smile (rose not included!)

This particular box would cost £35.99 to send to somebody in the U.K. The box contends include many lovely chocolate treats from some luxury brands. The Cartwright & Butler chocolate crumbles make the best cookies ever and there is also delicious fudge from the Cotswold fudge company along with fudge & biscuit chocolate shards from Guppy’s. 

The teabags come from Teapigs tea and the inedible items are a little book – 100 hugs and a mug with the slogan – “do what makes you happy” 

My box of hugs and treats is enough to make most people smile I think. 

Father’s Day gift ideas 🎁 

Published June 12, 2017 by Bizzimummy

It’s Father’s Day very soon and time for the aftershave, socks, jumpers and deodorant sets to be purchased in their hundreds. It seems to be the same old Dad gifts year after year. Add a “dad” mug or pint glass too and you see where I’m coming from. 

Ravensburger have a slightly more unique gift for Dads this time round in the form of a thousand piece “adult” puzzle called The Man Cave.

This puzzle forms part of the Ravensburger “My Haven” collection of jigsaws which feature images of homes, sanctuaries and retreats. The Man Cave puzzle is number 2 in this collection. 

Having a thousand pieces means it’s not going to be easy and not the sort of puzzle I could sit and do in an hour or so. These type of puzzles take a lot of time and patience and also a fair bit of room. The pieces are tiny so I find it best to keep them in the box and look for the bits I need. I try to complete one section at a time, starting with the straight edge pieces. 

The finished picture resembles a cluttered shed building which has been converted into an office and store room for a man. All sorts of manly things are scattered about including a pint of beer, juke box, toys, sports equipments and mans best friend – the dog.

This makes a nice alternative to the usual gifts that men get for Father’s Day and would probably be more suited to the slightly older gentlemen who enjoy big puzzles. 

It costs around £10/£12 and should be available in many good toy stores. 

More than just a book! Themed book boxes; Book delights!

Published June 9, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I think all children love books, and even some adults too. The old classic tales never seem to fade out or get forgotten  like many of the more modern stories do.

Some books seem really magical but! Just imagine a book that is not only a book but a whole lot of other accessories and nice things based on that book. A package full of items based on a story that is also included. 

Just like these! 

These are just some  of the themed book boxes from Book delights and the boxes include well known titles such as Alice in Wonderland, famous five, Harry Potter plus many more.
This is the first time I have come across a themed box based on a book with the book included and I think it’s a lovely idea which will make a lovely gift. 

For Izebella I have the Beatrix Potter box. This comes with all of these items.

This particular box would make a great birthday/Christmas gift for a young child. There is a notebook, coloured pencils, a money tin, bookmark, postcard, jigsaw and the surprise wrapped gift. 

I really loved how one of the gifts was wrapped so nicely. Izebella couldn’t wait to see what was waiting inside the blue paper! 

Yes it was the classic book itself, The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. A book that has been around for many many years and is still enjoyed by by many children today.  

The book boxes aren’t just for children either. They have book themed boxes for adults too which even includes an Alice in Wonderland box. The adult boxes are similar to the children’s boxes but have the addition of candles, tea bags and small jewellery items or similar which would not be suitable for a child. 

Each box costs £26.00. The value of the items in each box will be worth more than the £26 if bought separately. I think these boxes would help to encourage a child to read the actual book as everything is themed towards the one book included. 

The boxes can be purchased directly from Book Delights or from Etsy. You can get 10% off a box on the website using code bizzimummy10.


Published May 29, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Summer is here and the weather is hot hot hot!! Time for a BBQ with the help of Zeek.

Zeek is a downloadable app which allows users to sell unwanted gift vouchers and gift cards. So just say Aunty whoever who has not seen you in years decides to send you a voucher for a store you just don’t shop in for Xmas. Instead of giving it away or leaving it in a drawer to grow cobwebs then put it on Zeek for slightly less than what it’s worth to get something you really want.

Zeek doesn’t just work for people selling vouchers either. It’s also great for finding a gift card for less and again saving money. Zeek allows purchasers to buy gift cards at discounted rates using the app or the website. With an average of a 10% discount per gift card or voucher, Zeek not only saves you money but means you can avoid hitting the crowded stores and spend more time enjoying the summer sun.

I have been using this Zeek all week to buy a barbecue and food to go with it for this hot weather. The purchase can be in gift vouchers, gift cards or online gift codes depending  what’s available.

Using my gift vouchers which I was able to purchase at £93 for £100 I was able to buy a small barbecue from Argos along with food, drinks and BBQ charcoal. 

Seven pounds is not a huge saving but it’s still saving money. If I used Zeek as say  weekly or monthly thing I could save quite a bit over the year. Zeek covers most high street stores plus all the big supermarkets too so it’s possible to save a lot on grocery shopping over the year.

I bought sausages, burgers, chicken, ribs, bread, salad and drinks from Iceland with my £100 of vouchers. 

The barbecue was easy to put up, light and   cook on and for once the British weather did not let us down as the sun was shining bright and it was a really hot day, perfect BBQ weather.

I’m pleased to say I even have a fair few pounds of vouchers left so I may just treat myself to something nice during the May half term. 

Zeek app is easy to use and the search function  enabled me to easily find what I needed. Vouchers and cards are constantly added to zeek so it’s always a good idea to keep checking if vouchers for your preferred place are sold out. 


FloraQueen bouquet & giveaway 

Published May 26, 2017 by Bizzimummy

I love receiving bouquets of fresh pretty flowers. Unfortunately I don’t really have anyone to buy me them as I on my own. So.. I had a very big smile on my face when a very nice courier turned up on my doorstep holding these for me. 

This beautiful bouquet was sent to me by FloraQueen who deliver flowers in the UK and internationally. They have many different bouquets to choose from, both big and small to suit most price budgets. 

I chose a bouquet of  lillies, roses and gerberas. I’m glad I did as it really is beautiful. I have had many visitors saying how much they like the new flowers. 

My flowers came delivered in a bouquet wrap as above, no big bulky box or unnecessary packaging. All I needed to do was remove the wrap and place them in a vase of water. 

The lillies came unbloomed, but within a day or so this happened! 

There are still a few lillies to flower yet but they are huge when they do and so pretty.

FloraQueen guarantees that all their flowers stay fresh for at least 7 days. I am now on my 4th day and they are still looking great. I think the sun and heat may be helping a little, plus the frequent water top ups. 

Not only do they look great with the mixed varieties and colours but they smell good too, just how fresh flowers should smell. 

FloraQueen also sell a selection of gifts and offer fast delivery and a choice of delivery dates. Yes you can also add a card to the bouquets too.

And if you want to win yourself a bouquet from FloraQueen then enter below. 

FloraQueen are giving away a bouquet of flowers to my winning reader. To be in with a chance of winning, just click the Enter button below to be taken to the entry page.


(This giveaway will end on June 9th 2017 lasting 14 days. One winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter and contacted via email.)

A much wanted piece of art; finally on my wall. Photowall! 

Published May 23, 2017 by Bizzimummy

When it comes to prints are art pictures there are only a few things I would really choose to buy. These include most things that fall within the fantasy category and no I don’t mean anything sexual. Think fairies, trolls, unicorns etc. Yes I’m a little weird and perhaps live in a dream world sometimes but some of those fantasy images are truly awesome.

I remember being a teenager and a certain shop in the Manchester Arndale which only sold posters. The posters were displayed in rows of huge boards to look at, with the actual poster being all rolled up, ready to take. I can’t quite remember the name of the shop but it was here where I first spotted some fantasy type posters that I really liked.

So many years later along comes Photowall UK who make wall murals and canvas prints. Yes canvas prints can be bought in lots of places but the ones from photowall can be made very large indeed. And they have a category just for Fantasy along with many other category choices. 

There are so many images to choose from, I could even upload my own if I really wanted to but I have lots of family photographs already on my walls and I’d already spotted this one.

This being the Castle garden unicorn canvas (it also comes as a wall mural). Now my bedroom wall was looking a little plain and bare and I wanted a big canvas to fill the space. These can be made up to 150cm in length which is really big for a standard wall. I ordered mine as 120cms and I’m glad I did not go bigger because it would have been too big. 

Because the canvas prints go really large it does mean they would be difficult to ship without the risk of damage. Also the size of them would greatly increase the shipping costs. Therefore the canvases are sent as DIY packages. Yes I felt quite nervous about the prospect of making a canvas myself. 

The packages is a very tall slim box. The canvas comes in a roll and 4 planks of wood, metal joiners, bolts and wall hanger. No instructions come with the box but there are instructions on the photo wall website along with a video which makes it look extremely easy. It’s not the easiest thing but not too difficult.I think smaller size canvases would be easier. The wood planks have peel off sticky sides which all stick to the edge of the canvas. I found lining them all up correctly very tricky with them being so long. Attaching the fastener and bolts was straightforward and hanging was so-so. Again due to the size it took a while to balance it straightish. 

Anyway here it is, in pride of place on my bedroom wall.

It looks fantastic and is placed on the main wall opposite my bed, so each morning when I wake up, this is what I will see. 

All of these images are taken from my actual canvas and not from photowall.

The detail in this print is just amazing, it’s absolutely beautiful and just the sort of image I’ve been wanting for years. I am very happy with it and even fairly happy that I managed to put the canvas together without help.

The canvases start at £38. The bigger you go, the more it costs. Options include choice of edging and cropping to get the big of the image you want. The canvas can be purchased alone without the frame too. And they have hundreds of images to choose from. I was spoilt for choice and it won’t be long until I buy myself another one.

Father’s Day photo gifts from Snapfish 

Published May 19, 2017 by Bizzimummy

Snapfish is the home to personalised photo gifts and I have been a customer of theirs for many years. They sell all sorts of photo gifts including cups, cushions, phone cases, place mats, keyrings and so much more. They also do a photo print service and photographs can be uploaded via a mobile phone. 

As it’s Father’s Day next month. I have been asked to come up with some personalised gift ideas from Snapfish. 

I love my wall art and I’m sure most Dads would also love a nice canvas of their children to hang up, especially so the Father’s who don’t live with their children, so this was the first thing I chose to create. 

This photo was taken at Blackpool beach a few weeks back. I’m unsure where Ryan was but I think it’s a really good picture of the girls together. 

Snapfish have many different types and sizes of wall art such as canvases and posters. 

This one is a slim canvas and measures 12×8″. It was really easy to make, I just uploaded the photograph, did a bit of cropping and the canvas arrived within a few days. It is quite small, there are bigger sizes. It can be hung on a wall (hangers not included) or stood up on a unit. 

I think most Dads would love a gift like this for Father’s Day.

And if Dad likes having a lot of memories in one place, and he’s the sort of person who takes photos of the kids but never prints them off then photobooks also make really good gifts.

The smallest photobook starts at just £6.99 for a 6×4″ size. This one has 20 pages which can hold more than one photograph per page. For 8 more additional pages it’s just an extra £1.99. 

Many of the photobooks allow for text and greetings, making them even more personalised. These photobooks mean all Dads favourites pictures are kept in one special place rather than having multiple photo prints which usually end up in a cupboard somewhere. 

Again the photobook creation process is fairly straightforward. It can take a while for multiple photographs to upload depending on the size of the book chosen. Options include colours, texts and fonts plus deciding on the layout of photographs on each page. If like me you can’t be bothered adjusting page layouts then snapfish will do it for you and arrange the photographs on each page and if it does not look right then you can manually change it. 

Visit the Snapfish website for lots more Father’s Day gift ideas.

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